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Olympus is a friendly social server/community based around Greek mythology when it comes to channel and bot names. If you enjoy mythology or are looking to make a few new friends then this is the place for you. Come join and say hey!
This is not a roleplay server
come join us and hangout on a greek mythology themed server.
-god based roles
-anime bots
-trying to keep the server active
-cool and fun bots
-friendly members

I am a small streamer trying to grow my community i got so many category and one of them is promote yourself and i would love for all of u to join and support each other and become olympians.
Welcome to the Lore Olympus fan server! A place to discuss, share our creations, and have fun in this growing fandom! Become part of this new experience here.
We're looking for active people that are interested in keeping an active community!
A fun Olympus themed community of friendly people. You can roleplay here and have fun! We have fun bots to play with and very friendly staff. We'd like to see you there!
Are you looking for a chance to role-play as your favorite god/goddess? Do you love Greek Mythology? A customizable server and suggestion channel to make your RP more enjoyable? Literate RP partners? Then this server is perfect for you!

We Offer:

- Role-play channels
- A LGBTQ Friendly Server
- A non judgmental server for you to RP in.
- Character sheets, interactive roleplays where you can react what happens next, faceclaims, ect.
- Accurate Greek Mythology RP
- Millions of gods and goddesses to choose from.
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°. ☾ ┈ ↷ welcome to olympus
a welcoming and fun community where you can meet new people and form friendships

we have many perks, such as:
• music & games bots
• events
• self-assignable roles
• rank-up roles
• hard-working staff
• friendly users
• optional verification & nsfw channel access

»»————————- ★ ————————-««

Welcome, to our little greek humble abode. Where gods and goddesses gather around and watch the mortals known as humans sweat and prey to their superiors, the immortal ones, the ones who never die or accept death, the ones who "protect" them... The powerful and super entities known as gods.

After many years, the gods and goddesses have offspring, you can play as their children or descendants... And you can also play as mortals.

This roleplay server is based off of Greek Mythology, hence why there's Olympus mentioned in the name. As said in a snippet of the server, you can play as either the immortal and superior entities known as Gods and Goddesses or the weak and powerless known as mortals.

Note: This server is currently in need of members, and if you join we'd love for you to stay.

The Children of The Big Three

Ancient Greeks worshipped gods that reigned across the mortal realm. Many see these celestials as all powerful, immortal beings, whose omniscience is only bested by their own hubris. But as it turns out? There’s a whole lot more to these gods than what people think..

Hi, and welcome to Halls of Olympus, where you RP as one of the Major or Minor gods in Ancient Greek mythology. Gods that have human flaws, ideals, ambitions, and even personal struggles. We are taking a more slice of life approach to these beings, whose lives are plagued by more than epic scale turmoil. Mingle with the citizens, ponder the philosophies written by Plato and Aristotle, or reshape a town into your perfect image. Anything is possible under the might of a god. Although there will be a main plot eventually, this server is mostly letting us delve deep into what it’d be like to be a god in a more personal level. Filled with more unique subplots pushed by players, not by a GM.
This is an rp based on Greek Gods come and have fun ! :) You can any god you want to rp just not the ones that are already rped by other people !
This is a hole new server so please give us some credit and no making trouble and it is different than the other servers for camp half blood trust me
**[ZS] Olypmus | Reign of Gods**

Ever heard of Greek Mythology? Well if you have then this might be the place you will soon come to love. If you don't then we can tell you. Here in this world we control everything around you, the winds, the rate at which storms occur, how calm the seas are, and even if the ground will break or not.

Olympus is a far away place high on the peak, of Mount Olympus. Not very creative you think? Well 200 million years ago it was the greatest thing known to man. It still is one of the most amazing and cultural names known in all of Greek Myth. Now, lets get down to details. Who am I? Well, i'm the one who controls the weather, i'm the one who decides if there is a shower of hail or if its nice and sunny out. I am the king of the Greek gods. I am Zeus, god of weather, lightning, honor, kingship, order, hospitality, and thunder. A lot? It is but a king takes a lot of responsibility. But that's only because i'm the king of the gods. But here you can be any Greek god you want. You could be Ares or Demeter or if you don't want to go big, you can become a minor god. Such as Iris or Aelous. There is endless possibilities here at Olympus. Follow me to the great beyond if you want to become a divine being.
Join the newest upcoming big sever with big potential and many new improvements as time goes by. We also have GFX designers so swing by if you need to get fly.
Salutations, mortal or should I say god? I will leave that for you to decide. I am speaking to you from the true heights of Olympus, hoping to stir a sensual and mental desire within you for the erotic yet story driven world I’ve created here for all of us to enjoy.

We offer you:

~> Freedom of character design, within reason.

~> Erotic roleplay, and an allowance of nsfw freedom. Again within reason.

~> Multiple channels to enjoy and express yourself.

~> Respect.

~> A wide variety of Gods and Greek races.

So please come have a look..
Welcome to Camp Halfblood 2019
as a demigod, satyr, or nymph you can explore and train throughout camp! And well.. if you found this that means you're a demigod. which ALSO means you belong with us here at camp. here at camp things have been a little dicey, the monsters are keeping up with the times and evolving which means we are too. new enemies and evils rise and we have to stop them
~~ Welcome to Olympus. ~~
A roleplay server full of fun bots, literate rpers, and active admins. Takes place on Mount Olympus. Choose to RP an existing god or create your very own! Join in events and storylines, chat about anything, and roleplay your heart out!
A small server with a close community. Anyone and everyone is warmly welcomed and greatly honoured. Doesn't matter if you have Remove kebub memes or ching chong memes, we don't judge.
--- Welcome to the Cosmos ---
The world of greek mythology, join in and become a god/demigod/titan/human/monster we do have rules on how this works but they are fair and good, have kids, control your own realm roleplay, chat and make friends.
Good evening adventurer, you have made it to Mount Olympus. We welcome you with open arms but on the condition you do as you are told!