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Just some chill shit, come smoke wit us and like idk do some shit lmao
Join amethyst high! A prestigious school with dark secrets! Find love interests and engage with others!

>helpful staff

>rp economy

>active members
we're a new and upcoming dating server, join us to jump in on the fun!

We are a growing "lovey-dovey" community server based on the idea, art and culture of love, romance, relationships, and similar themes.
We provide a way to share your ideas about love and romance with like-minded people. We have professional/friendly staff and are growing extremely fast!

Here are some of the things we offer!
✦ Love Quotes
✦ Relationship Advice
✦ Dating Ideas
✦ 1:1 Female to Male ratio
✦ Movie and Gaming Events
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ Couple's Corner / Marriage Bot
✦ Question of the Day
✦ LGBTQ+ Friendly
✦ 18+ Channel

Here's a little glimpse into the land of Harthraal, a mystical place where people live in peace and comfort... for the most part.

Welcome to the land of Harthraal, where people’s hearts work in strange ways. In this world, people’s hearts live outside their bodies, and change color depending on one’s emotion. They are only able to be touched by their owners and look like a simple heart, but can take on various forms that represent their owner’s spirit. Weird, right? Well, this is how the people of Harthraal live, and they find many different ways to utilize their hearts in everyday life. No matter whether it be for hunters or for simple townsfolk who need to complete mundane tasks, these hearts can be used for many different things.

However, these hearts are the only source of color in this world. People only see things in black and white, besides these hearts, which are visible to everyone in vibrant emotional shades. Once one finds true love, though, they can see the world how it’s meant to be. Green grass, blue sky, everything in wonderful colors, but until they find their one true love, they’re trapped in the dull black and white shades they are cursed with.

Heart Emotion Colors:
White- Content/neutral
Yellow- Happiness
Blue- Sadness
Red- Anger
Orange- Bravery
Pink- Love/passion/arousal
Purple- Fear
Brown- Confusion
Grey- Emotionless (very rare)
Black- Dying/hopeless

The more intense a color, the more emotion one feels. One can feel more than one emotion at a time as well, which will cause a heart to be multicolored.
| 13 - 17 | Find friends and more! Not many rules, very carefree server. Pokebots, Gamblingbots, and music bots. DM admin or a mod to suggest something.
Welcome to Éténlon! Éténlon is a small island town of about 10,000 residents just off the coast of the French Riviera.
In the olden days, it served as a shipyard and port city for the French Navy. Those days came to an end after the end of World War 2, But if you ask some of the older residents, they’ll be able to tell you all about it Nowadays, Éténlon is a beautiful, yet barely known tourist paradise with some f the most astonishingly beautiful natural wonders in France that are just waiting to be discovered. Here, you will meet all sorts of exotic and quirky people. From retired soldiers, to social pariahs. From playboy millionaires to philosophy students from America, there is no shortage of interesting sights, or people in the little Island Town of Éténlon...

A Furry roleplay that allows humans, scalies, avians, and really anyone looking to have some fun with roleplay. Please bear with us, as we are just getting started
Romance Anime was created to share and talk about romance anime/manga
this is a romance rl sever where u cam fight have kids and more (not erp) its not very active but thats cause i just made it today so bare with. i do own two other server but im a pretty chill owner and lets things slide sometimes to enjoy
Have you ever wanted to do Magic? Have you ever wanted to explore a world that you've never experienced before? Do you like thrilling roleplay and exciting plots? Well, this server might be right for you.

Moonlight Academy is an Original RP based on lore designed by the admins themselves. All Lore and Information is on the server for those who wish to immerse themselves in a new world of fantasy. We're welcoming and open to new roleplayers and experienced roleplayers as well. We have tons of events, battles, and stories that'll keep you wanting more.

Moonlight Academy was originally created by Prince Eldric as a private academy. He created the academy with the vision of the noble children of Aquaria having a good education and a well organized school. He wasn't expecting his project to succeed in the slightest. However, after the overwhelmingly brilliant exam results and the magnificent performances of his students at a fighting competition, he decided to open the Academy to anyone who wanted to apply. This drew people in from all over the world, hearing the magnificent reviews of the Academy. Moonlight Academy revolutionalized the education system by creating a ranking system for Semblances and Wildcards. Their goal was to motivate the weaker students, who got lumped together, to become stronger and kept the strong students, who were also lumped together, to keep getting stronger because it was competitive. However, Moonlight Academy didn't just grade based on magic, but also personality.

Want a thrilling story? We have it.
What in-depth character development? We got you.

We reward roleplayers for being more active and showing interest. Please come check it out, our admins are very friendly.

In Summary we have:
- In depth Lore
- Flourish in character development
- Interactive events and combat scenario
- LGBT friendly
- Friendly admins and members

Please come and check us out. It's my first RP server.
Three Kingdoms, each seperated by race, will learn that there is more than species that set them apart.

Secrets that have kept them apart will be unveiled, species will mean nothing in the face of romance, loyalties will be tested, and trust will be broken and forged on this journey.

Where do you belong? Which kingdom do you call home? Where do your loyalties lie?

Choose a kingdom, make your profile, and immerse yourself in the fantasy that will leave you wishing it were all real! Romance, Adventure, Betrayal, Heartbreak, and Self Discovery, it all awaits you within!

**We are a new server and welcoming any staff members! ^-^ We are a literate roleplay server!**
Many people prefer their RolePlays with a side of romance. However, the characters don't always have chemistry. Sometimes there's something about the other character that yours just despises, or they just can't seem to get along. But, since you and your partner have already gone so far, you decide to just force them to have feelings for each other.

Why not do a RolePlay where the characters actually are interested in each other?

On this 'Dating Site,' your character can meet other potential singles and find 'the one.' And, even if they end up not having chemistry, they don't have to worry about it! They can find someone else, just like real people can!

Because in the end, we all want our characters to be happy. Don't we?
A casual server for all virgins out there. We talk about relationships, gaming, politics etc. Come and join us!
Hello! Welcome to Lakewood Academy
Where everyone is welcome to Join and Roleplay with our other members. We welcome all types of Roleplayers and If you're new to role-playing we won't mind, the members in the server can help you improve.
Our roleplay server revolves around the alternate universe where Werewolves, Witches and other Unique people live.

These unique people go to Boarding school aka. Lakewood Academy to learn more about themselves, their past and how to control their unique abilities. People with these Unique abilities can be Human or not, You get to choose if you use your abilities for Good or Bad intentions. you may encounter some romance on the way. Maybe make some Enemies. But overall make new friends!

Come and Join the Fun!
we are a community server of 13+!
We may be small right now but we will grow! So join, meet new people and meet friends!
Aphrodite's Grotto is an open and inclusive server for any and all people whose experiences fall under the pagan umbrella of the religions of the world. This is a safe environment for pagans who wish to share their romantic experiences, seek advice from a community, or meet other pagans in a romantic setting. We encourage the acceptance of couples as well as single members into the community, as their unique experiences can shed light on many situations. As we grow and learn together, maybe you'll just happen to find the one that's been missing from your life. 😘
Our server features:
° A thorough vetting process, and comprehensive
community guidelines.
° Relationship Advice
° Dating Ideas
° Support for LDR's
° A positive atmosphere
° Games and cute bots
° Astrology and Divination
° Spirituality Inclusion
° Partnerships
° Self-assignable Roles
° Currently seeking staff
is a creative space still currently under development.
Aezanous is a large and diverse city with different sections of the city. From the crime ridden Elson to the hipster and homey Firesa district, to the high class lifestyle of Semole and the high tech culture and tall skyscrapers. Feel free to come join and RP!
Entry 209, Y E A R 3050. . .

It's been centuries after the world had been divided into two classes; Man and Machinery. The first revolution and rebellion against Andriod and Technology had brought war upon humanity once before, but a peace treaty had been signed then. With this peace treaty, Technology had been freed from the hands of Man, equalized, even. Thus began the dependency and survival link between Men and Machinery; Men were there to fix those of Machinery and in return, Machinery gave Men the ability to enhance themselves, better their bodies with technology. Thus came the first of the interbreed; Cyborg.

A millennium and five decades had passed since that day.

And now a new war rages on, once again for the survival of each class; Men, Machinery and Cyborg. The Earth had been scrapped of her natural resources and each dawn rises upon the sight of bloodied bodies and disassembled robotic parts. Each class fights for a chance of living another day, for food and material, for home and shelter. The battle for unclaimed terf is endless, and here, in COGGLINAGE, neither of the sides win. It'll only be a matter of time...
So hop right in and choose your team!
You go to a highschool and have a huge city to explore. Everyday in this rp could be a brand new experience. Meet a yandere, tsundere, deredere or more! Fall in love, make some friends, or make enemies! The possibilities are endless in Deres~! So join now and get started today and prepare yourselves for immense amounts of fun!
Welcome to Universe 017. It's not exactly like yours, not 100%. See...In this universe, Soulmates, Superheros, Werewolves, All that stuff that you can only dream about, they're all real. You might be laughing at me, You might be squealing with joy, but that doesn't make it any less or more real then it is.

But, In this Roleplay, You've grown up in this universe. You don't know about Universe 004 (That's ours), But there pretty similar, other then what I just listed to you. Anyway, you might be exited about all the superheros, villains, Vampires, stuff like that, but you're probably wondering what soulmates are for...Well...That'll be explained soon.

It's now 2018, and a new law has passed that all Powered people, Supernatural creatures, and basically anything not human to be taken away. Now people are walking around with secret's on what they are, Who they like, and where they come from.

This server mainly focuses on Action, Drama, Romance, and Mystery, but a few other genres can be thrown in there if needed.
After first zombie apocalypse everything looked amazing and calm. But not for long...after some years second apocalypse started...its worse. Someone made type of zombies. Faster, stronger and more dangerous. We need help! Only some of people can go to it you?
What will you choose?
Welcome to Asazaki High School, a Pokemon high school where you can hang out with others! Asazaki is a new community and we plan to have more members soon.
This is a great place to find a friend and a loved one CHECK US OUT PLEASE ❤❤❤
Year: 1527. Place: Kingdom Scotland. Princess Roseanne Willson has been promised by her parents, King and Queen of Scotland to the son of Philipe and Priscilla Aimar, King and Queen of the the neighboring kingdom, France, only when she was 3 months old. The Kings and Queens are very good friends, since their childhood. So, they decided to unite their kingdoms through the best way: marriage between their own children. Years have passed, and Roseanne turned 17. She's kind, beautiful and ambitious, soon to be the Queen of Scotland. The young prince has also turned 17, and he's eager to meet his future wife, Roseanne. No, I'm just kidding. The two have never met each other. After they meet, they'll get married when they both turn 18 and live happily ever after. Or not.