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]|I{•------» 𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕛𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕠 «------•}I|[
Owner: Bloo Welcome to the server! I want to thank you for joining and being part of the community! We are a none judgmental community who try to have a little bit for everyone. We are open to all and do have some 18+ exclusives!
What we do have!
:underage: Multiple 18+ channels for those who wish to only be with adults! Some models are also 18+ so in order to see them you have to be verified!
:muscle: 500+ members!
:clap: Feet and hetai of all kinds!
:no_entry_sign: Anti spam systems!
:robot: Plenty of NSFW bots!
:couple: Beautiful models (Female) and Handsom models (Male) and more!
Self assigned roles! Go to the roles channel for the list of reactable roles.
:man_in_tuxedo: Friendly staff! Always looking to add more!
:100: Tons of custom emojis! Always adding more!
**Welcome to The Feet Palace.**

**Who are we**
We are a community based around people with a foot fetish we have models who show some of there work in there channel but the juicy stuff they sell.

**Why should I join**
You should join because we are a friendly community no one here is gonna bash you for being you plus if you don’t like the server you can always leave so why not check us out.

Here’s the link:

So come join and have some fun 😉
{**models and moderators wanted**}
This discord is an LGBTQ friendly, 18+ server.
We have a number of channels, as well as a few bots, and a verification process to make sure all users are above the age of 18.

We strive to be as kind and as welcoming as possible, and hope you enjoy it!
We're very new, so please keep that in mind; we don't have a large community yet. But hopefully with time, we'll grow, and you'll get to be a part of that! ^-^
Welcome to the NEW Tickle RP Server! A server dedicated to 99% tickling roleplaying! So, if you're into that kinda stuff, feel absolutely free to join! If not... IDK what to tell you.

Due to the original server starting out as a private server between 8 or so people which expanded into a server housing over 50, and the fact that not everyone was on the same page during the transitions and changes made to that server, I am formally announcing the abandonment and obsolescence of the original server in favor of this one!

Come join us!

N.F.S.W. is permitted. Roles are mandatory.
New Foot Fetish Server!
We allow people under 18, you will get a special role if you are.
This is my WebTerritory. I have walked this Earth for 810 years. Don't look at me like that.
Brand new foot fetish server that is already growing in numbers, both in terms of member and model count. Great variety in terms of foot content - male, female and trans models, some of which are exclusive to our server only. Different fetish roles and chats, so we're not exclusively only foot related.
Big fan of paws? Come check out our server, Pawlooza!
Filled with content on Paws, including fursuits!
Even feet, if you'd like!
There's also a NSFW section!
Server dedicated to furry feet. Contains art, roleplay and optional NSFW.
Join us and enjoy your time!
This is a nsfw server! Please join and help us grow. (server is 18+)
We share porn and chat. Main themes are feet, trap, hentai, femdom but we are open to more suggestions! Anyone is welcome!
A server for betas to admire and worship girls feet!
Feethub is a community that caters to your foot fetish needs and is the only server out there that exclusively provides female feet content - we have models, producers and friendly users to interact with and whom share high quality content.

Over 2000 members have joined us
A foot fetish community based around a plethora of gorgeous foot models from all over the internet! Come by and engage in the funny chats, get to know the models, order custom content. And if you're brave, drop in our very active voice channels. Feet, soles, toes, foot models, and a great inclusive community!
A new community looking for members that are into vore or feet, any types of love for either is encouraged! Either rp with other members or just stick around and game!
Brand new NSFW server! Come join and get this server active!
Hello, we are a brand new server who focuses around kinks. we have great staff and a great community! We offer many roles and will soon add more. We also have roleplay channels as well!
This is a discord server i wanted to make for a while now, since i always wanted to play games with fellow foot lovers!
16+ server
I play Don't starve together, Terraria, and Realm of the mad god, i could add more vc for other games so dont worry about it lol
im open for suggestions
if you are also an artist dont be afraid to drop by since i have some channles set up for ya guys
theres also a some NSFW channels so thats pretty fun
also im aiming for this to be an active group, im pretty active so dont worry, but youll have to be active too
heads up
you must be a verified member to stay, other members who are not verified will be kicked in 7 days
NSFW growing server for all things foot fetish. Verified models with a nice, friendly atmosphere! 18+
Hi!,Welcome to the foot group!
Here we post foot fetish images or drawings (no irl feet)
This server is open for everyone and a few of our channels are
-Foot fetish
-butts (farts included)

I have a pixiv account where i post edits of other drawings, so if you want to check it out DM me ;)

-be friendly
-and that's all
New feet server for fetishists ran by admins who actually have a foot fetish
Hey! Welcome! Brand new server! Have some fun and make new friends! This is a tickling server, so please don’t join if you aren’t into tickles ;m;. Anyways. Have fun and stick around while I get this place started!
The ultimate place to share your foot pics and advertise your services. All foot models and foot lovers are welcome to join!