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Hello! Welcome to the fetish lap, the rp! Here we can both chat, roleplay, and share art! Remember to have fun!
A server with a legacy since 2018, has recently opened back up and is looking for members! With a plot focusing around climbing a tower reaching for the skies, many adventures and journeys await within the 100 floors unscaled. If you enjoy fantasy rp, long term character development, and kinks revolving around growth of most kinds, feel free to hop in!
A server where you can look at/ post your own art (fetish or normal)

It was made for my DA but it is mainly just a server to hang out on :)
Welcome to the growth rp server! Any fetish is allowed as long it isn't anything too bad. Other than that we provide a safe haven for those who enjoys them. Other than that we suggest you have a great time here
Come one come all to Bloated Becky’s Pig Pen! Blobs, Slobs, Blimps, Berries! All around big pigs! Our server, just like our inhabitants are growing everyday! 18+ only
want to have fun in a roblox game about inflation? well you came across a server that has what u need! join our server and have fun as we chat, play and inflate together!
Welcome to the The Tubby Buddies! This is our very first server and we are happy to be here with you! This is mainly for inflation, fat furs, vore, etc. We allow quite a few kinks. This server is also sfw so please stay clean!

Here we offer:


-Plenty of art

-SFW Content

-A friendly staff team

-A plethora of custom roles

And much more! so why don't you come and join us on our big adventure hehe!
(In Search Of Partners)
Welcome to the berry lounge. We have everything a berry fur could want. Along with othet things like a place to chat, roleplay and even a gaming area. We're still growing though. Hope to see ya soon~
-from John
Have you had a tiring day at work, and you just want to fulfil that inflation fantasy you’ve waited forever to get? Are you just curious about being inflated, or helping your friend inflate? Are you looking to have the time of your life while you get all puffed up with your friends?

If so, then congratulations, you’ve just found yourself a ticket to the Inflation Vacation spot! The place where furs of any kind can swell up into anything they want! You will also have access to these following things upon verification:

- Art channels, to show off all the inflation art that you can find
- Multiple areas in the server to RP and ERP
- Your very own hotel room, upon request
- A selection of different role players for you to fulfil your inflation fantasies
- An awesome, kind and very approachable moderation team, and an equally cool owner
- An equal amount of SFW areas for role players, admirers and artists under 18 to use without the ability to peak at the NSFW stuff
- and much more!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us today, and you will have your chance to swell up as many times as you want!
The Balloon Family is a home for all things inflation, but most of all it's a home for you. Come on in and make yourself at home; you're a part of the Family now and we'd love to see you here! Relax and have a 'swell' time~
Just a roleplay server focused on large body parts aka hyper stuff, lots of images too, feel free to stop on by!
Hello, do you like body inflations? Do you always want to do an inflation RP but others starts to judge you because of that? Well this server is your pleasure, because it is made for inflations! You can talk about inflations, post inflation pictures, and do inflation RP! Nobody will judge you in here. If someone does, they will be punished!

We offer:
-A fun non-judging place to inflate yourself or inflate others!
-Some naughtiness
-Self roles
-Friendly people
-Reward roles
-Nitro boosts rewards
-Inflation home
What's up, pledges? Grab yourself a solo cup of blueberry juice and have a good time here at the fraternity! We are an 18+ server and heavily gay male-oriented. Think you got what it takes boys? (Please note: This server is very very new and still a tad bit of a WIP).
Welcome to Sana's Swelling Suite! It's a small place for people to hang out and talk about Inflation, Weight Gain, and blueberry inflation alongside more!
We hope you enjoy!

**Please note that there is a verification method implemented**
Hey and welcome to the inventing room. Here you can talk about inflation all you want and with people who love inflation as much as you do. Role play with people and share pics, nsfw or not
Do you like inflation? Feel you need to find more people that like inflation just like you? Well, say hello to Body Balloon Hub!

Here you can chat up with people that have a common interest in inflation and other kinks/ fetishes revolving around inflation. We have over 300 members and 90+ channels just waiting to be filled with content. We also have channels for our members who enjoy Chonk/Fat, Vore, Inflatables and more so why wait to make new friends and memories?

Come join the community today!

Note: This server is NSFW only for people 18 and over. The server is also not porn based but rather community based, so if you join for porn only you will have to work for it.

Your account must be over 15 days old to not be immediately kicked.
Welcome to the Expanding Universe! This is an inflation server which is primarily focused on inflation and furries, but anyone is welcome to join! The server is a completely SFW one but still there is a lot we can offer to you for an inflation server! The server includes:
- Plenty of furs to make friends with!
- RP channels for Roleplay in!
- Artzone for the artistic people!
- An Leveling up system with over 100 levels with unique roles
- SFW only
- Events!

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and have a visit, we are sure you'll make a fine addition to our server where you can be yourself and have fun!
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, giantess, vore, etc. We have lovely voice actresses that read fetish audio books and even dub some sexy animations! 18+
(This is strictly a NSFW, and non-furry server.)

| You also need to be 18+|
Upon being verified you will be asked for ID.

A server for people who are into belly related kinks!
Come help "fill up" our server~

We offer:
-Friendly chat
-Role playing
-Vore Bot/Stuff Bot/Game Bots
-And more to come!
Do you want more depth in your 18+ RPs ? Come on down, join our ever growing story and find your place in it !

As the name suggests, Di-licious is a server based on the amazing kinks that surround food and, well, getting bigger. To stuffing, inflation, vore, and just pure fat, this server has it all. For both roleplayers and real gainers alike, for people who are skinny but are facinated by large people, for furries and LGBTQ+, we accept everyone (Well except haters, raiders, debaters, and children)! This server often contains new content in its rooms, and is always open for more! The server has a level up system, server events, and perks towards leveling up, using bots to help make the server the best it can be! We also update the server frequently, so the server is ever changing. This is also an 18+ server.

There will be verification, 6 questions, that you will have to go through. You >>must<< answer each and every question before you can access the entire server. You will know what the questions are, and the guidelines to answer the questions, as soon as you join. They aren't personal questions, and they are fairly easy, however if you are uncomfortable with answering in the channel, you can always dm a moderator or an admin the answers too. People who are under 18 will be kicked.

We are also accepting partnerships for people who run weight gain servers with over 200+ people!

**Update September 24th, 2020**
•Added Tupperbot to the server to thank you all for helping the server grow. Please follow Rule 13 when using it, but we are hoping that it helps advance the use of roleplaying in the roleplay category.
This is a server for people who love fat fetish, we are small but we want the server to grow so please if you join it would be nice if you stay. this server is owned by a Devaintart user, Cole. And managed be me, Epico! We have tons of genres based on chubby girls. Fat fetish artists are welcome, just no vore, sexual contact or femboys/traps. More rules explained in the server.
Dedicated to all the furry Blueberry lovers out there! Come join our small welcoming community and help us "expand!" We welcome furs and non-furs alike, and we hope you get along! Includes:
-Roleplay for Inflation/Weight gain/vore and more!
-Media channels
-Bot channels
-And of course chatting!
Come on down for a great time and enjoy!
Need a place to relax and be with people that have the same common interests as you?

Then come on down to PuffTopia!

Our server is Run by jayZONE (@jayZONEbutPuffy), Who is known on Twitter for his good drawings, and Kathens (Notorious for their appearances in ModnarYug's Videos on YouTube), alongside our mods and admins being friendly, And helpful!

Our community not only is directed towards inflation, we also have categories for Vore, Weight Gain, Thicc, Transformation, and Flattening!

We also have categories for Normal Artwork, Gaming, Television/Webseries, Music, and more!

We have Voice channels, so if you wanna chill by using your voice, or just want to have your voice heard, we have that!

Not to mention... We do rewards for those who are active, we even also do raffles! We put the server first!

(This server is not an IRL hub.)

You must be 13+ in order to join (Via Discordapp Rules)

Then come on down, and join an Ever-Expanding Community!