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The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
We're an 18+ server centered around the art's, including traditional arts, music, photography, abstract and contemporary, graphics arts and more.
This little Cathouse is 18+!! Whether you've come here for a few drinks, to stay the night, or even for some company that can be provided by our wonderful 'house cats'~ all adult visitors are welcome!
We are an accepting and kinky server here to please You!
NSFW Community Server done right! We are an adult community with lots of active members who like to chat, flirt, and get naughty! Founded to be a non-toxic adult community with all the fun and NSFW content you could ever ask for!
This is for 18+ adults only. This is a server to help people in BDSM in PA, DE, NJ & MD [the middle of the east coast America] meet and connect with each other.
16+ server with certain 18+ aspects. Please respect these restrictions. Friendly community. Bots, games, loot, music, gaming, NSFW section, rant lobby, level advancements with automatic role achievements. Welcome to the Underground.❤
*Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh. Erotic nightmares beyond any measure and sensual daydreams to treasure forever. Can't you just see it? Don't dream it, be it.* - Tim Curry

🔥 __***WELCOME TO KINKY INFERNO (18+)***__🔥

A new NSFW community established by experienced mods. A chill place to hang out and be yourself. Judgement free, drama free. Members are protected by a verification system, ensuring raids and creeps do not mingle in the main server. A full leveling system also helps unlock member pics which helps protect active members from those just trying to perve out. We take great pride in trying to make our place as safe and welcoming as we can. Come check us out, if you can stand the heat.

18+ verified NSFW server with extreme nerdy elements and a gothic overtone. Run by members of the LGBTQIA+ community and very accepting to most anything. Swing on by and join us for a game of D&D!

Here you will be able to find anything 2D/3D NSFW related. You can choose whatever you want to see in a respectful server. The administrators are active almost all day long, very open to anything and very friendly! We like NSFW stuff as much as you surely do.


You can post pictures whenever you want and search for others. We are still a new server, and we hope that you will have fun.

It has hentai, ecchi, asmr, video games, and even more stuff! Furries are also welcome, and have their own category.

Come join us! 💞


― NSFW Server. (Hentai, porn, etc)
― Active & friendly staff!
― Free to post!
― Self assignable roles!
― A lot of different channels!
― (we're friendly, we swear! Join us!)
We are a new ~18+~ kink server, but will be growing quickly! All manner of talk is encouraged. From silly conversations with friends to deep discussions about dildos! Come join us make a great community of like-minded friends!
TotD (17+) is an international social community guild for mature audiences and adults. This server on the dark side of discord welcomes misfits, goths, metalheads, horror connoisseurs, and hearts of darkness to the fortress of the abyss.

This is just the server for individuals that fancy horror, gore, oddities, the supernatural and occult, appreciation for the beauty of darkness, all things dark that go bump in the night, and everything else in between. We welcome wanderers and adventurers to stop by the lounge for a drink with the Tower Oracles. The darkness can be a great ally, but most people forget they shouldn't stay too long because it will end up consuming them...

A little server just getting up on its feet. A small number of steady members, but hoping to grow into a community. Looking for members 18+. Channel topics are all SFW and include general chatting, politics and religion, gaming, writing, art, and posting media. We also have a ranking system we are testing, and are open to any and all suggestions.
Movie nights
Active voice chats
Active chat
Light moderation
!!!!!Looking for literate rpers over the age of 17!!!!!

takes place immediately after the formation of the villages. Same plot line but with our own characters. Pre Naruto, post hashirama. Bit of AU. Adult themes.

Konoha, suna, Kiri, iwa, and kumo are newly developed. Fragile relations between each continent is ever threatening to erupt into violent war over the fight for dominance, strength, and ideas. The only thing keeping the ever increasing tension at bay was that they needed each other. The balance between trade, the freedom to travel, the wealth of information between villages is reliant on their truces.... But something so small as a drop of blood, a misunderstood word, a simple disagreement can break this fragile peace and plummet the world back into bloody anarchy. Every choice made takes your village one step in either direction. Can the peace between the continents last, even if there are those that may plan for it's demise?

°nsfw channel
°adult geared server with adult OCS (no more 15 year old majority!)
°active, literate rp
°dedicated and available staff
°looking for a couple of literate rpers to join akatsuki, taka, and take canon character spots!!!! ( Madara, and possibly izuna or hashirama later.)
°no one under the age of 18. This is an adult geared server... If we find out you're 12 you'll be kicked.
°always looking for dedicated rpers for admin, staff, or main characters.
°Biiju available, most clans available, all villages available for now.
°relaxed environment, easy going community, activity is encouraged.

If you're tired of rping with young kids, try us out. We're still very new but lots of fun! And there's lots of roles and positions open.
Plus the staff are mostly pretty girls haha. Come chill with us :)
An NSFW server for most people (over 18)! It’s a work in progress so suggestions would be appreciated!
If you love porn, they you will love this. A new NSFW-ONLY Channel where you can assign roles, chill, chat, hook up, roleplay, rate member's nudies or post your favorite porn-related content (nudes, henati, ahegao, straight, tits, boobs, ass, butts, etc) including pictures, videos and GIFs while also discover.

Post your media and even talk about your favorite/wierd fetish. You can also chill, chat, date, share your nudies and sext. Do whatever you please but please don't break the rules! 18+ ONLY.

✅ We now have HENTAI and AHEGAO porn-sharing channels.
✅ Rate some good-quality nudies!
✅ Assign gender-roles so you can find members easy.
✅ Share your own porn-realted pictures, videos and GIFs.
✅ Talk about anything porn and adult related.
✅ Discover new porn for your fap locker.
✅ Date and hook-upin with members channel.
✅ Roleplay channel to live your wildest fantasy.
✅ Talk about your favorite fetishes and discover.
✅ Free to chat about anything you want.
✅ Nudes, nudes and more nudes.
✅ Chat and chill in our offtopic-chat channels.

Hope you see you there! Please remember this is a new channel, so it's great if you can contribute and always remember to be nice, be active, fap more and obey the rules.
I've made this server for those who enjoy a more minimalistic approach to a Discord server. I have seen a few people do it, but I'm trying to make it a bit better. The channels are what is seen before you, custom roles can be requested. Have fun. No rules here, guys.
You miss, You loose! 😏😏 Check it out😉
This server is jampacked with the fun package, A server to be yourself and where you can be treated with respect. You want a server full and active then this is the server for you!
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Are you looking for a great community to have some adult fun. Why don't you join the Dirty Whxre Space where everyone can share content and have fun with each other. Made by Tiffany aka @ dirtywhxrespace on snapchat, join our community for lots of adult fun.
♣ Ages 20+ only.
♣ Gamers, Weekly movie nights, Artists
♣ A chilled laid-back server. Join to meet new friends and ease your mind from reality.
♣ We can't wait to meet you!
An 18+ only community. Verification required. A fun bdsm server where adults can hang out, play, and have fun. We allow roleplay, chatting, and a big number of kinks from pet play to ddlg to d/s.
Hentai Packs Community's most active Discord server! - 18+ only NSFW server
- 1k in members and growing rapidly
- Well moderated
- Active, regular members.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Very active VC channels.
- Porn (duh).
- Lots of porn.
- Members content (SFW & NSFW) (all verified).
- Animal/food channels.
- Gaming, memes and music & much more.
Come say hi!
The Oasis is an adult server with an NSFW element. We thrive on providing an "oasis" for our members as we are drama free in nature. We offer a serene paradise of social and fun activities for every kind of user, its is the perfect environment for making friends and meeting people. As we grow will we have events, i.e. movie nights, cam night, nsfw events, and more! Come join us!
We are a new server where adult gamers can come and hangout and have fun.