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"The Fates favor is a fickle thing. Impress it with your audacity, and it will see you through to victory. But let audacity grow into overconfidence, and fate will deliver you into your enemies. “

After the war something happened, when the alliance of 3 races was enough to stop great war between each other the already powerful magic used caused rather unspeakable anomaly. Maybe it was the last will of the god? Or maybe foolishness of the leaders using such destructive magic?

A great wave of energy imploded tearing through the fabric of the world itself creating rifts to worlds which wasn't even a fraction of a dream of any angelic or demonic philosopher, some of the newcomers easily adapted to new life, some even found similarities between each other.

Of Course each realm has its share of dangers and people of rather questionable motives, but fate itself cannot be predicted fully some fates intertwine some are doomed to clash with each other it's a vicious cycle but one that was around since beginning but fate can be changed by one who is attached to it's strings like a puppet but as once a wise dragon said

"Even a fool can make the impossible possible if he sticks with it to the end."

Hi ! Welcome to (I think) only dxd server where you can be official characters , we have quiet a lot of content here (And Incoming Content Too) such as;
- Peerages with Rivalry and Challenges
- Redesigned plot with some changed and more developed aspects of DxD plot
-Many Staff roles and quiet strict ADMIN rules
-Friendly People (Creative i know)
- You dont need to follow Canonical Relationalships

And Many more So Join us ! ^^
A different take on highschool dxd, i decided to create this with a friend of mine to do our own thing in the dxdverse, please take a look at it and give it a shot is all I ask
Millions of years ago the world lived in peace as the different religions and mythologies coexisted in their separate realms and interacted only when a threat arose that posed threats to the peace that they all prospered from. When a council comprised of some of the most powerful Gods of each religion gathered looking for a new way to show who were truly the strongest beings God of the Bible offered that they build a world one that would only be used to fight and would be treated as a neutral ground for all Gods and Goddesses to meet.

And for Millions of years, that is what the earth was used for until God caught wind that one of his creations had eaten a fruit he had forbidden them to. He banished the first humans to live on the battlefield of the gods and hoped that it would be the last he heard of them. In doing so he also banished Samiel to Hell and all those that opposed his view on the Humans. The Fallen Angels made a deal with Hades to live in an uninhabited portion of his kingdom and in return they offered to help him if his brothers ever try to throw him out of his realm.

As Humanity prospered on earth over thousands of years they began to worship some of the gods that aided them in battle or in many different matters of life. The More the Mortals prayed to the Gods the more they found themselves gaining power feeding off of the prayers that they gave. And so the Gods began to fight for the love of the mortal subjects first created by The God of the Bible. While all fought for their love the Angels and Fallen Angels that now resided in a domain they called Hell fought each other constantly and endlessly. When they realized that they had become far less powerful than the other Gods it was too late. The Dragons Albion and Ddraig Stole the Principle of Domination and Supremacy from God.

As the dragons fought each Religion sent a different member to fight the dragons and when they were beaten God imprisoned them in two of his creations that he had created to gain the love of the Mortals and sent one of the Archangels down to pose as his son and begin building faith for himself and his Angels so that they could possibly overpower the Fallen ones that had now gained the title of Devil from the Humans. They continued to fight for almost 2 thousand years until the three factions of the Christian faith decided to call for peace and the former leaders of Hell were banished to the border between Hell and Hades.

Today Peace has allowed all of the gods to regain much of their power though there are those that believe that war would be best and they bide their time until they can begin the great war once again. For the first time in many years, the factions are begging to send their young once again down to earth so they can experience the mortal world as it is with the goal of not interfering too much and allowing the creatures to live and experience life without direct interference from the beings they prey too and titled as Gods.

We have a bunch of Channels and a new and open community that can help you get started in either discord RP if you are new or help you progress your experience.
Welcome to the world of High-School DxD! Who will you be? A Devil who grants desires to people? Or an Angel who answers the prayers of people? Or maybe something else?! Who knows, but this is your journey to forge! So go out there and explore! We are currently in our first arc, "Enemies Awoken."

Arc Brief: It's been several thousands of years since the Great War with Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels. Now into a new age where the three factions follow in their domain and keep things in check on their side, but recently there's been a upsurge of great powers awakening in several beings, most of them being Humans. It's been on the radar for a while, but now it's out of control, these powers have banded together to make a group called "Awakeners" being solely made up of these awakened beings, being led by a single awoken being. There has also been a mysterious sword located deep into the forest, what will happen from here on out..?

•Simple way to get Sacred Gears, but there is one requirement.

•Easy to understand Races in an organized fashion.

•Opinions would be helpful so the server can grow! So join and don’t be afraid!

•Fun community to laugh and get along with.

The decision is yours.
The Final war began,one that decided the fate of the two heavenly dragons and the three factions. Gods fell,Angel's shred tears of the damned,fallen ones laughed with agony and devil's died in sorrow. And then there they were. Issei Asmodeus and Vali Lucifer. The time had come to decide which one truly was the superior dragon. And as they clashed for one last time shaking the world so too would they lose their lived ones. The two dragons vanished and thus everything end it. Or did it? A new era was coming.New devils, angels and fallen angels rise to power as the gods they battled were vanished. But something awakens from the void and two new dragons awaken from their slumber for something has awakened from its void. And now only new heroes can stop it.

NSFW channels
Dxd roleplay and erotic roleplay is now on the run join in and join the fun !
High School DxD: Afflicted. This server takes place about 4 to 7 hundred years after the events of High School DxD. This is of course a role play server, which means that you can create characters within this modern day DxD role play.
This is a server about well... EVERYTHING!!!
We are slowly (but surely) growing a community where we talk about every like pro wrestling to anime and such
We have
---The Spiciest Of Memes---
---The news about steam discounts---
----And Roleplay---
What are you waiting for?
Join Now!!!
This takes place after the events of season 4 we allow custom sacred gears and ocs with the main characters
This is server is a community for the Vali team community. Vali team is from a anime series called Highschool DxD.