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Welcome to the Transformation RP community Discord server! Within here, you'll find people interested in transformation and roleplay. Not just that, but this is a place where you can share and post stories, as well as art related to transformation. We try to make things an enjoyable experience here, and everyone is welcome to come and connect with others. One thing to note is that this is an 18+ server, and we hope you can respect the rules. Stop on by and join in on the fun!
*New Server so may not be very active*
Trex Laboratories is a Lab dedicated to testing DNA Serum on Subjects. The Serum is designed to mutate, or otherwise, transform the subject into another species. You are now Trex Laboratories's property and will remain as the Corporations property.
Welcome to the Transformational Meditation Group
Are you interested in meditation and want to do more than use meditation for relaxing purposes? Do you want to do more exciting stuff with meditation? Join our server and learn how to use meditation for transformation an manifestation. Join our meditations in Second Life live from discord and listen to recordings afterwards. Welcome!
A fun kinky place to hang out :)

Fetishes include Inflation, Blueberry Inflation, Bondage, Latex, Transformation, Parasites, Symbiotes, Guro, Vore, Slime, Flattening and many more!
Once upon a time, Humans were the dominant species of Earth. But that was a long time ago. After an incident over fifty years ago, beings known as Anthros have been slowly taking over the world, getting rid of all humans... But not killing them. Instead, the Anthros have been 'converting' captured Humans into Anthros. The old method was the use of strange collars, which would morph the body of a Human into a more animal state... nowadays though? There are a multitude of ways the anthros will change humans.
The world was split between Anthros and Humans. Humans are now a minority on the planet, but those humans left fight to keep their humanity, even going so far as to form a resistance. This resistance has gathered a multitude of members... and are now ready to strike back at the Anthros that had scared them into secrecy... It was time for Humans to take back there world. Or will it?
You wake up after a long night of drinking, to find yourself in a mall. However, this is no ordinary mall. This mall seems to change people in strange ways.

Welcome to The TF Mall, where we have all things Transformations! From videogame characters to mannequins, you can become anything here! Active members, 50+ TF options, and an amazing mod team! Whether you want to transform or be transformed, this server has anything you need!
Join this server if you enjoy Tg/Tf Rp ! We have plenty of bot to have fun and an Nsfw part for the Kinkiest one ;3
Come spend time in Shayden. Make our home in the city of constant change This place is one of mystery, no one knows why, but once you enter, you can't leave. With magic fully abloom in the air, you can change others to meet your wants in needs, but .... so can they. Make your home here, meet people, make friends and family, Shayden
Exotic RP server catering to almost any kink. 18+ Only. All kinks welcome, not just the ones in the name, we don't exclude.
-=General Description=-
This is a Changed server where the rules are much less reinforced in terms of NSFW. This server is very ERP-based, so if you aren't into that kind of stuff, I recommend you back out while you still can. ERP stands for "Erotic Role Play." Beware, and have fun being a kinky fucker. Literally.

-=Partner Message=-

Welcome to Latex Labs Facility #122

This Facility is located on an Exotic Island in the Pacific Ocean. This Facility is designed for comfort and other reasons. The Lab Staff here are expected to be kind and generous, as this facility is supposed to be for desired comfort. Experimentation goes on for Subjects/Latex who are unruly or treat others badly. This Laboratory is open to suggestions and is normally under construction because of more floors being added. So enjoy your stay, wether your a Latex, Subject, Guard or Staff!
This is a server mainly for hypnosis, mind control, corruption, and transformation roleplay. Here you can find all types of RP too satiate your hypno needs. In addition you can post ads for real Hypno
A server for all types of kinks, fetishes, interests. Currently being worked on as previous management abandoned it and with the player base. However, with some love, we believe the server can operate once again as it did all that time ago.

Thank you all for checking us out!
Here in Magiscapes, you roleplay as part of a race of people who can transform into animals! (you have the paws, ears and tail of them in normal form) Anyway, no time to care about that, demons are appearing all around the lands and you need to stop it! Roleplay with other people to reach you goals and join us! We’re accepting admin~
Furry Transformation on Discord is the sister server to the Furry Transformation Steam group and Furry Transformation Telegram group. The purpose of this server is to connect furries that have a mutual interest in Transformation content such as art, stories, and roleplay as well as have opportunities to socialize via gaming.
The sunny kingdom is a magical kingdom in a different realm one where magic is real and can only be used by the elites of society
The server features a medieval settting where you will role a dice for your place in life
A server of transformation and fetishes, made for people who want to have an rp not made for any one thing.
Welcome to the Dreamscape Dairy, a mysterious farm where human girls are trained and transformed into milk producing livestock, hucows. So if you are interested in loosing your humanity and becoming a simple cow, or if you're a bull, a farmer looking for a cow, or just a fan then please stop on by!
Welcome to The Flesh Void!

We are an 18+ ERP server with themed roleplay set in a demonic rehlm of flesh caverns and corridors. Within this labyrinth dwells Void Demons and Monsters who are intent of using the bodies of hapless victems, twisting them and robbing them of all humanity until they too are creatures of the void, thay is if the floors, walls and ceilings do not claim the victem first.

This server contains scenes with:
And much more!

*Server inspired by artwork created by
H.R. Giger, H.P Lobecraft, and MoT*
A fantasy ERP server set in a magic kingdom inside of a pocket dimension where anything is possible! Comes with free rentless living spaces too! (18+ MEMBERS ONLY)
-------------------------------------------Hello Lovelys!-------------------------------------------

This Discord server is in its early stages at the moment. Dolls are currently a focus of mine, but that's just cause I'm one of the only people here! If you've got a kink, interest, or just preference please join and I will make all the necessary changes to allow you to enjoy yourself~
Welcome to sunnyglade a strange little town full with magic users trying to live their lives. Sunnyglade is a cut throat town where people are transformed at random so make sure to watch your back
This server contains many fun places and unique opportunities
You can transform people into whatever you want
Its mostly rp though so have fun and let your wild side out. any kink is welcomed tg,petplay,ar,ap,feral, inanimate,bimbo any thing you can think of is allowed
We have some fun bots
Nice community we're no one is shamed
We now have fun locations with temporary tfs and are currently holding elections for mayor
*Staff Needed
The Crystal Woods Roleplay is about a cursed forest. Those who enter being punished, that being transformation.
The Crystal Woods, all who enter become apart of it.