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This server is for members of the LGBT+ community. We accept everyone of all genders, race, and sexuality and we do not judge. We want to create a nice community for others to feel welcomed and be accepted instead of tossed out and degraded. We have over 200+ members! Join and help us create the peaceful community we strive for. We're also accepting partners so don't be afraid to partner with us.
A new friendly server to find gaming buddies or someone special to date, or both. All are welcomed <3
- Chats
- Self-roles
- Dating
- Games
- And lots of cool bots!
A brand new server, chat for boys/girls around the world - bots | Custom emojis | Anime | Dating | Movies | Games | Music
This is a place for people to just chill, hang out and meet people with similar interests. Gamers, musicians and people of all sexualities/genders are welcome here. Oh, we also watch a shit ton of anime and love fellow anime watchers and manga readers. This is also a place for mental health support ,advice and just a safe haven for people who are looking for friendship and care and just a place to vibe. We look forward to meeting you all beautiful, colorful flowers from all around the world.

A <3
Brand new 18+ LEWD server. BDSM & LGTB friendly. Lots of bots to play with as well as SFW/NSFW channels and media.
« Welcome to Pastel Life »
We are a Loli filled server, that also has a few traps,
So what are you waiting for, come join us!

Minimal Age is 13

« Features »
› Lots of roles with more to come
› Multiple Levels
› Server shop
› Giveaways
› Loli's ;)
› Personal Voice Chats
› Friendly Staff
› Lots of more content to come!
💖BACK AGAIN! - Social-Platform Dating Server 💖
» D A T I N G - Meet people of the same interests!
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click!
» S E L F I E S - Browse and post your own!
» C R E A T I V I T Y - Show your creations!
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !

Fun server for making friends and maybe more. We also have giveaways and fun games ^^
Kinky is a hangout server with no specific theme.
We are more kinky than other servers due to our 1:1 male to female ratio.

We are a social server that holds events and are completely anti-dramatic.
Kinky is a big family that will welcome anyone.

We have over 40 assignable roles and over 70 colour roles that you can use.

Enjoy yourself, meet new people and invite your friends :)
Welcome to Kinky
So this server was made because I have been around multiple dating servers and to be honest almost all of them aren't really serious or filled with a mix between minors and 18+ SFW, so I decided to make a serious one . Now the part about the mental health is cause I also want to be in mental health servers and I know a lot of people suffer from some disorders and so on, so I thought we could combine the two. I hope this server picks off and we all have a good time here.
Created on Nov. 15th 2018
brockhampton is lit, we like memes and random shit.
Toxic cyberpunk server with almost no moderation. Memes, misfits -- and the hottest, edgiest e-girls. We maintain a 3:1 female/male ratio by purging all the orbiters and the white knights.
400+ member server, with low moderation. E-girls and E-boy in the community. Events and game nights coming soon.
🌹D'S Dating Server 🌹

A just started dating server ready to grow!
We have:
- A lot of E-Girls
- Chats
- Self-roles
- Games
- Pokecord (catch pokémons while chatting!)
- Nice Owner :)

And we are adding more things!
Hello! My server is a dating and chill sever, everyone is accepted here no matter what. Join today either if your joining to find a soulmate or joining to find a SoulFriend! Me and the staff make sure everyone is safe here and feels loved! So what are you waiting for? Come on and find your mate! You can also just simply listen to music or chat to others~ Please join my server! TY
We provide a fun and relaxed environment for all users around our community. Lots of events are hosted throughout our server, and everyone is available to join in! Our community isn't based on 1 thing, but instead, we talk about gaming, anime, music, and much more! There are categories for you all to have fun! Socializing, where you may post selfies of yourself, and you could also verify yourself and use our verified selfies chat! In our Fun category, you may post any photography that fits with the correct channels. Also, have a drama channel specifically for people to discuss drama they have! :)
🌹 Here in Dating Cafe we focus on our community. We are looking for members to come join us and help us grow. While helping us grow we are sure you will make friends and enjoy your time here. 🌹
Sweet Home is a community-based chill and tea server where you can get to meet new friends, shitpost, and many more! ;)
We are a slowly growing community <3

➸ Friendly members
➸ Custom emotes
➸ Shitposting yuh
➸ Shit memes that aren't even memes but yes
➸ Chances of getting an e-girl/e-boy is 100% ;)
➸ LGBT welcome!
Anime/Gaming/Dating server to hang out! Lots of anime fans to talk, lots of skilled gamers to carry, lots of stunning selfies to flirt! ❤ Matchmaking Now ❤
♥ We're a small but growing community. ♥
♡ One of the many things this Discord server is dedicated to is growing small YouTube channels. ♡
♦ Among our many themes, we have a brilliant fantasy roleplay, and even an ERP section for those who want it. ♦
♢ Help and suggestion channels are available, for those who want or need them. ♢
♠ We have channels dedicated for dating. ♠
♤ Gamers are welcome! We have a whole category just for you. ♤
♣ Our friendly staff tries to be online 24/7 in case of any trouble or questions, that sort of thing. ♣
♧ Worried about being catfished? Well, don't be. Our admins confirm peoples age and gender. ♧

♔ Details about the roleplay! ♔
Our roleplay takes place in a medieval fantasy world known as Valenmoore.
"1538 years ago, this world was created... Disaster became a norm among the races that roamed the ten kingdoms of Valenmoore. You and you alone, have the power to save or destroy this crumbling world. You may chose to fight alongside the dark forces of Satan. Or walk in the radiant footsteps of the divine. The fate of Valenmoore is in your hands"
(For more information join the server and check out our lore channels)
Hi, welcome to Cuddle Buddies discord server :3
Anyone that wants to make friends, or maybe even more, is welcome to join here and become a part of our growing community.
We hope you enjoy your stay.

active Voice Channels with 1:1 male to female ratio / chill rules

This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people everyday. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.
Hope you enjoy being apart of our community!