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This is a realistic school server. A new server just created and hopefully will soon grow in members so why not come check us out and read over our lore? The rp is pretty much about students in cliques so like normal realistic high school life?
This server is a new server for master and slave- roleplaying. You can create your oc, and be a master or a slave in this server. The server is very new and doesn't have a lot of members, so join and make those numbers higher!

A few years ago, a great wizard had found an island which he liked, it was rich of resources, mountains, lakes, and had a good climate.

He decided to claim it for his own and took it over with ease. He named the island after himself, Eclipsis, and made his own mini-world.
Everyone who opposed the reign of the new ruler would never be heard of again.
The emperor now lives in a palace, where he relaxes as he looks over his kingdom..

On this island, the rules are different..
Unlike on the normal Earth land, not everyone is considered equal. There are differences in power on his island.. those 'differences' are based on the race of the inhabitants most of the time.
Some races, that he considered 'submissive' would have to serve the more 'dominant' races.
The submissive races would often find themselves enslaved, and if not, they'd be poor people, struggling to survive.

'Submissive' races would be races such as Nekos, Humans, Mixes between animals and humans, etc.
'Dominant races would be races such as Demons and Vampires etc.
Now, there are always exceptions, some Nekos could be considered dominant, and some Demons submissive, but this was just a general idea of how things went.

Do you dare to set foot on this island for some fun erp and become a slave? Or will you become a master? The choice is yours.

Only join this server if you're 16+ and hella kinky
Welcome to the Aliearchy system, far into the future. After humans have successfully colonized Andromeda, they soon discovered the Aliearchy system and were quick to colonize it. In one of the planets they discover, there were inhabitants that shockingly resembled creatures from Earth and also the planet as a whole. Other planets would soon be discovered after the discovery of the Earth-like planet. They soon assimilate with the inhabitants and share their ways of living with them. This is a sci-fi server which encompasses creativity and imagination in characters and ideas. You can be an attractive space pirate to a simple bartender which chats with other characters. The server also has 4 unique locations based on types of races. There's the Floating City which belongs to humans, Threa, the land of fur, Voltava, land of scales and Aquarius, land of gills. The system is your playground and it is wide open.
Pokemon and Humans casually lived as they did until one day, all the pokecenters had a glitch in the programming, replacing the DNA that they healed with human DNA. Now, every pokemon has a humanoid figure. Some poke went to become life partners with their trainers, others left their trainers. But now, Pokemon and Humans now live as equals.

Active staff
Simple rules
Welcoming community
This is a new RP server, it's got a school, a town full of places to enjoy, and many spots to get your freak on~ If you want to have fun this is the place to be!
it's just a human/anthro/whatever species farm, mostly used to make healthy children for underpopulated countries.
🐛some bots, including tatsumaki and hex!
🐛self-assignable roles
🐛some rp channels (of course)
🐛shitposting channel
🐛discourse and vent channels (im here for you man!!!)
idk join maybe? we're the cool kids i swear
❤ Hello, and Welcome to Lewdie Palace Empire ❤

A Erotic, RolePlay server. We do switch around Themes every couple months or so, just means you better be prepared for the next update. The server is a very well run server, with lots of amazing people that have already joined our server.

Some Features are

10 different bot’s including: Rythm, Mee6, Miki, and more
5+ Different staff members(although we might be looking for more)
A large RP area for free use (more being added)
💗 **__Once Upon A Naughty Time...__** 💗

🌸 Our server is an __18+ Verified Roleplay server__ dedicated to exploring BDSM in an RP context within a *City* From the town to the dungeons, the inner city to the outskirts and forests, you can come in, explore, and discover yourself and the environment! (*For those not quite ready to jump into the RP aspect, or still learning about roleplay, we have plenty of general chats and friendly comraderie, as well as several bots and SFW/NSFW chats for your enjoyment.*) 🌸

🌺 **Come and explore the City!** 🌺

🌺Self assigned role
🌺Erp room
🌺Many more coming soon.
🌺Fun Bot
🌺Active members
🌺Self-assign role
🌺Friendly people
🌺Private Room
🌺Detail Erp/Rp

🌺 **Join the fun and enjoy everything we have to offer! We can’t wait to meet you!** 🌺

__**⚜️What to Expect from this server:**__

🌹Friendly Environment with a Active Community!
🌹Anti Spam methods to keep conversations healthy!
🌹Content Creators are supported and Self-Partnership!

__**⭐What we provide for the community:**__

🌺NSFW Is Optional and Strictly 18+!
🌺Interact with people from all Ages & Countries!
🌺Fun Chats & Bots to make the server more alive!

彡ღ▼**Join us Here!**▼ღ彡


💟 An 18+ love-hotel-styled Erotic-Roleplay server where we cater to many erotic needs, such as dungeon-play, hot springs, strip clubs, nuru massage and of course classic love-hotel-styled rooms! Where most ERP servers focus on drawn-out roleplay to potential romantic encounters, LMH is all about one-night-stands made to order! Make a character (up to 10), Grab a partner, get a room and get fucking!

Catgirls, Succubi and other human-like species are allowed! We do not discriminate against IRL lifestyle choices (and will punish those who do), but we will NOT APPROVE FURRY/ANTHRO/FUTA/TRANS CHARACTER SUBMISSIONS!

💜 Active Roleplay-Focused Community 💜
ERP-focused server, NOT A NSFW/HENTAI/DATING CHAT SERVER! No Selfies, No Thotting, No Venting! We prune inactive members weekly and in-active ERPers bi-weekly; no more joining a server with 500+ members, filled with outdated bios to find out everyone is just there to shitpost and meme, not roleplay!

⭐ Active ERPer Rewards ⭐
Starting from [JUST A VIRGIN], you can fuck your way to the top of the userlist! Complete ERPs in our server to earn fancy roles, emote slots and more! Our weekly top ERPers are featured in our welcome banner, and Active ERPers are given a VIP role, which puts you at the top of the userlist for the week!

💜 Star System 💜
Staff-moderated ‘Casual/Semi-Lit/Adv-Lit server’ roles; Use our separated #looking-for-erp channels to easily match yourself with roleplayers of similar writing styles, from 1-liners (☆) to Multi-paragraph (✶★☆)!

⭐ Character Code System ⭐
No joining another server or using a bot to edit/search character bios! Our [CHARACTER ID] system allows you to easily search bios using Discord’s built-in search function and a unique identifier given upon approval!

💜 Unique Role System 💜
New members ([VOYEURS]) have limited access to the server, and all characters can be approved to be an [EMPLOYEE] or [GUEST]! Our [EMPLOYEE]s work closely with our server [MANAGER]s to help service our [GUEST]s.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the hotel, you’re sure to find someone to love...for a few hours. 💟
₊˚│✬__Damned Nightmare__✬│˚₊

⠀⠀☆✬Welcome to **__Damned Nightmare__**!!✬☆
⠀ ⠀✬☆『insert pings here』✬☆

✔『❄』•👥•Open to partnerships!☆
✔『❄』•🤝•Friendly community!☆
✔『❄』•🗣•In need of active members☆
✔『🦋』•💰•Custom lore!✬
✔『🦋』•💬•Chill hangout!✬
✔『🦋』•📈•Custom bestiary!✬
✔『🦋』•🤖•Polls for upcoming features!✬
✔『🦋』•🌀•40+ RP channels✬
✔『🦋』•📊•Self promotion!✬
✔『🦋』•🔞•Custom battle classes!✬
✔『🦋』•🐭•The option to create your own pet and battle class!✬
✔『🦋』•🔪•Medieval + Fantasy genre!✬
✔『🦋』•💯•AND MORE!✬
Welcome to Evalach Academy!
You may rp but also erp in some channels of the server. Every species is allowed, and you can play as a teacher, a student, and even a school staff. We also make a lot of events, and are open to every suggestions !
So please, feel free to join us, we are an active community which love to meet new people!
Based in the future around the year 2053 after a catastrophic event had occurred causing the planet earth as we know it to change, god’s, demigods and demons had suddenly became real no longer myth and legend started causing chaos though the planet.

It wasn’t after some wars and battles everything had settled down to normal all kinds of races and species had been born living together in harmony kind of as there were still some small skirmishes in regards to who rules the world, but at the moment it was run by a council organised by many races to keep the peace.

The Evalach Academy was one of many academies to be born just to cater for students who had and didn’t have abilities as normally they would be segregated. It was a disused flying fortress that had been anchored to the ground next to a small town were students would visit to get groceries or take a dip in the hot springs.

As the Academy is to help students advance in study, there is also a training center that is used for students who want to practise combat but at their own cost as the training center is full of real monsters, this is for the more advanced students that want to advance in combat and join the army.
For the basics before the huge info, The nebula has a variety of things~.





-Making friends.

The Nebura world is a server made for ERP/ Erotic role-play, it’s also a casual hangout server BUT PLEASE FOCUS ON ERP, note it’s 18+/NSFW and that within the server their will be an actual RP server soon named the The Chaos world, that rp server will be an actual server for chilling out.

We mainly focus on Erotic role playing so join if your into straight forward ERP, were fine with any thing like Species wise so come on and have fun with us~.
Welcome to all that's good in the world!
Here in my server you'll find
•Devoted futanari themed channels
•A friendly community and mod staff
•Good, dank memes
•A nsfw roleplay section
•Polls, contribution, voice channels, and entertainment
•And ultimately, a caring owner and moderators
In this server, you'll find a spot waiting for you, whether you're a lurker, contributor, socialist. You are more than welcome to come find a place to call your home and find a place amongst other members. Whether you want to come in seek of a diverse, community contributed futanari/hentai collection or find a great community to socialize in or even just to roleplay in nsfw channels, all are welcome. Abide to the rules, make friends and enjoy your stay.
Breeding Den [+18] is a place for people who enjoy RP and ERP, especially those who like playing as/with beasts, monsters, monster girls and alike! We also cater to vanilla kinks and offer different kinds of roleplay channels as well as other NSFW channels for pics and media! Come and join us and breed us!
A server for RP and ERP set under the setting of a university and a city. Create your own character and indulge yourself in some roleplaying fun.
A totally original never thought of roleplay server. It definitely doesn’t take inspiration from other servers so come join this one and have a special fun time. (The name is a joke but the server isn’t)
♤𝙇𝙪𝙭𝙪𝙧𝙮. 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙣. 𝙋𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙜𝙞𝙤𝙪𝙨.♤

Like the name? We do too. “But oh my gosh doesn’t that translate to the s-word?” Yes it does. Incompetent. Read further on.

Welcome Fellow Applicant,

⚠️ 𝙄𝙢𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙢𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚: 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙! ⚠️

“Congratulations fellow newcomer! You’ve been invited to join the Seibetsu Academy. Just pass a SIMPLE interview to get in! This is one of the BEST academies in the world by far. Sponsored by the one and only 𝙋𝙤𝙨𝙚𝙞𝙙𝙤𝙣 𝙏𝙚𝙘𝙝𝙣𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝘾𝙤𝙧𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣. Here at Seibetsu we have a wide variety of students, and most of them being people of ALL races, with some magical and “Ultima” Abilities.”

What really is the goal of the Poseidon Technologies Corporation? What is it this corporation is trying to accomplish when they made this academy in 1980? It seems like nothing. But beneath the surface of this prestigious well-renown Academy, something deep lurks beneath. Slavery. Mind control. Human experimentation, a step to global domination? Which is it? Or is there nothing really going on? You might be silenced PERMANENTLY if you get to know too much.

Is this really your typical RP server? Depends on how you look at it. We don’t judge!

Welcome to Seibetsu! We hope you have a fun time.
-➤ 📗Roleplays of ALL skills. 📗
We’ve introduced new roles that determines your RP length, so wether you want a short, long, or advanced roleplaying partner, we’ll try to pair you up.

-➤ 📕Deep, Yet Optional Lore.📕
Wether you’re here for the simple ERP experience, or ready to explore the depths of the indirect lore, either way there’s something for you.

-➤ 💦 Optional ERP and “use-anytime” role
We offer completely OPTIONAL ERP, with no kinkshaming. There’s also a “use-anytime” role. Just select it, and be prepared if someone tries to take you.

-➤ 🏢 Dedicated DORMS (And soon to come housing)
Dorms are divided equally, with more being built all the time. They’re also private, meaning you can have perfect privacy with your. . .loved one.

-➤ 📂 Dedicated Templates 📂
We have a range of three templates. All of them with their own goals and offers. You can choose the highest of the high, or choose the more beginner style template. Whatever you’re here for, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.

-➤ 💬 Dedicated Looking for RP role 💬
Sometimes it might get a little slow. That’s why there’s a role you can ping to make sure you get an RP partner. (Though the server is kind of small either way)

-➤ 👌 A pretty mellow Owner 👌
The owner of this server isn’t that strict, and as such they’re pretty helpful! And yes, I’m not the owner the one that’s writing this anyways lmao

Interested in joining our community? Click the down below button and get started! REMEMBER! We’re still small! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Welcome to Desire Resort!!! Where all the guests are catered by our lovely staff consisting of maids and butlers. At Desire Resort the guest is of utmost priority and we really do take your happiness to heart. All are welcome to our fine establishment. Can’t wait to see you there!

What we offer:
- A friendly community
- Fun and sexy bots
- A character template to ease your journey
- A wide array of locations to release all of your creativity
- An LGBTQ+ friendly zone
- Fun little quirky emotes for you to enjoy
- A safe space for all
Welcome to luci’s playland! This is my little island where anything goes! So it’s the perfect place for all you kinky people to relax and really explore the dirtier, darker sides of your inner selves. Here you can choose to be either a slave, who is free use to anyone in the server. Or you can be a guest, the people who use all the slaves. Whatever you choose to be, I hope you have a wonderful, and very kinky time here.

Invite link:
Fulfil your desires here at Alespias' Isle, an 18+ ERP server with an active, welcoming community and attentive staff members.

We cater for a large variety of people through multiple points of interest:

• Plenty of NSFW content ranging from ERP to porn and hentai, to sate your lewdest fantasies.
• Over 60 roleplay channels with different settings on the island, following well-written and always improving lore that provides a good starting base for characters of all sorts.
• SFW topics to extensively bond over - hobbies, debates, animals, cooking, movies, music, art and so much more!
• Self-assignable roles to make partner choosing for roleplay quicker and easier with your personal preferences on display.
• A currency system to provide active members with special rewards.

There is something here for everyone - different skill levels, all sorts of kinks, unique personalities, and the most alluring, sinful temptations. Alespias' Isle is most definitely a thrilling experience!
Hello! Welcome to the Wonderland!~
We are here to make your lustful dreams come true and have fun together in more ways then one~
Our server is very chill as we hope to make you feel welcomed, however please be at least 18+!

You'll enjoy the many things our server has to offer:

- All the NSFW Rooms and Picture Postings you would ever need!
- Numerous Bots for whatever you want~
- Leveled Roles with perks as your role gets higher and higher!
- An area to post your own original character for all to see and enjoy!
- A place for the spiciest memes
- A staff that really does care about you and wants to help with your every need!
- All of these and so, so much more you'll have to see for yourself!

So please, do come on down to our wonderland you won't regret it~
HI! Welcome to Blinky's Paradise!

We're a growing server looking for new and active members who have a love for all kinds of roleplay! There is plenty of opportunity to make new friends and have a good time, as well as a plethora of channels to post any kind of art, characters, and lewds ;) you may have!

SO, for you plebians that are interested in knowing what we have, WE GOT:

(。◕‿‿◕。) HAREMS. 'NUFF SAID.



(ಠ‿ಠ) ||w e h a v e c u l t s.||




We hope you consider and enjoy your stay in our server~

*Welcome to the lands of Milgamare, the cursed (Or blessed) place just on the edge of the continent of Ostastria, in the world of Oria. A place where people cannot leave, usually because they want to stay, and not because of the... Creatures that surround the area. It has an unique habitat, in that within it's small space it is home to deserts, forests, mountains and jungles. The entire place is a plaything for the god of lust and chaos, Sequinox, and it is filled with all kinds of perverted creatures, people and beings.*

This is a fantasy ERP server, which can also easily be used for regular adventure roleplay. It encourages creative characters and ideas, and custom races/npcs or other ideas can be submitted or suggested without a hassle. We aim to make an environment that is fun, but also laid back. A brand new server, and we hope to build a friendly and close community that will help us build up the world with various ideas, and of course have great fun in the process. We already have a set of staff which will hopefully help out with anything you might need, and plenty of lore to get started. We accept submissions for custom races, NPCs, and other suggestions to lore. (and its run by one of the RPHUB owners ;)

-A clear, detailed template ready to use for your character, even though most templates are accepted if you already have your own.
-Plenty of varied RP rooms for all your perverted needs ;)
-Plenty of opportunity for both SFW and NSFW roleplay.
-Rooms to share all kinds of artwork and memes.
-A variety of bots to help out
-A growing world, open to help from anyone who wants in. Just ask for a lore master role!
【We are an erotic role-playing community!】
•Casual NSFW discussion/Sharing of porn/Hentai
•Wide arrange of members and areas to suit any need
•Supportive community
•Staff that'll try their best to listen for advice
•Leveling system
•Self assignable roles
We'd love for you to join, so why wait?
We hope to see you in Midaranapolis and make our group even better!
Are you a fan of Monster girls, roleplay and/or hentai?
The Monster Girl Paradise is a social, roleplay and hentai server designed to be a friendly and welcoming place. A relaxed place to chill and indulge in lewd.

This is an adult oriented server strictly for those 18 years old or over.

- Social section, including channels for sharing art, music and memes.
- Roleplaying section for both RP and ERP.
- Hentai section.
- Admin with a monster girl fetish.