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Fap and go 2.0 revised to be bigger and better 😉

Male only server18+
✯ nude channels 🥵
✯ 18+ Nude & Selfie Chats
✯ React based roles
✯ Easy to use channels
✯ Region based channels
✯ Verified membership channels
✯ Public membership nudes
✯A place to just chill and have fun
🔪 quarantine

⛓ ・emotes, diaries, roles
💀 ・simple dark egirl/boy aesthetic
📎・active community
🔪 ・active owners

—hiring free ams & pms!
As Gay as It Gets. (18+ No Verification required)


We are lvl 3 boosted*
Welcome to The Cockpit, a newly rebranded server that offers an active and diverse community!

Quick tips:
- It is suggested that you verify your age to enjoy all that this server can offer (please note all NSFW channels are only available to verified members
- Non-verified members can join the SFW rooms, for a fun clean community
- Level 3 Boosted!, allowing you to post larger files, chat clearer + many Emojis
- Trading between members
- Voice Channels (SFW / NSFW)
- Voice gaming and Streaming Channels both SFW and NSFW
- Shoutout your Snapchat / twitter / OnlyFans / instagram
- New Toybox feature, exclusive to the Cockpit
- Weekly Vip Challenges for more fun
- Weekly event plans (game nights, karaoke nights, movie nights, naughty nights)
Just some of the roles we offer

+ | Verified DJ | +
+ | Verified Therapist | +
+ | YouTube | +
+ | Content Producer | +
+ | Twitch | +




We like to do random stuff. Great group of people to meet, easy to talk to. Roast people, Party with them, debate people. Come check us out! Looking for more Female Staff members!
[CONTENT CREATORS NEEDED!] What's up, pledges? Grab yourself a solo cup of blueberry juice and have a good time here at the fraternity! We are an 18+ server and heavily gay male-oriented. Think you got what it takes boys? 🦊 FURRIES WELCOME!
Welcome to Shilohs Magical and Mystical Mansion anyone is welcome in her mansion and can come explore the forest and ride on dirtbikes and play laser tag or paintball and just have a great time. Shiloh enjoys having the company around her mansion and she loves having fun so come explore the magic and mystical beings in the mansion and around the mansion.

Years ago a beautiful baby girl was born when she was a baby she would watch her mother do spells and magic. When she was a kid her mother taught her spells and magic she told shiloh that there is magic all around her and that she should have fun with it and that is exactly what shiloh did growing up. When Shiloh hit her teenage years she had many many great friends but she did have quite a few enemies as well. When she turned eighteen years old she found some land and built her mansion from the ground up and she has a great and friendly staff that works for her and that is very loyal to her plus she wouldn't hire anyone that wasn't loyal to her. When she reaches the age of twenty one she became a very powerful mage or sorceress is what she likes to be called but otherwise she is a amazing woman that loves to have fun and go on adventures but most of all she loves to come back to her mansion and relax with her friends and have a great time. Shiloh is like a teacher she is always there to lend a ear if you have problems or a shoulder to cry on many people love her cause she is very motherly but she can be protective at times of the people that are very close to her heart.

Plot: All is calm and quiet until one day a darkness decends on the mansion where Shiloh will have to get help from her friends from the Sky Castle and the Under World to help bring the darkness down and keep everyone safe all at the same time.

Roleplay Server
We do have a out of charecter channel
Anyone is welcome
We accept one liners or paragraphs
Dont join then leave stay and pull up a chair and relax
Mages, Vampires, Warewolves, Fairys, and other mystical creatures are all welcome with open arms
Recently created discord server aimed at helping LGBT+ 18+ content creators expand their audience while also connecting them with other content creators and their fans. NSFW, Lewd channels + more!
Hello there! This is a male-focused kink role-playing server dedicated to weight gain as well as various other kinks such as-- blueberry expansion, various inflations and even mpreg. The server is new and fresh, perfect for those looking for a place to share like-minded thoughts, conversations or even role-play while also being provided with a friendly and welcoming place to hangout. So if any of that sounds appealing to you and you don't want to join any big servers, why not give this server a shot, we'd be happy to have you!
Welcome folks! This server is partnered with the BSU Fraternity server. Here you can find IRL clothing inflation, suit inflation, and paddings. All of our members MUST be 18+, male, and post only male content. If you do not wish to comply with these main rules, then you can go elsewhere. We also have it set up so that you must choose roles BEFORE agreeing to the rules, in order to minimize lurking members. Hope you all have a great time and enjoy your stay!
Hey guy. I noticed a lot of young males don't receive the kind of positive and wholesome interactions that they really need to become the best man they can be. My goal in creating this server is to provide a sort of hangout for males where they can just be themselves and talk to other males to get advice, make friends, and just chill.
Welcome to FFG 3!
a server for both games and foot fetish, as well as a friendly community and the odd bit of roleplay~
we currently have a hell of alota boy feet, so if that's your thing this is probably the place for you!!

(ANYBODY is free to join our server and use the gaming and general sections! But you must be over the legal age to view the foot section of the server.)

have fun!
Join this server to trade with ppl and get free nudes everyone welcome
A place where incels and mgtows are welcome, we have copes such as nsfw and gaming, without any foids
🔞 Specifically tailored for the kinky turgescence and crimson orifices of the GAY Male community, Kinky as f*ck [18+ NSFW] is aiming at becoming your den of wetness and sizzling, steaming moans.

Kaf is the offspring of the successful, chaotic chilling zone Queer as f*ck [16+ SFW].

Loaded with:
▶ 2 General chatrooms (SFW & NSFW)
▶ 22 Softcore channels
▶ 12 Hardcore channels (and counting)
▶ 3 Art porn channels (furry ; hentai ; art)
▶ 4 Different Wankodromes™ (VoiceChat)
▶ Public and Private Nude-Selfies Room
▶ Nude Runway 😈
▶ Sex Time Stories
▶ Epic Sex-Ed where hard facts and WTF cohabit in unholy matrimony
▶ Several self-assignable Kinky Roles
▶ Ranking System

Help us grow this new lubricious community where angels and demons dance raunchily to each other's fires.
Come, join us! The Kinky side is calling.
In searching discord I’ve not been able to find a place where men and women alike are welcomed to discuss and build community around shared roles, with women being outright banned from many traditional servers so I wanted to build a place where these discussions could be held and where we could mingle
Ever wanted some people to play Among US With then JOINNNNNNN Here we have the best Community Staff out there!!!
After realizing that male humanoid/human preds are sort of a rare thing within the Vore community, me and my friends have decided to take it upon ourselves to create one of a kind, all male-vore server. Here, you can post your male vore art and pictures to your heart's content as well as roleplay and not have to worry about being overwhelmed by furry vore. YOU MUST BE 16 AND OLDER