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Welcome To Gay Bois, A Revamp of the Original gay bois server, Established 4/26/20

We have lax rules, very little moderation and an anarchism outlook on moderation. You can talk to others here, do whatever and have fun.
Male-Only (some exceptions made)
Self-Roles and other standard Channels.

This server is for gay males to converse and do other stuff, come join in!!!
Welcome to The Cockpit, a newly rebranded server that offers an active and diverse community!

Quick tips:
- It is suggested that you verify your age to enjoy all that this server can offer
- Non-verified members can join the SFW rooms, for a fun clean community
- Boosted 15 times, allowing you to post larger files!
- Trading between members
- Voice Channels (SFW / NSFW)
- Shoutout your Snapchat / twitter / OnlyFans / instagram
- New Toybox feature, exclusive to the Cockpit
Fap and go 2.0 revised to be bigger and better 😉

Male only server18+
✯ nude channels 🥵
✯ 18+ Nude & Selfie Chats
✯ React based roles
✯ Easy to use channels
✯ Region based channels
✯ Verified membership channels
✯ Public membership nudes
✯A place to just chill and have fun
Hey guy. I noticed a lot of young males don't receive the kind of positive and wholesome interactions that they really need to become the best man they can be. My goal in creating this server is to provide a sort of hangout for males where they can just be themselves and talk to other males to get advice, make friends, and just chill.
This is a fairly new server for male furries! I don't know what else to say, just join, read the rules, grab some roles, and have a good time!

-yiff channels
-lots of roles
-dating channel
-questions of the day
-suggestion dropbox
-bots to listen to music as well as cuddle and kiss your friends
And more!

:3 I'm taken by the way
This is a server for people to send nudes and porn weather it's them or somebody online. All are welcome however you self identify and whatever your orientation is we welcome you. This is still a pretty new server so if you have any suggestions or comments on how we can improve the server feel free to say so. Otherwise enjoy, I hope you cum😉💦
Let’s get nasty 😈( male only server)18+
※ Multiple nude channels 🤯
➪ 18+ Nude & Selfie Chats
➪ Verified User nude channels
➪ React based roles
➪ Easy to use channels
➪ Region based channels
➪ Gaming & Misc. Community channels.
➪ Snapchat & user advertisement friendly*
➪ Constantly updating channels
➪ All Male Majority server
➪ Events & Challenges
➪ Custom user roles
➪ Streamlined Verification process
➪ Active userbase
※ Nude animation (hentai, comic, porn bots, etc)
※ server based chats, updated porn feeds, & more!
This is a server for all boys to join if they love to wear girls’ one piece swimsuits and leotards.
This server is super small, but we love to talk!
Make reviews and recommendations to other boys about what kind of swim or gymnastics wear to buy.
Welcome Agents to:
Nyxrio Agency is a agency full of spys and of the nightwalkers, shadow walkers, Sorcerers, soresses and Shades plus spys all around the world. It is located in a highly top secret location up in the mountains and under the caverns. No one but the greatest spys even know where the exact location is of this agency. The person who started this agency was named Red she was a great leader of the agency who always played fair with her agents some that betrayed her never saw the light of day. When she passed on it went to her second in command named Iris and she was also a very fair leader to the agents but just like red if the agents betrayed her then they didn't live it went like that for years, one day Carla Rose Raven became the head of the agency and she is a very fair and strong leader and doesn't take betrayel very lightly. Carla is a great and kind leader like all of the others before her she keeps the agency a top notch one no one comes in and out of the agency without her or her inner circle knowing about it. Carla has eyes and ears all around the world with her contacts that are in all different parts of the world that all keep in contact with Raven about different kinds of info that she picks up and takes back to her agency. She is a very fair but strict to all of her agents and if she finds out a agent has betrayed her that agent would be dead the very next day she doesn't play when it comes down to being betrayed by anyone not even the members if her inner circle they all know better then to betray a woman like Carla cause they all have seen what she can do and believe me it isn't a pretty sight.(edited)
Dimensional Devouring is a server made for the sole purposes of boys getting eaten by other boys. A very gay, very male, very flamboyant server. It's like a whole other dimension because it's so different than most other servers. Go figure!
18+ Only, All genders allowed in, M/M content only
Heya guys! Welcome, welcome to my server! You may be wondering why my servers is here and I’ll tell you one thing and that thing is that everyone should be proud of who they are, my server is to focus and support cis-males here

In my server we have:
weekly events
big events like movie night, quizzes and sooo much awesome stuff too!
interaction in my server is a big thing and roles are very easy to get, along with rewards with them
future events like raffles and gaming events will come too!
the most important thing for a server: love~! :sparkling_heart:

This community is for all cisgender males that are gay/bi/pan/Interested in men and hangout as everybody wants peace and love and we’re here for you guys to be in bliss as my server is open!
can’t wait to see ya there, gay bois!
Its recently been revived so we dont have a ton of people, but would love to see you!
Welcome to FFG 3!
a server for both games and foot fetish, as well as a friendly community and the odd bit of roleplay~
we currently have a hell of alota boy feet, so if that's your thing this is probably the place for you!!

(ANYBODY is free to join our server and use the gaming and general sections! But you must be over the legal age to view the foot section of the server.)

have fun!
A collection of weirdos who like boys and vore! Come on by if you're looking for human dudes or monster dudes to eat ya. Must be 16+
🔞 Specifically tailored for the kinky turgescence and crimson orifices of the GAY Male community, Kinky as f*ck [18+ NSFW] is aiming at becoming your den of wetness and sizzling, steaming moans.

Kaf is the offspring of the successful, chaotic chilling zone Queer as f*ck [16+ SFW].

Loaded with:
▶ 2 General chatrooms (SFW & NSFW)
▶ 22 Softcore channels
▶ 12 Hardcore channels (and counting)
▶ 3 Art porn channels (furry ; hentai ; art)
▶ 4 Different Wankodromes™ (VoiceChat)
▶ Public and Private Nude-Selfies Room
▶ Nude Runway 😈
▶ Sex Time Stories
▶ Epic Sex-Ed where hard facts and WTF cohabit in unholy matrimony
▶ Several self-assignable Kinky Roles
▶ Ranking System

Help us grow this new lubricious community where angels and demons dance raunchily to each other's fires.
Come, join us! The Kinky side is calling.
Join this server to trade with ppl and get free nudes everyone welcome
A server where everyone can twerk, no matter what gender or skill. Join to chill, watch others people twerk, or show off your own skills!
Hello, and welcome to The Life Virus Dimension, A vore server for all your male predator needs! We don't allow any sort of female predator here, so if you're looking for a female pred server, this isn't the place. Female prey, however, is allowed! While we tend to focus on humans and humanoids, furries and others are welcome here too! Did I mention we're SFW? Because we are! We allow those 13+ to join the server! You're also free to roleplay, share art, or just chat, whatever suits ya. We have reaction roles, a slowly expanding emoji pack, and eventually more! So, if you're finally looking for a server that isn't female pred centric, why not give this one a shot?
We're new, so don't expect much activity, but I'm sure you'll have fun here!

Raiders and Trolls will be banned once found out. We have a verification system you will have to go through in order to access the rest of the server. RGloom is banned by default to prevent females from getting attacked for no reason.
╔═══════ GAYLIXY ═══════╗
🏳️‍🌈 Gay/bi/pan ETC male only server
👦 Ages 13- 20
💯 Loads of friendly members
💬 Active chats & lots of channels
╚═══════ GAYLIXY ═══════╝
Traditional people are a rare and hidden bunch, I feel like changing that. Through this server I hope to create a stable traditional server. We are predominately conservative and right wing however we are not supportive of national socialist and communist ideology’s and would prefer this society not to be plunged by them.
This is a NSFW server the more people you add the better reward you get 😉 both genders are welcome to join
Hello & welcome to Hot n Bothered, a Gay Male NSFW Fire Force Discord Server. This is a server for gay male fans of the hit manga/anime Fire Force.