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The Pandemonium is a chill, social discord with an active, and friendly community where you can meet new friends, play games, collect pandas, and watch movies together.

We regularly use voice chats, so come talk and hang out with people from around the world
36 minutes ago
Hey everyone! We're a mature and toxicity free server that aids in comfort and a rad social environment for all. We do events and other cool things. Hope to see ya soon!
2 hours ago
💋We're an 18+ adult social server with artistic and NSFW facets. We pride ourselves in our easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine.
3 hours ago
Join us for a mature and friendly 18+ community.
You may only access the NSFW section upon age verification.

~ SFW and NSFW sections ~ Mature community ~ Constantly growing ~ Open to suggestions ~ Self-assignable roles ~ Useful bots ~ BDSM, DDLG & Petplay spaces ~ Selfie & Introduction channels ~ NSFW image channels, more to come!
4 hours ago
A fun mature community that loves to socialize, watch movies, game and more! Weekly events!
6 hours ago
(Ages 16+) Community centered around gaming and creativity with an emphasis on having a great time. If you’re a hip dude or dudette, come on in and hang.
6 hours ago
An exclusive entertainment venue; open to those who value good ambiance, friendly communities, and a relaxing style of pulling you in to want to stay. The Midnight Afterparty was crafted for the purpose of bringing these type of qualities to everyone and making them want to be here. To keep people engaged when they want to, laid back if they prefer a lounge, company for when nothing is going on for you. We have music playing when you want to hear it, we have extremely active conversations about almost any legal topic imaginable, and we host events that vary from a simple question of the night, to karaoke, to gaming tournaments. We are a community that has built a society upon the grounds of simply letting you, be you. With 2000 members within the month, we only have room to grow and all we ask is you help us on our way to create a better party for everyone to lose themselves in.
20 hours ago
Serving coffee and conversation 24/7. We run voice chats, events and even a podcast! Join over a thousand members in our unique community.
2 days ago
We welcome everyone, make friends, have fun, play games together!

⭐ Partner with us
⭐ Friendly
⭐ Fun bots
⭐ Leveling system
⭐ Self assignable roles
⭐ Meme channel
⭐ Host your own events
⭐ Feedback channel
▶️ ▶️ & More! ◀️ ◀️
2 days ago
Castle is a server dedicated to a mature audience that enjoys socializing and playing games together.
7 days ago

Safety first.
11 days ago
We're friendly and mature server, focused on building a close-knit community without shitposting or hostility. If you are passionate about gaming, movies & music and eager to make new friends, give our community a shot!
Our server is themed after the PS4 game "Horizon Zero Dawn", complete with ranks, levels, channels and imagery. We'd be happy to welcome you, whether you've played the game or not!
12 days ago
💥Brand New Server Looking for New Members!💥
Hello! We are a server for people who are serious about rp to come hangout and have a good time and of course roleplay! We offer a variety of different roleplays to join in on, with our main goal to have almost every kind of rp there is available right at this one server. 😸 In short if your more serious about rp and not one of those people that are always like "Oh it is just rp" then you would possibly be right at home here!
⭐️Fantasy Roleplay, Realistic Roleplay, Anime Roleplay, 18+ Roleplay, and Animal RP. Plus more coming eventually!

⭐️Well Organized templates to use for your OC's profile.

⭐️Music Channels with different type of music.

⭐️Members Only privileges and luxuries.

⭐️And much more to come in the future!
17 days ago
Friendly | LFG | Vent and Emotional Support | Self-Assignable Roles | Small Community
19 days ago
New server for meeting new people and possibly making friends.
34 days ago
This server is made for dating basically but it also caters alot of other things.

Fun, friendly and free.
45 days ago
We have:

what more could you ask from a sever? some nice people? well we have some of those too… they are really helpful i may add.
46 days ago
The world has nearly become a wasteland, no thanks to a storm that scarred the world for as long as it can remember. America’s in shambles, and most of the other continents are destroyed or frozen to death. What remains is a slightly smaller version of our very homes. A lawless land filled to the brim with outlaws and mobsters alike. New Unity. Three distinct super-states make up the remainder of the land. Nine different cities or locations. And the only thing stopping you here is your doubt of survival. So what’re you waiting for?

RP Server : Town/Country themed. Players are to have “bare-bones” characters; Supernatural is prohibited in this kind of world, unless having very weak advantages.

Here are a few rules you need to know off the bat :
- Mature 18+ Audiences for a multitude of reasons (I’ll explain if need be).
- Humans and other human(oid) species are allowed.
Technology is allowed but only as far as Modern Day style.

If you’re ready, the road toward New Unity is this way!
49 days ago
We are a community that has been running for 2 years now! We have bots, anime, NSFW, an LFG system so you can find games with people, and very few rules only a zero tolerance drama policy! We have a very active voice chat community and we are constantly improving the server and our services
58 days ago
A relatively new server that's all about creating a strong, tight-knit community of people who enjoy playing games. Come for the games, stay for the tangents and train-wrecks.
69 days ago
Hey, Lady's and Gents, I'd like to personally invite you to Megumin' s Explosive Castle. We're a great community full of goofballs looking for some people to talk with. The server is based and themed after the Konosuba anime. The communities small, but the people are worth while. I promise you won't be disappointed if you give it a chance.
💥 Weekly game nights and events.
💥 Active and friendly community.
💥  Plenty of Fun & Entertaining Bots.
💥 60 (+15000 members soon)
💥 Open for partnerships
💥 Wonderful rewards for being active.
💥 We value our members very deeply.
💥 Active help channel for those who need clarification on anything.
💥 Open suggestions channel, because there's always room for improvement.
💥  Emotes Galore!!
💥 And so much more!

72 days ago
Welcome, we are a 17+ roleplay server that deals in supernatural based rps which includes vampire, werewolves, witches, ect. If you enjoy roleplaying and like things such as vampire and werewolves, then feel free to check us out. We are new and small right now, but with your help we can grow! But if you are someone who "just browses" please do not join us if you have no intention of joining the server for good, we need members, not passerbys.
What we offer:
-A mature community and roleplaying.
-Music Channel with different themed music on it.
-And more to come in the future!
77 days ago
This is a server where there is no limit.
You can do as much shit as you want.
It's free btw
Come join us NOW

Jk as you like
83 days ago
An ambitious RP group revolving around the Sci-Fi Military Genre. With aspects take from Halo, Half Life, Mass Effect, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Complimenting ourselves on our poetic RP styles and friendly atmosphere. We also offer other services such as gaming hubs and a place to make friends.
85 days ago