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Tired or uncomfortable in gaming discords which allow under minors in it? We understand, many people are looking for a place to be an adult and a gamer at the same time. This is why Adult Gamers was started, to create a comfortable space on the internet for gamers which uses a very simple process to verify age without getting too personal.
Besties + Exhibitionists = Bestibitionists! We are a BRAND NEW verification required kink server for 21-35 year olds, focused on building community and exploring kinks. We have roles and channels for kinks from the vanilla to the extreme. Come make some friends, join a game of VC truth or dare, and chat kink in a judgment free space.
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
☆・・・・☆ Welcome to the Galactic Hub! ☆・・・・☆


More about us:
We are a mature, organised and friendly server that offer regular social events, special benefits for Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators as well as being a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. We were originally founded in April 2018 and our theme is based on a fandom-meltdown of different galaxy-themed TV series and movies, such as Voltron, Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop and Doctor Who.

Note that we care a lot about security and safety, so you will be asked to go through a bot verification upon joining the server.

☆・・・☆ On top of that, we also offer: ☆・・・☆

☆ 18+ members only.
☆ SFW content only.
☆ Friendly and supportive members.
☆ Active staff.
☆ Levelling system.
☆ Custom bots & emotes.
☆ Regular events.
☆ Roles to unlock hidden channels.
☆ Level 2 Server Booster Perks!

☆・・・☆ Hope to see you guys joining our galactic hub! ☆・・・☆
💋You can watch P.ORN
💋You can get NEW FRIENDS
💋You can listen MUSIC


We're an 18+ server centered around the art's, including traditional arts, music, photography, abstract and contemporary, graphics arts and more.
An 18+ BDSM Discord that aims to safely educate those interested in kink. We hold unique weekly educational kink and fetish events (chosen by the community). From inexperienced to veteran BDSM practitioners, all are welcome here. We would love to have you.

Beyond education, we have NSFW (lewd) channels, gaming, a big music culture, and other forms of media and entertainment. We have something for everyone!
11:11 is a 21+ adult server for gamers, artists, socialites, conversationalists and people of all walks of life, so if you don't game it's cool. We provide a sanctuary for adults where they can express themselves in almost any fashion with limited consequences and most importantly without any minors. There are a variety of channels as well as daily and nightly voice and text chats. Verification required for NSFW channel.
We all have had meaningful experiences so come and have a conversation about them. Our goal is to enrich each other's lives by having a place we can share a story or just have a good laugh. We hope to welcome you to Our Home and we hope you can make it yours as well! Please be drama free and you must be 21 or older.
K&G Hentai server
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ゚。.☆.*.
🚹We a chill community that doesn’t ban people for dumb reasons 🚺

💕Lots of hentai channels🍑

😳SFW channels to chat😊
◦•●◉🥔Ⓟⓞⓣⓐⓣⓞ Ⓖⓐⓡⓓⓔⓝ🥔◉●•◦

Potato Garden(formerly known as Milky Café) is an 18+, LGBT-friendly server full of friendly members, plenty of lewds, fun bots such as Pokécord, Nadeko, Unbelievaboat, CatGirl Paradise, Dank Memer, and more!

What can you find here?

×🥔× Friendly Staff and Members 😄 ×🥔×
×🥔× Fun games🎮 ×🥔×
×🥔× Multiple bots🤖 ×🥔×
×🥔× SFW chats and media📷 ×🥔×
×🥔× Purchasable Roles💲 ×🥔×
×🥔× Gamers Category🕹 ×🥔×
×🥔× NSFW💋×🥔×
×🥔× Member Content💖 ×🥔×
×🥔× Hentai💗 ×🥔×
×🥔× Regular Porn💝 ×🥔×
×🥔× Seller/Camgirl friendly ×🥔×
×🥔× And more! ×🥔×

×🥔× The staff at Potato Garden want to help keep our members safe by preventing toxicity and other illegal, catastrophic, and upsetting situations/events! ×🥔×

×🥔× **We will not partner with servers that accept raiding, Toxic communities, or servers that break ToS.** ×🥔×
Welcome to Fantasy Island! This place is mainly designed for kinksters who wish for a place to communicate and make new friends with like minded people. We also accept people who aren't into any kinks. This server is meant to bring people together, but keep in mind that it is still an 18+ (n)sfw server. We are very welcoming to all people who are willing to open their minds and hearts to others who have the same interests as they do.

Our Server Offers:
~Kink Advice
~Self-Assignable Roles
~Safe Spaces
~A Supportive Admin Team
Succulent is an 18+ adult server, actively seeking friendly members who would like to be part of this amazing community. Our goal is to create a place for you and your friends to feel comfortable and safe.

As we are a newer server there are still things being implemented and added on to the server. We appreciate any server feedback and welcome any constructive criticism.

Invite your friends and enjoy the succ.
We are an ~18+~ kink server! All manner of talk is encouraged. From silly conversations with friends to deep discussions about dildos! Come join us to make a great community of like-minded friends!
DisQueers is a safe, tight knit community of queers (members of the LGBTQ+ community). This server was created as a result of a conversation between three friends looking for a server with ties to the LGBTQ+ community. We figured it would be a great idea to create our own server where everyone within the community could feel welcome. Since we are on Discord and we are a bunch of Queers we decided Discord + Queers = DisQueers.

This server is for members of the LGBTQ+ community only. Unfortunately the server will not be opened to allies of the LGBTQ+ community. While we appreciate allies and their contributions to our community, we believe it is important to have spaces where we as a community can be ourselves. This is an 18+ server to ensure that adults can feel free to be themselves without having to censor themselves because of children being around. As previously stated, this server is a community for queers. This is NOT a hookup or dating site.
We wish to provide a safe and consensual environment for individuals interested in BDSM. Discover new friendships and relationships! Only join if 18+!
Welcome to Slave Market! We're a growing, casual adult chat and lewd role playing community, with a sharp focus on the Master / Slave + Dom / Sub dynamic and literate / semi-literate ERP.
Outside of role play, our community consists of plenty of fun-loving members who are a pleasure to get to know and be around. We often chill in voice, play games, post lewds, and are genuinely interested in getting to know who you are if you put in the time to introduce yourself proper!
Everyone is welcome, whether you wish to put yourself up onto display, to claim new "property," or are seeking a community of like-minded lewd individuals. We hope to see you around~ 💗
18+ ONLY
Getting capped at 25 members (not including bots)

A place for people to just chat and chill out. Full of lovely people! With rooms for self promo for art and music with a supportive community who don’t judge you for who you are ! LGBT+ Friendly with highly active staff and members!

We have been planning fun little events for the server which we hope you love ❤️✨
This is a friendship and community based server, that is LGBT accepting and inclusive. Everyone is welcome to join, and we will have frequent voice calls and many events. Must be 19+ to join! Friendly staff and friendly members. Blissful Release welcomes all types of people, self assignable roles and more!

Here you will be able to find anything 2D/3D NSFW related. You can choose whatever you want to see in a respectful server. The administrators are active almost all day long, very open to anything and very friendly! We like NSFW stuff as much as you surely do.


You can post pictures whenever you want and search for others. We are still a new server, and we hope that you will have fun.

It has hentai, ecchi, asmr, video games, and even more stuff! Furries are also welcome, and have their own category.

Come join us! 💞


― NSFW Server. (Hentai, porn, etc)
― Active & friendly staff!
― Free to post!
― Self assignable roles!
― A lot of different channels!
― (we're friendly, we swear! Join us!)
Welcome to Prestige! An actively growing 18+ server that was created for kinksters, gamers, book worms, artists, and entertainment fanatics alike. Our self-assign roles allow members to navigate the server how they like, with the addition of NSFW with OC content channels for verified members. Our simple verification process and active community promotes a friendly and fun environment with something for everyone!
We’re just a wholesome server of (18+ because less drama) people. This is not a dating server, a kink server, or an rp server. We’re just a social chat server looking for chill active members.
Welcome to the Roadkill Cafe!
This is a chat/conversation-oriented server for adults. We have a simple Verification Interview to access most of the server, and an ID Verification process for the NSFW section.