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Welcome to all that's good in the world!
Here in my server you'll find
•Devoted futanari themed channels
•A friendly community and mod staff
•Good, dank memes
•A nsfw roleplay section
•Polls, contribution, voice channels, and entertainment
•And ultimately, a caring owner and moderators
In this server, you'll find a spot waiting for you, whether you're a lurker, contributor, socialist. You are more than welcome to come find a place to call your home and find a place amongst other members. Whether you want to come in seek of a diverse, community contributed futanari/hentai collection or find a great community to socialize in or even just to roleplay in nsfw channels, all are welcome. Abide to the rules, make friends and enjoy your stay.
Sinner’s Elysium is an Open For All Role Play server dedicated to the more erotic side of interests. Self assignable roles are available to distinguish yourself upon entry with a multitude of channels RP centered and Non-RP centered. Since the server is new it will be up to newcomers to begin most topics, from there we hope to grow into a close knit community. I hope to see you soon.

-Victoria A.
"Large Futa Cock Hentai. You want big cock we have~" wise words from admin.
Hello everyone we are looking roleplayers for our futa server. Feel free to drop by and say hi so we can steal your lewds.
Greetings, traveler!

Have you ever wanted to be dominated by a towering futa Mistress? Need to find a cute obedient sub and call them your pet?

Enter The Household, a paradise of hedonism where all can indulge in their deepest & darkest desires.

We support a wide variety of kinks, with mistress/slave and worship/degradation play being some of the most popular kinks. It takes place within a mostly-fantasy setting of a large mansion, the surrounding town, and sometimes more distant lands. We have a vibrant community both in character and out of character, and encourage you to interact with both.
This server is STRICTLY 18+

ERP Server focused on Futa and all in-between, it's set in distant and mystical land of Kirkjufell where inhabitants from different worlds, and timelines converge into one place. We have, kink tags such as "story-driven" or if you are more into smut we got that too, lore to help you started with, its more of a guideline really, character feedback channel, and people to help you start, achievements, and more to be added once we expand.

Currently looking for Dominant RPer's
For those who love lewd nuns and others
A brand new vore rp chat that takes place inside the collosal goddess Kara, all are food for the goddess, but it's not a barren fleshy pit, there are thriving cities built up inside the goddess for all to live in

Do you like ponies? Do you like furries?
Do you like... Hyper? Do your favorite artists include Phurie/Cauldroneer?
Then this is the place for you! We've got all that and more, here in Twilight's Kingdom!
This server is here for your viewing and acting pleasure! We are an Role Play server and we do ERP, note that it’s probably best if you’ve had experience for the best amount of pleasure! We are willing to teach, if you want to join are server anyways! We are accepting and we don’t kink shame!
Land of Lust is a nice and calm server where you can post porn, memes, and have fun! We would enjoy it if you were over 18 to keep things nice and safe for others to enjoy! Come in, sit down and have sexual fun! Join today!

Please be futa, femboy, or female! We're getting a lot of pure males and we would like to even it out

Please be serious about roleplaying and at least accept furries. You don't have to like them, just accept them around you.
A small server about discussing and sharing futanari but also other nsfw or sfw content.
Do you like Femboys? Do you like Futanari/dickgirls? Do you want to meet with people with similar interests as your own?

The Femme Cafe Discord is a place for cute Femboys and Futas/dickgirls to get together and share art, play games, and socialize. This discord is also open to artists who like to draw this type of content, we are also predominantly a Furry group, keep that in mind when you join. We accept all walks of life, no matter if they are human or furry. <3

If you have a Futa or Femboy OC, or just an artist looking for cute things, feel free to join! We are constantly looking for new members to liven things up! ^^

When you join, Make sure to go to Rules and it will direct you to Role Request, so you can pick up your Role in the Cafe~ Thank you. <3
All kinks welcome!~
Welcome to Futa Central! This newly formed server is looking for fellow perverts to have creamy, sticky fun with! We have rp rooms, Pokecord, Music, and more! Feel free to join, and help us grow!
Welcome to Special Femaly (ERP/RP)
This is a server made of pure wanting to RP or ERP. It's an incest server so mostly everyone is blood related (characters) but we do have cousins and about to add in friends. We do have futas in the server and we allow most kind of characters. Just dont be too unreal. we want serious characters. You're welcome to join and have fun and i will meet you there <3
Welcome to the pet palace, we're a small.server based on master x pet relationships. We allow every kink with one exception and have a variety of chats, porn channels and rp channels. The server was made recently, so some things may be missing or incomplete, please bear with us as we fix these.
In this erotic realm where technology and magic exist side-by-side, there is a certain home base which travels from city to city. It's purpose? To keep the flow of magic regulated and to clean up the residue. And of course in this Sci-Fi based and magic-filled world, sex is celebrated thoroughly on the S.S. Lady Lancer...though make sure to clean up after yourself~
We have a good community and a great staff, plus many channels for the erotic rp. We have plenty of NSFW images to enjoy as well, feel free to share your own~
Welcome to my humble server for futanari roleplay, i hope you are at home here.

Please note: only futa character are allowed in this server.
Welcome To Hentai Vibe !
Hentai Lovers Are Allowed !
Come And Fill Up Da Server UwU
A server for horny weebs dedicated to straight forward hentai posting and masturbating with each other. Emphasis on being straight forward, there's no RP or ERP, just straight forward dirty talking (with hentai!).

This server is better suited for bisexuals, but all orientations and genders are welcome!
We are a growing community of people who share a common interest. Futas! There are vanilla channels for those interested and even irl channels. We include giveaways every month!