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A place for all types of people, we have fun, laughing and cracking jokes, we mostly treat each other like family with a side order of crcakheadness. We have memes and friendly staffs. COME JOIN THE FUN!!!!!!
𝓔-𝓵𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷 2.0 is a growing community where you can chat, make new friends and have fun. We hope you enjoy!
Hey! This is a server in development for Beastars fans! We accept everyone here. Please feel free to join and introduce yourself and find friends who also enjoy the show!
This server includes roleplay, fellow fan interaction, and other things!
-Original characters allowed
-Chats for shows other than Beastars
-Positive community
-Active polls and updates on the show
-A large rank system

Want new roles? More rooms? Custom soundboard sounds just for you? Chat in the suggestions room or DM Kateron#0705 and suggest them! They may just get added!
Welcome to The Skinseed Chatroom! A cool, fun, casual chatroom for the people of the Skinseed App (:
**July 🦋`**
> low-moderated
> aesthetic layout
> chill asf
> dead chats
A small friendly uk based server designed for decent chat and to make new friends from around the world. We strive for quality chat and laughs, not 100's of members who never interact. weekly music nights in our V-pub, games, etc. Come and have a coffee or tea and meet some great people
This sever is just about having fun with events, gaming and much more is planned for this sever.
This is just a server where you can chill and play games or listen to music if your bored. There is even a chatroom for you to chat with other members. We just want everyone to enjoy their stay. Report toxic members to staff or owner. Join today!
Hi! Welcome to Oceanview, we are hoping to become a server thriving with activity. We are active throughout the day and night with a variety of characters.

Here are a few things the server has to offer:
•Daily chatter
•NSFW activity
•16+ friendly
•Media channels
•Art enthusiasts
•Gaming society and channels
•Regular VC calls
•LGBTQ+ and diverse community

We hope to see you pop by and stay!
__***Welcome to Ahmena!***__
Hello and welcome to Ahmena! This is a fantasy roleplay server, but that's not all we have. If you're not into roleplaying, we have a chatroom and other chats that you can have fun with the others. We are always open to suggestions and anything you may think to help the server. Come join us in this fantastical world of Ahmena!

500 years ago, that's when it all started. A corruption of the land forced the people of Bertallan to flee. Some traveled to Ahmena and the islands near it. These people went on to form Ollora and Lavoria. The tales of the corruption were eventually lost as the generations went by, now only a few children tales exist, scraps of the truth.
A few decades ago, there's seemed to be unrest in Ahmena. Soon after seers warned of bad things to come, the two elf kingdoms, Darsan and Elra, fell to now unknown means. As the years went by, increasingly strange things seem to happen in Ahmena, mostly in the Kingdoms of Morvian and Ayesal.
This brings us to current times, Ollora is peaceful, hardly aware of the darkness that seems to be creeping in. Lavoria only knows that the fish catches are slowly getting smaller. The villages of Ayesal have seen those that go into the swamp and never return, those that do speak of a glowing portal that they dared not go near, but they cannot find a way back to it. Morvian has lost many that followed the Ethereal River too far and never returned.
Now it's time for you to write your story, leave your mark on this world, but be wary, for who knows what the cause of this mystery is.
__***What We Offer:***__
• Fleshed out roleplay plot
• Anyone welcome
• Fun bots to play with
• Open to suggestions and additions
• Plenty of chats to share with others
Hosted by: @NightShade#8715
***Come Join Us And Be Apart Of The Story!***
This is a Chatroom where you can talk about anything. You can come here when you are stressed, bullied or just need someone to talk to.
Simply put, a chill zone where me and my gay friends play minecraft and yell about stupid stuff. Come join us, we're looking for friends!
Zen Studios; Is a studio where gamers and devs can chat. While in progress, Zen Studios is making a games. You can get free 'demos' of the game there, and enjoy talking to people
🌸 welcome to the land of memes 🌸

we offer:
- emotional support
- budding friendships
- jokes
- selfies
- pets
- voicechats
- and of course, memes!

we hope you enjoy your stay here!!

Just come and send some hentai. Or you can make new friends either way you'll have fun here...or get really pissed off.
Hi! I'm Lad owner of this wonderful server! Do you like BNHA? Do you like Rp? Well we have both! When I say rp I mean Semi-Lit/Lit, and Chatroom to fill everyone's role playing desires! This is a very new server and I am currently looking for a few Mods/Admin to help me manage it. Hope you join!
Talk about IRL, games, anime; anything is fine
English / Finnish

We are (currently) a small community, but we are actively looking for new members to join our community. We do accept all kinds of discussion subjects - as long as it is not utterly stupid.
Welcome to Little’s play pen! An online dating DDLG server! You can join if you’re a little or a caretaker! It doesn’t matter!