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Meme Asylum
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Meme Asylum

﹋々『Meme Asylum』々﹋

Seeking a place to share your love for memes, and more?
Meme Asylum is all about memes and more!
We have a wide variety of chats and activities to offer
,and we’re always the leaders in brand new memes and trends!


-Shitposing and meme making bots!
-Gacha, currency, and Pokémon bots!
-Extensive hentai section!
-Chill and relaxed rules!
-256 kbps VC and almost 300 emotes for nitro users!
-150 emotes for standard users!
Lord Dio and Ari look forward to meeting you!
𝕮riyeva Bumped 41 minutes ago

Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews
nope. nope.
One of the best servers
This is a fantastic server. I've been on for a long time, and I have to say it's a been an enjoyable experience to whole way through. The staff are great, the members are great, and the owners are some of the best and funniest I know. I really recommend this server to anyone who sees this.
74 days ago
Teddy Is A Liar Teddy Is A Liar
Meme asylum
Good server very active member's at times the memes are usually good and even the bad ones give you a chuckle mod team is good highly recommended
94 days ago
Gattsu Gattsu
Best Place Everrrrr!!
I just love all the wholesome people that give warm welcome to everyone, and the staff are very funny and not scary at all. I love everyone in here and recommend it to every discord user out there!
317 days ago
Worthless Fuck Worthless Fuck
The OG's review.
I've been here since last summer. Has always been a comfortable server that I would eventually call my online safespace. Peeps here are so cool you could almost trust most of them with your secrets. Also expect edginess, memes and hentai here for extra crispy fun UwU, keeping you on the edge like on a video game. Well, nearly.

I love this server. See you guys in there!

355 days ago