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✯ We're a meme server
✯ Anyone is invited to join, we're hoping that one you join you don't cause trouble and try interacting with other people :)
✯ We have over 50 Nitro emotes
✯ We're also accepting partnerships, check #partnership-requirements if you wanna partner
✯ Please read rules and obey them, and don't disrespect staff. (Why do you say this? Because mainly ppl come in and start causing trouble)
✯ ~ I hope you enjoy your stay!! :3~✯
Welcome to Pewdie & Cutie’s Discord server (official Pewdiepie fan discord), where all fans come together as a community! Our discord server consists of many diverse people from all over the world and in all ages. So, if you are a fan, open-minded and willing to follow the rules and guidelines of the server, join us today!
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❤ Chill community that loves memes. ❤ Active ✦ VC ✦ NSFW ✦ Epic Memes ❤
100 of dankest and rarest emotes of Pepe's son Peepo. Links to multiple other emote servers.

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We have egirls. A server that was originally privated. The server is owned by @SavageRealm on instagram and we are going public with our server. We have anything needed in a server and have 5k members to start with. Everyone here is chill.
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
Gaming™, the most addicting server

An extremely active chatroom where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even use global emotes!

Join 3000+ Members Today

= Looking for Active Staff =
◊ active community server with 3600+ members and growing
◊ edgy e-girls and 1:1 male to female ratio
◊ giveaways and weekly events
◊ low moderation
◊ active pokecord, slotbot, and unbelievable bot
◊ active partnerships
◊ vent and therapy channel
◊ arts and aesthetics
+ more
A personal stash of 100 bizarre and unsettling emotes that I maintain. Links to my pepe, thinking and anime emote servers.

Keywords: emotes, emojis, emote, emoticons, terrible, creepy, disturbing, awful, meme, cancer, bad, cancer
Friendly 18+ community with a few nsfw aspects, gaming, memes, events, monthly themes and more. 3k+ members. 🎉🎉
Meme community server, active, over 3k+ people! Discord nitro Giveaways and plenty of memes.
A proud Official server of Instagrams most famous meme page, YungHornyGod. join us in search of the best memes XD
Are you tired of all these lame servers that have a bunch of stupid rules that irritate the crap out of you and make it a buzzkill? Well why not join Malware's Virus Cage and let loose everything? Yup you guessed it, we are a server with absolutely no rules at all except for those that comply with discord's TOS. So come on in and be yourself without the consequences of doing so, we have mod positions available and a variety of channels for the tastes of almost anyone, click our permanent link and join today!
Lousy Lounge is a place where all are welcomed! Make friends, have fun, talk about anything you want, we're here for you! We're all friendly :)
A Discord server created by the Instagram page @meccha.memes. Community is great and supporting. Lots of events hosted by the staff and meccha himself with cash prizes monthly.
A fun 13-17 dating server!
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!
Come visit Bikini Bottom! The largest and most active Spongebob server! Come jellyfish, chat, and hang out with our awesome community!
Come down and join the Official Aussie Teens Server!

Why join?
The server offers many different channels, such as memes, such as homework help, music, self-promotion and more! The community in the server is non-toxic and friendly. The staff are constantly working to make the server a better experience overall by updating server with different channels, rules and extra settings to make sure that you experience the best you can out of Aussie Teens.

What makes this server unique?
Unlike many other meme servers, and as stated above, we are non-toxic and give you the chance to either use the meme bot, Dank Memer, or post a meme of your own, both edgy or normal. Again toxicity is not tolerated and Aussie Teens staff ensures that.
your new favorite server

our e-girls are ACTUALLY active !!!!

made 5/17/2019, 1k members on the first day! always active text and voice channels. you wont regret joining us bb! (;
We are the (un)official server for the PewDiePie vs T-Series showdown!

-Live Subcount so you can stay informed!

-Self Promo!


-Run by the one and only Memetastic!
An active, fun shitposting meme server. Community full of top tier shitposters and qt3.14 egirls.....Are you in Degens?