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Server for chilling and having fun. Not many rules, just hop in and have fun.
Looking for people to join, chat, trade pics, view porn, and have fun lol
:eight_pointed_black_star: Salut tu vas bien? TU CLIQUES TU NIQUES? est de retour :underage:

:mailbox_with_mail: Voici 1 Invitation pour le serveur TU CLIQUES TU NIQUES?

:loud_sound: Un système de rôle automatisé :star:

:loud_sound: Un Staff compétant et à l'écoute de la communauté :yum:

:loud_sound: Un système de niveau avec des rôles a empoché :heart:

:loud_sound: Des rencontres, gars meufs il y'a tout :heart:

:loud_sound: Des animations exclusives :beers:

:loud_sound: Recrutement pour les grades Helpers et Animateurs

? Lien du serveur |||

:mailbox_with_mail: Voici 1 Invitation pour le serveur **TU CLIQUES TU NIQUES?
Looking for a server that has it all ? That will hopefully meet all your needs. Come on down to Spaghet and check us out, We are a friendly server that has almost everything, We allow and support all ages to come.

○ :video_game: New server :video_game:
○ :calling: Active staff :white_check_mark:
○ :frame_photo: Funny: Memes channel :white_check_mark:
○ :video_game: We play every single game! :white_check_mark:
○ :ghost: WeeklyDaily Event Gaming Night, Gaming Fridays! :white_check_mark:
○ :frog: One of the best Memes! :white_check_mark:
○ :red_circle: Lots of self assignable color roles :white_check_mark:
○ :fire: Self-assignable roles :white_check_mark:
○ :dancers: Coolest Staff! :white_check_mark:
○ :black_nib: We are also looking for people to handle partnerships :black_nib:
Contact @PM Dimo#3177 For partnerships
We love everyone that is @here

#Looking for active members [Who want to become staff!]
#Looking for active members [Active in text channels especially]
For anyone who wants to post a dick pick 18+ we also have made anime content through kink bot only online on Saturdays
❤ Hey toi ! Est-ce que tu cherches des nudes, du NSFW, des photos sexy, ou simplement a parler de ton orientation sexuelle librement sans te faire juger?
Ce discord est fait pour toi !
ATTENTION: ce discord est réservé aux mecs gays. Les hétéros sont tolérés, si il ne pose pas de problème.
Rejoins nous vite ! ❤
This is a server for anyone wanting to let anything they are holding in out. Everyone is equal.