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Join our server for friendship, fun and more!!We have various channels for your preference accompanied with lewd and nsfw stuff!!
(THE OFFICIAL #1 SEXCHAT) LADIES, GENTLEMAN & BEAUTIFUL OTHERS: This room is for ADULTS ONLY (18+) to explore our sexual fantasies with other like minded people. We are a lively community focused on our universal kinks and interests that include but not limited to - role play, sexting, voice chat, etc. All sexualities are welcome. LGBT friendly. Due to the activities performed inside, USERS YOUNGER THAN 18 YEARS OF AGE ARE NOT ALLOWED. Please visit our only sister chat as well, est 2014
Ever wondered why you need to verify to view porn in servers? Well look no further because in this no nonsense server you can do whatever sexy things you wanna do. Starting from ERP and sexting to e-fucking chicks in VC you can have full pleasure of whatever you wanna do.
✅ Find people who might fuck you or may even be person of your dreams
✅ Both NSFW and SFW channels are available to soothe you
✅ Free Nudes and Lewds
✅ Hentai of your wet dreams
✅ Find your soulmate

Rules for joining:
1. Please be respectful to all users and staff. We are working on building a great community, and will not tolerate harassment.

2. Please don't use illegible or blank usernames and nicknames - staff and other users should be able to recognize and mention you.

3. Do not post violent or otherwise highly offensive content.

4. Do not incite other users to break rules.

5. Witch-hunting (group harassment of particular targets), doxxing (publicizing a user’s personal information) and other forms of targeted harassment are unacceptable under any circumstance.

6. Please do not ping (@) staff or other users/groups frivolously. If you @ the entire server staff then there better be a real crisis happening.

7. Advertising of any kind is not allowed. Staff will delete and punish those who post advertisements.

8. No spamming characters or caps over and over.

9. [email protected] and the n word are both not allowed, no matter what the context is.

10. Misusing accidental bugs or issues put in by staff members without reporting it.

Voice Chat Rules
1. No ear raping or yelling into the mic for no reason

2. Do not spam leave and join the chat

3. Be respectful to who you are talking to
⚠️ This is an 18+ only server, please don't enter if you don't meet the requirements. ⚠️


Hi all !
Having a bad day ??
Join this server and it will be fixed.

It has unique channels ( I think you know what 'unique' means, right? )

You will have private gender rooms too that you won't find anywhere else !!!!!!!

Notice: We are very strict on our rules
Kranthos Entertainment +18

Welcome My New Friend!
Welcome to Kranthos Entertainment +18. Sure, you don't want to be bothered with a detailed description for the server and you want to directly dive into the fun! justifiable.

Describe this server to me!
Okk, so Kranthos Entertainment +18 is a general entertainment server, it includes gaming, sexting, chatting, vibing, memes and everything else! if it's fun it will get accepted, and if it's not fun it will be transformed into some fun vibes by using Xfun Command, join and learn this skill yourself.

Join: (permanent invite.)
💜⛓️ don't me shy and join c;

💜⛓️ private vc rooms etc 👅

💜⛓️ Dm channels and selfie etc join for fun

💜⛓️ cum and join us freaks

 Welcome ⊹
. ˚    to .
* *  .⊹   Babie ⊹ ˚ .   .
⊹ · ✧ Brats * *
.    ⊹ ✦   ✵      *
* .  ·
.     *
This server is mainly meant for chatting, flirting, making friends and vibing.
Do give it a join if you're interested!

⊹ INFO: ⊹
✦18+ only✦
✵Sxxting and nsfw allowed✵
✦Low Moderation✦
✵Lots of e-girls✵
✦A safe place for adults express themselves✦

⊹Currently looking for moderators and partner managers⊹
Welcome to Daddy's Harem a place dedicated to horny people that accepts all peeps around the world!
1. Variety of all Ages and Cultures
2. Wholesome Family
3. Server Events (Seasonal , Gaming and Movie Events etc.)
4. Leveling Up Exp&Role Rewarding System
5. Bot Interacting System between Users
6. NSFW Content For those who are 18+
Hop On In And Join The Fun Today !
--This is primarily an ERP server, so, don't come in with hopes of getting pics--

Welcome to the one and only, KFC's Bone Bucket!
Where all your finger-licking good imaginations come true~

Whether you've come here to make a hen cluck their heart out or to make a rooster fap their
feathers in excitement, you've come to the right place darling!

KFC's Bone Bucket is an ERP server with a ton of variety that have only one thing in common, Nuggets. The server is inspired from the good parts of major ERP servers, and thrives to provide the best platform to unearth your inner desires~
Upon entering the server, you will be given either a Cockerel/Pullet role, and Roleplaying will get you promoted to the big boy roles, being Rooster and Hen, so you can assert your dominance over the other Cockerels and Pullets. There are a ton of kinks to choose from, so you can get the perfect balance of how kinky you wanna be~

The server offers:
-A place for every type of roleplayer: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced, First person/Third person
-Your very own OC characters, that you can roleplay with
-Ability to call upon other males and females whenever you wanna mate~
-Fast admin and moderator responses
-A variety of kinks to choose from
-A wholesome and inviting community for every sort of kink(except maybe one or two :P)
-No need for verifying!(unless you're suspected)
Join this server to make friends, and maybe more!!
Did I tell you we have a dedicated thighs channel too!!??
💋Enjoy your stay💋
Just a chill server ! Join our server! Why, you might ask? Because we have:
>Friendly community
>Leveling system
>No toxic people
>Fun channels
>We have fun bots
>24/7 music
> And more
You can make new friends and socialise!
So what are you waiting for?
Join Now !
Finally, nudes without having to worry about people selling them. We make sure everyone here only does free nudes. So feel free to join the anti selling army. Plus were always horny
Welcome to the ♡ • softzone •♡
Hi,Happy to see you here.
╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗
~active chat•°♡
~This server is mainly meant for Chatting
~This is a 15+ server.•°♡
~Non-toxic and Chill staff.•°♡
~Simps are absolutely allowed!•°♡
~Pedos/nude bots not allowed.•°♡
~Non-toxic/welcoming community. •°♡
╚═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╝~
◇◇booster perks◇◇
1.Own a vc channel
2.Customized role
3. VC Perms
4. Pic perms
Thats it loves.
Have a great time!
Hope you join.
welcome to 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝Ֆ𝐭𝐚𝐫
[𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘧𝘧]
☆ partnerships
☆ active members n staff
☆ active vc// movies//
☆ self shoutouts//introductions
☆ booster perks
☆ nsfw/ +18 viewable content
☆ cute and fun emojis

join and help us grow together !
[email protected] a Erotic Dream, un espacio que cuenta con chat social, chat nsfw, sientete libre de hablar sobre temas +18 no te juzgaremos.
Por ahora somos un grupo pequeño de personas que comparten los mismos gustos e intereses, pero con tu ayuda y la de tus amigos podemos crecer juntos.
Podrás enviar contenido nsfw, nudes y disfrutar de chats calientes con los miembros, puedes contar tus experiencias +18 y confesar cosas picantes que hayas hecho.
¡Diviértete mucho y bienvenido/a a la comunidad!
゚。 kiss me ♡ ˎˊ˗

*。♡ egirls & eboys simps etc

*。♡ active 24/7

*。♡ active vc

*。♡ selfies channels and more!

*。♡freaky? Join
Welcome to our server! We have loads of channels for your viewing pleasure and participation.
-NSFW and Nude Channels
-Role Play Channels
-Lively SFW chat
-Friendly to the core
-Lovely and Active Mods