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(18+) A cool server for cool adult people who like doing cool things with other cool people. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we post porn. sometimes we watch movies who knows we just cool.
Ages 20+ only. A chilled laid-back server. Join to meet new friends and ease your mind from reality. We can't wait to meet you!
Hey guys! I’m Jess. Im bi and I’m 22 F. As the title says I am looking for members to my discord. All people are welcome! Currently it is small and lacking in girls. If you are a girl and are looking to join, just know you will be given lots of attention. As well as attention from me because I love some lesbian action.

Once you get into our server our well programmed bots will guide you to the Rules And Regulations where you will do a very short introduction. After that you are free to play! Hope to see you in the server! If you have questions feel free to pm me or join and ask me on the sever. Thanks!
18+ Welcome to Stellarium! We are a not too big server with a friendly staff and a mature community, focusing on space theme futuristic RP and ERP.
We're looking for active people to talk in OOC, roleplay, or even help with management of the server!
Welcome to Kinky Galaxy (18+)!
We are a SFW/NSFW server, we have experienced staff, we also offer a lot of self assignable roles, bot leveling system, and of course lots of NSFW channels once you get verified!
Keep in mind, 18+ only!
❤ NSFW Channels
❤ 18+ Friendly
❤ Self assign roles
❤ Shitpostings
❤ Gaming
❤ Friendly active members
❤ Own Content
❤Active voice channels
❤Events (movie nights, karaoke nights, nsfw nights, ect.)
❤Littles Playhouse (cute cute cute)
Alpha World is a community of people who enjoy gaming, reading, watching shows and movies, listening to music, working out, cooking, 3D printing, crafts, and all sorts of other hobbies and interests. All who can 'live and let live' are welcome.
:rose: A happy, safe, comfortable setting to hang out, make friends, and meet other adults! :rose:
TT 18+ is an extremely friendly chat that is accepting to the LGBTQ community, any religious and political views that are respectful, and all people who are kind! Our motto is to remain happy, safe, and comfortable, and our staff is on constant watch to insure our motto is met. We hope that everyone who joins finds that they make incredible friends and have a great experience.
Lewd Haven is a relaxed place for you to come be lewd as much as you want!! Weekly Fappenings,Daily Steam Giveaways,Share your naughty pics and chat!
We are an adult NSFW community that is usually very heavily voice chat based. We also host RL Meet-Ups twice a year!
Smokers themed server. Old-fashioned, old souls wanted | Get your brand | Discuss favourite pipes | Exchange favourite flavours | Straight razors wanted | Guns, reminisce of times of days past
Welcome on the NSFW, Nude, Porn, Sex, Erotic, Hentai, Furry, BDSM server!
Discussion and viewing the charms of naked bodies.
Joint exchange of private photos and masturbation.
The cave of anal pleasures.
AV is Discord's hottest server for genuine fans of adult entertainment. If you love to watch, share and discuss high quality porn, this is the community for you. We're a mature and highly active community with a variety of posts including:

✅ Unlimited HD videos and Gifs
✅ Full HD scenes from your favourite networks
✅ Fetish channels
✅ Sources
✅ Horny chat rooms and nudes

There are no SFW channels so prepare to get hot and horny as you indulge in everything AV has to offer. What are you waiting for? Join today! 18+
Adult Video Stars is a public library of videos and gifs from the best pornstars.
We are a new ~18+~ kink server, but will be growing quickly! All manner of talk is encouraged. From silly conversations with friends to deep discussions about dildos! Come join us make a great community of like-minded friends!
Zero-G Spot is a space themed kink community server focused on helping like-minded people to cum come together. We strive to create a friendly, fun & customizable environment for all who join us.
Welcome to 123 Kinky Street

We like to keep things simple. 18+ Red Light District (Nsfw) and Safe Wird Street (sfw) areas. Rp/Erp with many lewdies and nudies images of various kinds.

Minor verification process easy to do for Red Light access.
We're an adult themed server with many categories to choose from. We also offer a community for those of you who do not wish to participate in the NSFW side of the server. We welcome everyone to our little community including streamers, gamers, perverts, memers, computer enthusiasts, hentai lovers and more!
We are a low moderation, 18+ discord server that would like to welcome all shit lords and lowlifes!
We like to keep it loose having few rules that let you be who you want to have the best possible discord experience.
Come join our Adult 18+ hangout server. Tons to do like Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, Rabbit room adventures and much more! Not to mention, we have an NSFW section~
We are an 18+ server with an age verification system that is hard to get passed. We are the Masters of the Universe solely based on your basic NSFW needs. Please dont knock it until you have tried it. We are BDSM relationship based server. We do not accept any underaged people and will check at the door before any of the server is visible.

Enter the world of Azeroth, which is now once more torn by the war between the Horde and the Alliance, who are still fighting each other... whilst their world is threatened byt the Voild Lords.
Who will you be in the midst these neverending conflicts ?

[Adult roleplay server which allows erp. We leave a rather large freedom for the choices of species and characters (almost all species allowed), whislt finding RP ways to limitate the power of godlike beings.
We allow OCs, canon characters (with conditions), and with a battle system which gives way to short&efficient battles.]

Factions :
- Horde, led by queen Sylvanas
- Alliance, led by king Anduin
- Void, led by the Old Gods (on Azeroth)
- Naaru, led by A'dal

NSFW/Roleplay Server-come join to share all your favorite porn, we also have RP :)

•Kinks Welcome
•Categorically Organized Porn Share
•Roleplay (SFW and NSFW)
•and more!
A 18+ server which you will enjoy :)

NSFW channels and adult communty.
- This server has from 15 to 20+ years members, and here you woun't find a toxic and kid members. You can here find your partners and other NSFW stuff

Side where god failed to control.
- Also this server is not just a porn, here you can findd a Dark Web videos and pictures.

Interesant events.
- And on our server, you will not be bored, we hade a very interesanting events like, ranks which you can earn at week.

We use your ideas.
- Also i said, you will not be bored, we will use your ideas if it is good and which can be possible to make and fun.

Join us △, we are your corner of the eye.