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The Official DatSwagMario Community is a fun place to hang out and chat. There are many people to talk to, there’s secret chats, there’s memes, there’s bot commands, spam channel and so much more! You’ll love this server so much! Join the Official DatSwagMario Community today!
This is The Plushtuber Community Server, this is a toxic-free server that has good staff members, here you can chat with people just like you and we'll like to meet you at The Plushtuber Community Server! if you haven't realized this is made by the owners of the real TPFS, one of the first community servers!
This is the official Fan Server for the plushtuber community! come along to the server! we got spam, memes and many more channels, we even are doing giveaways!
what we have to offer is, greetings when you come in applications for staff and you can chat with follow plushtubers or just chat with non plushtubers if you are one! come on down to the Plushtuber Fan Server, the official Fan Server!
Join us and be apart of our CMB community, the only other place to find this server is through my YT.