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This is a PG Sword Art Online Original Character Only Roleplaying server! There are lots of fun events and channels to explore! Character your own SAO character.
We Offer:
-Friendly Community
-All of the known Floors of Aincrad and More!
-A lot of events planned
Owned by Zay / Acnologia and Kirby / Laxus

Anime Haven is a new Discord server that has a small fandom area for the following Animes
-Fairy Tail
- Boku no Hero Academia / My hero Academia
- Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai
- The Rising of the Shield Hero
- Sword Art Online

Heres what we offer!

🌏 A small Community as of now, that's trying to make it big! With channels for interests!🌏

😛 We offer Roleplays and the chance to sign up to be Canons and even your own Anime Characters!😛

📺 Talk about the Provided animes or any other! 📺

✏ Share your theories and thoughts! ✏

🎱 Emojis! 🎱

👾 Mudae and Bots!👾

✨ You can join Clubs! ✨

⚪ You can request for roles! (under construction) ⚪

👦 You can apply for Moderator / Admin at anytime! 👧

So what are you waiting for? Join our new community today! We always look forward to new members!

BLACKFLAG is a small group of Sword Art Online Memory Defrag players
We are currently looking for new members, or other guilds to work together with!
We host raid parties, give each other advice, and much more.
We hope to see you here!
Hi and welcome to our server. This server is brand new and I'm waiting every single anime-manga lover. When you join it means the whole world to me! So come'on! Join us!
━━━━━━⚔️Sword Art Online⚔️━━━━━━
This server is for sao fans who loves sao and we having fun with people too and we're talking about sao anime and LN and sao games too.
We have:
⚔️Talking about sao anime and LN too.
⚔️Channel for sao games and other games.
⚔️Many roles and Self-assignable roles too.
⚔️15+ emotes.
⚔️many channels to talk.
⚔️many bots (Tatsumaki - Koya - Rhythm for music - Yui - Yui sao and we will add more).
⚔️Memes channel.
⚔️other animes and other manga and light novels channels too.
and more.
Join Now!
━━━━━━⚔️Sword Art Online⚔️━━━━━━
Um server de RolePlay baseado no anime Sword Art Online (SAO), no arco de Alicization. Venha explorar os reinos e a capital de Underworld, Centoria, e lutar contra as forças das trevas do Dark Territory. Se aliste e venha conosco fazer parte da ordem dos Integrity Knights!
Serveur français consacré à SAO ⚔ Vous pouvez discuter des animes & mangas dans les salon adéquates ❤ LINK START
You know the ALfheim Online parts in SAO? In this RP you'll get to roleplay as your own character who plays ALfheim Online!
Hewwo I'm Hinata The Owner Of Swordland A Sword Art Online Fandom With Voice Chat's, Music, Memes, Staff Positions, and More
Hi! Welcome to Weeb Central where you can find all the weeb shit your into. We have

-Anime drawings(fan art)
And much more to be added so...
don't be a normie.. click that join button
In The Year 2031, After Many Popular VR games In the past few years, somebody named, Parker X Shanshu made a brand NEW VR game called Swords VR X, he had 1000 people test out its beta, and once beta was over they all knew the game would have blown up, after a few months in beta testing everything seemed perfect and release day came by on March 5th 2031, Over 200k People Joined into the game and found themselves in the Virtual Reality world of Palmvision, A few hours passed by and some found that… they couldn’t log out.. After everyone had found that they couldn’t an alarm rang through the virtual world, Everyone was teleported to a lobby hub type room it was huge, and the roof had a message all over saying, “INCOMING MESSAGE” after done taking over the huge glass roof, a man and not a normal man A HUGE man had appeared, He explained to those 200k people, that they would be stuck here until they have completed all of the floors, which the last floor being Floor 100, once defeating the great boss they would clear the game letting everybody leave the game and going back to their real lives. He then explained to them that their VR sets have a programming that could fry your brain with something that is used in microwaves, So if they died.. They would die in the real world.. Commotion rang around the arena type room as everybody started flashing blue, with the man saying look in your inventories and check what is it in, once everyone was finished they looked in the mirrors that they found in their inventories, as everyone looked into the mirrors, they realized they looked how they looked in there real lives.. As everyone started disappearing all of the Virtual world could hear the mans voice say, Good Luck Citizens Of Palmvision, You’ll need it. Months Passed And Their Were Already 150k People Left.. This is our life now.
SAO knock-off with auto-spawn monsters to fight and dungeon floor boss events.
The world changed after Sword Art Online, but you were pulled back in, how? No one knows. When? Who knows? You were pulled into the world for a reason, that reason is for you to decide, everyone starts on Level One, you keep your exp, but your weapons are weirded out and you start with beginner weapons, except those special few.

New Server
Hiring Staff
Still Working on Levels.
This server is based off the Anime/Manga/Novel Sword Art Online And currently takes place during the Aincrad Ark, we hope you’ll join us!
Welcome to the sword art online the beginning.

We are starting off at the beginning of season one but necessary following the story but close..
This will be a oc only

We have friendly and interactive admins and mods

Plenty of fun bots to play with

Good lore and structure to rp with
Just your friendly neighborhood SAO roleplay server. May go to ALO/GGO
This Roleplay takes place in the world of SAO, where the Beta Test is about to begin, so make your characters and get ready for the Beta, as in one week, there will be the full release!
If you want to talk about anime, OR if you want to learn a cool skill like coding, youtube, video editing, drawing, etc. then this is the server for you. The point of this server is for all of us to learn from eachother so we can all improve our skills and discuss anime and nerd stuff while we do it.

Very casual server. Free speech is a high priority so your free to speak your mind about basically anything (Yes, this includes politics if you'd like).

This server is the official server of the rkraiem100 youtube channel.
Hello! come join the reona server!
We translate (almost) all of her tweets and related content!
Come support the up and coming Anisong singer!
Welcome to an SAO RP! It's based mainly off of SAO, but there are no canon characters! Get to experience the game as your own person!
Welcome to Spam Art Online(SAO) where u spam to go to new floors..

4 guilds which u can team up with others or you can be solo idc xD...

Currently Hiring Admins...

Its a game where you will have to spam to go to new floors... It is a very fun discord game and i think you should come play and meet others!!

Welcome to our server! You have access to nothing but fun! this server is basically made for having fun, making friends or just to be more socially interactive! You will have infinite fun guaranteed I promise! Come in on the fun and join now!
(Respectable administrators)
(Great members)