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A tight-knit, community-oriented gaming Discord server. Channels are available for discussion, gaming, debate, music, and dank memes. We play multiple games across the board, but some of the main games played in the server are:
World of Warcraft
Europa Universalis IV/Paradox Grand Strategy titles
Mount & Blade titles
Grand Theft Auto V
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone

However, we also play many other games and are open to trying anything new. Feel free to stop by and make some friends!
Join this server if u want to have fun playing all your favorite games!!!!! You can play games with a lot of other people and have fun!!! And if u don't game, you can still chat with other people in the server because this is an NSFW free server and a friendly server!😎 👾 🎮
JOIN SAN ANDREAS PRINCIPLE: With great staff, everyday RP's, and AMAZING member. Great server to have serious RP's and make new friends... ANYONE is welcome to our community and we hope you have a great time! (We Do Not Merge)

What We Offer:
Custom CAD/MDT
Active Members
Everyday RP's
Amazing Staff
Police, Civilian, EMS, Firefighter
Want people to do a car meet with? We got you!

Join Rice Free Meets for car meets with the community, a grief free system to prevent your car meet from being ruined, and much more!

Accepting all platforms to meet with!
TAPZOHS TEMPLE is a gaming community filled with a bunch of funny but questionable personality's if u play games give us a try we are trying to get to 100 members by the end of the year hope to see u in there much love Tapzoh#4202
The Official Discord to /r/HeistTeams. We're a GTA server that allows you to group up (LFG) with other users to do heists and other activities in GTAO.
Hello ! 🙋‍♂️
This is a friendly and non toxic Playstation 3 server , if you are looking for an active and chill server to play or talk with people or just use our bots such as dank memer , rythm and many more then this is the server for you ! Everyone is welcome to join !
Have fun and be respectful ! 💙
Auf diesem Discord geht es Hauptsächlich um Gaming und bietet Channel für verschiedene Games wieAmong Us, GTA, DayZ, Minecraft, CS:GO (es werden immer neue geupdatet) sowie einfach nur Talk Channel ebenfalls suchen wir immer neue Mitspieler für among us, damit man hier in den richtigen Channel reden kann, kann man sich die jeweiligen rollen selbst in unserer Rollenzuweisung geben.
CRP is a public vMenu based server that takes pride into giving our members a real chance for realism in their Roleplay experience. Join us today!
Hey there, our server was made so people could talk to each other and find people to play with, we are trying to get as big as possible, and have a lot of fun
Hello everyone, We are called West Side Roleplay. We are Roleplay community in GTAV that is slowly Growing and thriving to be a very popular Roleplay server. We Offer multiple different types of departments As in from being a civilian to being a Police Officer to even being a part of our FIRE/EMS department , we also have openings for people who wants to be a Dispatcher. Later in the future we will also soon Offer group Six which is basically a security team company where you’ll be protecting important cargo and much much more. We don’t do Xbox or PC just yet we are specifically just a PS4 Roleplay server. We hope to see you guys in the future, we promise you that If you join us you’ll Definitely not regret it!
We are a new ESX server growing fast!
We have several jobs to offer listed below:
Several other jobs!
We look forward to having you join!
LADOJRP is a roleplay-oriented community geared towards realistic roleplay. We are a premier example of active staff and LEO coming together to provide a good environment for new players should be. If you are new to FiveM or looking for something different then other servers give us a look.

Our applications are easy and quick for LEO, our staff team is active in helping people, and we have many players who regularly frequent us and can't seem to stay away because of our good roleplay and sense of community. Our smooth experience and very lag free server also brings a lot of people to us, and the friendships people build here brings a great sense of community to us.

Join our discord and server today and if you need any assistance feel free to #make-a-ticket in our discord and a staff member will immediately help you out ! Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we hope to see you in our server and discord soon !

Discord :
This is a FiveM based Roleplay Community named, Coastal City Roleplay. This server strives for realism and professionalism. This is a private whitelisted community. We are just starting out and we would love to have you on our team, we have the following departments;

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
San Andreas Communications Department
San Andreas Civilian Operations
Volunteer Fire/EMS

We are in desperate need of some more hands, Administration, and Staff. A couple of server developers also would not hurt. Please join the recruitment server and good luck on your recruitment process and we wish to see you soon!

We have a fully functioning CAD/MDT system, an EUP, and great ranking structure and members.
Only for TRUE GAMERS!! Talk to REAL Call Of Duty Players, Grand Theft Auto Players, Minecraft OGs and Fortnite Hardcores.
Hi Welcome To San Andreas Providence Roleplay, This Server Is A Vmenu Based Server That Has Custom EUP, Cars, Clothing, Animations And Much More
We Have Scripts That Make The Experience One Of A Kind!. We Feature Whitelisted Departments Such As LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, SAFD, SAMD, And Much More To Come
We Allow Civs To Join With No Application, Civs Can Also Take Part In Any Job/Proffesion They Want To Aslong As Its Not Whitelisted.
We Have Custom Roads And Map Enhancments Such As L.A Roads, More Vegetation, Better Housing, Dragstrip, And Alot More. [The List Is Too Big]
We Are Also Going To Be Hiring Staff For The First Month From November 20 - January 1 So Apply In #Applications.
Some Of Our Tags Include Drifting, Gangs, LEO, Serious Roleplay.
Thats All We Have To Say Hope To See You InGame.

First Five People To Join And Play For 1 Hour Gets There Own
Custom Car Added To The Game (Must Be FiveM Ready)

|TikTok @saprproleplay|

-SAPRP Founder

This Description

Came From These 3 People

LD - Founder
Post - Co-Founder
Kayy - Co-Founder







If you are looking for a fivem community to become apart of that treats you like a family, join FRGRP! We are a group of people who came together about 2 years ago and decided to become an actual community. We publicly released the community for applications to the public shortly after that and we are still looking for new members! We have all departments available with active staff such as LSPD (Los Santos Police Department), BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff's Office), SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol), CIV, Communications, and SAFR (San Andreas Fire Rescue). So what are you waiting for? Join the fan server below and fill out an application on our website ( Hope to see you soon!