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Hey there! We are Cyber_Land and we had to create this new discord server, but for those who dont know us, we gather a lot of gamers from different games to talk to each other. We also have our own Minecraft Servers if you are into that, feel free to join!
join if you don't see your game in the server contact a admin and we will add it to the server
Join Great British Roleplay today!

> Daily RP’s
> Amazing Team
> Lots of Fun
> Xbox One
> Running of London Emergency Services.
We are a FiveM community with fun and enjoyable roleplay looking to bring realism to the community. Our server is up 24/7 and we have developers with dedication and have put in many sweat n' tears into making MCRP a well-put server. We have dedicated staff that watch the server for any issues. We are trying in the best of our abilities to be one of the greatest roleplay servers in Australia.

> Custom Scripts
> Custom Textures/Retextures
> Custom Cars
> Custom Jobs
> Custom PD/EMS
Hi 👋
🤓 Klapsmühle 🤓 ist ein Deutschsprachlicher Discord Server.
Wo es Hauptsächlich um die Games🎮 Among us🔪 , GTA🚓 und Phasmophobia😬 geht.

Was dir der Server bietet👍
- Boost Level 1🚀
- Ü 100 Mitglieder 😍
- Eigene GTA Crew 🚨
- Eigene WhatsApp Gruppe📱
-Aktive User🤗
-Große Anime Fan fangemeinde👲
-Waifu BOT👱‍♀️
Welcome to United Roleplay!
We have a community for both consoles PS4 & XBOX ONE and for V2. And the departments that we have to offer is, Fire Department, LEO, Civilian Department & Gruppe 6. Our community is based of real life so everything you can do in real life you can do that in our community. Our community has 39 thousand people.

The community has a Minecraft server and soon we are gonna open our Five M server. We also have a full working military server there you guys can role play as military and much more.

The sessions is hosted daily and frequently full for both consoles. We also have a full working economy, there people can get a paycheck for working or even buy cars and houses. The Civilian Department has a ranking system for people to follow, and that makes the role play experience even better. As a civilian, you can go apply to become a cop or even a firefighter or a paramedic. You can also start up a business of your own.

We all hope that you guys will enjoy the stay.
HiLow is a recently new, PC-Only, GTAV car meet server made with community as the center focus. The name, implying all cars from off-roaders to stance builds, is what we live by: A community of all cars regardless of owner and style.

We as a server do not critique on style or modifications. If you’re looking for the cleanest meets or to make fun of ricers, look elsewhere. We value each other as a family most of all, spreading constructiveness and positivity rather than hate and exclusion.

In the end, we’re just here for the cars, so why not enjoy them together?
Hope to see you soon!
- HiLow Staff
Server Dedicated To Mainly GTA V Online but willing to play other games too . Find Someone To Play With, Make Friends & Have Fun. Cheers.
​​​​​Copacabana - RP

​​​​​Hallo liebe FiveM Community,​​​

​Wir sind ein deutscher roleplay server mit einem aktiven,kritikfähigen, kompetenten Team!

​Zuerst unsere ip`s/link`s:

​Ts³: copacabana-rp.de
​FiveM: copacabana-rp.de
​Discord: discord.gg/CYth6SK9Z2​

​2. Was wir auf unserem discord bieten:

Wir bieten:

➣ Aktives und kritikfähiges Team

➣ Ein NSFW Memes Channel

➣ Custom Emotes

➣ ein ordentliches und übersichtliches Serverlayout

➣ Mitglieder werden stetig mit einbezogen durch Umfragen und eigenen Ideen

➣ keine unnötigen Pings

​Der discord link nochmal


​3. FiveM - Server

​Auf unserem FiveM Server bieten wir

​➣ ​​Gutes Roleplay
​➣ Nette spieler
​➣ Gutes Cop & Medic RP
​➣ Legale/illegale FarmRouten​​

​Und noch vieles mehr


​Kein mindest alter
​Keine whitelist
​Schneller Support


​Wir (Das Copacabana Team) würden uns sehr dolle freuen wenn ihr auf unserem discord joined und

unserem server eine kleine chance gibt.

​MFG: Copacabana - Team!​
This server mainly contains a large variety of gamers and the owner is a nice guy that wants to fight toxic people in discord servers so come join us today!
'Discord channel for Gamers'', for Sri Lankans and Foreigners alike ( local and living in foreign countries) to bring them together so we all can learn from each other. Improve your Gaming Experience by playing with us. It's going to be so much Fun!!!!! Please join and help me build the server. :) Thank You!
An open-minded, fun and interactive community that's focused on gaming. We enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto V. Our server is wholesome, welcoming and secure. We don't bite, come and join us today!
GTAMC, GTA Modding Club
We are gathering modders from a lot of different GTA mod menus to offer free support and also share knowledge.

Our server also offers a huge amount of Files for different mod menus!

✅ Mod menu support 🌐
✅ Mod Menu buy options 💶
✅ A great community 👥
✅ Nice giveaways 🎉
✅ Mod menu sellers 💰

See you soon!
Trying to grow as a community, to maybe promote over servers. Great chill out server, got some emojis and animated emojis!
Only for TRUE GAMERS!! Talk to REAL Call Of Duty Players, Grand Theft Auto Players, Minecraft OGs and Fortnite Hardcores.
En iyi GTA Online Türkiye Discord Sunucusu Olduğumuzu İddea Ediyoruz!

GTA Online başta olmak üzere popüler online oyunların hepsinden arkadaş bulabilirsiniz. Sunucumuzun sosyal kısmı oldukça gelişmiştir. Bedava oyunlardan hemen haberdar olabilir, haberleri takip edebilirsiniz. Birçok sesli ve yazılı kanal bulunmaktadır. Sesli ve yazılı kanallardaki aktifliğinize göre rol alırsınız. Oyun odaları için ayrı ayrı roller vardır. Yetenek rolleri ve daha fazlası sunucumuzda. Hemen aramıza katıl!

🔗Sunucu Davet: https://discord.gg/gtaturk
🔗Tanıtım Videosu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbI3_ctBvbs
Salut si tu veux un serveur GTA sympa pour t'amuser et fiable pour échanger les bogdans, véhicules, faire des duplis, en évitant au max les arnaques etc: Rejoins nous! 💪🏼
C'est un nouveau serveur GTA où il y a un max de rôles, des événements et concours sympas, des salons bien organisés 😉
On ban tout les arnaqueurs et y a un système de joueur certifié pour faire les échanges tranquille.
Y aura aussi pas mal de dons de bogdan et véhicules, de jeux et autres évents.🎁
Hej! Wbijaj na nasz serwer znajdziesz u nas dużo fajnych atrakcji jak i dużo super konkursów na przykład takie jak na psc lub Discord Nitro znajdziesz tez u nas osoby do grania i nie tylko zapraszamy serwer 167 osób
Forged Games is a all in one stop, complete with a non-toxic community, and plenty of games to fill you gaming desire.

- A friendly community open to anybody, and everyone!
- We offer a complete collection of games to choose from, so you never lose interest!
- Our server is complete with plenty of community games, and discussions to talk and have fun with!
-The games we have
Rainbow Six Siege
Call Of Duty
Grand Theft Auto V: Underworld is a roleplay server that uses RAGE as its client. This allows our online RP server to have unlimited players. There is no cap of 64-128 players! Besides RP, you can expect a lot of action. On our server you'll find illegal factions as well as a police faction and, for those who like ARMA, the San Andreas Armed Forces faction.
Jesteśmy luźnym serwerem o tematyce głównie growej. U nas zawsze panuje czilera utopia, a w weekendy organizujemy wspólne granie. Jest to idealne miejsce do poznania nowych miłych osóbek. Na co czekasz? Dołącz już dziś!