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Hey you! Yes you, do you like Gacha? Well this might be the server for you!

We have a server full of fun activities!
~ Truth or Dare!
~Murder Mystery!
~ EoTD and QoTD!
~ Weekly Editing Contests!

Since our server is fast growing we have...
~ A lot of Active People!
~ A Whole Bunch of Bots!
~ Frequent Gamenights!
~And several partners!

Our server has applications more frequently than other servers since our server is fast growing!

Join Now! Link is below!
Hello! My name is summer and I have a server to share with you! This is the Gacha Mini Server! WE'd love to see you there, I won't expose much info if so that will ruin the surprises this server brings! Just a click of a button! Hope to see you guys there!!!
- The students call it Hell for many reasons. As it’s also called Broken Promise. The original schools name is Promise, but over the years the school has been, getting worse and worse. So yeah..But we hope you join! If you love to roleplay a chaotic fashion that doesn't have much restrictions! Now back to the schedule -

“A bullying problem has been happening at school
for awhile now... even when Elijah arrived it continued. One say the kid snapped, learned how to do the perfect murders... about in a week or so, some mysteries have been happening... but who am I to tell? Find out for yourself~..” -Coffee Tea.

Welcome to the end. Finally! So we offer.
Respectful, staff. Well..maybe not Ryan But that’s fine! B) if you have a problem with some beings just DM the people in charge B)
We do have bots! DM us for more bots or something!
A wonderful non-toxic environment, welp. Until Ryan appears he is sorta hhhh.
- * Now ThAts final! *-
Welcome to the Gacha Editing Service!
We are a growing server, and looking for wonderful editors and artists^^

This server is related to art and gachalife, but everyone is welcome!

We have:

💜a wonderful owner

💜points used to buy commissions

💜Friendly members

💜Events, compititions, art contests

💜Self-assigned roles (more to come!)

💜A wonderful staff team

Right now we are in need of wonderful editors and artists, so please join Gacha Editing Service!

⁂ You are invited to Gqcha Sankari's Hangout! ⁂


→ Server where you can hangout with the Youtuber, Gqcha Sankari! This is Gacha Discord Server but... It's not only about Gachas! Especially if you don't know/use Gachas! ←

➤ A good community server ≧◡≦

➤ Simple rules to follow! (*^ -^*)

➤ Bots! (Dank Memer, Mantaro, OwO, Rythm, Rythm 2, Tatsumaki, and Yui!) (*^ -^*)

➤ Chat about Anime. Manga, Gaming, especially Gacha and more! ヽ(^◇^*)/

➤ Forgein Languages! You can speak your own language! If it's not in there, feel free to suggest it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

➤ Share your arts, Gacha edits, memes! Impress us! ●*∩_∩*●

➤ Roleplaying! (Like Undertale, Dragon Ball and more!)

➤ Advice about Gacha Life Editing, Arts, Video Editing and Vent! १✌˚◡˚✌५

➤ Voice Chat! (General, Music 💞, Karaoke 🎤, Gaming 💻 and much more!) (◕ω◕✿)

➤ Advertising! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

➤ Server Partners! (≧◡≦)
Hello! Lonely Weebs is a non-Toxic, supportive server! We have plenty of bots to play around with and talk to each other! if you like Gacha, anime, cosplay, Loli, or anything like that this is the place for you. I myself am looking for friends and I thought that making a server would be a great place to find some! So, please! Come on in and make yourself at home because all of us are just sad lonely weebs looking for friends! :D
This is a gacha life discord server!
We are really friendly
Please join uwu
We are not normal people who talks about normal things
Helow !

Bienvenue dans un serveur cool et fun
Il y a de l'art (moi la créatrice aime beaucoup l'art donc il y aura des concours etc a propos de sa
Il y a du rp !
Du fun !
Des blagues !
Des roles cool !
Des activités !
Des commandes personnalisées !
Des giveway !
Des rencontres !
Et plein de choses, que seul toi pourra juger..

Alors qu'attendez vous ?
this is a server against nsfw gacha and other bad things,for example gacha merch,gacha porn (duh),gacha horror stories (aren´t that bad but still),gacha videos about gorey stuff (gacha dhmis,gacha look see and co) and that stuff,we report bad content,if you are interested in this,you can join us!
.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿ .:。✿*゚‘゚・✿

♰ Hi, this is a 'normal' chit-chatting server with really fun bots~
⤷ if you'd want me to add another bot then you may go ahead and ask me!
♰ we've got really nice staff, and I'm currently looking for more staff so you might become one of them :3
⤷ we got really fun channels such as cotd, qotd, etc.

note: this server doesnt really have anything to do with gacha-life but we have some gacha members here so I thought I'd add that

.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿ .:。✿*゚‘゚・✿

We hope you'll enjoy your stay
Heya, I'm xEnviouS but you can call me Envi. I'll cut to the chase, here is what our server has to offer ~

› Bots such as YAGPDB, MEE6, and more to come!
› Answer the qotd and earn something of your choice!
› Level up with MEE6 and earn up to 100 coins per level
› Suggest channels, categories, etc...
› Choose from self-assignable roles ranging from gender and age to sexuality and others of your choice!

It's been good to see you, I hope you consider trying out Gacha Galaxy!
hey! welcome to zanders funhouse :)!

here, we have:
•bot fun
•and more!
Hoihoi! This is a small community growing, It's a gacha server. A chocolate server! Family friendly, the chat may be dead but that doens't mean you can't have fun there! we also have Bot commands for you to try out <3 join!

■■■■■■■■ 30%

Do you like gacha related stuff?If you do,you should consider joining! Why? Well here’s what we got at the table:

■ Fun Bots!■
■Self Roles!■
■Friendly and Active staff!■
And we have—wait,why don’t you come see yourself?We got lots to do!
Fun Gacha Life server! Just made this server so it doesn't have many members yet. You can hangout in the lounge or trade edits in the trading section! Have fun!
Hm? Oh hello visitor! Thanks for reading the description! We are a marketplace offering space for people to sell art (or just share em.)! We mostly support Gacha Life stuff.We have friendly bots and of course- me, we are a server which supports partnerships!

Our features:
-Good Moderation!
-Server Advertising!
-Lots of different roles!
-We support 3 currencies!
-Bots to spend your time on!
-Commission corners !
-Art sharing corners!

-*+ More 2 come Soon+*-

We are a newborn server and we are shortage of Admins! Most members who join now have higher chance of being Admin!

Thank you for reading this description! Why not click that Join Server button now!
Here,we have many channels!! (Yeah,very good description,1000.)This server is for gacha life peoples only jsjsjsk
welcome to the Birb Cage~!
we are a fun server that has . . .
- create a birb!
- entertainment!
- share your art!
- introductions!
- and more..!

join the Birb Cage today, and have fun!
Hai welcome to my gacha server.

Read the Rules in the server.

And hope you join! ^^
so since the server got raided you have to be in there for ten minutes to be able to speak because i’m not risking anything

that’s probably all that’s been changed and plus the channels are probably gonna be different since y’know

our server got fucking raided

that’s all, my friends are still really good people and really fun people to be around and i really appreciate them honestly