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Sapphire is a very active and growing community, We provide a fun and relaxed environment for all users around our community. Lots of events are hosted throughout our server, and everyone is available to join in! Our community isn't based on 1 thing, but instead, we talk about gaming, anime, music, and much more! There are categories for you all to have fun! Socializing, where you may post selfies of yourself, and you could also verify yourself and use our verified selfies chat! In our Fun category, you may post any photography that fits with the correct channels. Also, have a drama channel specifically for people to discuss drama they have! :)
Welcome to Teacrest ∩^ω^∩
Please read rules when joining
13-17 year old hangout server
Great community and staff
VibeKillers is a friendly place where you hang out and make no friends! Chill and vibe to some music as events are held every so often!
Hello! I am the poud owner of Riner and i wish for you to join our communityi hope to see you here! We offer
-amazing staff
-everyone welcome!
If you're looking for a server to lewd your Waifus then this is the server for you. Where we lewd basically anything except your mom.

About Us
We are a fun community server, who loves talking about random stuffs all the time
There are alot of things that I would like to tell about this server, but I believe it would be better for you to join and experience it all for yourself.

Here are some of the features of this server :-
Nitro Boosted
We got all the fun bots that you might need
We got channels like
- Music Player
- Roleplay
- Story Making
- Pokecord
and many more
Welcome to comfy nation (っ・ω・)っ.
We are a uwu loving, anime watching, gaming oriented community.
Feel free to join us and stay comfy (っ・ω・)っ
Welcome to ilay's den
(14-18), if you're over 18 pls gtfo
we got
selfie channel
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
We Are Looking for Partnerships!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

Welcome to Impulsive™, just a chill place to meet new people, talk about your interests, post fun pics, meme around, and do whatever else your heart may desire!

You can join just to make friends, or even join if you're seeking a partner and see who might be available among our lovely members.

↳༉‧₊˚. We are a server that provides:
➢ Active Chats: Many active chats on many different topics!
➢ Entertainment: Many different channels made for the purpose of entertaining members!
➢ Friendly Staff: Always putting our members as top priority!
➢ Bots: Wide range of bots from music to entertainment!
➢ Self Roles: self-assignable roles which represent you!
➢ E-Girls and E-Dates
➢ An organized server thats easy to traverse and look through
➢ A fun, friendly community whos awesome to get to know
With much more coming, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what's already here let alone what we plan on adding!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Hey there!

We're a new & friendly community aiming to provide both help but also a chill and cozy environment.

So if you need advice concerning:
Or anything in between, you can always join us to get it!

Please note that we're looking for people to help us moderate the server as well!
Welcome travelers, to the hub. The purpose of this server is just a fun chat to meet new people and discuss things! We have a few bots and fun commands! More will bots and commands will be added in the future
I guess you can say, were an all around server. We have a variety of different things in this server.

-JoJos Bizarre Adventure
- Manga
- Gaming
- Dating 1 8 +
- Photography
- Music/bands/songs
- General talking and chatting
- dming/if you wish
- casual shit
- nsfw i guess
- variety of bots
- fairly active members
- few rules
- some gamers
- attack helicopters are welcome
- cool staff
- self assignable roles
- different types of people
- some people will help you if you are upset so that's a good thing
- some friendly people
- memes, more memes, and more memes
- jojokes
- love making fun of tik tok accounts

Small and growing quite a little every day.
As a huge fans of JJBA we will say proudly, we love JoJo's and all. By the way, you should watch JoJos, it is really good.
We also have an interest in all types of music, art, animations and more! We love to hear your interests and what you are interested in. Just do your roles and if you wish, an introduction. We do ask for the NSFW to be kept in the NSFW
Owned by a small YouTuber: Eric M Young
*Lots of VoiceRooms to communicate
*Best server to meet new people
*Apply for badges to make yourself look cool
*We have meme and NSFW rooms
* If you join and leave you are a COMPLETE BUM
We’re a growing community With Great People.
We Have Buyable VIP Roles!
We Have Community Events Such As Roasts,Games,And Roleplays!
Tops & Bottoms is a Discord server dedicated to the gay community to help tops find bottoms, and bottoms find tops, hence the name ;3

This server offers many unique aspects which other gay community servers may not offer:

- Gaming specific channels, such as league of legends

- Roles which reach a variety of different subjects

- A friendly and toxic free environment

So, if you're a top or bottom and you want to find your perfect top or bottom, or if you're just looking to make more friends in the gay community then join now!

I hope to see you there!

talk about anime, games, whatever you want. relaxed server admins and rules. banter accepted here. no nsfw. don't be an idiot.

find people here to keep you company when you're lonely. maybe find someone who likes you. who knows. come find out.
Welcome to the emporium. Our server to is brand new. Hang out, chat, make friends, and more! Here is what we have
» Dating server
» Self Assignable Roles (Reaction roles)
» Server Suggestions
» Music
» Role play
» Memes
» Gaming
» Art
» Server events every week
» Fun!!
» Kind community
» Leveling System
» Looking for staff
our server has many roles and a lot of fun bots. We also have
💗Anti-Raid Protection
💗Anti-Spam Protection
💗Many Channels
Permanent link:
Dm arcticpolarbear #1692 if you want to partner.
Greetings, fellow ladies!

❁ A server only for women that means no men allowed. We welcome wlw of all forms, so our trans sisters, and nonbinary friends are welcome, ofc.

❁ A server for anyone falling under the wlw spectrum to hang out with people of same interest! A safe space to express our attraction free of men and meet and make friends with other WLW.

❁ We want to keep this a positive and safe place where you can hang out with our fellow girls. We're pretty new and would like to start up a place worth being in. So, please, take a look and enjoy this growing community with us!

We offer you:
◪ Chatting
◪ Active Voice Chat
◪ Karaoke & Music
◪ Movie Event
◪ Self Assignable Roles
◪ Venting
◪ Memes
◪ Pets and Animals
◪ Art
◪-and more (Incase the link in disboard is expired)
DateLobby is a awesome space, where you can learn new people and maybe find your love.
Grow Positive is Small, Active & Fast Growing Community.

We Offer Full Freedom. If You're Lonely Ass & Looking for Friends, Girls, Relationship...Grow Positive is Best Place for You. Here you'll Find Girls to date & Hangout. Girls Ratio = Boys Ratio. People are Mostly 13-18. We accept Every Gender, Age & everyone. Here we Organize Different Events for Games, Singing, Movie Nights etc.
We Spend time as Community.
𝓘𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓼𝓮𝓻𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓲𝓽 𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓵𝓾𝓭𝓮𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓰:
- Friendly Staff
- Self Roles
- Active PPL
- Memes
- Lots of Bots
- Cool Events (Movie night, games, singing etc)
And Literally Everything you need!
Chill, life talk, e-dating, e-boys, e-girls, nsfw, story telling, roleplays, giveaways and more.
❤️ sεcяεт cℓυв ❤️
It's a new server which is made to have fun and to connect people around the globe with same interests like: - Anime,Gaming,Music,Role play etc..
We offer a lot of things as well like: -
Cool bots
Anime updates
Role play and a lot of other stuff
So join and see yourself what we have to offer you
Hey there! This is a server all about making friends and possibly finding love, we have active members but we are looking for more! Plenty or girls and guys around to spice it up and cool bots to go with it, hope you consider ❤️
☆☆Galaxy ☆☆

Endless like the galaxy

☆We are a strong server with funny memes and people to have jokes with. We have a strong and funny community come join and make friends and maybe find a girlfriend or boyfriend we have causal vcs and fun bots to interact with bots like pokecord,dank memer and many more and people who care about you make new friends☆

☆ we hope you join are 100+ people community!☆

server invite fixed

t o x i c
Established by NPC in 2018
Don’t join if your feelings get hurt easily, there aren’t many rules to protect you.
💬Anonymous Confessions
⭐Self Assignable Roles
💵Self Promotions
🔊Voice Channels
👫1:1 Male to female ratio
🔥 Hot or not