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A server to discuss Theology, Metaphysics and Philosophy from a nationalist perspective. Atheism shall be kept at an appropriate minimum! Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Hindu's and the rest are all allowed.
The Akashic Records is a repository for information about metaphysics, religion, and spirituality. There are a few fun bot commands to play around with as well to help fill the time when you feel less serious. Come share, chat, learn, teach, and hang out.
This server is a multipurpose place in which people can chill, spread high vibes of joy, get help and overall evolve as beings. It's a place where people get their sh8 together or those who have some of it together can help out others on their journey. In other words it's a place for positive energy where people can thrive and keep their levels of happy high.
Occult means hidden or unknown, Esoteric means Wisdom that is only understood by few. Initiation means One has Awakened to Awareness and Self Initiation means One has Awakened by himself. This is the great mystery One seeks through all Occultism, what is that Great Mystery the Allegories speak of. Oraculum of Compendium means A Prophecy of Knowledge and a Knowledge of Prophecies, this is a place where One can come and learn to discover who One truly is and take their first step into Spiritual Evolution.
Hello! This is a witchcraft server for any and all! The rules are rather strict but very easy to follow as long as you don't forget the most important role, that there is no tolerance for hate towards any practice or path. If you feel like you can't follow this rule then I don't recommend for you to join. We will be having classes and just note that as of right now this server is still a work in progress but we are always open to suggestions to make the server better.
A bunch of people with similar levels of high-functioning sociopathy discuss the conquest of the galaxy and other kinds of shitpost. We're open to any kind of debate, conversation or idea-sharing you may have. Let's take over.