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Unkadunka is a CHILL server with cool ranks and economy. We would love to have you on our server.
We just started and we need Admins!!! :)
Hope to see you there.
Coordinatinal is a server based on raiding other games such as ROBLOX. Shitposting is allowed in any channel of this server.
》☕•Angels coffee shop•☕《

Hello! I see you've spotted our little server. This is just a simple server where you can talk about your interests and hobbies with similar people! We hope to see you inside~

》🍵•Our current menu•🍵《
-Anime & manga
-Rone play

》🍩•We also have•🍩《

-Up coming events!
-Friendly staff
-Security from raids
-Suggestion channels
-Advertising channels
Welcome to The Lounge! It's quite small as of right now but with time I'm sure it could grow into a very calm, and welcoming community of people. If that interests you and you are on the look out for some chill friends then by all means have a stop by, grab some coffee, and maybe stay awhile.
We are a friendly discord community looking for new members!
😂We have fun activities!😂
👀A great moderation team!👀
🎵Listen to music!🎵
🙌We accept people of all age, race, religion, genders and beliefs🙌
🍪We have cookies!🍪
Toast Military!
Owner : @samepictureofatoaster
Ever wanted a server based solely on the premesis of bread? Well, today is your lucky day!

In all seriousness, this server is a fun and friendly place for anyone to join!
Chill server is more of a small community in the process of trying to become a bigger community, We have self asignable roles, many channel’s and voice chat’s. We do partnering etc!!
A fun, friendly place to meet new people, have a chat and join in with some 1, 2 or more player games or share your music tastes with others
TRENCH is a safe, friendly worldwide community founded in 2013, fueled on both determination and one goal--to bring users around the globe together under one roof. Join our ranks or stop by for a visit. Whether it's finding people with similar interests, some new friends, or a place to feel at home, we promise there's something here for everyone. Join our family of vultures today, and invite your friends along.

- A 100% spam/raid proof barricade protecting the server from intruders
- Active security and moderating
- Customizable colored nametags and self-assignable identification roles
- An art chat for posting artwork in all file types
- An NSFW chat for sexual related topics and images
- 4 monitored roleplay chats open for all fandoms, ships, and characters (SFW and NSFW)
- 24/7 music and voice chat
- Highly monitored 24/7 venting chat + private emotional jukebox
- Dated major gaming competitions + in-chat minigames

...And more, at your suggestions.

Load up your guns, and bring your friends. TRENCH is waiting.
We are a great community server! Constantly expanding, we allow gamers, have a marriage bot, economy, nsfw, and even hiring staff and accepting partners 24/7!
Crappiest server on the internet here.
We offer:
-Loss of dignity
-Loss of dignity
-Loss of dignity
And more, so come down to my nut-The nutshack.
please make my server more active im being held hostage

Need a chill hangout to be after school or after a rough day?
Head to SpaceVolcano!


A growing community hangout server with many fun channels such as Debates, international, role play, truth or dare, art, gaming, and a place to advertise your own server.

Hope to see you with your Head in the Clouds
In this server you will find it basically a big chatroom on multiple subjects, such as gaming, role playing, and NSFW access for most topics. The server is well open to expand to other subjects and farther into the ones already created. The moderation is human based and everything has been created without a bot. Mainly pg-13 based and strict consequences from breaking rules.
a place to make friends, game out and talk, and catch pokemon with the pokecord bot. anyone is welcome!
Just a friendly hangout spot for furs! We don't host nsfw channels, but on that note, we aren't strict about nsfw chat in general. Keep it PG13!
Zobe & TeenChat is a public server created for the users of e, both sites are currently down. The server was created with the intention to keep the community of Zobe and Teenchat together.

You are welcome to join at our server, it's public and topic free. You can meet awesome new friends, participate of our server interactions etc.

We have cool bots and funny events, join us!
Come join us at Volcano Cafe!

This server has heaps to offer, although we are still a small community, we do host a variety of games and activities.
Welcome to the room of clones!

A friendly chat room for you Smash Bros fans, and the ones who enjoy playing as clone characters, wether they are Echo Fighters or Semi-Clones!

A healthy environment for all players who enjoy playing Smadh, at the same time enjoy clone fighters.

This is for all ages, young and old players can join!
-------------------- CHAT ROOM 5 --------------------

A simple discord server where you can just chat, however, Chat Room 5 is unique!
You can talk with your friends or chat to others about some random stuff that happened in your day or funny things that you want to share!

We also have some cool features like:
-Amazing bots to have some fun with!
-2 separate text and voice channels
-Cool staff
-Different ranks you get as you become more popular on the group
-Unique things that other servers dont have
-Fair rules that block Bullying, Discrimination and arguments
-You can upload your own emojis!
-Separate NSFW channel
-Advertising channel
-Music channel
-Custom commands

-And an awesome community!
Hey, you! Thanks for giving a look at our page! We're a roleplay-chatroom hybrid server that's keen on rules and promises fun (or your money back!). This server is very new, so if you have any suggestions, we'll be free to take some, and if you're active, even better! So please, do us a favour and join our humble abode. We hope you like it!
This server was made so that people could meet new people, and make friends, interact and play, help with one another.

★ We want to make this the best experience possible for anyone that joins our discord server!

★ There are also rules that we enforce, strictly to protect the health of our community, We have Moderators constantly watching the chat, and bots that also Moderate too. Only to Guarantee the safety of our members,
Please respect the other members. No personal attacks. No harassment. Respect personal boundaries!

Some channels have additional rules to keep things organized and pleasant for everyone. Please follow those as well. They're usually in the description of said channel. Thank you for joining! ★