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A NSFW server for those interested in RPs, weight gain, inflation and just kinks/fetishes in general
NEW: Hypnosis section and hypnotists
This is a fat server for those who enjoy just chatting and stuff, it's also for those who enjoy pokemon as well (no kink shaming!)
Kinky 18+ furry-oriented server centered around fat furs and all things weight gain. There are multiple sfw & nsfw channels for you to share art, talk to others, or even post memes and shitpost!
Kat’s Kinky Corral is a place for those kinky or even just Vanilla to feel welcomed and share with others what they’re into!
-links range from vanilla sex all the way to BDSM
-includes Inflation and that stomach stuff.
-You can also post sfw and nsfw artwork! As two artists run the server.
- have fun, be safe, and respect others!
Join if you enjoy My Hero Academia, as well as expansion, Inflation, weight gain, and more!~ we roleplay, send photo's and chat!~
A brand new server that needs people centered around the inflation kink, along with hyper females or males. If your interested in that kind of stuff, come on in. We also have roleplay centered around inflation or the thicc, and we are always open to new suggestions. Note: theres a security area. A mod will ask a question and deppending on the response you will be let in.
A server that is free from the judgment and scrutiny other, similar, servers may provide. It's cozy and just big enough to ensure that there's always someone there to say hi~! Shitposting is welcome (and encouraged), and so is any kink or ideas you may bring with you. Feel free to be who you are here.
A place for fetish people looking for somewhere where violence and toxicity are not tolerated, come meet and greet people you may have never met before. Times have become hard in fetish servers and there needs to be a change, and hopefully you can find that change here
Just an inflation server here to be sure that you can find ppl who like inflation!
This server has a special splatoon themed roleplay area, where instead of being covered in ink and slattd, you get FILLEDwith ink and BURST! This means it takes longer to take someone out (i.e. 3 fully charged splat charger shots instead of just 1) but the more damage, the less mobile! it also has more ink that flies everywhere upon death! Fun!
A server about inflation with RPG,Chats and More! It still a small server. But togheter, we can be bigger! Here we accept all inflation types: Blueberry, breast, butt,, body, belly and every inflation thing related! Join our inflation world!
Server for sharing smut, finding ERP partners, and having a general good time. Normal non-Inflation (and all related kinks) smut is accepted and shared too, and more is uploaded almost everyday. Join the ranks of those who wish to grow their NSFW folders even more, and help others do the same!
A growing community with new members coming in almost everyday. Erotic collection of body Inflation, Expansion, normal stuff, not quite so normal stuff, flattening, transformation, and more of both sexes are posted and shared with everyone daily. We also have RP location rooms for those of age, have a SFW finder for those not of age, and are always taking suggestions to make the server a better experience!
*Nsfw Expansion
*Nsfw Selfies!
Its Our Grand opening!
But You Need to Fill The Rooms With nsfw
You will get vertified by me when im online
(Also We Added a Roleplay For the Grand Opening)
In this great, peaceful Land lies the Kingdom of Inflatopia, where the Balloon citizens thrive under the New King and fellow Royals who rule fair and justly. Here, you can expect lots of Inflation to be going on, 24/7! Well, most of the time anyways. We are Furry focused, too! Not your thing? What a shame! You might be missing out. The ORIGINAL Land of Expandia btw, all others are just knockoffs.
Fantasy Feeders is a fantasy world filled with witches, humans, and monsters waiting to be fed or inflated. Become a hungry feedee or a manipulative feeder and gain, expand, mingle, or whatever your heart desires!
A discord server dedicated to those who enjoy RPing Weight Gain, Inflation/Expansion, and Vore. Fans of any of these kinks are also welcome~
Welcome to The bloated roleplay! We are a erp server focused on inflation roleplay. Right now we are baren and empty so fill us up with suggestions for story and roleplay!
We are a server all about Vore and other nsfw stuff! We are friendly and brand new! Join us and have fun!
Kinky furry oriented server surrounding mostly inflation and fats. Theres several sfw and nsfw rooms as well as roleplay channels if that interests you. I hope to make it a relatively chill and open community for other furs with similar interests to come together and just overall have a good time.
Welcome to fatasstrophe! A discord server for those who possess a love for all things round!~