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Sex Chat is an adult entertainment discord server.
NSFW content, strictly 18+

Colors based on gender and sexuality:
Straight Girl: Pink
Bi Girl: Rose
Lesbian: Purple
Pan and Others Male: Aqua
Pan and Others Female: Light Red
Bi Male: Forest Green
Gay Male: Orange
Straight Male: Blue
Straight Couple: Washed Ink
Gay Couple: Washed Orange
Lesbian Couple: Washed Purple
Female Mod: Red
Male Mod: Lime Yellow

Leveling system with rewards
Gambling, pokemons, waifus
And more

Invite link:
Pornhub Community's most active Discord server! - 18+ only NSFW server
- 31k in members and growing rapidly
- Well moderated
- Active, regular members.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Very active VC channels.
- Porn (duh).
- Lots of porn.
- Members content (SFW & NSFW) (all verified).
- Animal/food channels.
- Gaming, memes and music & much more.
Come say hi!
Hi there! server about, gaming, game discussion, and teaming. We thrive to make members experience enjoyable! We hope to see you with us soon and hope you enjoy your stay!
:robot: Bots! :robot:
:sunglasses: Friendly Community! :sunglasses:
:clapper: Memes! :clapper:
:video_game: Gaming Community! :video_game:
:sweat_drops: NSFW Channel! :sweat_drops:
:medal: Ranking System! :medal:
:100: Custom Ranks! :100: :handshake: Partnership Opportunities!
We a new NSFW community aimed to provide sexual satisfaction only. No dating but we are thinking to add that feature on and also adult RPG near future. Join us and find your perfect lustful partner !

Everyone is welcomed BUT you MUST be 18+ only but if you are about 17 you can join us too !
Mods needed.
Largest Youporn Community on Discord! (2000+ users)
Girls wanna meet Men and Men wanna meet Girls.
Categories to share and watch pictures and vids.

Meet new people! Hope you will have a great time to us.
Once in, please type in the #server-updates section if you're M or F to be confirmed on the discord. Reccommend to be online!
(ONLY 18+) <-- Join now!
👽A small community looking to expand👽 self-assignable roles, 🎮 game servers, 🏆 awards, 📅 events, 👨‍🎨 amazing people, active staff and community ♡
We are a new ~18+~ kink server, but will be growing quickly! All manner of talk is encouraged. From silly conversations with friends to deep discussions about dildos! Come join us make a great community of like-minded friends!
The Insane Asylum is a place of welcoming respite for those looking for an NSFW 18+ community that finds delight and humor in the dark, psychotic, and strange.
If you're looking for a server that's different from any other server you have come across, Sweaty Crafterz (C) is the ultimate choice. We offer sweaty nutsacks, daily Rugged Garen giveaways and alot of sexy talk! We also have da male nudez. Come over NOW!
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Welcome to Kathy's Fun Zone!

We are an 18+ server dedicated to promoting a fun and chill social environment! Whether you're looking for a naughty time, or into BDSM/kinks, or just want to simply make more friends, the Fun Zone has a place for you!
Cum join us and enjoy the best in Adult Gay Entertainment.
We keep growing each day.
{18+} DateZ NSFW Official Discord server
>D A T I N G
>M E E T O T H E R S
>P R E T T Y G I R L S
>H O T B O Y S
>A C T I V E
>F R I E N D L Y S T A F F
>N O N T O X I C
>N S F W
do u want authentic bitties and and teen egirls? if so u've come to the right place 。◕‿◕。 jk you autistic nerd you really fucking thought this was a sex server? you horny scum, fuck outta here. *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ gamers and bad bitches only <3 we hope to see u here, love bella✿✿✿
AV is the ultimate server for adult entertainment. If you love to watch, share and discuss high quality porn, this is the best place to be. We're a mature and highly active community with a large variety of content including:

✅ Unlimited HD Videos and Gifs
✅ Full HD scenes from Brazzers, Reality Kings and Tushy
✅ Fetish Channels
✅ Nudes
✅ Hentai

Dozens of new videos are being added every single day, don't miss out! join AV.
NSFW Community is international NSFW Server.
Welcome to the Furry HideOut! Here is where you can do all your sexual furry desires you wanna do~ But this place is 18+! Join in and help our community grow Hot Stuff~
VO is a chill ass server ran by active staff members, to ensure no toxicity at all.
Most of our members are around 16 years of age and are of varying back grounds and ethnicity
From lewdy people for lewdy people. We aren't ashamed of speaking about our fantasies and kinks. People can talk unrestrained about what they love in the bedroom and anywhere else where they like to enjoy themself or together. Join us and have some fun with us as well. ;D

We're offering:

-nice and friendly community
-nsfw channels
-nude channels (verificated only)
-music bots
-a welcome to any gender
Discord🔷Porn is a place for horny people under 18 or over! Full of porn and nudes! Bots to satisfy your horny needs
Welcome to a world of pleasure at Porn Universe my fellow kinky lads/laddies! This is a safe zone where you may chat about any type of kinks and not be judged by who you are not what you have interests and pleasures on.

NSFW +18 Server
**What we offer to users**

- NSFW channels (includes lewd irl picts >:3c) / +18 Channels (porn + hentai) / Kink discussions
- Selfie channels and much more
- Gaming/events/mini game nights/streaming/Memes
- Music Bots for Music Voice Channels
- Friendly active members
- Voice Chatting
- Movie nights
- Experienced Moderators, friendly staff
- Experienced BDSM participants / BDSM channels
- RP channels (+18 and SFW)
- Vent channels
- LGBTQIA+ Friendly
- All levels of experience are welcome
We believe that sometimes sins are selfless and unavoidable so come and join us to meet new friends and have fun
❤ Anime
❤ Gaming
❤ Roleplay
✅ Bots
✅ Levels
✅ Selfies
✅ Hentai
✅ Memes
✅ Music
VERIFIED only NSFW server. Sister server to Pornhub (31k). Nudes, porn, NSFW content