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18+ server where you can ask all your intimate questions and possibly get answers. Chat, flirt, have fun! SFW and NSFW channels.
just another fucking server shoving the same old shit down your throat. 18+ only, active vc's, live streams, events, and giveaways regularly. we're a tight knit active community, dont be shy join us today 🙂
Club Wolf™ is a new (as of 6-9-20) community for adults (18+).
Our aim is to be a fun relaxing place where people can come hang out and get to know people, and hopefully make some friends.

To help ensure our members are 18 or older, we request our members complete a verification before they receive full access to the server. However, everyone has the chance to try us out to ensure we're a server they are interested in before they verify.

Our server offers:
- A fun & relaxing atmosphere!
- Many self selecting roles!
- A variety of channels!
- Server currency!
- Random giveaways & events!
- NSFW channels for those interested! (we're not a NSFW focused server though)
- And more!

If our server sounds like one you're looking for, we'd love to have you!
We wanna try something new. What if there weren't 90 thousand text channels? What if people used discord for what it was meant to be used as? Discord is a voice platform. How 'bout we actually vc. 18+ for obvious reasons. We've all visited servers that slap the 18+ tag on but join a vc and it's all 12 year old kids looking for things on discord their parents should be monitoring. Let's vc with adults!
Welcome to Anarchy! The server for all your alternative needs!

We're a small server for anyone 15-30 who identifies as alternative (Emo, goth, etc.) and/or LGBTQ+ so if you fit into one of these, come say hi!

We have something for everyone here, including:
- Secure verification to ensure no raiders/trolls ruin your fun
- Self-assign roles
- Excessive colour roles
- Support channel for advice
- Reliable moderation
- A furry channel for the fluffballs
- Plenty of LGBTQ+ roles and a safe space chat channel
- Aesthetic channel borders
- And some NSFW channels for those who wish to see them

And if there's something we're missing, we have a suggestions channel for you to help us grow!

Come join, we don't bite... Unless you ask~

Server Invite Link:
♥ We are a community that likes hentai
♥ Please keep everything in the right channels!
♥ Follow rules, be friendly, make friends, and have fun with the hentai bot
♥ No actual nudes out of the bot or saying the n-word you will be banned instantly!
♥ Overall Please Have Fun And Enjoy! ♥
**Canon Characters Needed!**
Frodo Baggins, King Théoden, Denethor II, Celeborn, Haldir, Elladan & Elrohir, Lindir, Galion, Halbarad, Pallando the Blue and more!

**Accepting Elves, Humans, Rangers, Rohirrim, Hobbits, Dwarves, and Gondorians!**

**Monthly Giveaways for Discord Nitro!**

Our AU roleplay takes place about 30 years before the Fellowship forms in Rivendell. We are a character/dialogue driven, literate roleplay server that accepts canon characters as well as original characters (within reason). We strive to include a wide variety of races that Tolkien created through his books and the films that we have all come to love.

We offer a wide variety of locations including The Woodland Realm, Erebor, Rivendell, Hobbiton, and many more! We can't wait for you to come write with us!
༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺

Looking for a place a place to escape your hatred of the outside world and escape online? Well we’re just the place

We’re just a bunch of dumbasses who chill and vibe in a server, that’s literally it

What we have to offer;

✖️ Few Rules
✖️ Choose-able Roles
✖️ Choose-able Colors
✖️ Channels pertaining to your interests

We also have font named channels so they might not work on certain devices

༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
A roleplay server with many different categories. From topics like Star Wars and JoJo, to a zombie apocalypse or original plots. Enter a new universe and escape yours for a little while.

- Anime and Manga fans
- Comic book fans, Star Wars, all the good nerdy shit
- Shitposting channels for your meme needs
- Many different topics and taking suggestions
- Inclusive community
- Original concept RPs as well as RPs based on media
Furry-vore focused mini-server.
Entry requires furry profile image.
250+ members, secure design for chat, art & RP.
Friendly for Poke-Furs, Fatty-Furs & Hyper-Furs too.
No tolerance for drama, immaturity or non-furry content.
The 101 is a 21+ adult server intended for a mature demographic. We are driven and focused on providing a healthy environment with a positive atmosphere. The server shares knowledge, wholesome conversations and quality content. All walks of life with all sorts of interests are welcome and the older you are the better! So come join us for some fun and make some new friends!

• safe for work
• variety of channels
• welcoming community
• friendly and helpful staff
• level/ranking system
• color names
• custom emojis
• various bots
• gamer and streamer friendly
• membership perks
• upcoming events and giveaways
• zero tolerance
Khush Aamdeed, Pakhair Raghlaye, Assalamualaikum! We are a friendly and active community of local Pakistanis discussing our diverse interests, from memes to anime to TV Shows to politics. Since we are a small server, we treat each member as family, free of toxicity or aggression. Do check us out if you're in the upper teens or lower 20s, since that's our age group! Divided by miles, united by the green flag. Pakistan Zindabad ^-^
Hi everyone , This is a community / gaming server with English / French speakers , we like talking each others , make new friends and play games together , join us now and become a Homie , just be mature . Also we are all equal , no admins at the top of the list .
Hey everyone, your friendly neighbourhood weesh here with a brand new over 21's server.
Sick of everyday life and want adult conversation? You want to show your projects or cute pets I want to see, want to recommend music, movies games or TV shows, I want to know. Want to collaborate or just talk shit or just vent about your day, come see us!
We are friendly, we accept anyone from everywhere, we like a bit of banter and have many interests. Hope to see you soon!
⤿ Mature members
⤿ Small tight-knit community
⤿ Custom roles and channels
⤿ Weekly server events
⤿ Regular VC

OUR GOAL: Foster a community where people from all around the world can come together to have meaningful conversations alongside some banter
✦                               ∙                                   •
                  ∙                        ・                 ∙
 ∙                •                 ✧                ∙          ・
      ∙   Welcome to moon rock!     •
      •                 ✧                             ∙
           ∙                        ∙              ✦               •
We're a simple chill and wholesome server where you can have fun and meet new friends and maybe find your love :o, and theres also a great role system where you can compete with the other members! see you there!
Cheers is now open for business! This fun friendly 25+ server is for those who want a more relaxed, laid back atmosphere. The bar offers both SFW and NSFW channels, a little something for everyone. For some, this may be your new home away from home. So, come on in, belly up to the bar and make some new friends and engage in some fun friendly banter. First drink is on us!
A Furry server for fun with nice and friendly fluffs to hang out and share creative content.
Members are recommended to have a furry profile picture but it's not required.
Degenerates is a house of debauchery led by the mad. Truly, if there were an apocalyptic, Mad Max community of debased creatures that give in to their every carnal desire and fantasy, it would be found in this server. Bound together by memes and tits, the members appreciate free discourse and civil discussion alongside total filth and tasteless humor relating to subjects that should probably be whispered about, and never mentioned in public. LGBT Friendly, drug friendly, kink friendly, and the best emojis you've ever seen. We get high and split thighs.
Nitro Boost level 3, Hundreds of emotes, 18+ only no minors.
Welcome to 404!
-> We're a chill community mainly focusing on socializing with chill people like us. Likewise, being chill also means no drama so that's it, 0 drama.

Well, of course, we would care about people suffering depression and serious stuff, I'm not that insensitive lol.

Down to business, here's what we offer:-
•🖤Low Moderation
•👨‍💻Active Staff
•🕹Movie and Gaming Nights kicking in soon as we grow.
•💯A paradise for all ages I guess.
•💮Mature Staff
•🎉🎁Giveaways coming soon[If we grow more]

Well, last but not the least, we're on journey to become the most chill community on discord.I hope you would support my ambitions and just join us!
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
Arabian Nights is a small growing community of friends and gamers who host a hangout that welcomes mature, like-minded people who want somewhere to chat, chill and play games.
Welcome to Secret Eunoia!
Be our first members!!

Brand new server with the focus of building a community of mature citizens to chill at and have fun at. We invite you to take part of our server. It's new so help us build up! Would love to have you!
A nice community that likes to talk about nearly anything. Many of us here are artists and like to share works.

We host an art event as well, where we draw, 3D model, program, etc following one of three topics given.

I've met some good friends on Discord, so hopefully this server does the same for you.

We also allow advertising on whatever you want to promote. Step in and say hello if you have some spare time.

**This is NOT a dating/sexual server.** The "mature" tag essentially asks that anyone who joins needs to show a level of maturity. Not to say you can't have fun and say dumb shit, but we'd like some older members to join as well.