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❀❀ 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐦 ❀❀
We are a Hellenic polytheist server created with the purpose of sharing information about and discussing our religion. All practices and experience levels are welcome here!

Here is some of what we offer:
❀ Friendly and active staff!
❀ PluralKit for members with DID/OSDD!
❀ An LGBT+ friendly community!
❀ Plenty of witchy and Hellenic pagan-related channels!
❀ Creativity channels for you to express your art and yourself!
❀ Support and venting!
❀ Fun bots like Helios and MarriageBot!
❀ Lots of resources to help you get started on or expand your path!
❀ And coming soon... server-wide events!
A fun, under 18 server for new or experience hellenic polytheists! Instead of focusing on academia, we focus on maintaining a healthy community for younger members of the religion.
A discord based religious community dedicated to Hellenism — the polytheistic religion of the classical Graeco-Roman world. We aim to promote the spiritual and intellectual development of our members, with an emphasis on the scholarship of Graeco-Roman religion, philosophy, and the myths of the poets.

We work toward these goals by maintaining a safe and welcoming environment, in the spirit of Xenia, Kharis, and Eusebeia, for community, devotion, and thought-provoking discussion of Hellenic Polytheism.

Anyone of any religion is welcome here, so long as they are respectful, and do not proselytise. We are strong advocates for, and work to uphold, the principals of the Xenia declaration:

Can't wait to see you here!
Hello! welcome to Witches Study, here we are a witchcraft server dedicated to witchcraft only!!
we have witchy chats, non witchy chats if you just wanna chill, a vent/comfort corner, and bot chats!
i hope you join!
Here you can meet lots of people just like you. We are LGBTQ+ inclusive and any disrespect will be dealt with quickly. This is a great community for Hellenics and non-Hellencis alike to have fun, learn and meet some new people and their cultures.

age requirement is 15 and above!


a religious server for anyone who follow Hellenismos or is a Hellenic pagan, is interested in following it, or is just generally interested in it! whilst this is a safe space for Hellenic Polytheists, we do allow anyone of any religion and culture, and it is open to anyone of any gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity!


we offer:
☀️ self assignable roles, relating to religion, deities, witchcraft, and more!
⚡ events within the server!
☀️ discussion and debate channels!
⚡ witchcraft category, with discussions about divination, astrology, crystals, and more!
☀️ helios bot for all your divination needs!
⚡ pluralkit for systems!

🌩️ Welcome to our magical little orchard! My partner and I are both experienced witches & pagans, and wanted so desperately to create our own cozy & witchy community. Join us for all witch-talk, advice on different religions, and making like-minded friends.
🌩️ 18+ only, lgtbq+ friendly.
Temenos is a mixed Polytheist community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that seek to revive or draw inspiration from Hellenic, Roman, Kemetic, Sumerian, and Semitic cultures.
Welcome to Witches of the Craft!!

Here, you can enjoy an 18+ community that's accepting of all religions, beliefs, and LGBTQ+ inclusive. Whether you're a well versed witch, or just a witchling, this server is the right pick for you! Join today to participate in our weekly discussions!
:purple_heart:Welcome to Hellenic Pagan Hangout!:purple_heart:

As a group of learning Witches our goal is to provide information from real people that you can apply to your craft. We offer many deity chats with understanding and amazing community members.

We offer:

A safe Hellenic community!

A safe community for minors!

Active admin and mentors!

Self assignable roles!

Raid prevention and safety!

Real interactions!

LGBTQ witch safe zone!

A safe learning environment!

Witches of all types!

Other students!

Other strong learners!

-We love you

See you there?