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Ein Server der Deutsch und Englisch ist für Bronys
Minecraft Community Server
Terraria Community Server
TeamSpeak3 Community Server
Youtube, Twitch etc (man darf für seine Kanäle werben)
Und einen Englischen general-channel
Aktuelle Mitgliederzahl: 54
A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
2k member Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Currently Includes Chat,roleplay,art and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis.
NSFW my little pony/ furry relaxed rules than the main server and a bunch of NSFW content/Roleplay etc
Hier ein Deutscher ,,Furry Community'' Server für alle die Interesse haben.

Was wir haben?
+Rollen (für jeden etwas dabei)
+Bots (die den Server angenehmer machen)
+Eigene Server Währung
+Casino Spiele
+Nsfw Bereich kann freigeschaltet werden nach eigenem ermessen

Verschiedene Gruppen finden bei uns Ihren Platz.

Welche das wären zum Beispiel?
➢No Furry (Normale Leute)

Der Server ist eher ein gemütlicher Server leider aber Inaktiv das möchte ich ändern. Schaut doch mal vorbei und falls euch etwas nicht gefällt sagt dem Admin bescheid ^^ wir wollen uns nämlich stets verbessern.
We're a small community server that caters to bronies and furs alike. Our server includes SFW and NSFW content like Chat, Video game, Art and Meme channels. Aswell it includes a welcoming and friendly community! Come on down and join us, We would like to see you there! Just make sure you are over 18.
The Wolfpack is a soon to be paid-advertised Discord server with good staff, and chill people. If you like furries, anime, memes, ponies, and so forth why not stop in and take a look?
Optional NSFW channels are available.

Hoping to really grow the community.

Server AD here~:
Friendly place for friends of my little pony, friendship is magic. Fun active community with lots of members and a lot of channels.

my little pony friendship is magic brony ponies pegasister bronies squak cute rainbowdash fluttershy scootaloo applejack big mac horse roleplay animation
Harmony Kingdom is a community fandom server that encourage a friendly and safe environment for all our member*. We are a new community which focus on MLP, tv shows and gaming. We welcome members from **all fandoms** to join us! Everyone is valuable and means alot to us!
We try to accept as many fandoms as possible. We have roles for the main 3 but don't be discouraged by that.

-We Have Pokecord
-We Have Art Channels
-We Have Fandom Chat Channels For Bronies, Furries, Weebs And Gamers
-We Are Planning To Add A Music Side As Well With Instruments And Singing VCs

If you like what you hear come give us a try!
Welcome to Gummyland! This server is a community of both general bronies and bronies who have seen our PMVs.
We are a friendly community:
We are sfw and we enjoy people who want to join and make friends with other people.
Even if you are not a brony, you are welcome to join this server.
Here is what we have:

• We offer Custom Made roles
• A very friendly staff
• Meeting new friends
• RP chat
• Any of your suggestions will also be noted to make this server better
this is blitzys epic gamer house. a welcoming community for people from all around, gamer or not.
Hidden in the remote Clopathian Mountains is the valley of Ponyvania. Many species dwell there: Ponies, Vamponies, Dragons, Griphons,... even some humans. They all get along well there. VERY well.

Ponyvania is an adult oriented chat, roleplay, and art exchange site oriented around the My Little Pony Fandom. Rooms include:

* General randomness (SWF)
* Various RPs (Ongoing stories, SFW, NSFW)
* Art critique, exchange, and marketplace
* Gamers room
* Custom Minecraft server
* OC discussion and development rooms
* Lewd arts rooms
* Occassional give-aways of custom items from Count’s 3D printer.
A server everything mlp! We love for you to come here! :D
Discord Server for fans of MLP:FIM (My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.) The 4th generation TV entry in the MLP Franchise. Here you can play with bots, meet people, have discussions, participate in server events, listen to music and more!
welcome to My little pony Discord is magic! We are an *unofficial my little pony fan server! we like to discuss the show, or, if you dont like the show, you can always just join to make some pals!
➧we support the lgbtq+ community
➧we dont like slurs, or offensive behavior
➧we do enjoy friendly behavior!
➧we enjoy discussion on the show, fanart, fanfics, or merch!
➧have fun, make some pals!
➧we're active!
➧custom emotes!
➧many, many channels!
enjoy your time!
We like ponies, roleplay and memes. Feel free to join.
Pony Server ~ SFW only ~ mostly German. :flag_de: We also have english translations (if something isn't translated, just inform us with a message in our 'wishes' channel and we will translate it for you as fast as we can :)

♥ We have a large number of events for everypony to enjoy

♥ mlp is everywhere Yay!~

(♥ An rpg is also in development) - if you want to host one, please inform me :)

♥ We currently offer a Twilight Sparkle RPG and Fun Bot
○ Level & Money ¦ Case Openings & Items ¦ Achievements
○ 24/7 Newgrounds Music
○ Weather ¦ Meme Creator ¦ GIFs ¦ MLP
○ YouTube ¦ Translator ¦ and more ;)

♥ and a FlutterBot for more Fun Yay!yay! Yay!~
○ hug/boop/kiss somepony!
○ random facehoof gif
○ search for an image from Derpibooru

♥ as well as a lot of MLP Emojis, omg so cute

♥ and much more, Yeeaah :D

♥ We also include a 'wishes' channel where you can post your ideas for the server (and event ideas, hosting and more)

♥ [Website:] - we need YOUR design idea!
Come chill woth some new friends in the hangout! We got ponies! Artists! Memes! Games! We got everything! What are you waiting for!
A place for ponies(bronies) and furries who identify as Christian to hang out and relax and make new friends! You do not need to be a Christian to frequent this server, but we do ask that everyone behave courteously towards each other. This is a 'safe for work' environment where pony/furry Christians can enjoy the company of other furry Christians and share art and be social together.
Join the Island of Pony Lewds!
- Friendly atmosphere
- Experienced staff
- Custom roles
- Bots
- Assorted lewd and NSFW channels
- and more!
Eyo. This is just your typical MLP server. We don't do much besides talk about random stuff and post ponies all day. So, have fun in the server.
Don't be a dick.
Rules are fairly simple.
It's a chill server.