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Fun server to join and meet new people on, you can climb the ranks of the server by talking to others and playing league with everyone :)
Hello fellow earthlings! Welcome to my chatroom where your allowed to do whatever as long as its in the right chat! This chat is also for role play! If you want to be any character just look at which haven’t been taken in the chatroom, “characters” and then type who you want to be in the chat room “Select” to type in your character and a cool fact about yourself !
Qui potrete condividere le vostre passioni, chattare ed ascoltare musica, vi auguro una buona permanenza, chiunque voglia può entrare nel server

Here you can share your passions, chatting and listen music, everyone can join the server. Have a good stay here in this server!
This server is generally just a bunch of people talking smuck. It's pretty cool and isn't too complex. Honestly just a server where you can talk about whatever
Gotta be able to take a joke
Self roles
Chatroom server
Vent space if you need someone to talk to
Please join our server
Place for Everything (PFE) is in the name of the server! There always will be at least one channel, what you can use. We have multiple channels for talking or to share things like photos, or whatever.
Snowflake is a new small community, Feel
Free to join!
A lore based, fantasy roleplay server.
We are looking for active users to join our community.
Roleplay is not obligatory.

Come, traveler, come and see...

For what you'll behold, a sight to tell a thousand Tales. A Shimmering light, by the end of a long tunnel, hidden away a world you've never even dreamed of before.

Spawned from a heart of empty void, it breathes life, adventure, mystery and much, much more. From heights of the cliff tops of Holst Manor, down to the dawdling creeks and spindles of the Sanctuary, a forest range spanning miles, the possibilities are endless.

Dare you step inside, the Netherworld?
Zobe & TeenChat is a public server created for the users of e, both sites are currently down. The server was created with the intention to keep the community of Zobe and Teenchat together.

You are welcome to join at our server, it's public and topic free. You can meet awesome new friends, participate of our server interactions etc.

We have cool bots and funny events, join us!
A random server for whatever. We're brand spanking new so join if you'd like but don't expect much.
A Lovely Chat Room to relax and have fun with friends on Transformice. What is more to say? We have some Coffee!
Looking for Staff
Just a friendly hangout spot for furs! We don't host nsfw channels, but on that note, we aren't strict about nsfw chat in general. Keep it PG13!
18+ Chatroom for English speaking. UK/Europe/US/Australasia/Africa. Dating/Singles/General Chat.

Music/Trivia bots available. Active members all the time.
Chat Avenue. A place for everyone to come together and chat.
🌻Welcome to sunflower street! We are a simple and fun community looking to grow into a bigger and more public server. E-dating and inviting via dms is not allowed. Please have fun and if you have any problems, Dm the owner (Fal). Hope to see you there!🌻
Hey, sans here, look, I think it's time for my break. You wanna head down to grillby's?
This is a fun place where people can hang out and chat, and if you want to, role play too! It’s a fantasy role play (the characters have already been made but OC’s are negotiable) involving fairies, corrupt governments, and more! Warning, death and other violent acts will be a part of this rp. Have fun and pls join!
New Chatroom Server!

A lounge for losers (like myself)

Theres gaming, memes, self promotion, and social media promotion!

Multiple bots to play games and interact with!

invite your friends and have fun!
We are all friends at our little Cafe.
The Soda Shop is a friend's group/community. We are all friends here and you will be treated like a friend.
If your a gamer or a furry or just an average Joe, come and join! Also! We have many members here to talk about depression and stuff with if you need some support.
Also we have moderation and automod so you can have a safe experience!

***Active members wanted!***

***We also have a Self Advert channel available at Level 5.***
This is a test server that is going public, The owner himself is -Eevee Actual-! I hope you love the server just as much as I do!~