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Welcome to the Moon Rose Coven! A server coven welcome to all who seek knowledge in the world of wicca, witchcraft, and paganism! Folklore, spells, herbalism, you name it! We have it all, and are willing to expand our horizons as we gain more and more members! We welcome all ages, races, sexualities, genders, and level of knowledge in these subjects. We're all learners, why not learn this craft together? So, Welcome, welcome, we look forward to your stay!~
A server were everyone can come together, either or not you practice witchcraft, your religion is Wicca or your Pagan, you'll be accepted, as long as you don't disrespect anyone! Welcome!
A friendly server for all pagans, wiccans, and witches to come chill and hang out. People who are curious about this lifestyle as well are completely welcome to join. We have roles to suit your needs and make you more comfortable.
I just created this server and I'm looking for some fellow witches to help me build a Wiccan community
Founded in 2011 The College of Occult Sciences has aimed to help each person along their personal spiritual path. We do this by offering a wide variety of classes both in person and online. We hope to help each person connect with fellow like minded individuals by having various clubs, camping festivals, events and so much more.

We try to achieve this goal by bringing the various occult teachings and practices into the limelight. It is our belief that all those who wish to gain such knowledge should have access to unbiased information, with the help and support from passionate practitioners.
Hello! If you're interested in the life style of the wiccan ways then this is the server for you. We are a friendly server and help others when they need it. Everyone here is open to making new friends. The server is also active. Everyone in this server are witches. So if you have any questions for us then feel free to join.
I hope to see you there <3
We are the Pestle and Mortar, an inclusive server for ANYONE of any religion to learn more about Paganism/Wicca, as well as for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches and others to come and be part of a community and discuss their craft.

Anyone is welcome here, so long as they are respectful. Disagreement is fine, but openly saying that you think witches should burn in hell, for example, won't be tolerated.

We offer:
-Active staff!
-Reaction roles!
-Respectful debate!
-Teaching and student roles!
Hey, what's up! This is a server dedicated to talking about Witchcraft, Wicca, tea, earth based spirituality, and just about anything related, really. Yes, there are a bunch of rules, but they're pretty common sense and boil down to don't be a jerk. What this server does NOT have is trigger warnings or excessive censorship because freedom of speech is a good thing, guys. Come hang out if you want.
If your looking for a chill, fun, and relaxing place to meet new witches and to learn more about your craft then do I have the place for you. Join The Nightshade Circle’s Discord. The Nightshade Circle is a fun Discord server of all paths. We accept anyone from any path, as long as you bring good intentions and good vibrations. We are here to make friends and share our knowledge. Come join our 400+ members!
A Fun witchcraft discord!

Keep in mind that this is a new server so things will be added!
[The Spiritual Lounge]
:heart: Active community
:heart: Many roles
:heart: Many spiritual people
:heart: Custom emotes
:heart: Trained staff
:heart: NSFW
:heart: Meme's
Are you looking for a community filled with mistery and passion? then u should drop by the spiritual lounge!
We are currently spearheading one of the most active occult/spiritkeeping/spiritual server out there
So drop by our server and see for urself!.
This is a brand new server welcoming witches of every age and experience level! This is a server where witches and wiccans can share their knowledge with each other to help each other learn.
A Friendly Safe haven that allows newcomers to learn about the craft
a NEW server to represent your religions and practices, your paths and pantheons etc.. a community for all the not so "normal" . NOT A ROLEPLAY SERVER!
It is what the server says, a Coven. Part is roleplay, part is wiccan and now, there even is an Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) section now too!! If you also have ESO, the Coven has widened to a guild on there as well!
(Access to the rest of the server is given once a role is chosen)
A server devoted to the discussion and education of all things Pagan/ Wiccan. We are a new server starting out. So come in and say hi!!! We will be holding an academy based learning system for all those new and interested in furthering their knowledge. For those looking for a coven to join, we also have a section for those dedicated to participating in ceremonies and blots via voice chat.
this is a server for New Zealand witches, still work in progress, you must be a serious witch as we don't want people joining as a joke or to troll. it will result in a ban.
We are a community for witches of all types, and we also have a roleplay!
an 18+ server with little rules. No sensitive folks...Just a catch all place for nearly everyone. You looking to chill or bullshit with others? Here you go...