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Hello all my lewd friends! Welcome to the Land of Lewdness!! We're a small but fun server for any of your horny dreams, and we're constantly growing and expanding.

🎉NSFW channels to view any erotic media!

🎉ERP channels/categories to get immersed into a lewd wonderland!

🎉Plenty of bots to fit any need, from kisses and hugs, to fucking and lewding!
Feral, Futa, Fembois, Nudes, Masturbation~
We have it all so come join us for some fun ;3
Hey everyone! Do you like nation play/political race play (i.e. the fetishization of power dynamics/stereotypes concerning all sorts of countries/ethnicities)? Do you enjoy D/s style rough sex? Are you a detailed, naughty writer that likes to play BA, hung, slim thick futas in a genuinely articulate manner? Fan of ‘Ultimate Surrender’ style sex fighting?

If you answered yes to these questions, then I’m looking to grow an ongoing nation play, group futanari fighting league type group ERP that will be like a kinky erp universe, filled with multiple, vetted ‘players’ such as yourself. Domme, sub, or switch, it’s gonna be a good time: feel free to DM yours truly if you’re looking to be pitted against other amazing, globally selected futas to battle for sexual erp supremacy!

(Note: this would all take place in a world of just futanari; my version of futas btw have hot, female bodies, with male sex organs between their legs in lieu of female ones. No hermaphroditism/double genitalia allowed.)

Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you all!
Futanari Dominion is a NSFW 18+ roleplay server catered toward those who enjoy roleplay that involves futanari characters! The server strives for an orderly and mature approach to the hub game, with clear rules, fair enforcement of said rules, and minimal channels/roles for ease of use. Though futanari characters and pairings the focus of the server, all are welcome, and there is absolutely no requirement that this theme be an aspect in any advertisement or roleplay that takes place on the server itself.

Please join us and take a look! We look forward to seeing you all here.
A smol erp server for people who like to roleplay as fembois, dickgirls, and even feminine nonbinary characters, who are also into gross and taboo kinks, especially scat. Join at your own risk! Be one of the first to join. I hope this little community grows to it's full potential! :3
This is an awesome modern-medieval erotic role play where you can hunt for your roleplay partner~ Come join us in our kingdom where you can breed your own prey for two months and explore your primal side! We also have amazing monster raids where you can get amazing prizes and make them into what you wish with the stores we have! We have our own economy as well, each species to enter has their own ability, and we track level and hp!
420 allowed.
Welcome to the Forest of the Lost Souls. A brand new, mature and literate Yuri/Futa focused Fire Emblem roleplay and erotic roleplay server.

The goal of our server is to create a comfortable environment for the more adept writers to create fun and dynamic character connections. Whether they be erotic, serious story moments, fun silly moments or whether they be bombastic fight scenes.

Set in a mysterious campsite, surrounded by an overbearing forest, a seemingly never ending lake and a thick, terrifying fog. Many characters from across the Fire Emblem series find themselves awake within. How did they get there? How do they get home? No one is certain. However. All that they do know, is that these people are bound together and will have to work together to survive and to thrive.

Countless interactions will emerge. Be them comedic, tragic, violent or... erotic. Only time will tell how the lost souls will interact with their company.
Welcome to Asteria Auctions. We are an active server with lots of dedicated admins to keep things running smoothly. We are wanting lots of new members to keep us going and would love to see you being one of them. We have lots of things to do on our server including

-Roleplay NSFW And SFW
-Chat Channels To Make Friends
-Gaming And Quizzes

And even more so please join today to start your new lewd or luciucs life in Asteria.
Immerse yourself in a world; an alternate reality of futanari and female only. The world being ran by Our Futanari Goddess Maria herself, encouraging us to fulfill our lustful endeavors! Here at this cathedral, we're an 18+ ERP server, revolving around futanari and female characters only to fit the story and hidden lore. We believe everyone should let out their true selves, fulfilling their lustful fantasies... as long they're legal, of course!

We're a newly made server, as we have fair rule enforcement for everyone's protection! Please, come down to our church and learn the word of our loving futanari Goddess Maria. See you around, you lewd degenerate!
Shigiyoku high, or more commonly known to the public, high school of lust, is a newly open all-girl school that has a policy to let their students embrace their deepest desire. Students are allow and even encourage to fornicate anywhere on the school ground, as to let them explore their lust to the fullest. Though femboys and futas are allowed to attended school, normal boys are not, as the principal only wish to teach those of the female sex, or at least with the mind of the female sex, the full experience of pleasure.
Server finally done only small fixes here and there we are looking for some doms as we have a lot of subs waiting for you

We have a lot of rooms and a vary close community of kind people who would love to meet you

Drunk irl? Great! We have a bar room for drunk ppl assuming you are still sober enough to type actual words

Bored and in need of memes?
FANTASTIC! We have lots of memes and gifs

Need a break from the outside world? We have a wholesome chat!

Just plain horny?
ARNT WE ALL!? We have a lot of chats for that so please come on in we cant wait to meet you!

General Overview
You are here to Role Play within a Dominate/Submissive type culture that is unfair by design. The rules of the server reflect that. Please remember this is not real life and the people you met here are playing a character and a role. Also, please remember you can switch or add roles at any time. If you feel overwhelmed by the way you are treated, please add the "safeword: ON" or "lurker" role immediately, otherwise people will -rightly- think you are still playing along.
Welcome to my utopia here we welcome all of your wildest kinks and hope you introduce some to us....
-We have little rules (other than the basics and extras)
-We are a semi active server
-Our admins want the best for your experience and make sure nothing bad happens 24/7
-We have a amazing group of artist in this server and would absolutely love to see your amazing art uwu..
-My server has a amazing community!
..more will be added..
I hope you come and spend the night with us owo.....
Welcome to Paradise Island, run by the Futa Pack. It is a server for only female and futas to explore and enjoy each others company. No males are allowed including femboys, traps etc. There is a bit of RPG mixed into the server to help make things more fun. Want to be a tribal futa and fuck horny priestesses? Sure. Want to be a stripper and earn money to buy some potions to spice up your sex life? you can do that too. Why not join and have a look around?
(If you find yourself kicked out, our bot automatically kicks new accounts that haven't had discord for more than 10 days.)

Looking to get sloppy and breed behind the bleachers? Want to breed that hot math teacher that gave you an F? Then welcome to the Elite Futanari Academy, home of the craziest degenerates on the planet!

Why should you join our server? Glad you asked! You could we suck harder than a vacuum a good way, if course! We want everyone to express themselves the way they want, unleashing what they truly are. Everyone has a mask over their face, so unmask it here. Obviously, nothing too illegal! Teehee!

This school has tons of features by the way!
•An active moderation team! Built with 69 out of 10 communication!
•A special level up system!
•Reacting to roles! Tons of bots to use to increase customizing and creativity for yours truly!
•A unique dormitory system, where you and three others can band up in private rooms. Don't worry, the rooms are soundproof.
•School clubs! Even the students can make school clubs, as long it benefits our server. Talk to the mods about it, of course.
•Special holiday events!

Of course, we like to keep it simple for everyone here. So, you want to join us? Heh, it'll be the best decision you'll ever make in your life!
The Kingdom of Vierko Is a wonderful place where the King and Queen live to make their citizens happy! However, it began as a small quaint village residing only a few weak humans. The king’s grandfather, Vier had two sons, one of which caused a mass endangerment of humans. There are barely any and they are treated as lesser beings and are often slaves. Vier conquered the kingdom and gave it to his bastard son to rule.. He did this to stop the rivalry. The present King married a beautiful woman from a neighboring kingdom after it had fallen due to a plague Their rule lead more monsters and what was left the humans to their kingdom and it began to grow to what it is now. Still, there are rumors of dark lurkers and evil doers amok. They plan to wreck havoc and ruin the peacefulness of the kingdom. Nothing can stop them.. or at least that’s what they think. How will you faire in this kingdom? What is your role? What will you do?
A growing, LGBTQ+ friendly, Adult (18+) only community of kinky DnD nerds for lewd adventures and (E)RP.

If you are looking for some kinky DnD (E)RP, where Players can make 5E characters for Adventures and (E)RP then come and join us in the 'Devils Den Inn' open 24/7 on Deviant Dungeons server...

On our server you will find:

- An LGBTQ+ friendly, lewd community of DnD nerds
- Artist Galleries and Hentai/Porn channels
- An active NSFW (E)RP Tavern for Character (E)RP with:
- DnD Economy for Character (E)RP Services and Equipment trading
- Public and Private (E)RP channels
- (E)RP Character Leveling System
- Weekly DM'd Adventures and Events via Discord Text channels...

The server always looking for new, kinky, open-minded adult (E)RP, DnD players new and experienced of all genders, orientations, and kinks as well as DM's to host more server adventures.
Suddenly pulled through dimensions, before you lies a set of islands... A siren's call luring you through time and space, to this place. Welcome to Hermfuta Triangle! We are a group of futa/dickgirl fans that have decided to start our own themed ERP server! Attempt to appease the Goddess of Fertility Estara while also engaging in your own lewd fun, and perhaps she will greatly reward you... Our server boasts the following features:

-Veteran staff, in both ERP and non ERP communities
-A tropical themed paradise, complete with server events
-Themed roleplay channels, from a futa amazonian jungle to mysterious and forbidden forests
-LFR and porn channels to suit all your roleplay and smut needs
-A fun, welcoming and safe environment to fulfill your desires
-Level rewards at 50 and 100 respectively, at 100 create your very own roleplay channel on the server!

If you're into futa/dickgirls, ERP or themed roleplay, you may find a suitable home in Hermfuta Triangle! We hope to see more visitors soon... Must be 18+ to enter~
Welcome to Oasis lewd Nursery!

This is the general information and idea about the server.

It was created to be a wonderful place for all kinds of people around the world and kink-wise to enjoy a place where they could relax, talk, role-play and enjoy NSFW content together.

Please follow the #rules of this server and go pick a role in the #roles section, if you have some NSFW pictures you'd like to send and share with the server please send them to there specific channels!

And finally we hope you enjoy your stay!

『𝐜𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐬, 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐮𝐧 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐝』

Lion's Lair is an open and friendly ERP oriented server. We have an emphasis on BDSM, femdom, yuri and futanari. With a few minor exceptions we are open to most kinks and have a large diversity of members with various interests. The server is uniquely divided into two Kingdoms within a medieval-fantasy setting. Pick a side and enjoy yourself to your most kinkiest and wildest content.

What we have to offer:
➽ An open and friendly community.
➽ LGBTQ+ friendly.
➽ Helpful & active staff to assist you with any questions or troubles you might encounter.
➽ A lore to help you start out with roleplays.
➽ An unusually clean and organized take on an ERP server. No overabundance of channels.
➽ NSFW channel with fresh new daily content.
➽ Clear and detailed rules to ensure everyone can enjoy their stay in comfort.
➽ Plenty of roles to distinguish yourself with!
➽ An extravagant collection of colourful & expressive emojis.

- 18+ only, there are no exceptions to this rule.
- No furries.
- No dominant males (or expressing such notions within the server).
- Acting against our rules will result into a permanent ban.
- Always respect each member's DM role.
- No "thirsty" or similar unpleasant behaviour.
- You must have a profile picture on your Discord account.
Hello there, welcome to our [18+] love hotel. Only Enter if you’re 18 or older.
Here we're a very welcoming community to all people (LGBTQ friendly) as long as you could return the kindness. We may be strict on our rules but this is to keep the community thriving as we grow more and more. The goal for us is to create place that tribes on Erp/Rp but at the same time to create a community welcoming to people interested in meeting others whether that be just over online or more.

These are a few things we offer you here.
Three active general chatting channels. First for new coming members to get a chance to get used to the community and find friends. This helps with those that are shy enter channels with traffic.
Secondary an sfw area for chatting this is our main channel. Where most of the establish community/ most members will be hanging out. Don’t be shy to come say hi~
Thirdly is a chatting channel generally used to express your..sexual side with others. Flirting or talking about your sexual experiences, come here to talk with others as perverted as you can be.
A leveling system with rewards based on your activity within the sever. Such as one to open
A wide vanity of roles to truly differentiate yourself from others. Expressing yourself sexually, personality wise, and your preferences.

So coming see for yourself if this hotel is the place for you~
oin and get slaves!
are you a dom looking for slaves? we have all kinds of slaves!
are you a slave looking for dom? we also have many
As if that weren't enough, we also have music bots, a slave market, bots to play with, custom emojis and many other great things!