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Skyler Academy, the rising star school of Japan. As the school has now newly been opened, a new batch of first year students will join and learn what its truly like to be a hero. Learning from those who have been through the worst, they will learn the dangers of facing a villain, and how to be a true hero
—Welcome to Skyler, a friendly PG-13 server where anyone can join and feel welcome. We will have RP events and a major storyline take place, which will have your characters evolve into true hero’s. Come and experience a unique RP world with us—
Welcome to Leo's House!
This is a server where all your friends can come together in a safe, non-toxic, PG-13 server to have a good time! We have bots like Pokecord and Mantaro to keep you busy! Have a great time with your friends in this wonderful server~!
NOTICE: This server is constantly growing, therefore there is constant remodeling. The server will most likely be constantly updated so keep a lookout in the announcements channel for more news!
Welcome to Graced Lives! You have found yourself in a world landscaped and formed by individuals with extraordinary and mysterious powers. We have the following features:
- A New Server! Help establish the lore and become a founding member.
- Lore help and a dedicated mod team
- Become a power player, or a simple civilian trying to survive.
- Events! Join us for raids, discovering new territory, and more!
- And More! Join for creative freedom and a positive community.
A Rp monster high server where you can rp as the characters from Monster High, it's just starting out so it's a little small but, hope to see you there!~
Hello! This is a server where you can just chill and have fun! This is a pg13 server though, so there is no nsfw content.
We are an AU Post-War Naruto RP Server, telling the story of the survivors of the lost Shinobi War. Create a shinobi of your own, and help us rebuild the world left behind. Waking up from the Infinite Tsukiyomi after ten years, come explore life in the Village Risen from the Ashes, as we search for the answer to the questions still unanswered. Why are we awake? What happened to the others? And, most importantly, what will happen next?
Signas, the almighty stones made by The King, or maybe even the Gods. Each one grants a power based on how you act, what you do, and how you do it. Each one is unique, and calls out to each user over the world of Kyoterra, the Super Planet. A darkness looms in the shadows however, and plans to take away the light of which we all know and love. Will you stand beside your allies and fight for honor and glory? Or fight for the darkness and fight for Power and Authority? It's all up to you my friend...
➢ :eyes: We Provide lewd hentai channels..~ (NOT ERP SERVER) :eyes:
➢ :joy: Meme and NSFW channels for your funny and saucy stuff. :joy:
➢ :shield: Amazing staff that is fair, yet strict! :shield:
➢ :pencil2: Plenty of RP channels, as there is a massive world to explore! :pencil2:
➢ :handshake: Partners with servers 15 members and over! :handshake:
➢ :gift: Giveaways and Polls for fun, and possible cool privileges! :gift:
➢:hugging: In all honesty! We just want to be a great and massive roleplay server in hopes of making everyone happy. Please come and join! :hugging:
Arcadium is a server that was made with hopes to create new friends while interacting in a fantasy world. We are a tight loving community with great people from all sorts of backrounds. We hope to see you become a part of our familly.
❤️❤️Hewwo! We are a fandoms server to find friends And a community to feel welcomed in! OwO But we have a roles that suit your appetite of fandoms! We have “gamer” “Sally” (for sallyface) And! “Anime” Enjoy this server! I need a daddy owo❤️❤️

✦ Welcome to New Terra, Traveler! ✦

Many millennia ago, There waged a war between the Aegeilis and the Daeveilis that left the earth marred and deformed. The land was not without it's beauty, however. A small handful of the two warring species came into union with each other and thus the Imperfects were created and from them: the races that walk the realms of New Terra today. Will you aid the Karr Warlord Tarogore in his quest? Will you join or even start a rebellion of your own against him? Perhaps you might consider being a neutral party!


✦ An active member base!

✦ Choose from 50+ races and magics!

✦ Choose from a variety of mounts, languages, factions, and religions!

✦ Explore a vast number of countries and regions within the New Terran continent!

✦ Various rare tomes to be found around the world!

✦ Enjoy a general rp while you wait!

✦ Music and meme channels!

✦ Fun and mature staff!


We are a newly opened roleplay server and are still building extra bonus materials such as quests and a main story plot (See above 'Tarogore') and would love to hear how our community would like to see us grow!

Keep in mind that this is a somewhat mature community involved in an action roleplay. While there is no NSFW content in terms of pornography, there is a likelihood of encountering blood and gore described in text while in roleplay.

This town is big enough for just about everyone. Spanish speakers, too! Smol server, ~40 members waiting for you. You can submit your own emojis, we have truth or dare, finish that vine, memes, active chats, karaoke, music recommendations, anything. Nothing bad will happen if you join, so why don't you?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Welcome to the [ƤḈ₲]Phoenix Chaos Galaxy!
We have NO requirements to join this amazing gaming community so everyone is welcome!

In The Phoenix Galaxy server you can:
-chat and hang out with cool people
-find friends to have fun with
-take part in tournaments, giveaways, and competitions
-make and join guilds
-and so much more that I am sure you will enjoy

For more up to date info check out this link
Our community is a PG-13 community, so all you kiddos have been warned.
Kid Friendly Puzzle game server. Channels also include other topics such as media, books, movies, other games.
Come hangout in my PG-13 sfw chill server. Not many people in it at the moment but i hope we can get 50+ members soon.
If you join, make sure to read the rules. And if you want to apply for Mod go to the applications channel. (Still a work in progress)
An anime RP server based off the universe of a My Hero Academia Role play. This server is made from it's own universe within, taking place in a school named Kuoh Academy, located in Kuoh, a fictional city near Tokyo, Japan.
I'm Elliott, founder of Elliott's Server. we host Gamenights every Friday or So. We also have an Accepting Community, and a Place to Introduce yourself. We hope you have a Good stay here in Elliott's Server! - Elliott.
Hey there and welcome to our newly made Roleplay Server. We put a lot of thoughts in this precious little Slice of Life Server. But it's no ordinary SoL, there will be some events like traveling somewhere and stuff.

Even if we're still a few people, we want to build up a great community where everyone can enjoy their time in ease. Please note that this is a PG-13 server. Have a nice day.
Just a little server, With a little story. A simple server to hang out and roleplay with new friends, and maybe some old friends. We got a variety of bots, and good staff, good people, AND GOOD FOOD BABY, WE GOT BAGLES-! Anyways this server is a variety of different roleplay channels, After we fully finish 1 channel, we take suggestions and maybe move onto a new one, the more People, The more help, The more mods, The more suggestions. It's a simple server, A small story
Server Name: Oddities
Owner: Armakai#2397
Description: Oddities is a place for chatting and just hanging out.
We have:
-Staff positions open (Must apply, be active, and stay in server)
More to come
Just a bunch of random idiots talking shit on the internet. Who knows you might find a friend to fill that void in your heart ever sense you were abandoned by everyone you love. We only tolerate positivity (except towards our Ramen God sometimes) Also we all TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH
This is a Roleplay server based from "X-Men Mutants"
🔱 Teen Kingdom 🔱
Owner: 👑 @5H0PlaysYT#3733

We Offer
💬 Nice Chats.
💰 💵 💎 Economy.
🎮 🕹 Game Channels.
🤖 Bots.
🛡 🛠 Applications.

Soon Well Offer
🏆 🎉 🎟 Giveaways.
⚔ Roleplay.
🖌 🎨 Art Channels.