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this server is for those who want to share/ see nudes and who want to talk to other people.
A sever that finally trades nudes and has egirl’s? In general chat? Yeah that’s us join and sending nudes nothing really much to it
A new femboy/trap server to meet other femboy/traps or if you’re a lover of femboys and traps you can come and join us we have roles for non-traps as well and transgenders so we allow pretty much all and you can share your kinks here this is an 18+ server so with joining you’re agreeing you’re over 18 and if you plan to raid you’ll get banned so don’t waste your time but if you want a new community go ahead and join us!
BorthelHUB is an free porn Server for 18+, where porn fans can meet and trade videos and images (No Child Porn). We already have 1K Users, but we're still happy if you join too.

If you want, there is some Roleplay too. Server the Royal Sex-Family and become they're Servant, Slave etc.

More Questions? Write a Message at our Support: [email protected]
If you love porn, they you will love this. A new NSFW-ONLY Channel where you can assign roles, chill, chat, hook up, roleplay, rate member's nudies or post your favorite porn-related content (nudes, henati, ahegao, straight, tits, boobs, ass, butts, etc) including pictures, videos and GIFs while also discover.

Post your media and even talk about your favorite/wierd fetish. You can also chill, chat, date, share your nudies and sext. Do whatever you please but please don't break the rules! 18+ ONLY.

✅ We now have HENTAI and AHEGAO porn-sharing channels.
✅ Rate some good-quality nudies!
✅ Assign gender-roles so you can find members easy.
✅ Share your own porn-realted pictures, videos and GIFs.
✅ Talk about anything porn and adult related.
✅ Discover new porn for your fap locker.
✅ Date and hook-upin with members channel.
✅ Roleplay channel to live your wildest fantasy.
✅ Talk about your favorite fetishes and discover.
✅ Free to chat about anything you want.
✅ Nudes, nudes and more nudes.
✅ Chat and chill in our offtopic-chat channels.

Hope you see you there! Please remember this is a new channel, so it's great if you can contribute and always remember to be nice, be active, fap more and obey the rules.
Come join us if at least one of the following is true
1) you're at least one flavor of queer
2) you like talking to strangers on the internet
3) you enjoy sharing pictures (of yourself, landscapes, pets, etc)

Do not join us if:
1) You don't want to be interviewed.
2) You are looking to slide into someone's DMs within minutes of joining the server
3) you can't read or follow simple rules
Hottie Hub is a picture trading hub. Got hot stuff to share? Want to see hot stuff? If you answered yes, come join us!
WELCOME TO THE GAY BAR. Take a seat get a drink and get laid.
Welcome to a place to release your dirty self and trade Memes! Bad People will be banned! Any one is allowed you can also chill and talk here and just let your emotions go wild <3 ;)
Fuck thrillzone
Hey Hey Hey! This is a server for trading nudes!
Literally Everyone Is Welcome To Join!
。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆ Everything That We have Right Now!
➸ Self-Roles :gear:️
➸ Media :iphone:
➸ NSFW :underage:
➸ Roleplaying :speech_balloon:
➸ Female/Male Nudes :camera_with_flash:
➸ Selfies :selfie:
➸ Hookup :revolving_hearts:
➸ Chatting/chilling :smile:
➸ Dating
➸ Flrting :wink:
➸ Partnering :handshake:
➸ Verfication System :heavy_check_mark:️
➸ Always Welcome To Suggest :thumbsup:
»»—— ——««
»»—— ——««
This is a chill server where teenagers can get together, share nudes, make friends, or just hangout. If you're just going to join to report the server, don't bother. People 18+ may not join.
Ao entrar no servidor! vamos nos apresentar:

Canal: #meet-apresentaçao

Nome real:
Nome avatar (@nomedoavatar):
Tempo de jogo:
onde mora:

Pra confirmar o registro mande msg para DevilDuBlanc ou BellaColt ou AstarothHierarchy
its a friendly community if u bully other u will be ban for life there tone of new games gambling socialized with meed tones of new bot u can request us to add more bot or other tools plus it an ongoing update please add u friends to support my server there a selfie and 18+ content lots of fun stuff to do there a a youtube channel tranny femboys female and male nude selfies plus a selfie channel and there a social link channel u can post twitter facebook or iInstagram links and a meme channel and and there a pic and drawling and art channel plus many more coming soon u can all requst for new features if u need us add more bot or new channel i just want people to be happy and stay ok thank u for all the support and there a music channel to and stream with friends channel please no hater i dont like raider if u raid us id prob haunted u soul jokes plus have respect with the admin no disrespect to the admin or mod or the people
Servidor para homens gays, bis, etc. trocarem nudes e baterem uma punheta juntos. Garantimos sua segurança!
Sick of bots and fake pics? Join the new verified page for REAL people and rate or get Rated! Privately message a picture of you and a sign reading "XxKingxX" to join the Verified server and get started!
Join the naughty server and get chatting

This server will break & pleasure even the smallest of private parts, Join this server & work your way from Peasant to Torturers, making all the people there feel pain.
Community for gamers of all types... Plus multiple "choose your own" roles including Bot Fun, NSFW, share your own nudes and much more!

-Everyone needs to be between 13-17yo
-You cannot post preteens under 13yo
-No gore, no rape and be respectful
-Don't spam
-Do not be toxic
-Don't troll people
-If you hate this channel just leave
-Be aware of catfish
-you are allowed to post other girls nudes

I am not responsible...
-if you get catfished
-if your nudes gets leaked
-for unknown pedo's/catfish

-This server is nsfw
-there may be unknown catfish/pedos in here
-your nudes may get leaked