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The Boba Café is a +18 mainly Asian server. We chat, we have fun and we make friends. Come over and sing or have a drink with our friendly community.
Eroville to serwer gdzie możecie spełnić swoje erotyczne fantazje pisząc wraz z innymi ludźmi.
✔️ Uprzejmą administrację która stara się aby poprawić wasze odczucia.
✔️ Masę kanałów na których możecie pisać RP, lub dzielić się swoimi przeżyciami.
✔️ Każdy po stworzeniu postaci dostaje domek który może dowolnie modyfikować.
✔️ Kanały NSFW gdzie można wysyłać i oglądać najróżniejsze fotki
✔️ Role ułatwiające znalezienia partnera do RP.

Jesteśmy tolerancyjną społecznością akceptującą mniejszość LGBT+, więc nie spotkacie się z przykrymi komentarzami w związku z waszą orientacją, płcią i fetyszami.
We're a relaxed, pretty-much-do-whatever-you-want kinda BDSM server. All we ask is that you have common sense and keep your bullshit in the appropriate channels. Here, (even though it isn't always the vibe) people are allowed to be mean, to throw insults and to make each other "uncomfortable".

⁺˚⁺• Some of what to expect •⁺˚⁺
+ Self assignable roles.
+ Lots of emotes.
+ Many attainable roles.
+ Active voice chat.

Entry is consent. If somebody steps over a line, dealing with it is your responsibility. Come say hi and help us grow.
Konichiwa !!!
Este grupo tiene como objetivo el disfrute de anime, series, películas y todo lo relacionado con lo friki.
This is server of black metal fans.Or maybe,some,fans of another metal genres.But still,welcome and enjoy headbanding in the name Evil.

Right now server is in Early WIP
So we have:
- Level bot.Cool
- Chats where you can post album,but you need to look at exsample how to do it,just i dont want make it like thrash.
- Almost toxic angry owner.
- Four music bots.
- Custom Role bot
school rp/erp
if you wanna be in a school where teachers and students can be together maids and butlers are in the hotel welcome to the erp server we will welcome you in open arms
This server is for people who are 18 and above.

FRIDAY ENDS! We are a chill 18+ server that is not nsfw in nature. We are very active and friendly. Join us we're lonely. We have cookies!

Not a programming server but has many programmers.
This server is also lgbtq+ friendly.
Un server activ de gaming si chat.
Staff amabil, open mind .
Mare Giveaway de CRACIUN. Fiti pe fază!
Serveur NSFW pour les grands fans de Hentai. (+18)
Nous laissons les membres poster leurs propres images dans des channels dédiés. Une communauté amicale et un grand nombre de membres font de ce serveur un serveur idéal pour les discussions en tout genre. Rejoignez-nous maintenant!

NSFW server for Hentai fans (18+).
We let members post their own pictures in dedicated channels. A friendly community and a sizeable memberbase make this server an ideal one to discuss anything and everything. Join us now!
Здесь ты сможешь найти себе новых друзей. И пообщатся о разных темах! Заходи друг!
-| Weed Know |- İkinci kere açılan sunucudur.
İlk sunucu sohbet ve +18 idi.Bazı sebeplerden dolayı kapandı.
Öncelikle biz çoluk çocuk istemiyoruz.Burası bir sohbet,eğlence,aile sunucusudur.Hem oyun oynayacağız,hem dertleşeceğiz hem de sohbet edeceğiz. SUNUCU YAŞ SINIRI +17
Plonger dans les abysses sans perdre votre souffle, nous sommes là pour parler de tout et de rien, juste ce détendre. C'est un peu comme une oasis en plein désert. On se prend pas la tête et a cette relaxe! Bien sûr, on est des petits coquins et c'est un discord 18+ basée sur le sexe! Si vous êtres trop prudes vous ne ferez pas long feu ici! Venez plonger dans la luxure et le délice avec nous !

Des bots NSFW, des events, des actions/Vérité (chaud ou soft) mais aussi des catégories sfw! Venez nous rejoindre, si vous l'osez!
This a NSFW server that contains porn. Everyone is welcome here but we do need more gays and woman in here so please come check us out. Only +18 cause if you are underage you'll be kicked.

Welcome to,yes as you can guess from the server name this is yet another hazbin hotel roleplay server, i bet you are tired of seeing these aren't you?
you gotta be 18+ to join this server or you will be kicked for the safety of the discord.

-Friendly and atleast one mod constantly online at all times
-Both canon and OC friendly
-Semi lit rp
Welcome to Nothing but Lust, where we fill out your sexual desires~!

♡ Erotic roleplay allowed everywhere!
♡ No kinks shamed!
♡ No-hate zone!
♡ Everyone is accepted!
♡ Unlimited character slots!
♡ Fair staff!
♡ 5 fully fledged roleplay areas!
♡ Regular purges to keep things active!
♡ Regular giveaways!
♡ No minor roleplay/erp!!!

Ever wanted to get fucked in an alley by four guys~? Ever wanted to buy a personal sex slave~? We have everything, so please come check out this new server and enjoy your lustrous stay~

(Btw. You gotta make a character to rp ;3 Anddddd its set in 2019. Just a heads up.)
¿Quieres vivir una aventura en dónde hay muertos vivientes en buscas de tus cerebros?!..
(Bueno.. no suena tan bien si lo contamos :D)
¡Entonces ciudad Z es el lugar indicado para ti!
Con variantes bots de rpg, nsfw, y mil comandos más.
Misiones que quizás sean arriesgadas para tu personaje, incluso para la mentalidad del jugador!. rápido ven y invita a tus amigos para darse unas buenas risas en un mundo repletos de muertos vivientes y científicos apurados en busca de una cura!..
¡Y todo se hace mediante Rol-Blanco!
(Pueden pasar imagenes y todo.)
¡Te esperamos con cerebros!
Digo... Galletas y leche!
servidor fudelancia so para gente q tem um qi elevado e q saiba apreciar as musicas do ednaldo e que não gostam de merdas tipo kpop ou furrys e gays
L'ÉCOLE DES PÉCHÉS +18 , vous invite à laisser vos péchés prendre le dessus et nous rejoindre.

Nous proposons un serveur complet entièrement +18 pour rencontrer des personnes sans tabou et partager de bons moments.

Venez nous retrouver à l'écrit comme en vocal pour des discussions classiques et si vos pêchés sont incontrôlable nous pourront nous pervertir tous ensemble sans jugements ;)

Des channels Porn +18 , de nudes , ainsi qu'un système de nudes certif sont en place , il ne manque plus que vous ;)

Allez vous succomber à l'appel de vos envies ?
Sauna Vip

Depois de uns problemas, estamos de volta
99% Ativo 🔥

Venha fazer parte dessa família

-Chat 📢
-Serve com conteúdo +18 🔞
-Nudes novos quase todos dias 😈
-E futuros eventos 🎉

Não perca tempo, entre e se dirvita 👌🏻

Here you will be able to find anything 2D/3D NSFW related. You can choose whatever you want to see in a respectful server. The administrators are active almost all day long, very open to anything and very friendly! We like NSFW stuff as much as you surely do.


You can post pictures whenever you want and search for others. We are still a new server, and we hope that you will have fun.

It has hentai, ecchi, asmr, video games, and even more stuff! Furries are also welcome, and have their own category.

Come join us! 💞


― NSFW Server. (Hentai, porn, etc)
― Active & friendly staff!
― Free to post!
― Self assignable roles!
― A lot of different channels!
― (we're friendly, we swear! Join us!)
Hello, this Kurasa, Alpha of this breeding den. It's a newly created server for anyone who loves feral wolves. Come sate your interest by joining and being rutted by some large beasts~! We have a few emotes so far and the server is being worked on constantly. Anyone who loves feral creatures is welcome to join!
Beautiful role-play made for everyone over the age of 18. Come and join if you’re looking for a family.