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Furry vore server for nice fluffy noms.
Prefers mature & friendly fluffs.
250+ members, active server.
A furry profile image is required.

Furry vore server for general fun hanging out with nice & mature fluffs of vorish interests.
Aims to have the best fluffs around by keeping any bad, weird or immature ones out.
250+ members, moderate activity.
Channels for general talking, image sharing & RP stuff are available.
Poke-Furs, Fatty-Furs, Hypers & Macros/Micros who enjoy the noms are welcome too.
Members are expected to stay furry while present, non-furry profiles are not allowed.
Welcome to the Pink Fennec Demon's personal hell hole! Rin, owner and artist of many kinks, invites all! Fatties, Slobs, BDSM Lovers, Hyper Furs and Vore art lovers are all welcome [condemned] to this place! You'd better enjoy your stay!
Hello and welcome to Hyper Haven <3
In this server, members are free to indulge in the more less common kinks that you won't find in the public eye of most erp based servers. Below is a short list of what makes this server perfect for you.
-A safe and quick mandatory age verification system to ensure all users are guaranteed to be legal.
-Multiple channels for public and dm rp, as well as specific pornographic photo channels for your personal tastes.
-A safe and judgemental free environment for you to be yourself without fear.

Please give us a try~ All adults are welcome.
Want to stroll down nice beautiful beaches? Explore new discoveries? Well now you can! Vore Land’s partnered server Hyper Island, has you covered! Join for a nice vacation in this island where you get to enjoy Hyper Boobs, Ass, Cocks, and bellies. It’s filled with adventure, fun, and most importantly *Love~*. Big Island, Big People, Big Fun. Hope you have lots of fun. And please be active in the server for some real fun~
Now when you enter the server you will be asked some questions, answer them and look at the rules to be checked in.
Hello! I would like to invite ya'll to a server that does everything, meet new people, roleplay, share porn pictures, whatever! No underage. 18+ please.
You like expansion, inflation, weight gain and hyper? Well, this server is definitely for you, then!~
We're just a server with retarded people in it.

Come say hi, then we can all be retarded together!
Heya! We are a small server about all furry things that are big that just got started!
Here at Hyper Furry Hub we have channels for both hyper and normal yiff as well as some chill community channels! We are looking for some nice members that want to be open about liking big assets! Come by and see if you fit in, as well as helping the server development! Anyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules! ^^
∆•¶÷✧°| Dοмαιи |°✧±-×~*
We are a fairly new community, aiming to grow as a place where everyone's comfortable.
When entering, you'll see:

¹' Well organized bots & channels;
²' Friendly members;
³' Responsible staff;
⁴' Color roles;
And much more!

We're also looking for staff that enjoys doing their work from their ❤.
Pinkerton is a server built to post your lewdest desires and play them out with other like-minded degenerates. We have other facilities as well, so please don't be afraid to join. We look forward to seeing you.
ClownTown is basically a circus (this is actually true um) the members are extremely active and we have 10+ fun bots ;) we have a selection of daily games hunger games, challenges etc! the moderators and admins are pretty cool and theres even rewards for what level u are on mee6 :) enjoy ur stay hehe
A server made for expansion-fetishism (fat, hyper, and inflation) lovers to congregate and post images, or chat, about their favorite fetishes.

Use a self-role bot in order to gain access to the channels!
Olá, somos um servidor da Comunidade Portuguesa, assim como muitos outros, mas gostamos de nos destacar, por isso criamos a nossa própria equipa de Fortnite, a "HYPER Team"
Claramente somos mais que uma equipa, somos amigos e gostamos de conviver!
se estiveres interessado em participar entra e manda PM para o Administrador, ou então entra só e convive, dá sugestões e escolhe as tuas de jogos!
Strucid Clan!
Level Requirement - 60+
KDR Requirement - ANY KDR!
A place where people over 18 can discuss and post porn about scat and watersports, and their hyper equivalents. You have to ask for a role in order to get access to the rooms and kinks you want.
Hello, if you wanna join some server join this
We make this discord server more optimize and we are friendly but we don't say some racist language

We already make the rules

Important: This is discord server is not allowed for bully, pro and hacker
I'll be honest, this isn't the best room and it's very new. I just want cuties with big fat cocks on my lap, in my face or sucking on my own massive fucking dong.
This is a lewd room for lewd people, with a focus on a casual sex chat rather than memes and small talk. Don't be afraid, be lewd.
A Discord server for people to share interest in MLP characters with hyper/macro fetishes. We have places to advertise commissions, share writing, find roleplay, and chat with each other.
A completely new furry server for all things having to do with big bellies! There are sections for fat furs, pregnancy, inflation, hyper, and a small section for oviposition. I hope many of you join and enjoy my server! Remember this is an 18+ sever!
Woah, hey, welcome to the Fatty Café. A new server for big things, such as: weight gain, inflation, expansion, and hyper. Gamers, furries, whatever, everyone is allowed as long as you're cool (and 17+). This server certainly isn't perfect right now, but I plan on improving it over time, feel free to come on in and hangout!

Why the café theme? I don't know, I just really like coffee.