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Founded in 2006 on One of the biggest presences on "BNet" after Warden Protocol in '07. Website under construction.
Invite People @
If you want to join our gaming discord @ for high Society Gaming -- We're going places! Also we are big into Yugioh and you don't have to be a member to be in our discord
Je vous présente ce serveur communautaire, très convivial dédié à Starcraft 2. Des staffs actifs et des coachs pour aider les débutants !
We encourage players from all servers, races, and leagues to come check us out! We are a friendly collective of SC2 enthusiasts with 1700 members and growing. We have a large group of helpful members that are dedicated to assisting players grow and develop. The server mostly consists of players from NA / EU but welcome players from around the world to join.
Hallo, wir sind die deutsche Starcraft Gamingcommunity! Hier ist für jeden was dabei, egal ob Ranked, Training oder Events.
(ULP) "Ultimate League Player"
Is a new discord and is looking for R6 siege, CSGO, Dota2, League of Legends and many more diffrent types of gamers.
We hope to bring players togheter to play tournaments online and accross the world on a proffesional level.
All beginnings are rough and we will be looking for mods in the next comming month.
Come get your position today to create a discord with passion.
We will strive to get on a top competitive level of gaming.
We want you to come show your talents! (ULP) is a work in progress.
We are a community dedicated to bringing fans of Blizzard Games
together. Here you will find chatrooms and text channels dedicated
to all Blizzard Games! IIt's a great place to make friends, find a group to play, talk to others of your favorite games, whatever! Come join us!
A community built up from a wide area of players across multiple games.
We support Hungarian and English players.
Hank's Hell or Zy0n1c's PUBG Playhouse! Whatever you wanna call it! Come on it and be chill.
Heroes of the Storm играть в команде, Starcraft 2 играем со знакомыми в режимах, 2x2, 3x3, 1x1 (между собой), Игротека, Co-op. Для поиска напарника заходите голосовой чат. Тематические боты.
UNSC INFINITY qui est une équipe francophone de Starcraft 2 qui coach gratuitement les joueurs et qui organise des clan wars.