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The college was founded who knows how many years ago honestly. The rules of the college a rather warped as money became useless to most of richer class. Sex became power so to speak, thoses who have it live hire up the food chain, those who don't fall between the cracks. One year futanaris took over that role as they have what both sexes wanted. You joined the school to gain your knowledge but also heard about the schools rumors when you signed up. Good luck you pervert, welcome to futanari academy.
Welcome to our wonderful family! In a mansion in a secluded, unknown locale, there lives a large, rich family that owns many slaves, servants, and other luxuries. Incest is huge here and there is almost always sex between the people of it. I can't wait to fuck you hard like I do my sisters.
A fresh, new NSFW server which is looking for nice people to meet! We also have a SFW section, don't worry. And we have fun bots :)
A server for lewd roleplays based off dc and marvel comics. And it doesn’t have to be lewd, casual story based roleplays are always welcomed. And even better, this is a lgbt friendly group, meaning futa, homosexual, and all that Jazz is great.
This server specializes in futa hentai however we also hold normal forms of hentai as well as general discussion such as games, anime, and memes. As well as some RP channels. always happy to welcome new members
All kinks welcome!~
Welcome to Futa Central! This newly formed server is looking for fellow perverts to have creamy, sticky fun with! We have rp rooms, Pokecord, Music, and more! Feel free to join, and help us grow!
This server is a kinky 18+ erp server based in Portside Highschool. At this high school, the futa cheerleading team is in charge of the entire school. The other genders are recruited into the cheerleading team as sex toys and slaves, where they will learn to relieve the stress and pleasure all their futa masters.
Kinks in the server lore include: Lots of futa, Non-con, Domination, Humiliation, Enslavement, Claiming, And much more!
Welcome to our familial home, where you can be anything from an aunt to a slave, whatever you desire to be in our house. Join and see if you like us today!
We are a handful of weebs who love to talk with anyone about anything. We are huge lovers of the anime. Come give us a look and see if you will enjoy it here. uwu
This server is here for your viewing and acting pleasure! We are an Role Play server and we do ERP, note that it’s probably best if you’ve had experience for the best amount of pleasure! We are willing to teach, if you want to join are server anyways! We are accepting and we don’t kink shame!
It's always hard to find Dom futas to roleplay with so I always wanted to make a server for anyone who is looking for one to join. I roleplay as a cuntboy
hey y'all! we're looking for some more friends so join please you'll be accepted asap bc yeah, we have hentai and memes too so thats kool
Life is normal… Nothing special happens. It’s just a normal day in life. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s getting what they want, it’s the best it could ever be. However, a strange affliction begins to harm people of all sorts. It appears to be genetics, but even people who had parents without it, were getting it. No one understood what was going on, and things were about to snap.
Friendly small little server always looking for new members to say hi to and get up to no good with. 18+ Only.
a server for real life traps and hermaphrodite as well as anyone interested in them. you can add tags and verified people get access to different rooms