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Hey there!
I am looking for a team of developers (artists, audio and programmers) to help create a game as a hobby. We will start from the very beginning, and plan the game out accordingly. I am thinking of a sandbox management game however I am open to change.
I hope to see you soon :)
This server is for people who are interested in the development of my Game and Book Series. While I update social medias and this server for advertisement, I also stream here to show everyone the progress of the series. While Mods or I are not streaming however, I've added some small activities to do.

Sporadic Realms is the theme title of my Game and Book series.
*This server is still in development*
Server aperto a tutti, disegno, design, programmazione, videogioco, film anime, manga o più semplicemente la propria passione e conoscere nuovi utenti, ovviamente divertendosi.
This is a server where developers come together to help each other, even if you dont code and you want to learn this will be a great environment for you
this server is my game development server if your into making video game you help fan take over game industry by making really awesome game you tired of sjw ruing game we love it about we make own
we are a community of web developers and programmers. if you need to build a website, and can't afford the regular market price, then this is the right place for you. Join in and share your requirements, and budget, and get your website built, within 48 hours. Depending on the complexity of the work, the timeframe will vary. (prices start from 15$ - 250$)
A server to learn about programming/hacking and meet others with similiar interests. We have very polite members and we focus on making eachother better by discussing about technology. In this server you can ask anything proramming/hacking/computer related. We also provide paid udemy courses and PDF books for free.
This is 3d lock limited edition
If you Every Need Help You Can Join
(This I's a limited edition server will be detelted Soon)
We are a gaming community and some of us (including me) know how to code and make games using unity (C#) 2D but we also love gaming <3
We are a whitehat hacker group named "ProSec" our mission is to provide the best cyber security from people with malicious intent.
Welcome to Creators United!
This is a server that welcomes all who create.
- Share Your Art!
- Share Your Content!
- Share Your Music!
- Share Your Programming Stuff!

Features a nice and positive community, and a VERY forgiving and active server owner.
Please join us and let us display your works of art.
Thank You!
Server Owner, Animator, and Producer,