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╰☆Alfheim Online Roleplay☆╮

»»———————————- ★ ———————————-««

Szukasz może jakiegoś serwera RolePlay? Chciałbyś
doznać tego uczucia grając w Alfheim Online?
Na╰☆Alfheim Online Roleplay☆╮jest to możliwe!
Główną myślą serwera jest Roleplay oparty na anime Sword art
Online. Wszystkie lokalizacje jak i rasy, klasy, skille bądź itemki
pochodzą właśnie z niego a dokładnie z 2 sezonu! Chcesz się
dowiedzieć czegoś więcej na temat serwera? To wbij a sam
bądź sama się przekonasz! Zapraszamy!

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Heyyy Bonjour/Bonsoir a toi , je me présente je suis la fondatrice (dis - Sōgyō-sha - ici) du serveur nommé {Shizoku No Tatakai} qui est du japonais et qui signifie ''Bataille de Clans''

Maintenant je vais vous présenté le serveur :

Alors le serveur est un serveur spécialisé sur les mangas et animés.
Dans le serveur vous aurez un tas de salons des salons pour les images vidéos , vos création , les commandes des bots de musiques d'images ect les basiques

Mais ce qui est bien c'est que quand vous arriverez dans le serveur vous pourrez choisir 1 clans parmi les 10 disponibles et certain peuvent devenir chef du clan et chaque clan aura son salon privée pour parler entre eux ainsi que tout les chefs de clans et vous pouvez participer a tout types d'évent que l'équipe staff vous proposera et seront faite par les - Rīdā - qui signifie les Animateurs pour gagner des points a votre clans et donc il y a toute une catégorie ''évent".

Ainsi qu'une catégorie ou s'y trouve des salons avec chaque nom de mangas ou vous pourrez parler de chaque manga que vous voudrez et aussi un salons ou des:-MangaPurezentā- qui signifie présentateur de manga vous présenteront différents mangas.
Et vous avez aussi pour les ptits coquins une catégorie Nsfw avec tout les types de hentai et du ecchi ou encore nsfw autre....

Je pense vous avoir tout dis j’espère que cela vous convaincra de venir passer un bon moment avec nous vous êtes les bienvenues a j’espère vous voir bientôt peut être.
Serveur français consacré à SAO ⚔ Vous pouvez discuter des animes & mangas dans les salon adéquates ❤ LINK START
In 2022, a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. With the NerveGear, a helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

A dark turn happens, in which the simple rule follows; If you die in the game-- you die in the game, you die in real life.

Welcome to a new SAO Roleplay! We hope you will join and have some fun as we go through the SAO world together!
This is a PG Sword Art Online Original Character Only Roleplaying server! There are lots of fun events and channels to explore! Character your own SAO character.
We Offer:
-Friendly Community
-All of the known Floors of Aincrad and More!
-A lot of events planned
Years ago you survived Sao. You were on the front lines on risking your life to complete that death game. Then you were instantly teleported back to the town of begginings. With no knowledge of what happened you only know one thing survive, but is this the same game or is it something more. Looking aroung you see no other players beside you all and you find this game is so diffrent from the original.
I hope you all enjoy this server I'm still making it but when im done adding a few bots and figuring out things this server will be good. Hopefully. This is my first server on discord. >.<
In the beginning, the world was created by the three goddesses, Stacia, Solus and Terraria, but was then split by Stacia and Vector. The resulting chaos created the Human Empire, overseen by Stacia; and the Dark Territory, ruled by Vector after Solus drove away Vector to the land of darkness with her holy spiritual light during the world's creation. Ever since that time, the light of Solus has never shone on the lands of the Dark Territory.

100 years later, the Axiom Church was founded. A great deity by the name of Kerau [ケラウ] founded the church in a pursuit of power, marking themselves as a god. In the end, they had become just that. In the years after, stories and legends began to spread of a dark future.
A new SAO server set in the game ALO! We offer you the ability to make your own character, be the star in your own story, and do what YOU choose to with your character! Along with that, we also have great staff, bots, and RP areas! With that said, I hope you'll take the time to join our server! You won't regret it!
Ihr wolltet schon immer mal auf einem SAO rp server sein dann seit ihr hier richtig werdet ein teil von SAO erstellt euch euren eigenen charakter oder bewerbt euch zu einem charakter aus SAO und lasst das abenteuer beginnen
Fan-made Sword Art Online Roleplaying server. This server is not a full RP, we use a dice system for combat. This server does not follow the anime or light novel canon timelines and story, but instead follows a story created by our admins set in the universe.
Hai! Welcome to S.A.O: Blade Works, we are all about anime and roleplay, not based on roleplay however, anyways to know more join the server! Happy gaming.
15 ans minimum !!
Bienvenue à l'Aincrad, un discord sur le thème des animes et des jeux-vidéos.
Un server accueillant qui saura vous accepter en douceur et chaleureusement.
Nous mettons un point d'honneur à rapidement expulser les boulets.
Le staff est ouvert et accessible, nous sommes à votre disposition et promettons de vous accompagner à vos débuts chez nous.
Alors !
Bienvenue !
crowd murmuring "I have gathered you here today to discuss our raid on the floor one boss crowd gets lowder "settle down settle down, you there in the colored shirt" he points to you "I want you to lead the boss raid" you point to yourself in disbelief "yes you, we here with defeat this boss and start with one...TILL WE GET TO NONE" the crowd roars in agreement (Here you can start your own journey with many bots and a good setup with the server you can create your own life here at Sword Art Online: One To None)

What We Offer:
>Many Exiting bots
A fun set up
Realistic Sao style server
Friendly community
And all the floors of aincrad and more<

What we need

Lore: one day A man On floor one had a vizion he was sleeping in an inn what had happened was this.....screaming everywhere, the entire server was glitching cracks in the walls of the game different colors flashing everywhere everyone was screaming in terror were the all gonna die(bright flashes as a new scene appears) a bright crystal in front of yourself and a keyboard it's up to your own self to hack your way and everyone out but you look behind you as old floor bosses were multiplied and looked bigger and stronger walking at you would you die or survive and save everyone no one knows as the vizion ended there, the man woke and gasped for air "w..what was that he looked at his hands but instead of seeing them in front of his bed they were typing on a keyboard was this really a Dream or was it real who knows*
Fun and Chill SAO Alicization RP server and for all anime fans.
Ceci est un serveur rôle play de Sao, la magie ainsi que certains métiers comme guérisseurs y sont présents
Les systèmes d'économie et de niveaux sont gérés par des bots
Bon rp!^^
Bonjour , ce serveur à pour but de rassembler tout les joueurs Sword art online
Welcome to SAO roleplay! We are currently a growing community hoping to bring in new and friendly members.

We would also like to see more SAO enthusiasts as the people in the server are, they are active admins and mods for your questions about anything roleplay or SAO related;

The mods will help in;
§Character making
§SAO discussions
§Roleplay perks

Though we are a newly opened server, the people that are residing in the server are veteran role players and will help newcomers to role playing adapt to this new fandom.

§So what are you waiting for? If you like SAO or just plain roleplaying, quickly come and join us! §
Our 4th attempt at getting a good SAO Roleplay Server. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE! Join early, we're on floor one right now!
This is a fan group of SAO! If you don't watch SAO or anime you could still join this server! We are a nice community and all we do is talk about weebu stuff and chat and just like do roleplaying! Hope you join this server and have a good day :D
Welcome to the world of hysperia. This world is a virtual world, letting the humans of earth live life normally with a hint of adventure while a war rages on in the real world