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Friendly, outgoing, and open minded community of people from all over the world. Topics of discussion include web development, tech, games, movies, tv, real life, music, art, and serious discussion. Most of our regulars are 18-35 but all ages are welcome. Come check us out!

⚪ active 24/7
⚪ XP/leveling roles
⚪ custom role and color for veterans
⚪ quote of the week
⚪ vc and gaming events
⚪ nadeko, r. lenny, rhythm
The Pandemonium is a chill, social discord with an active, and friendly community where you can meet new friends, play games, collect pandas, and watch movies together.

We regularly use voice chats, so come talk and hang out with people from around the world
A fun mature community that loves to socialize, watch movies, game and more! Weekly events!
A Tokyo ghoul AU RP set far after the events of a gang war threw Tokyo into chaos. Now, the city is back to its normal case and many of its strongest ghouls have retreated to the shadows, leaving the door open for the next generation to take over.
☁ Its about time there is a server made ☁
for maturity. If your tired of immature and obnoxious people. Join Arctic Paix. We promote aesthetics and maturity! So if you think your suited for the server or wanna see what its like to be apart of a mature and kind server, join!!!

🌨 What we have to offer 🌨
🔖 -Organized Rules With Order
🏵 -Aesthetics weekly & Discussion Of The Day
📚 -Character & Literature Help
🗳 -Voting Polls
🥇 🥈 🥉 -Ranks
☕ -Mature People
🌟 -Active Owner
🗣 -Active Community
🗃 - Growing Amount Of Unique Roles
🤝 -Open to Partnerships

Now come join us and help us grow together! We are inviting of all ages so long as you prove to be mature. We have bots to help keep order and aid our experience in Arctic Paix.
This is a new and growing community that is seeking to gather like-minded individuals that find most other BDSM groups a little too childish. We strive to provide less childish whimsy and more BDSM protocol. Owned and operated by a person who has been in the lifestyle for 15ish years, this place is a comforting retreat for 50 Shades. Please come join us, even if you are just learning about this fantastic lifestyle.
An exclusive entertainment venue; open to those who value good ambiance, friendly communities, and a relaxing style of pulling you in to want to stay. The Midnight Afterparty was crafted for the purpose of bringing these type of qualities to everyone and making them want to be here. To keep people engaged when they want to, laid back if they prefer a lounge, company for when nothing is going on for you. We have music playing when you want to hear it, we have extremely active conversations about almost any legal topic imaginable, and we host events that vary from a simple question of the night, to karaoke, to gaming tournaments. We are a community that has built a society upon the grounds of simply letting you, be you. With 2000 members within the month, we only have room to grow and all we ask is you help us on our way to create a better party for everyone to lose themselves in.
Hey everyone! We're a mature and toxicity free server that aids in comfort and a rad social environment for all. We do events and other cool things. Hope to see ya soon!
This is a Roleplay server based around the game Overwatch. Users must be 16 or older, and be ready for rather serious topics to be introduced, such as suicide.

>OCs are allowed, and must be approved by staff.
>Roleplay is semi literate. One line posts are frowned upon.
>Joining for the sole purpose of shipping your OC with a canon character is also not allowed.
Play some games with cool dudes/dudettes! GIA is a community for team oriented, friendly and mature members who play games like PUBG, ARK, HOTS, and more.
Trace Gaming (TCG) is a new gaming community looking to connect gamers.
-Media Team
-Comp. Team in the works
-Any game (mainly Xbox)
-Ranking Structure
-No drama
-Little rules with no activity requirements
-It's brand new and shaped by you
-Much more included and to come

PLEASE NOTE: This RP is literate (good grammar, paragraph responses, etc) and requires an RP sample after joining to access most of the server. You gain access to the rest of the server upon picking a role. It is also rated 16+.

Supernatural creatures have existed for as long as anyone can remember, there before humans and then co-existing for thousands of years. Even when they began to draw in on themselves and fade into what became mythology to humans, those creatures were always still there with very few really knowing of their existence.

During those older times of secretly existing and mostly minding their own business, supernatural creatures would typically live alone to avoid drawing attention to themselves or they would maybe get by in small groups of no more than five members. It was rare to come across a group later than that and such groups were known as guilds, having a rough structure to them.

Some guilds had the ability to remain standing for hundreds of years with each new generation of creatures taking their parent's place, along with the occasional new member joining along the way. Some guilds could even grow to over fifty or one hundred members. It was incredibly rare yet not unheard of and one guild to achieve such a member count was Nightshade, at its strongest in the mid 1900s. It was an incredibly diverse group containing some very ancient species, which most likely contributed to its success. Of course though, eventually even it became hardly more than a legend.

With technology and robots now sweeping the world, there wasn't much of a chance for supernatural creatures to remain a secret from humans. In this world they are viewed as a threat with their powers and abilities beyond science, and that fact alone terrifies most. It has resulted in technology being developed for the pure usage of hunting down and slaughtering these creatures, regardless of whether they intend to hurt - or help - humans, because no one bothered to care. Entire species of powerful beings have been driven to extinction and many are resting on the verge of being nothing more than a myth, their numbers dwindling with each passing day and every successful kill.

Now, it is mostly those creatures that still reside in guilds that have not been wiped out, protecting one another with their shared talents. Rogue creatures are almost unheard off and typically don't last long. Nightshade is one such guild, still going after hundreds of years with their next generation of members. It is their decisions that will affect the guild's future - if it has one at all.
Serving coffee and conversation 24/7. We run voice chats, events and even a podcast! Join over a thousand members in our unique community.
》 The Yaoi Zone 《

We share Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai and more! | NSFW channels | Roleplay | Anime & Manga channels| Lewdy Stuff | Gaming & Music channels and much more stuff to see!

Assignable Roles | Meet friends and hangout!

Everyone is welcome, although we also have NSFW sections for 18+ users.

If you like yaoi, yuri or anime feel free to join us! Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to Harmony! This up and coming new community is a mature, cozy and chill place to meet new people and to have a nice chat or meaningful conversation~~

-This is 18+ only server. Please do not join if you are not.
Chillout Corner is a friendly place where you can hangout with your friends and have a nice chat.

What we provide:

- A Mature Staff Team
- Various Activities and Events.
- NSFW Channels for those interested
- Our own Roasting channel for those interested.
- Different types of Game-related chats.
- Clubs
- Leveling system.
Forgotten Dystopia is a Human and Shape-Shifter Apocalyptic Role-play. To give a brief summary of our plot; World War 3 has happened and in order to minimize human casualties the government has funded a lab who creates a chemical to change and manipulate an animals mind so that they can be used as soldiers rather than human beings to end the war. Sadly this does not happen as a bomb raid hits the lab blowing it up and releasing the unstable chemical that rapidly effects the surrounding land animals.In an effort to contain it the government has begun building a wall around the entire city and surrounding forests, trapping not only the animals now know as shifters but the innocent civilians to.

- Sited
- Sample Required
- Mature
- Semi-Literate

This is our registration group.
Divina Mundi is the place for discussion of all topics, SFW; Art, music, history. And NSFW; Sex and BDSM. Minors will be limited to the SFW sections.
a gaming commune for mature and communicative individuals (streamteam27). remember to have fun and that its just a game mane.
the foundation servers as a launch platform for any and everyone that just wants to play game with adult and like minded people, we built our community on memes and respect.

we also try to support content creators and small streamers
A long term small group of older gamers, gathering somewhere between 12 to 20 UTC almost every day to chill out for an hour or two after a long day, in various games.
Casual. Relaxed. Non-competitive, tedious or self proving. Perfect for introverts, shy, sensitive, idealists, depressed. Always happy to see more like minded friends, in an oasis away from minmaxing, elitism and toxicity.
Any game goes, from Guild Wars 1 to WoW private servers, feel free to suggest.
No Guilds/Kins/Parties/Groups/Forums to join. Just this tiny Discord server

Here, is a good Political server. We discuss things like mature people, so no raging or spamming. All political ideas are welcome, but don't try to force your beliefs on others.
- ✧ - TurtleArmy [TA-UG] - ✧ -

- [Discord server for @everyone!]

- [UltimateGaming a 1.13 MINECRAFT community! With TOWNY, MINIGAMES and CREATIVE!
[Free ranks! Donate ranks! mcMMO and much more!]

- [Loads of bots! And variety of things to do!]

- [Growing and mature community!]

- [Game together, share memes, pictures, movies, politics etc!]

- [Over 40 Self assignable roles!]

- [Daily Tasks, Qotd, Aki, Pokécord!]

- [Partnerships, no pings and more!]

- [Owner - EmmaFromNorway#1967]

- [UG Owner - WalkingPixel#0317]

[ ]