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The Oregon Discord maintains a directory of local discord servers for users in the region to discover communities of interest. We're intended for Oregonians and Pacific Northwesterners but all are welcome to stay and chat.
🏙️ PDX Youth 🏙️

🌲 Oregon & Washington server
👦 Ages 13-21
👪 200+ Members
💬 Daily Chats
🎥 [NEW] Movie Nights

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Portland, Oregon roleplay! We're currently looking for both members and staff, and we offer a professional roleplay setting. We have pretty relaxed rules and an awesome community!
What's up? Welcome to Don't Even, this is a server for anyone in (or out of) the LGBTQ community or in Portland, Oregon. For members to hang out, get to know each other and have fun. We're super chill and almost anything goes!
Current day - 2020

On the shores of the small state of Oregon sat a quiet city by the name of Massilia. While the area was large, the city, when compared to others, was relatively inconsequential with just over 201,000 people. Living their lives as they saw fit, a typical city life, as average human beings. What impact would you make to the city? What you do is all you, but remember, your actions either have positive or negative repercussions. Which will you make?


Besides wonderful roleplay, we have a great community, our own custom bots, and we're willing to listen to suggestions!

So what are you waiting for? If you're willing to take on this realistic roleplay, join today!