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This server specializes in futa hentai however we also hold normal forms of hentai as well as general discussion such as games, anime, and memes. As well as some RP channels. Currently a small community so always happy to welcome new members
Futa camping is the Futa sever you wanna join
it have :
100+ real members and is still growing
dont be fooled that it only show 3 members
A small server about discussing and sharing futanari but also other nsfw or sfw content.
You like looking at them thighs? But those thighs are from a male that looks like a girl? We got you covered.
So what if I like traps? Join this community and share what you have and have some fun with us! Take that any way you want ;D
hey y'all! we're looking for some more friends so join please you'll be accepted asap bc yeah, we have hentai and memes too so thats kool
Hey all! This is just a little server I started up in inspiration of some other ones. We have a kind a caring staff as well as a good community, and we have plenty of NSFW images to go along with that! Don't like the visuals? We have erotic roleplay as well! hope to see you soon~~!
Life is normal… Nothing special happens. It’s just a normal day in life. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s getting what they want, it’s the best it could ever be. However, a strange affliction begins to harm people of all sorts. It appears to be genetics, but even people who had parents without it, were getting it. No one understood what was going on, and things were about to snap.
All kinks welcome!~
Welcome to Futa Central! This newly formed server is looking for fellow perverts to have creamy, sticky fun with! We have rp rooms, Pokecord, Music, and more! Feel free to join, and help us grow!
A server for lewd roleplays based off dc and marvel comics. And it doesn’t have to be lewd, casual story based roleplays are always welcomed. And even better, this is a lgbt friendly group, meaning futa, homosexual, and all that Jazz is great.
We are a growing community of people who share a common interest. Futas! There are vanilla channels for those interested and even irl channels. We include giveaways every month!
hiya, welcome to our server. to get right to the point, we aim to please all interest. whether its beautiful futanari's or irl porn, we cover most of your needs. we're not all lewd though, feel feel to kick back, share some memes, talk about games n shit in the casual district. we hope you enjoy your visit.
A place for sluts and fuck meat to gather, have fun and join us here! You won't be judged, you'll even be encouraged.
This server is for you! I will post numerous amounts of Hentai! And so can you! A community for hentai lovers alike!
Friendly small little server always looking for new members to say hi to and get up to no good with. 18+ Only.