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⁀➷What is Lewd Mansion

❖ Lewd Mansion is a +18 server mainly focused on socializing and Rp/Erping

❖ This Server offers wide variety of Roles, Fun interactive Bots, Active General chat for
those who want to make new friends, Roleplay Channels with vivid theme,

❖ Fan of Art or Media, we have multiple platform where you can enjoy Media channels,
Photography channels where you can upload everyday stuff, show off ya hobbies, collection or simply nature

❖ Here only for Nsfw Pictures/Gif/Videos, we have that covered aswell, Multiple channels dedicated for providing
good Hentai or In real.
Every member of server has access to server, Upload as many as Nsfw pictures you want there.
Show everyone you got the best Hentai collection on server!
Hello all you lovely people~ 😊 My name is Mia and this is my own realm. I am a Succubus and just like me, most of the things in this server are very lewd and 18+ so enter at your own risk~
Welcome to Sinner’s Elysium.

Here within our server, you will find well over one hundred roles from which to distinguish yourself amongst the many. Catering to the many kinks, interests and general qualities of our users. From our roleplay channels to our games and our community, we strive to create a friendly, welcoming and overall fulfilling experience for all who would visit. We hope to see you soon, and that you may have a pleasant stay.

Please note that this is an 18+ exclusive server, and that any and all who are underage should refrain from joining.


》「Extensive Role Play Channels」

》「Community Channels」

》「Welcoming Staff And Patrons」

》「Open Poll And Contributions」

》「Casino Style Games And Gambling」


》「Meme Friendly」

》「204 Available Roles」

》「Porn Channels」

》「Offering Partnerships」
Futanari Dominion is a NSFW 18+ roleplay server catered toward those who enjoy roleplay that involves futanari characters! The server strives for an orderly and mature approach to the hub game, with clear rules, fair enforcement of said rules, and minimal channels/roles for ease of use. Though futanari characters and pairings the focus of the server, all are welcome, and there is absolutely no requirement that this theme be an aspect in any advertisement or roleplay that takes place on the server itself.

Please join us and take a look! We look forward to seeing you all here.
Hey come join. We are a casual rp server for both furries and normies alike. We accept every kink and everyone. expect scat that's just gross. You probably didn't read this anyways but we look forward to your visit!
All kinks welcome!~
Welcome to Futa Central! This newly formed server is looking for fellow perverts to have creamy, sticky fun with! We have rp rooms, Pokecord, Music, and more! Feel free to join, and help us grow!
We are a new group that has came from kik do to the shut down. We are looking for new and active members to join our community. It is a new chat and we are learning how to use discord so we will improving and changing the group as time goes on. All futas and females that are looking for a home to have fun and relax are welcome.
A futanari server for futa lovers!
We are a server focused on roleplay, image sharing and random stuff n.n
Join us!!
Femboys, girls and futas.
FUTA ACADEMY is a school that primarily caters to characters to those who are futanari. The school is quite massive and widely accepting of any species from regular humans to those who are part of the supernatural spectrum. This school is and only will ever be a school for FUTANARIs and FEMALE students and staff, NO MALES or FEMBOYS are allowed into the school and will be kicked and ban if spotted.

Futa are highly loved in this school, their needs always free to be satisfied by other futas or female. Being often seen as the superior, that is why this school is name the way it is.

The academy is very much okay with sexual acts alongs students and staff and goes as far to encourage it, letting students and teacher have their fun during class hours is they wish to. They only thing asked of them is to make sure the act is consent between them and they can be as lustful and kinky as they wish.

The dorming system is quite simple. Teacher can dorm with students but its often preferred if they dorm with other teachers. Both students and staff are required to dorm with a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people, no more, no less.
No Pussy in Cloud City~ Welcome to our little District!

We're a lewd server focused around traps, trans girls, and boys! We're very inviting and friendly, and we have editors, artists, translators, and captioners making original content on-request~

Don't be shy at all about joining if you're interested~ We're very sweet and welcoming! Self-assigned roles, no need to wait around for moderators to approve you~
welcome to the futa camping bump server

with the special link from this server you can access
the futa camping server

it have:
art channels
role play channels
and more

we only have 1k of members
A Brand new server we're still in need of some help but soon I have confidence that we can build this server into something beautiful~!
Welcome To The School Of Magic ! were futa have taken over and Femboys are slaves join THE ADVENTURE OF Yumi and her friends as they dom tight femboys Public rp with Nsfw channels
𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈'𝐒 𝐒𝐔𝐈𝐓𝐄𝐒 𝑖𝑠 𝑎 𝑠𝑒𝑟𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑤ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑐𝑎𝑛 𝑙𝑒𝑡 - 𝑙𝑜𝑜𝑠𝑒.

If you like ;
 Roleplay opportunities. Original characters are definitely allowed and there’s not too many limits of how diverse they can be. The interactions range from RP to ERP and any style of roleplaying.
 Socializing with like minded individuals in an open minded environment.
 Kinks galore!
 A cool economy system. You’ll have to chance to make a character that owns their own establishment within the server (upon request.) There are fun games to earn money as well.
 Cool events will be hosted when we get enough people.
 A universe where you can pretty much be anything that you want. Become a slave, a business owner, a guest of the hotel, or even a maid on the hotel staff!

We’re just a baby server but you can change that by joining!
RP Fun in the sun!

RP server where you can be anything as long as you fit in the building. Create a unique lore for your character and come on vacation and relax. If you don't want to relax then you can work, yes we have positions at the resort that you can apply for. Gender choices include: Futa, Male, Female, and all in between. Futa are the gender we cater to but any dom or switch can claim a sub. Supports light loving fetishes to extreme more hardcore ones. No limits? No problem! There is a place here for everyone.Get rid of the blue balls and Cum have fun! New link
This is an 18+ Server. You must be of legal adult age to enter here.

2025: A Utopian Paradise emerges. Greetings and welcome to the City of Nymphuta! This server is a post modern Erotic Roleplay server primarily focused on futanari. We have a vast variety of facilities that have everything to live your wildest fantasies with a growing populace. Features include:

• Active and lively chat.
• Multiple self-applicable roles.
• A thorough set of rules which are enforced fairly by staff.
• Inviting community who enjoys anything from cuddles to comprehensive conversations.
• Hardworking staff who enjoy welcoming people and facilitating an environment which is supportive and nurturing.
• Several public roleplay channels ranging from the lush forests to our quaint cafe and a cum hot spring.
• Level system with a custom role attained at the Level 50 milestone.
• Highly organised and categorised plethora of pornographic channels.
• Art and entertainment channels to share any of your creations or findings on the internet.

So come down to the opening gates and get sight-seeing in our server. We're more than happy to welcome new users.
Every want to strip down in the middle of the streets and show off your naked body? This is [CREAMTOPIA], a experimental world located somewhere in the universe where lewd stuff on the streets and exhibitionism is legal! It allows any kind of beings and species to have fun, so don't worry about discrimination! Also, we need admins.
Hello and welcome to Futanari ToD here in this server we offer various roleplaying channels as well characters such as Futa, Female, DGirls, and Femboys (Sub only for femboys).. not just roleplaying we also offer memes and different hentai channels also daily updates!
(18+) a not so strict server with barley any enforcment of rules u can see things like nigga idc, you can find all kinds of porn and hentai archived here, memes and music too. we also have some channels dedicated to trapdom since that fetish is too rare and hard to find. join and you might make some friends and rp partners here! we have a very friendly and welcoming community.
Welcome to the clan, rookie.

Futaframe is a server all about NSFW Warframe roleplay, mostly futa, but still caters to other fetishes.
There is a strict literacy standard. Don't join if your grammar and writing are subpar.
The server is in its early stages so Moderator positions are open!
Futa Land 18+ so what are it ?

yes we are an dedicated ERP/None rp server with an friendly community and members. but we aren't heavily depending on rp aspect we are also an content sharing server and much more join today!

we have heavy rp themes around:
Consensual and None consensual
Exotic species
Bukakke bar (name says everything)
Bestiality and Feral

we have dedicated categories for hentai or none hentai nsfw content sharing
some other things we also accept all genders
we have channels for irl based rp and irl porn
The Lewd Crew is a NSFW 18+ roleplay server directed toward those who enjoy roleplay that involves futanari characters! The server aims and works toward an orderly and mature approach to communication and roleplay with clear rules, fair enforcement of said rules, and minimal channels/roles for ease of use. While futanari characters are the focus of the server all are welcome, and there is absolutely no requirement that this theme be an aspect in any advertisement or roleplay that takes place on the server itself.

Come along and join the fun!
Hello there i'm a 23 year old male slave seeking for a dom (your gender doesnt matter). Join only if you are at least 18 years old. (Only doms are allowed)