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You deserve more. You deserve to be a priority and not just a convenience. You deserve to be listened to and appreciated. You deserved to be loved by someone who sees your integrity, passion and drive and not just your body. You deserve someone who will answer the phone when you call at noon during your lunch break and not just someone who will call you in the middle of the night looking for attention. You deserve someone who is accepting of who you are, who doesn’t try to change you and who loves you just the way you came. I want to be that person who welcomes you.

You can be a friend.
You can be a simp or even a finsub.
Welcome to Feet Freenzies!!

A little bit about this server:
We are a 13+ server with no nudes/nsfw. The server is owned/ran by 999 shit. We try to keep the ages down to around 13-25. We offer trading and (coming soon) modeling channels. We do allow selling as long as it’s not a scam.
***NSFW server - 18+ only***
***Age Verification both for models and members***

Here at Feetalicious, we try to make a difference from the regular foot servers.
Good and healthy non-toxic environment and lots of high-quality feet.
There are over 25 foot models waiting to provide you with their content.

Active Voice Channels with chatting and music

We also have sections for sexy gifs, hentai, and real image pr0nz.
Viewers, buyers, sellers, artists, everyone is welcome and included!!
Join us for feet content from a variety of models as well as hentai and their content!
Other features include:
• Non-toxic, friendly environment!
• Small but supportive and personalized staff
• No verification for joining the server. Just join and have a good time!
• Verification system for models, if they choose to be verified (displayed differently from those unverified)
• Variety of channels both feet and non-feet themed

I hope you will join us<3
~Onna :)))
🌸This is a feet/nudes pay for play server full of Latinamerican models.🌸
We are looking for more Latinx representation in the lewd-modeling world. Join us;) - you can only watch previews, or become a verified buyer and enjoy the fun.

Only Latina model server!!!
come and have fun with us you wont regret it!
-differente roles
-variety of channel!
-friendly commuity!
-full of sweet latinas
-lost of cute feet pics, nudes, semi nudes, socks and goodies purchasing!
Welcome to the Button-Darling's feet server! Here we have models of every variety for your every need! We recommend viewing our verified model channels before any other models as they are safe and do not scam! We welcome you warmly and hope you stay a while!

ALL Models must be verified before Selling!

We Welcome :
This is a feet server people in the age of 16+ are all welcome to join we will not make fun of anyone that likes feet so feel free to join at any time we can hang out and talk about our fetish.
A place for submissives to obey and learn their place. You are totally welcome to share your kinks and serve your mistress and goddess

Foot Fetish, Domination, Cbt, Cuckold and more are totally welcome!
We are a new Feet Pics server. Talk about whatever or use the bots to find feet pics... also post your own feet pics if you want... and uh roleplay, userphone, etc.
I'm a broke college student in need of money, so I'm selling feet pics for incredibly cheap prices! I'm 5'3, pale and I love kitties, anime, and cuddles uwu.
A horny person's dream. 18+ , high quality nsfw hentai images.
Ahegao, Feet, Tentacles, Yuri, Yaoi, Furries, and anything else your heart desires!

We're a BRAND NEW KINK SERVER! We welcome any and all folks who want a safe space to virtually meet some like-minded folks and talk about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!
This server was created to provide a safe space and community for foot fetishists, whether it be buyers or sellers, as well as a fun community for BDSM and other kink people to share and have a good time.

We have something for everyone, so come join us!

- We have a variety of channels for different topics, as well as personalized model channels
Welcome to “Divine Soles”! We're an 18+ foot fetish server that offers a place for models, buyers, and foot lovers to come together and enjoy their love of all things fetish. We're an open, inclusive, and model-friendly server, welcoming to anyone and everyone looking to find a home!

What We Offer:
• Verified Models & Buyers Role
• Channels For Male, Female, & Non-Binary Models
• Self-Assignable Roles (Gender, Pronouns, Sexuality, Color Roles, etc)
• All Kinds Of NSFW Fetish Content
...and MORE!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!
Addicted:cocktail: 18+

You wanna join a chill community where you can be toxic and have good discussions? Bet, say less. Addicted offers a toxic but wholesome fanbase.
⋆ Low moderation, basically do whatever you want as long as it respects discord TOS.
⋆ Verified female models.
⋆ Fetish discussion and content.
⋆ No catfishes, all our females are id verified
⋆ Nudes and NSFW content
⋆ Verified female nudes and teases
⋆ Lots of porn
Feet Haven is the international community that provides with your desire for feet!
- Exclusive pictures from male, female and non-binary models 👣
- Friendly users to interact with and share quality content 👥
- 90+ roles to choose from, and more that can be earned ✅
- An abundance of channels that acquaint with more than just feet ❤️
- NSFW channels for the thirsty 💦
- French and Spanish areas for international communities
Hii and welcome to my server! I'm selling feet pics.

I'm a transgender girl / femboy, 43 EU size feet and 1m80 height.
This is a server for ages 13-17 were people can share and admire eachothers feet. Yes, this is just like my last server😁
Join this server if you want a male slave serving you. I am looking for mistresses and goddesses. Join only if your a female Dom.
Bienvenue sur le Havre des Pieds !

Premier et unique serveur exclusivement français dédié à l'adoration des pieds féminins !
Ici, on peut papoter de tout et de rien sans jugement et sans tabou, faire de belles rencontres, partager ses expériences, ses fantasmes...

N'hésitez pas à venir nombreux !
I am master Shane 21 years old, i am a dominant master, bisexual, i do own irl foot slave and online one, i do charge for some of my service and some are free, i can travel to another country and receive slave if the money is put it. my kinks are making my slave worship my feet, kiss them rub them cuddle them massage wash them ,also making them sniff them, use them as a foot stole make them clean my socks and body trampling.i train my slave to be more obedient and make them wear chastity cage, collar and leash, i punish them with spanking whipping slapping and sitting in the corner, i do bondage and blackmailing,i have been doing that for nearly 3 years,are you interested in becoming a foot slave and being own by a master ?
Then join my server
This server is highly focused on foot fetish. Beware of that.
Im a 19 year old girl trying to make extra money, I will sell u my Dropbox with a lot of pictures and videos for 25$
I will sell u my feet pics😉
It’s worth it I promise😏
You will not regret it daddy😉
I only accept eBay and amazon gift card🥺
Don’t waste my time if your not buying😡
I’ll be waiting daddy🥺😉💦
Welcome to Porn Vids,

• Partnerships
• Fetish channels
• Verified models
• 18+ server
• Hentai
• Lesbian channels
• Nitro and Paypal giveaways
Size: Space Sojourns chronicles the adventures of a gigantic starship and it's passengers. Various planets and space destinations will be visited as we travel across the kinky universe, and those locations will serve as the basis for roleplay channels.

SSS promotes a culture of open dialogue, discussion and expression within the proper channels.

There are 3 primary rules.

1. No underage
2. Stay on topic
3. Don't piss off Krizia