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Welcome to Kinkdom! Strictly an 18+ server, newly started up; if you’re looking for a mature server; porn based, many kink assignable roles and explicit verified content!
Mature, friendly, helpful, and a growing community. Whether you like gaming, memes, or anything else and just want some cool people to hang out with or game with we're looking for you! We

Or maybe you'd like to check out the progress on the bot I'm creating?

hope to see you soon!
Want to join the most perverted hentai server where you can worship anime/hentai babes and talk perverted about them while posting hentai images?
This is a server dedicated to waifu worship. But not just regular waifu talks. This is completely an adult environment with adult content and conversations.
Which includes hentai conversations, visualisation of R+ scenarios with anime characters and sharing of adult 2D content. Come join and worship lovely anime bombshells. We hope you have a great time here!
Refuge pour déscolarisés, sous-races, chômeurs, personnes atteintes de maladies mentale, junkies et introvertis.
Besoin de personnes qui arrivent à comprendre le second degrés sans être triggered et aussi savoir être sérieux quand il le faut.
Soyez les bienvenus dans ce serveur de merde.
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+

A small, new, community of mature and diverse folk who like relaxed discussion, memes, and generally having a good time.

Lewd, attention seeking e-personas. We are just regular folk, but on the internet.

Come join us!
A cozy lounge for meeting new people, socializing, or those just looking to warm their feet by the fire 🔥🌲

We'd love to have your company, so join today! 😁

18+ only please
Rented, is simply a "companion service" offered by the owner, for those who just need that little bit of care, the little bit of special affections, but are too hesitant to commit to anything too serious.

Warning: While this server caters to general companionship needs, it's intention leans towards a naughty, but highly affectionate, service.

The owner can (be rented) act as your companion, affectionate partner (or even something slightly more mature and naughty). Hopefully, you may find her understanding enough to be just someone out there who you can find company or confide into~ (Master and daddy dom kinks welcomed as long as you abide by the rules. *wink*)

Due to the possibly mature nature of this companionship, it is (very strongly) preferred that you are at least 18 and is accepting towards such an idea.

Important notice: Strictly no voice/video calling or sending of any selfies are permitted. This is to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Rp or erp are acceptable but strictly no irl or oc rp are intended. The intention is after all to offer a genuine, personal companionship which still very highly respect personal boundaries.

If you feel like this may be what you are looking for, don't hesitate to join and get to know more first~
G'day all Bored Aussies from across the land! We're an Australian Discord chat community, originating from Austnet IRC. Active chat and group voice chats every night. Recommended age is 18+ and don't have to just be from Australia to join! :)
Degenerate dreams is an NSFW server (18+), Mental health and LGBT supporting and inclusive. Gaming, Anime, Movies, Hentai and lewd content. Several bots, multiple VC channels, with 200 emojis for your usage. Come join our community of degenerates.
A mature roleplay community where one can finally play as one of the many canon characters of Tolkien's Universe as well as original characters planted straight into the story. We are open and forgiving of real-life situations, which means we are patient and always welcome to any and all who know nothing from fans of Tolkien's work that are well-versed as well.
Are you looking for a mature server? Wanting to promote yourself or avoid a hugbox? Not a furry and just looking for somewhere to hang out?

Join the club today! We have:
✨ Experienced & relaxed staff
✨ NSFW areas
✨ Biweekly giveaways & raffles
✨ No excessive channels or roles
✨ Available partnerships
✨ Role rewards, challenges & events!

All in a 80s-90s themed server!
**Must be 18+**
Not for the faint of heart.
Welcome To Nevermore Manor, a place that your Character finds themselves trapped in. Filled with friends and foes, they must find ways to survive, even if it means to hurt others, there is no permission to kill here.

Post a starter as to how your character found their way there, this helps the Greeters see your literacy in your RolePlay!


↓What this server offers!↓

† Easy to understand lore. 😄

† Creative emojis to use. 😎

† An optional NSFW/NSFL channels to post your favorite nudes and bloody gore images! 😍

† Flexible storyline, so you can create your own plots! 🏚️

Bots to play all sorts of games including to play music! 🎶

Personality roles to choose from so people can have a understanding as to who you are ooc. 😏

Not only that we hope to get to know you, make friends and be open without feeling like an outcast. See you soon!

Lunarium is a Brand new Discord server with a goal that reaches the stars.
We **encourage** mature conversation (not always) such as current events,
History (including dark history), controversial topics/viewpoints, etc.

We offer:
☪Self-Assigning Roles and Colors
☪Loose Rules
☪Bots (economy, dank memer, leveling, marriage, etc)
☪Semi-SFW General Chat
☪Introductions and Verification (not mandatory)
☪Gaming Text Channel (flex stats or ask if anyone plays a game)
☪Selfie and Art Sections
☪Main Voice Chats and Gaming Voice Chats
☪1 On 1 Voice Chat
☪Party Voice Chat (fit up to 5 in each channel)
☪Music Bot/Music Channels
☪Game Nights

Ages 14+ are welcome, we only ask for those who are sensitive to refrain from joining the server.
Far too often, I've run into Anime/Manga fan communities that are far too restrictive in discussion and often lack actual discussion of anime.

If not that, I've run into channels that are filled with overzealous mods and a completely absent administrator.

Because I could not find a place I could feel is my own, I instead decided to build a place of my own.

This will be a place where civility will be maintained above all else. Where those who do wrong will be punished alone and not the whole chat. Where discussions will be had about what we love without drawing lines in the sand as to what does and does not belong. Where people will not be ridiculed about what they like or don't like or fandoms they are part of.

Most of this is idealic, I know. But I will strive to maintain it the best I can.
A brand new nude rating community!
All 18+ are welcome, we wanna keep this nice and mature.
~ a chill space 4 anyone 🕷
~ anyone over 13 welcome 🌩
~ it can be toxic so pls beware ⛓
~ a shit ton of self assignable roles 🍥
~ come to make friends, meme & more 🔪
* small server, but we love new ppl. enjoy!*
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC

OUR GOAL: Foster a community where people from all around the world can come together to have meaningful conversations alongside some banter
Join Master 18+ To meet your perfect little slut or your perfect Daddy 👅
The Creepy Manor
Hello! This RP-Server is based around CreepyPastas.
Specifically, it's about all of them living together in a manor.
Like a big incredibly dysfunctional family.
You can choose to be any Creepypasta that you'd like.
(Oc's are allowed at the moment)
When in rp, you just need to act as how your character would.
No matter how sinful or immoral they may be, it's all fine here.
Even graphic themes & content are allowed with consent.
At the end of the day, hopefully everyone should have fun.
(Please be capable of using proper grammar & such.)
Carnage is a violent Sicilian mafia based roleplay group. It is based in present day, and features severely brutal and mature themes. There's not much to say. We have a newbie orientation section that allows members to read over all of our information and decide then if they'd like to proceed into the rest of the group or leave. We're a fairly close knit bunch of people who enjoy screwing around in our general chats. We offer a variety of pleasurable activities other than roleplay, and highly encourage our members to interact with the community.
❗ Come and join our growing community of 1k+ ❗

📬 You've received an invite from SKK 📬
❣️ Here's a bit of information about our server... ❣️
📢 We're a server dedicated mostly to hentai, but that doesn't mean thats the only thing we focus on! 📢
👋 We have sections dedicated to our gamers, anime enthusiasts, and memers alike; with areas of the server more focused on real life living as well! 👋
🙈 There's an 18+ section, for those who like 3d over 2d 👅 🙈
👑 As long as you follow our rules, we'll gladly accept you into our community! 👑
💙 Make sure you enjoy your stay and have fun while you're with us! 💙