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Gender Cult
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Gender Cult

This is an 18+ server for MOGAI / Queer-spectrum individuals, hoping to provide community to those who aren't gender / socially conforming. We offer a safe space for alternative spirituality & lifestyles and try to avoid the cliquey politics that can fester in other groups. Truscum, aphobes, and other gatekeepers need not apply.

We have a variety of discussion channels, including support channels for those in need, and hope to be an accommodating space free from the hierarchies and cliques of other servers (and much more laxly moderated.) With that in mind, we have very little tolerance for aggressive bigotry or toxicity, and expect everybody to approach the community in good faith.
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Nefarious Devil😈Attendant Rayne Nefarious Devil😈Attendant Rayne
A great little community.
Very cool authentic folks. You get it 100% real and dirty. Very supportive, and frindly. Much less drama and grand standing that you get with other LGBTQ servers.