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A small little fast growing server for people such as furries, RP’ers and both growing and experienced artists! The server is mostly a silly hangout place for everyone~ x3 Hope you enjoy it here!
~~Howdy! This is a server based around the liking of some plump male cuties! Chat, rp and discuss the many topics of this with other members!
*Minimum age is 16.
*If you decide to join, pick your roles, read the rules and we’ll see ya there!
Welcome to the Expansionist Empire! This is the third Expandia that was created with the same reason the second one was made. This is mainly an inflation server, but a lot of kinks are accepted! We offer:

Roleplaying rooms..
Art sharing..
and a 'growing' community!
Welcome to the Fat Teens Cafe! We're a community of people who love to eat, who love big bellies, and anyone in between.

~ We are strictly 13-18
~ A safe place for everyone, including LGBTQ+
~ Offer a variety of roles
~ Meet new people and have fun!

[ NSFW server being discussed with mods]
**Under new management as of Dec 22**

You must be 18+ to join this server.

Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you! ^°^

We have a friendly moderation team, LGBT+ supporting community, and plenty of opportunity to find a roleplay partner!

~You will go through verification upon entering the server. Please have your ID or other proof of DOB ready, and ping a mod once you answer the five verification questions.~
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, giantess, vore, etc. We have lovely voice actresses that read fetish audio books and even dub some sexy animations! 18+
The place to go for all things related to fat furries.
We welcome feedees and feeders alike, as well as any other kinks you may have.
Check us out if you're looking for a place to roleplay or just chill and chat.
Fantasy Feeders is a fantasy world filled with witches, humans, and monsters waiting to be fed or inflated. Become a hungry feedee or a manipulative feeder and gain, expand, mingle, or whatever your heart desires!
❗️ (SFW ONLY) ❗️
Welcome to The Fattening Slobby Lands An SFW server were we mostly roleplay about fat-related things but we accepted lovers of Inflation and Vore and any other stuff out there! Come join our small welcoming community and help us "expand!" We welcome furs and non-furs alike, and we hope you get along! 🍧 🍨 🍦

The Server Includes:

-Roleplay for Inflation/Weight gain/vore and more! 🤯
-Art Channels 🖌 🖍
-Character Submission 👤 👥
-And of course, Chatting! 💬

Come on down for a great time and enjoy it! 🤗
This server targets those interested in weight gain, stuffing, or getting bigger by any means possible. All people are welcome! We include things like feederism, inflation, vore, and more! Weight gain is not required, but it is accepted and encouraged. This server can get NSFW at points, you must be 18 or older.
Pregnancy fetish (and related fetishes) server. We got talkin, images, RP and memes
This is the big butt Empire we don't only have butt inflation we have other types of inflation's and it would be good if you checked out our colonies do you stay active on the server someday you might become admin and yearly we have elections 2/3/2020
AeroMasse Industries Consolidated LTD - A strange corporate run by a shadowy organization with a board of directors as a front. All sorts of strange experiments take place on both willing and unsuspecting test subjects who aren't sure what they've gotten themselves into in all cases. Come choose you kinks and one of many possible roles in a welcoming community with active server owners and moderators!

*Note: This is an active RP server, not somewhere to idle to stare at images people post. If you want access to the meat of the server, plan on creating and OC and actively roleplaying.
『❆~ Welcome To Fatty Wonderland ~❆』

『I know I should've posted a brief description about our server the first day we got it set up here on Disboard, but me and the staff team got caught up with getting the structures of the server built.. That I completely forgot to fill this out! But anyways, if you are wanting to come here because you are craving for the thiccness, then this is the server just for you!』

『In Fatty Wonderland, we have several BBW kinks (And a few other kinks that aren't BBW related) that will satisfy your needs. An active and welcoming staff team, willing to hearout any complaints, suggestions, and even questions. And most of all.. A welcoming community, willing to take in anybody that has a love for anything that revolves around the BBW kink~』
[THIS IS AN 18+ SERVER FULL OF WEIRDOS AND FETISHISTS-- if you don't like it, then that's fine! Or if you have any questions, just drop by. :) ]

(Video Game RPG-Inspired ERP! Complete with classes, and levels!*)

Hello everyone! You may remember us from an old server we used to run, Bwoomp! This is a reboot of the old one, and is a separate universe than that one. This takes place in a new land, with more dynamics and such to adventure your heart out! We now have Monster Types, the Monster equivalent of classes. Plenty of things to do, including many new bots and such to keep our community safe and happy! We also have a measure to make sure you've read the rules, so we can keep a happy and safe community. Here are a few things we have to offer!

-Fun bots, including Pokécord and Kawaii bot

-RPG inspired classes, with a leveling system used by MEE6 IRP

-Self assigned roles to show your preferences and match easily with others

-Various channels for your every needs

-Any style of roleplay, from 1-Liners to Novellas

-No restrictions on character design

-Friendly and open to staff willing to take or consider any suggestions to improve

We hope to see you soon and have a great time! Our happy community wishes to grow along with you, like a family. But not the Alabama kind.

*levels earned only in RP channels.
Do you dislike how there aren't any specific blueberry inflation servers?
Do you dislike how most blueberry inflation servers require strict requirements even if its completely sfw?
Do you dislike how some servers forbid furry art at all?

-Well welcome to Furry Berry lovers!
-You can talk to other berries who are into the same likes and kinks!
-Share your art or others art!
-And much more for this *swelling* community!~
I made this server because I am ashamed of my fetish and I know if I tell anyone nobody will accept it. I wanted to have a server of people my age just so that I know there are others my age out there who have this kink. I want the certainty of knowing I'm not alone as being a Teen in the Inflation Community. I humbly invite you to join my Inflation Server in hopes of making a huge inflation population one day.

Thank you :)
Welcome to the Gut Empire! An 18+ server where we love to eat, show off our big bellies and roleplay!
Verification is required to access the channels fully.
Hop on in and let's dig in! Let's fill up like gluts!
Hey all! Are you a furry? Are you an artist? Are you into body inflation? If you said yes to any/all of the above, come on over to /I/, an open inflation server! Artists get an extra role once they become member and show off their art, inflation or not!

Warning: Due to how the server works, you will need to participate and chat in the non-NSFW rooms before gaining access to everything.
Welcome to Obecity, the biggest plussize server on Discord, and a casual place for big guys and gals (and their admirers) to meet, chat, post art, and have a good time

We have channels for everyone and everything, from BBWs to BHMs, irl and art, inflation and expansion, furs and morphs, SFW and NSFW, and hundreds of active users, posters, models and artists, and a friendly, active staff team to boot
Here’s a roleplay server based on expansion on many levels. We are a growing server, looking for new members. So join us if you want a great time! It embraces people of every sexuality. However it is 18+ and your characters have to be 18+ as well. It has TupperBox the bot, and it allows you to play as multiple characters, having their name and picture while also maintaining your profile. When you enter, read #info and #rules. Enjoy!
If you want to roleplay, provide your ID with blacked out info. All we want is your Date of Birth. Any form of ID is acceptable as long as it's valid.

Inflation Labs is a place of science. It usually shows up in regular advertisement, boasting the fact that it will give you extra cash once you participate. But not to the knowledge of the desperate patron, it’s a place of inflation. The scientists are currently testing a new technology. Nanobots. Once upon signing and entry, you can’t leave. Now you gotta avoid inflating too much, otherwise you’ll lose yourself. You’d become a constantly lustful and horny shell, hellbent on the acceleration of everyone else’s Inflation. And you best not behave unless you want to be one of these lost minds. However it is possible to escape, but extremely difficult. I sure wouldn’t try it. Come on in!
Welcome to the growth rp server! Any fetish is allowed as long it isn't anything too bad. Other than that we provide a safe haven for those who enjoys them. Other than that we suggest you have a great time here
An RP server based around Sci-Fi and inflation/expansion, feel free to join!
We accept furries too so don't worry about that :)