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An active community of over 4,700 members open to anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, including our own podcast.
14 minutes ago
__**House of Hearts**__
House of Hearts is a dating server! Though it is primarily for dating and searching for the one, it is also a community server where you can form bonds beyond those of dating. We welcome all (except trolls) and hope that you enjoy your time in the server!

We offer:
- Many self-assignable roles
- Lots of channels to meet other people
- Friendly staff and lovely members
- Bots and adorable emotes!
- LGBTQ+ friendly (we welcome all, remember?)

We are a **new** server that was created within July, so *please* have mercy when checking out the server.
18 minutes ago
Welcome to Snacc Isle! A 16+ LGBTQ+ friendly server for NSFW, Dating, Friends, etc. Here we're all Snaccs, and anyone who joins is welcome so feel free to join! We have many roles, tons of bots, text and voice channels, and an amazing community! Come find the perfect snacc for you!
18 minutes ago
๐‘ฑ๐‘ถ๐‘ฐ๐‘ต ๐‘ถ๐‘ผ๐‘น ๐‘จ๐‘ด๐‘จ๐’๐‘ฐ๐‘ต๐‘ฎ ๐‘บ๐‘ฌ๐‘น๐‘ฝ๐‘ฌ๐‘น ๐‘ญ๐‘ถ๐‘น ๐‘จ๐‘ต ๐‘จ๐‘พ๐‘ฌ๐‘บ๐‘ถ๐‘ด๐‘ฌ ๐‘ช๐‘ถ๐‘ด๐‘ด๐‘ผ๐‘ต๐‘ฐ๐‘ป๐’€
Dating help : Pick up lines , Fashion , etc...
200+ Self assignable roles to describe yourself the best you can!
No pings unless you want 'em. We do not use @ everyone and @ here , You can get pingable roles if you want!
Amazing staff and Members to get to know! Join in and make some friends!
Events : Auctions , Movie and Game nights , Karaoke and more!
Play with Bots and get Server perks!
NSFW is 18+ ONLY.
35 minutes ago
Toxic cyberpunk server with almost no moderation. Memes, misfits -- and the hottest, edgiest e-girls. We maintain a 3:1 female/male ratio by purging all the orbiters and the white knights.
38 minutes ago
This server is for single teens ages 13-18 looking to date, find a special someone, and also have a little fun ;) There are selfies and dating channels. If you're 18+ don't be a pedo, you'll be banned.
58 minutes ago
L4L (Looking For Love) is a dating-centric discord, where people can meet each other and possibly find someone special! 17+ only.
2 hours ago
NEW community! Made BY traps, FOR traps! Hentai, porn, selfies, gaming, mobile gaming, events, anime, and more! Now Playing: HotS & ESO
2 hours ago
We are a small but steadily growing server looking to create an enjoyable and fun environment for individuals in the LGBT+ community to gather and hopefully find that special someone in their life, or just hang out and have a good conversation with each other!
Furry friendly.
3 hours ago
We are a dating discord server for people who are 18+ years old. Join in!
4 hours ago
Dating & Gaming server with lots of events, bots & cool stuff to do!
We're a very new community & would love some new people on here แƒฆ
4 hours ago
Look For People Who Play Games Such As League Of Legends,Fortnite and Others? Or Are You Looking For A Dating Server?.Join ๐Ÿ’šAnime~Cave๐Ÿ’š Now!! We Have Friendly Staff Members That Are Waiting To Greet You...Come Hangout With Us And Our Anime Lovers..Now!
5 hours ago
Server for everyone to chill & date with other discord users.
Our rules are simple: You will be good, We will be good.
We do weekly Events & Movie nights!
5 hours ago
Welcome to Famalam, a growing, tight knit discord community. Just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever. We have regular movie nights and kahoot nights!
Friendly staff/mods.
Keep swearing minimum just don't use racist or discriminatory or anything else.
If you having any problems please contact an admin/moderator.
6 hours ago
Want to make friends? A-SS is the most social and friendliest place focused on forging relationships. Interests such as Games Anime Art and KPop. Daily Events
7 hours ago
We are a community server based around love and romance! We're rather new and WIP but hope to grow big and professional! Some channels we have are love quotes, love stories, relationship advice, dating ideas, 18+ channel, Question of the Day, and more!
7 hours ago
Welcome to Match Makers! This server is 15+ only so if you're younger its best not to join. Make friends, or find a partner, up to you!
7 hours ago
This server is made for people under 18 although 18+ is of course allowed, this server is made for people under 18 to get in relationship with each other, be friends or date, our server has lots of topics like gaming and anime, movies and TV shows! I hope you like the idea and join!! C'mon it's fun!!!
9 hours ago
~ Somewhere Else ~
This is a general community with a sole purpose to meet and greet other people. From musicians to artists, find some friends and meet with each other - in the long run it could even turn into something special. This discord is made for the pure-hearted and loving people out there who simply want to help. In here, we offer security and comfort to allow you to, Escape Reality.

We offer:

- Full LGBT support & love all-round
- A channel simply to express your feelings and get opinions from others
- A multitude of roles to support you as a person
- Complete security and active members
- Roleplaying and other bots with cute actions
- Plenty of private voice rooms and public ones, and of course music.

We also highly support musicians to play in the channels and love to see some talent

We welcome everyone around but we have no toleration for trolls or raiders of the like.

This community is new and is taking suggestions, so please, do get involved!

~ Escape Reality ~
11 hours ago
The ultimate quality nightclub experience. Date, chill, meet and experience a flow of professional DJ's. LGBT-dating supported! Also for the lovers of techno and underground music!

- Guest/Resident DJ Mix Events
- Game Events
- Tournaments
- Giveaways
- 16+ Moody Events
- Birthday Parties
- Wedding Parties
- Performances
-DJ Competitions
& much more!

The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !

11 hours ago
Meet new people and maybe even new lovers of all sexualities in this dating server! It's a friendly place and is in the process of growing. Check the #read-me after you join to get started. 18+ only.
12 hours ago
Hello~! We are Yukkuri Highschool!! We are a growing server based around a japanese highschool theme~ We are a mainly social server and is open to everyone! Thats right! invite your friends as well~ Here you can talk about anime , music , TV shows and even tell us and share your kinks . This server is also dating/match-making friendly~! I hope you enjoy your stay!
12 hours ago
Here at ROYAL SLUT we offer the opportunity for members to enjoy and express themselves safely. We are a small server hoping to grow with each new valued member!


:sparkling_heart: Friendly Community
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12 hours ago
Server For Chilling Meeting People making friends or getting yourself a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Everybody is Welcome here, Except Furries.
17 hours ago