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Steven Universe : Future is a roleplay based on the events of Steven Universe: The Movie, Here we have:

- A very small laid back community
- Gem Cut System
- Lots of Canon Characters available
- OCs
- Lots of RP channels and more to be added
And lots more, come join us!

I'm gonna cut to the chase and say I just want people to come here and talk to me about SU! Literally I've found no one so far.

There's only a music bot, and mainly just channels for discussion.

I hope you join! I'm looking forward to meeting new friends,
Brand new SU based Discord server! Looking for friendly people to help populate it. General chat and SU discussion!

- Pledge your allegiance to one of the four Diamond courts and receive a special role!
- Pronoun roles
- Channels for music, art, selfies and more!

Hope to see you in there!
Greetings! This is a era 1 rp! Have you wanted to do a rp with how it (probably) was on Homeworld?

Would you like to feel what it would be like to be a pearl?

Or a garnet?

Well now you can! Own a pearl

Command armies!

[The Disboard invite link to this server has been disabled for the duration of SUF, in order to prevent an unmanageable influx of new members. We apologise for that and will reopen the server invite in January]
We are a relatively new Steven Universe Discord Server where you can:
- Discuss the show and movie
- Share meep-morps
- Assign yourself different SU based roles
- Share memes and SU screenshots
- Listen to music
- RP
- And more!
Hi! Thanks for stopping by at the SUFD (Steven Universe Fan Discord)!
We are a friendly and welcoming server with a quickly growing community who loves to chill and have a fantastic time!
We have:
~ Rules built specifically to create a friendly environment!
~ An awesome staff team dedicated to always improve the server in every possible way
~ Heaps of events to create an engaging experience on the server
~ A wide variety of bots for almost every purpose!
~ New projects always being made to create an engaging server experience!
We hope to see you on the SUFD soon! Have a great day, whatever you end up doing!
<3 The SUFD Admins.
♛Welcome to the SU rp server!♛

This is a spinoff server of our main one (Steven Universe Rp)! This takes place during the gem war and follows the rebellion at it’s roots!

Our goal here is to create an inclusive and organized roleplay server where people can enjoy themselves and create interesting and original plots. We’re an anti NSFW server.

✫Welcoming community✫
✫Canon characters & OCS✫
✫LGBT friendly✫
✫Rolling system ✫

✫Structured staff system, designed to stop any corruption/bad moderating!✫
✫Many, many roles to choose from✫
✫Semi-literate or literate ✫
✫Events every week to boost character stats✫

We would love to see you here!
♛Welcome to the SU rp server!♛

This server takes place 2 weeks after the movie (though it's now about a month), and follows the aftermath and character building!

Our goal here is to create an inclusive and organized roleplay server where people can enjoy themselves and create interesting and original plots. This server is anti-NSFW (however we have a nsfw sister server).

✫Welcoming community✫
✫Canon characters & OCS✫
✫LGBT friendly✫
✫No set plot, make your own!✫

✫Structured staff system, designed to stop any corruption/bad moderating!✫
✫Many, many roles to choose from✫
✫Semi-literate or literate✫
✫Character events/competitions once every 1-2 weeks (prizes are involved)✫
✫Milestone events every 25 members✫

We would love to see you here!
Welcome to this absolutely wonderful server! We're pretty welcoming of people, and their ocs, art, anything you could think of! Please come join and stay! I'd appreciate it friends!
Are you looking for a friendly server to roleplay in!! Well, today is your lucky day because that is what this is!!! Well, this is an AU it still has the basic laws of Steven Universe, So come on down and join us!!
WOSU is a Steven Universe fandom server for members that are here to RP, and members that are here to chat with others. At WOSU, we hold many different kinds of server events and contests, barely have any strict RP rules, and offer a friendly, non-toxic community for all members!

General chats consist of:

⭐ Friendly, non-toxic community
⭐ Several different channels for topics + entertainment
⭐ Ranks + Level system with level-up perks
⭐ Tons of events hosted every month
⭐ Friendly moderators and staff available every day

RP chats consist of:

⭐ Over 50+ RP channels of canon locations
⭐ OOC Channels for each RP category
⭐ No canon character claiming
⭐ Hundreds of roleplayers online each day available to RP

We hope you enjoy your stay here at WOSU!
Hey, welcome to ⌊RP⌉ SU | Cookie Cat!

This server is a brand new Steven Universe RP with an easy fighting system created by me to make epic and fair fights. I'm searching actively RPers and Staff! In this server, Gems can be male or female, you can be a Hybrid, a Gem or a Human, depending of what you want to be! The server is still small but if you join, you'll have tons of possibilities. We're just here to chill around.

The plot is simple, we're in a parallel universe where the Crystal Gems are us, the Diamonds are RPers (Of course, you'll need to pass an audition), all of that in the same universe of Steven Universe! More Gems are now living on Earth. If you desire, you can be a Gem on Earth or a Gem still in Homeworld. If you wanna help around, just ask me and tell me what you have in mind.

What are you waiting for? I can't wait to meet you and to make you join the crew.
Crystal Galaxy
☆Nice Mods
☆Friendly Memebers
☆Fun Bots
☆Game Nights
☆Reaction Roles
This is "The Crystal Gems"! We are fan based server for all things "Steven Universe." We also allow roleplay for canon and non-canon characters. You can choose a role based on the emoji you click to symbolize your "gem." We here at "The Crystal Gems" hope you enjoy your stay!
Based on the popular Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe comes Cursed Pearl's Meme Machine! Originally the hub for a Steven Universe meme webseries by Reddit user nerdman01, this Discord server has since expanded into a center for shitposting, gaming, Minecraft, Western and Japanese animation, and support networks for members that need them. Come join our tight-knit community of cartoon lovers and memers alike.

This is a strictly NO NSFW server, though low-degree suggestive content (i.e. "inappropriate" language, innuendos) and suggestive artwork (i.e. anything that is perhaps a little risque but not a depiction of mild/full nudity) is permitted.

Over the past year, we've continued to grow the server heavily based on user input, and we hope you'll find that your opinion is valued and respected by staff, admins, and members alike.

We'd love to have you here in this jumbled mess of a server, so come on down!

Owner: StandardDefect#1000 aka nerdman01

Sysadmin and Peribot Programmer: J_C___#8947
hi welcome to the Steven universe sever! we are a small place wait to branch out to more people. we love steven universe and here are some of the things we offer!~ 💕LGBTQ+ friendly!
💕Fun channels!
💕Recently added roleplay channels
💕A vent channel where you can express your feelings without being judged ❤️

💕Hope to see you there! 💕
Welcome to this server! This is a place where we RP as gems on a planet named 9TR. Since the RP takes place in Era 3, you're basically free to do whatever you want here :D
This server is also a place for Steven Universe discussions, making friends, posting memes, etc. Oh and we also have a nsfw channel too!
A server for Steven Universe fans! Come join us! We will have events such as watching su together, listening to the tunes in vc, and so on :) Let's all be su nerds together<3
We are the steven universe server, We'll aways save the day! And if youre very bored, now you arent anymore! Okay il stop now XD

Anyway this server is all about steven universe! Role-play, Meep-morps, Canon Caracters, and more! We're pretty new and i hope you'll join us ^^

Steven U.
゚.+:。(≧∇≦)ノ゚.+:。 Hi There! If you're looking for a laid back Steven Universe Role Play then you've come to the right place! Steven Universe: New Chronicles takes place after the conclusion of Steven Universe: The Movie. The Crystal Gems have finished building Little Home World, and everyone is finally able to put the past behind them. What's this!? It seems the new era of peace has coaxed some gem refugees out from hiding! What else have the Crystal Gem's missed?

Fun Perks to SU:NC!
★ A fun, inclusive, and safe space for you to be yourself!

★ A relaxed role-play setting perfect for all writing levels!

★ A unique story plot for more invested role-players.

★ You can play as a canon characters or your own! Even hybrids just like Steven!

★ Multiple role-play channels, and no character limits!

★ Fun bots to play with, and even self assign roles to help you stand out from the crowd!

★ Our very own minecraft server for members to enjoy!

★ Fun holiday events for both the server, role-players, and minecrafters! Prizes included.

★ Rewards for active and helpful server members.

★ An adaptable server with a staff that listens to your suggestions!