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Centuries before, This beautiful city ran easily and normally. Humans would would go about their normal lives. Jobs at normal places but there was one place people always wanted to work at. The Coral Bay Power Plant. It was the only source of energy to keep businesses lightened up . It was the sought out job for many of people. One day, A Certain 'Mysterious' someone, or something.. had taken matters into their own hands. They screwed with some of the buttons and lines and the whole place exploded. Chemicals went everywhere, Lights would go out, and Many of lives had been taken from the accident. The mayor had evacuated as many as he could to another section of the land away from the chemicals. A few years later, the mayor decided it was time to clean up the mess and restart their once beautiful land. With the return, he did not notice the chemicals in the air that might had effect the already scared people.The once peaceful city turned somber as they had to rebuild the land. A year later, the mayor noticed something different. He did not understand it and saw that the chemicals had done something to his people and their now growing kids. It altered their DNA . Powers, Hybrid Humans, Monsters and such started to be seen more often. The new change scared the already cautious Mayor and so he divided them. The humans on one side and the Hybrids on another. The humans feared the Hybrids and tried to ignore them. If any human showed any signs of powers, they would be sent to "Coral Summer Camp." It was a place for all the Hybrids to be themselves but under the eye of the mayor. The mysterious figure or force that cause the event was still out there , seeking to continue with its unknown plan.

-Met by friendly staff
-Many topics to choose from
-diverse range in powers
-Unique story line!
Predators, prey and spectators welcome to Kobold Island. Please respect each other's preferences and enjoy your stay.

Our server features a vast collection of preference tags so you can quickly find people who share your interests.

A bot is currently under construction with the purpose of converting Kobold Isle into an open world text-based RPG.

This server is a semi-serious RP server with some planned story content.
one hundred letters is a semi-literate to literate roleplay server built for my dummy dumb hybrid species, delphin-feles (dolphin cats)! they live in a large underwater kingdom called aquilina, and worship whales; they live near an island, and can go up there to catch living prey or just fool around! we have high ranks available and plenty of opportunities for you to become a staff member :>

either way, come roleplay with us! i promise that you'll have lots of fun <3
Hey You! Yea you! You wanna come onto Erotic Getaway where all your dreams can come true? Well this is the place for you! We have maids that are available for your every sexual need! or even if you just want a friend. OK OK that's enough talking! Now get in here and have fun!
Basically the Qunicy's and the arrancar are having a under ground war in a city
The soul reaper's are tasked with arresting or killing them
The bounts and fullbringers are neutral in the war so far but they are allowed to step in and help
We're a small, newly-made SRP/ERPing server, set on a lovely tropical beach resort. 18+ and Literate only.