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A NSFW server for those interested in RPs, weight gain, inflation, along with hypnosis, and just kinks/fetishes in general
Welcome to the university of change, here at random or by choice your body will grow, shrink, change genders, or swap bodies with someone else.

please note by joining this server you realize that the above will happen to you suddenly and at random.
This is a art and viewer sever, you can post your own and chat about such subjects. Inflation, Expansion, transform, vore, hourglass, wild takes, cartoon etc 18+ only
This is a fat pokemon server for fatty pokemon fans...y'know that 20% of the pokemon community...anyway join us as we journey as much as we can with as much weight as we have!

Be aware you must have a pokemon or furry character to join as to not make you look suspicious!
NSFW warning too!
Woah, hey, welcome to the Fatty Café. A new server for big things, such as: weight gain, inflation, expansion, and hyper. Gamers, furries, whatever, everyone is allowed as long as you're cool (and 17+). This server certainly isn't perfect right now, but I plan on improving it over time, feel free to come on in and hangout!

Why the café theme? I don't know, I just really like coffee.
Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you!
Tired of one-liners ruining your literate RP? Want to keep it low, but your partner is too describing? FetPlay is the place for you! FetPlay is a Fetish Roleplaying server that will depend on your writing type, AND your preferences! Be it Vore, Inflation, Weight gain, We have it all~! Also, you can post pictures here as well~! So, what are you waiting for? Start Roleplaying here!
Swell Reads is a server centered around expansion fetishism, primarily inflation and weight gain. Must be 18 years of age or older to join.
We also post expansion-themed comic dubs on our YouTube channel:
A city server with a slight inflation tone, we need people to come join in! Erp is allowed.
A brand new server that needs people centered around the inflation kink, along with hyper females or males. If your interested in that kind of stuff, come on in. We also have roleplay centered around inflation or the thicc, and we are always open to new suggestions. Note: theres a security area. A mod will ask a question and deppending on the response you will be let in.
Kinky 18+ furry-oriented server centered around fat furs and all things weight gain. There are multiple sfw & nsfw channels for you to share art, talk to others, or even post memes and shitpost!
Hey you! Join this super dope inflation Discord Server.
Server for sharing smut, finding ERP partners, and having a general good time. Normal non-Inflation (and all related kinks) smut is accepted and shared too, and more is uploaded almost everyday. Join the ranks of those who wish to grow their NSFW folders even more, and help others do the same!
Do you love Mon Musume? Do you also love weight gain, inflation or expansion? well, we've got both!~
Kat’s Kinky Corral is a place for those kinky or even just Vanilla to feel welcomed and share with others what they’re into!
-links range from vanilla sex all the way to BDSM
-includes Inflation and that stomach stuff.
-You can also post sfw and nsfw artwork! As two artists run the server.
- have fun, be safe, and respect others!
Here we post results of subliminals you use, we also post pictures of anthromorphic animals. This server is meant for adults so please enter when you are a least 18+
Exotic RP server catering to almost any kink. 18+ Only. All kinks welcome, not just the ones in the name, we don't exclude.
*Nsfw Expansion
*Nsfw Selfies!
Its Our Grand opening!
But You Need to Fill The Rooms With nsfw
You will get vertified by me when im online
(Also We Added a Roleplay For the Grand Opening)
This is a server for all inflation types. Everyone allowed please no sex, incest, rape, vore, ect.
Please join (10)
Join if you enjoy My Hero Academia, as well as expansion, Inflation, weight gain, and more!~ we roleplay, send photo's and chat!~
A place for fetish people looking for somewhere where violence and toxicity are not tolerated, come meet and greet people you may have never met before. Times have become hard in fetish servers and there needs to be a change, and hopefully you can find that change here
A server that is free from the judgment and scrutiny other, similar, servers may provide. It's cozy and just big enough to ensure that there's always someone there to say hi~! Shitposting is welcome (and encouraged), and so is any kink or ideas you may bring with you. Feel free to be who you are here.