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Hello everyone!
On 28/07/2019 the old owner of Gremory House, who is not chill at all, screwed us by deleting the server without reason and without an announcement.
But we will not let this stand! This is the new age, the rise of the Phenex is upon us!
This is a Highschool DxD server with lots of cool people in it. We have a friendly, open community that you and your friends will never forget!
If you're looking for people to have a blast with, you're at the right place :D
Welcome to the world of High-School DxD! Who will you be? A Devil who grants desires to people? Or an Angel who answers the prayers of people? Or maybe something else?! Who knows, but this is your journey to forge! So go out there and explore!

•New Server, So opportunities are around for a short period of time! Early bird gets the worm!

•Simple way to get Sacred Gears, but there is one requirement.

•Easy to understand Races in an organized fashion.

•Opinions would be helpful so the server can grow! So join and don’t be afraid!
Hello! Ever wanted to be an Angel and attempt school? Ever wanted to be a Devil and attempt school? How about you JUST want to attend a Highschool with a little mystery around it?
Well if you said yes to any of these, then I guarantee then this server is one you’ll be interested in. We offer battles between different demonic pillars, battles between clans of angels, and houses to mix the two together.
Now... join, make some friends, fight, or not. What will your choice be?
The Final war began,one that decided the fate of the two heavenly dragons and the three factions. Gods fell,Angel's shred tears of the damned,fallen ones laughed with agony and devil's died in sorrow. And then there they were. Issei Asmodeus and Vali Lucifer. The time had come to decide which one truly was the superior dragon. And as they clashed for one last time shaking the world so too would they lose their lived ones. The two dragons vanished and thus everything end it. Or did it? A new era was coming.New devils, angels and fallen angels rise to power as the gods they battled were vanished. But something awakens from the void and two new dragons awaken from their slumber for something has awakened from its void. And now only new heroes can stop it.

NSFW channels
Dxd roleplay and erotic roleplay is now on the run join in and join the fun !
Welcome to DxD Revival! We are a newly created roleplay server obviously based on the manga and anime series however we have our own unique story line that all will hopefully enjoy. We do reagular giveaways and events and are looking to get lots of new members to expand our roleplay.
High School DxD: Afflicted. This server takes place about 4 to 7 hundred years after the events of High School DxD. This is of course a role play server, which means that you can create characters within this modern day DxD role play.
This is a server about well... EVERYTHING!!!
We are slowly (but surely) growing a community where we talk about every like pro wrestling to anime and such
We have
---The Spiciest Of Memes---
---The news about steam discounts---
----And Roleplay---
What are you waiting for?
Join Now!!!
This takes place after the events of season 4 we allow custom sacred gears and ocs with the main characters
This is server is a community for the Vali team community. Vali team is from a anime series called Highschool DxD.