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Discord’s Most Active Server with 120,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (120-200)+ Users Always active in VC & Chat Never Dies, Daily Exciting Events and Nitro Giveaway.
This is mainly a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out play games, talk to new people every day plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.
Hope you enjoy being a part of our highly active community!
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RNatioN™ RNatioN™
Good server but full of Catfish
I am the catfish exterminator of this server...There are many arrogant gayass catfishes in this server help me to exterminate them..Good bye
\💀\R34P3R/💀/ \💀\R34P3R/💀/
Toxic Staff, TOS Violations, Owner uses people
Staff will insult you for reporting issues

Partnerships bring TOS Violators and they scam by hiding partners...

The owner uses people and bans them as he pays for members and contributes nothing...
1 3
Abstrack Abstrack
Probably the best server in Discord !
This server is insanely active with a really good fast responsive staff team. Just love it 100% recommended!
6 1
MichaelSI MichaelSI
Daddy server
Very bad server, always immature and not nice to new people. This is what I experienced and that is why I do not like this server.