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India’s first duo Gaming YouTube channel with currently 4.5 M+ subscribers.And here there are amazing people with amazing bots that you all enjoy the server <3!!
Rebellion Roleplay, a place with a nonjudgemental atmosphere, no drama, and a place of fun! Daily Patrols, with an anverage of 10-15 people! Patrols usually last about 2-3 hours at night.
Community Wide Respect
Great friendly admin!
BCSO, LSPD, SASP, Civilian
Nouveau !
San Andreas Priority Roleplay

Why us?

SAPRP is a growing Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying community for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. We have many things to offer, along with active and friendly staff and players, an excellent management team, daily roleplaying sessions on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and many different roles to choose from, and we don't require any sort of written application or long-winded process to get in, all you need is an interview and a very short training session. Also, our servers are filled with scenes and situations to get the adrenaline pumping like bank robberies, high speed police chases, massive shootouts, and so much more! We even have businesses and gangs available for people to set up and run like bike crews, the mafia, trucking, and drug businesses, and many more jobs available!

Our Departments
Our law enforcement has many departments available for you to choose from, such as:
• Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), including S.W.A.T, the F.I.B, and undercover police
• Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), including traffic and undercover police
• San Andreas State Police (SASP)

Our civilian operations have even more options available to them, such as:
• Jobs, such as trucking, Los Santos Customs, drug trafficking, and many more
• Businesses
• Criminal work, such as bounty hunting

Our Fire and EMS department is split into two groups
• Firefighting, dealing with burning buildings and cars on fire
• EMS, dealing with car crashes, injuries, deaths, and so much more

What we as a community provide

• An excellent support team
• A lively and friendly community
• Enjoyable and exciting Roleplay
• Realistic and professional Roleplay sessions
• An excellent economy system

Still not convinced? Give it a try, and we promise you that you won't regret it
Join us now using this link:
HiLow is a recently new, PC-Only, GTAV car meet server made with community as the center focus. The name, implying all cars from off-roaders to stance builds, is what we live by: A community of all cars regardless of owner and style.

We as a server do not critique on style or modifications. If you’re looking for the cleanest meets or to make fun of ricers, look elsewhere. We value each other as a family most of all, spreading constructiveness and positivity rather than hate and exclusion.

In the end, we’re just here for the cars, so why not enjoy them together?
Hope to see you soon!
- HiLow Staff
Welcome to GTA Trading Hub

Server is designed for trading cars on GTA Online using GCTF
Must read and follow rules upon joining.
As a team of passionate gaming enthusiasts, Indiana Department Of Justice RP is dedicated to have the best possible RP experience. Our staff team strives to make the game play fair and fun at all time.

We like to be fair and fun but expect everyone to play by the rules, with our growing number and growing in-game resources INDOJRP is a fast upcoming community in the FiveM world.

Some of our features are Whitelisted, Economy, Custom Additions to Blaine County, Full time Developers, Custom Cars, Donator options, and much more!
We are a new FiveM roleplay server, we're looking for new members to help build up our community!
°•⁀➷ ::We are a small growing community looking for some members to join for our car meets and to host car meets!! ♡ ︵ . . ❞
₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Fun and chill !

₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Server still being made !

₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Goal of 100 members!

₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Available partnerships !
°•⁀➷ :: Come stop by, will you ? ♡ ︵ . . ❞

Re:START Roleplay ist eine Aufstrebende GTARP Community welche den Alt:V client nutzt zusammen mit Teamspeak und SaltyChat!
Nouveau !
Zapraszamy na nowy serwer 𝑪𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍𝑹𝑷. Prace nad wyspą dopiero się zaczęły ale już teraz zapraszamy do napisania podań i zostanie z nami, aby stworzyć bardzo dobrą wyspę.
A welcoming community who offer a chilled out place to meet new people from all over the world and to play many of the following games: Minecraft, Dead By Daylight, Among us and GTA 5

We were primarily a gta 5 server but since it’s a dead game atm we added all the other games.

All ages and genders welcome! Any country, any gaming platform.

We are offering you a cool place to chill with gamers from all over the world! So what are you waiting for?
welcome to the official Chicago PD Roleplay server.

what we offer?

-Staff Roles

-Chicago Police Department
-Cook County Sheriffs Office
-Illinois State Police
-Chicago Rangers Office
-Chicago Fire Department
-Communications Department
-Civilian Operations
This is an amazing server where we play games together, have a great time, talk, hangout, and even share photography. We are run by run by the Republic of Professionals Gaming Branch (RP-G) If you're looking for a great community, then come join on in :).
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Purchase or Earn GTA MONEY AND ITEMS

- 50% off items
- Cheap GTA Recoveries
- Refundable!
- Easy and fast purchases
This is a server for all gta players. This a GTA 5 Online community for all players I am a pretty big GTA page on tiktok, I have about 30k followers and I upload daily. My tiktok is @daily.gta5.content, I do off-roading with my fans and I started this discord server a while back. We have a bunch of active members and we have channels for xbox players, playstation players, PC, and ect. We only host off-road meets on xbox but we do have a bunch of playstation and pc players in here who would always be down to help each other in GTA Online. We have zero tolerance for rule breakers and toxicity, please make sure to read the rules to avoid being punished. We also do giveaways in the server and we also do trading with people. Anyone caught scamming others will be perma banned with no appeal. WE DO NOT DO PARTNERSHIPS, PLEASE DONT ASK!
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Here at Verdict Roleplay we strive to be the best PS4 roleplaying community around, we want to give our members the best possible experience we can. The people we meet are what motivates us as a community to always strive to be better and make better changes for everyone. We take roleplay very seriously here and want to see everyone contributing to making the community better. We look forward to seeing you soon!

《Available departments》
- 👮‍♂️Los santos Police Department👮‍♂️

- 🚓Andreas Highway Highway Patrol 🚓

- 🚑Los santos Fire Department🚒

- 🚔Blaine County Sheriff's Office🚔

- 👷‍♂️Civilian Operations👷‍♂️

- Dispatch / 911

《Extra info》
- 🖥Professional CAD-MDT🖥

- 💯Great & Helpful Staff💯

- 🙋‍♂️Many Opportunities for all members🙋‍♂️

- 🚔Vast Variety Of Departments & Subdivisions🚔

Note: [VDRP will not accept any merge offers of joining into another server]