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A cozy lounge for meeting new people, socializing, or those just looking to warm their feet by the fire 🔥🌲

We'd love to have your company, so join today! 😁

18+ only please
The human society has been plagued by supernatural creatures since the very beginning. Now the fragile peace that has been settled seems to be breaking again. What is your destiny in it? What fate for humanity and other species are you choosing? Join us and tell us your story!
P. S. We're not a typical ERP server, but players have access to that option as well.
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC

OUR GOAL: Foster a community where people from all around the world can come together to have meaningful conversations alongside some banter
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
A server to live out your naughty fantasies in erp with a bunch of other people who want to do the same. You also can share porn or hentai or just talk with the people on the server about whatever you want. Just be nice to them.
I stream on Mixer my gaming craziness and have this server for those that either need a closer connection with others, need mental support or just plain insane wants to feel at home :)
Mature, friendly, helpful, and a growing community. Whether you like gaming, memes, or anything else and just want some cool people to hang out with or game with we're looking for you!

Or maybe you'd like to check out the progress on the bot I'm creating?

hope to see you soon!
☆Join our rapidly growing Hentai server that has over 2500+ members and is nitro boosted! We pride ourselves in our friendly staff and very loyal userbase! If you want to join a unique hentai server and want an active one that strives to be different, join our worship server!☆
We have:
♡ - 2500+ members and a strong userbase that is active!
♡ - Friendly staff and tons of hentai that is posted in main channel throughout the entire day with users commenting on all the images!
♡- You can trade hentai with people, participate in lewd conversations about hentai with anyone, just relax and view the hentai and much more!
♡ - Join our engaging events and play in our pokecord events!
Welcome to Kinkdom! Strictly an 18+ server, newly started up; if you’re looking for a mature server; porn based, many kink assignable roles and explicit verified content!
Yo, nouveau serveur de passionnés de manga et japanimation pour gens "matures" parce qu'on en a marre que les seuls serveurs du milieu soient remplis d'enfants avec des Q.I de kebab.

Du coup si tu lis des mangas, que tu collectionnes, ou que tu aimes regarder des animés je t'invite à faire un tour chez nous ! Étant nouveau il y a encore des choses à améliorer, nous sommes ouverts à toutes propositions. Pour l'instant on a:

💬 Un salon général et jeux vidéos
🔊 Un salon vocal et un vocal pour regarder des épisodes ensembles
📖/📺 Une catégorie manga et animé pour parler de ce qu'on lit/regarde
📚 Une catégorie collection pour poster sa mangathèque, ses figurines, etc...
🍀 Une catégorie partage pour poster des fonds d'écrans, memes, opening, etc...
Salut !

Aujourd'hui je suis là pour te présenter notre serveur.

Hoshi no sekai !

Nous te proposons de nombreux événements/animations comme: (trouve le mots, loup garou, skribbl et bien d'autres).
Trois factions sont à votre disposition ci dessous:

La Guilde du Soleil.
Le clan de la Lune.
La tribu du Crépuscule.

Nos trois factions sont uniques grâce à leur histoire, Les différents clans ont été créés par les trois esprits principaux,

Agratina, Minara et Nero
Qui se battent pour la beauté du ciel.

Rejoins nous pour qu'il puisse te conter cette magnifique histoire.

A bientôt petite étoile !
Degenerates is an NSFW server (18+), Mental health and LGBT supporting and inclusive. Gaming, Anime, Movies, Hentai and lewd content. Several bots, multiple VC channels, with 200 emojis for your usage. Come join our community of degenerates.
Join Master 18+ To meet your perfect little slut or your perfect Daddy 👅
This is a 18+ nsfw server, with a friendly and kinky community.
We welcome all walks of life and dont judge anyone on anything,we hang out, chill and get to know each other, its a place where like minded ppl hangout and share their love of sexual desire <3
A brand new nude rating community!
All 18+ are welcome, we wanna keep this nice and mature.
♣ Ages 20+ only.
♣ Gamers, Artists.
♣ A chilled laid-back server. Join to meet new friends and ease your mind from reality.
♣ We can't wait to meet you!
We mainly sell black longs. Giveaways in the future. We have an event going on, which allows you to get a free black long, join Now. Scammers are welcome, and can discuss anything they would like to. Black longs are $10.
Recipe: Wine and Dine

This dish is witty, classy, and encourages the use of complete sentences.

You should be 25+ yo to consume, but 18-24 may as well if they demonstrate maturity.

Serves: 2


- Political and religious topics avoided
- 4 whole potatoes
- LGBT-friendly
- Safe/Non-toxic, violators and trolls insta-banned
- No annoying game bots
- 1 c olive oil or butter
- Counting channel to appease OCD
- Designated area for venting
- 3 liters spicy memes
- Light debate welcome
- [Coming soon] DJ events
- A pinch of salt, only if snowflakes are present

Instructions (server rule excerpts)

1) Preheat oven to 350°.
2) Common sense may not be all that comnon, but it prevails.
3) No religious, political, or NSFW conversations/posts/media of any kind are allowed on this server. There are plenty of other servers where these may be discussed.
4) Knead dough until velvety.
5) Allow to rise one hour.
6) Respect everyone regardless of race, gender, beliefs, orientation, nationality, etc. No derogatory language or slurs; no excuses.
7) Number seven is a paradoxical axiom, not an instruction.
8) Bake until all trolls have perished.
9) Allow to rest 30 mins before serving.

Click join to Dine
A small community with a lot of heart. A plethora of great SFW and NSFW channels. Seasonal Specials such as Halloween Yiff and Christmas Yiff. Come and join the fun!
Hello, and welcome to the Rose Haven. We're a mature chill server dedicated to making friends and maintaining a good community. There's not a set age requirement, but we do ask that you maintain a mature and well behaved demeanor. We have a few bots to play with, custom roles, we even support Twitch streamers by announcing and watching actively.

Looking for a partnership as well? Sure thing! Just let staff know and maybe we can make something happen!

Hope to see you soon, friend. <3
Join Pathetic!
What we got!

-▷ Mature Community!
-▷ Variety of Topics!
-▷ Lots of Porn!

__**⚜️What to Expect from this server:**__

🌹Friendly Environment with a Active Community!
🌹Anti Spam methods to keep conversations healthy!
🌹Content Creators are supported and Self-Partnership!

__**⭐What we provide for the community:**__

🌺A well moderated 18+ ONLY memberbase!
🌺Fun Chats & Bots to make the server more alive

We also got

• 𒆙 • E-girls/boys
• 𒆙 • Verified Nsfw
• 𒆙 • Nudes
• 𒆙 • Aesthetically pleasing pics
• 𒆙 • Safe space for doms/subs
• 𒆙 • Kinks for days
• 𒆙 • Self assignable roles
• 𒆙 • People from all over
• 𒆙 • And a super thicc owner

We'll be happy to meet you people! <3