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Panda's empire is a place for good times with good people. We have a dedicated staff and lots of heart. We take user feedback very seriously and strive to fit the needs and desires of our community. We have Roleplay, Gaming, events and more. We even have an adult's only section for those looking for a mature environment to chat or meet others. We welcome you with open arms and hope you find yourself at home in Panda's Empire
18 minutes ago
Welcome to The Candy Shop! If you have a sweet tooth for NSFW stuff come check us out. We also have many channels for Personal Stuff as well. If you have any kinky request you should join. We can always help people with dating needs as well.
1 hours ago
Community 604
An active community of over 3,100 members open to anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, including our own podcast.
3 hours ago
The Love Club was created by Hopeless Romantics to bring Singles together in a safe place to mingle and connect. It's Tinder on Discord! We’re an 18+ server, chill, we love to game and party, we have the music bot rolling always. There’s a dating-inquiry channel, designated Matchmakers and Love Doctors at your service! Events soon to come. Join The Love Club! Your One and Only awaits.
-- ❤ -- ❤ -- ❤ -- ❤ -- ❤ -- ❤ -- ❤ -- ❤ Co-Owner: @Ms. Snicker Booty#8164
❤ Special roles to find your partner!
❤ 18 + Members ONLY
❤ Movie Nights and Relationship Advice!
❤ Helpful staff and we’re looking to grow!
❤ Matchmakers at your service!
❤ We’re Gamers and Social!
❤ Fun events to get you on a date!
❤ Must Be LGBT Friendly
❤️ Looking for more partner managers!
❤ Dm for partnerships 🤝
6 hours ago
Dreamland Paradise is the server for you! Here we have anime, gaming, music, art, and more! We have a variety of voice channels, text channels and happy to add more, No matter what you are into, we have something for you!
11 hours ago
The one stop shop for 18+ users to mingle. Find someone to love and care about. Or just flirt. We are a open and fun community. Have events, emojis, gaming nights, and more
13 hours ago
Hey you join us now really just do it spam de anime pictures all you want. Just kidding make sure it's at a respectfull level.
What can you do in this discord!
You can talk to friends that's what i normally do lel!
You can talk about games!
You can talk about anime all you want!
You can send nsfw work stuff in the nsfw chat's!
You can date people. Well duh this is a dating server lol!
Are simple rules should make sure you don't get in trouble. Here's the rules.
(#1) Do not spam @ or @ someone for no reason.
(#2) Do not spam @ in nsfw some people don't want to be @ in nsfw.
(#3) Do not post any nsfw stuff in normal chat's.
(#4) Keep swearing at respectfull level.
(#5) Do not threaten to dox or ddos someone.
Staff rules
(#1) Do not abuse.
(#2) Atleast try to keep your cool if someone is disrespecting you.
(#3) Do not give someone staff perms unless they earned it contact owner's don't contact soup/amy.
Are permanent invite link
1 days ago
Community 14
Just a normal place where non-normal peeps hang-out

Note: the server is still under developement
1 days ago
L4L (Looking For Love) is a dating-centric discord, where people can meet each other and possibly find someone special! 17+ only.
2 days ago
Community 28
We are a community where you can find your true love or make some friends. We have all kinds of commands like levels, ranks, NSFW, EVEN MORE!
2 days ago
Hello there 👋
Welcome to the FIRE family 🔥
We love and care for each member that join us.
We have many kinds of members and we accept all of them.
We avoiding drama and trying to make our community as much happiness as we can. 😊
4 days ago
Community 8
Here is where you can find your love of your life. You can date and share stuff and stuff about you. We do not assume gender.
5 days ago
Community 3
This server is basically a server i made for people who have their own sonas to interact with others with their own sona and make a great and fun community of people all around the world with a common interest. They self assignable roles like:- Genders, Relationship Status, etc. LOOKING FOR STAFF
5 days ago
Other 14
Hey there! this server is called Prisma~ We're a very friendly server here with not many rules :3 Here, you can make new friends, find a soulmate, and much more. We are also an LGBT and equality server so anyone is welcome here. Hope to see you soon!!
6 days ago
This server focuses on finding lgbtq+ friends, partners, anything! Whether you're lgbtq+ yourself, questioning, or just an ally, pretty much anyone is welcome here!

Note, while we do have a light nsfw channel, this is NOT a hardcore nsfw server!If you're looking for more 18+ content, I suggest going elsewhere.
7 days ago
Welcome to discord.Love. We are one of the most unique discord "love/dating/friendship" servers. Our custom-coded bot gives users great tools for finding someone. There are so many servers like this, but not many are built like an actual "meeting" website.
10 days ago
Anime and Manga 14
Welcome to Mama Mia's Playground the server where you come to make friends, find love, play games, watch anime and shitpost your life away ! Everyone loves a little fun. We host events ! Help make Mama Mia's Playground a buzzing place and who knows you might become part of the staff! As we are a new server there are many opportunities available! Come grow our server and have a new beginning
14 days ago

Are you alone and need a woman or man to comfort you? Come on over to date hotline!™ it's a server for Everyone!

😍 find the one you have been searching for!
😊 find a great new friend!
🤖 hang out with many of our bots!
😈 check out the erp/rp channels!

⏩ An active and friendly community
⏩ Over 20+ self assignable roles, plus special verification roles!
⏩ Friendly and helpful moderators
⏩ 100+ members and climbing quickly
⏩ Partners already at 25 members! (If you ping us, we ping you too!)
⏩ *Currently partnered with over 20 servers, and 10+ large community's
⏩Leveled roles and rewards!
⏩ And much, much more!!



Thanks for stopping by! 😘
30 days ago

This server is a server for Arabs from all around the world to talk to each other and make friends. It was designed and carried out by the AHM™️. Since there are few Arab communities on Discord, this server was made to hopefully become a big Arab community for all Arabs to join together. Help us to explore around the world!
56 days ago
A new discord dating app with limited rules so have fun we
64 days ago
Looking for love? Well, then you've come to the correct place! We specialise in finding each and every individual's soul mate, come on...give us a shot and we promise you won't regret it!
71 days ago
Anime and Manga 75
OderCraft is a discord for Minecraft Online Dating.

Join our discord to meet one of the most unique online communities, play around with our bots, take part in our events, and more.
75 days ago
If you've been looking for more friends or someone to date, you've found the right place! TommyCord is full of fun & nice people. They are all like-minded people, looking for friends or someone to date! We are LGBTQ+ friendly! We also have lots of channels for gaming!
94 days ago