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]|I{•------» 𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕛𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕠 «------•}I|[
Owner: Bloo Welcome to the server! I want to thank you for joining and being part of the community! We are a none judgmental community who try to have a little bit for everyone. We are open to all and do have some 18+ exclusives!
What we do have!
:underage: Multiple 18+ channels for those who wish to only be with adults! Some models are also 18+ so in order to see them you have to be verified!
:muscle: 500+ members!
:clap: Feet and hetai of all kinds!
:no_entry_sign: Anti spam systems!
:robot: Plenty of NSFW bots!
:couple: Beautiful models (Female) and Handsom models (Male) and more!
Self assigned roles! Go to the roles channel for the list of reactable roles.
:man_in_tuxedo: Friendly staff! Always looking to add more!
:100: Tons of custom emojis! Always adding more!
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Miss Lilly's Feets of Fancy
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"Not just another foot server - THE foot server"

ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴜs;;
We’re an 18+ foot fetish server that is very inclusive and friendly, so as long as you’re respectful towards others we will do the same. We got our start as a passion project between two like-minded owners, tired of the same foot servers that had little to offer for people like us. A few months and few hundred members later, we're happy to welcome you to our kinky corner of Discord

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴇ ᴘʀᴏᴠɪᴅᴇ;;

○ Active members & staff.
● 90+ models – male, female and non-binary.
○ Several self-assignable roles such as colour, gender, sexuality, other fetishes, etc.
● Safe space for trans and non-binary people.
○ SFW channels for art, selfies & memes
● "Verified buyers" role
○ A starboard channel
● Active voice chat channels.
○ Lots of feet.

We also do partnerships (only with fellow 18+ servers, though)!!
This is a server ran by a female that sends feet pics. Just ask and you will receive. She is pretty nice. We also post funny memes. Feel free to join anytime all is welcome. (18+)
Welcome to feet palice a server where you can make friends and have some fun 😉. Once you join you will get a message from Attuja with a link press the lick and do the caption to get access to the server. It’s there so that bots don’t spam.
╔═════════════ ◦ ♡ ◦ ═════════════╗
◦ ∘ ♡ ∘ ◦ Welcome to bdsm angels! ◦ ∘ ♡ ∘ ◦
Hi! We're a bdsm, cgl, pet play and general kink themed server. We also cater to findom/femdom. Everyone is welcome and accepted here.

On top of being a general kink server I also made this to market for me and the other owner. We're selling general feet content, if you wanna learn more come join!

If you wish to join here is what he have to offer :

⇢ Tons of self assignable roles!
⇢ Plenty of channels for all types of interests!
⇢ Friendly environment that is judgement free!
⇢ Nsfw and kink channels as well as an area for littles and petplay members!
⇢ We're open for anyone who might want to partner as well!
♡ Come play! ♡
╚═════════════ ◦ ♡ ◦ ═════════════╝
Lily’s shoe server! Join and see various pictures of shoes/feet from Lily, and feel free to post your own. Free daily tasks are given out each day for you to please Miss Lily too. You can also buy and sell shoes.
Discord related to the website : and to foot fetish in general
This is my server all about thighss <3
As of now mostly only girls have have posting.
Hey I’m nicole and i am selling my feet pictures. The prices are negotiable and you can choose from a range of nail colours and the pictures will only be sent to you. Im a size 4 and a half in womens feet and i have samples on my server!
We are a newly formed server dedicated to gamers who like female feet! All women who have an interest in female feet are very welcome to join and are encouraged to share ^-^ Men are ofcourse also welcome as long as what they post is female!
★★★★★Soles Elysium ★★★★★

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〰 Model Categories
〰 Fetish
〰 Partnerships
〰 Now Hiring
〰 18+Only

I am a hopeless lesbian wanting to get off to cute girls. If you think you have what it takes. Then come and join me!
I treat my slaves right~
Also imma be honest this things an absolute mess cause I dunno how to do servers T_T

Verification is required.
Females. Only. Please.
Verification includes sending a particular photo. So don’t join if you aren’t willing to send :3
This is a new adult server that welcomes anyone 18 or older who has a love of feet and paws of anyone in the world of Pokemon. We allow more things than just ERP here, members can share art, story's, videos, porn, and suggest ideas to help improve the server.

Upon joining the server, Newcomers will be able to see all of the channels right off the bat, but will only be able to post in the Open Chat channel. This is normal, and is a security feature designed to keep raiders and the like out of the rest of the server. If you want full access to the rest of the channels, you'll need to read the rules and ping either myself or an Admin if one is around, and inform us that you've read and accept the rules.
NEW SERVER STILL FINDING ITS MEMBERS! Will you help us grow our community? Read below.

In this 18+ server, we are seeking for women who are or want to foot models who wishes to show their own sexy feet in the community and promote their own feet related social media.



- Verify female models before they can get the permission to post their feet pictures in public so we can assure they are over 18 years old and they are legitimate models.
- If you have a foot fetish, this is a great server to view all types of women's feet all around the world. (We are still growing our community.)
- We share anime girl's feet as well for those into that.
- We have a roleplay role for anyone who loves roleplaying foot fetish related scenarios.
- More content coming soon...

For all foot lovers in this world 2 or 3d, all is welcome. We do not discriminate feet as feet are the definition of bliss.
We will also take over the world spreading the word about feet.
Hi, thanks so much for looking at the description!
This is PokePaws, a community for paw lovers of not just pokemon, but all kinds of cutesy creatures~
It's a really tiny server, but I'd love if you came and dropped in!
This is a nsfw server! Please join and help us grow. (server is 18+)
We share porn and chat. Main themes are feet, trap, hentai, femdom but we are open to more suggestions! Anyone is welcome!
Paradise roleplaying server for giantess' and tinies alike. Our roleplaying setting takes place in a universe filled with excitement and adventure with lore written by one of the most skilled writers in GTS community! This is our new rebirth, we hope you will once again join us towards building a brighter community.

We hope you will enjoy the time you spend here, try not to get eaten~ :3