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Hello! Welcome to Earth-79548 (the link stands below/here if joining over the page doesn't work)
This server is based on the comics yet Mcu fans feel welcome as well!

This Universe is rather ,,fresh,, the avengers and other teams do excist yet they didn't face threats like Thanos yet, at least most of them.

You can play as pretty much every version of already excisting chars and give them your own little twist! (of course as long as it is somehow balanced)

Or just make your own OC to rp with!

Yet most canon chars are free so be fast.

Give it a try and have fun here!

This server will offer: Events,normal chats n comic talks, a few bots and enough places to rp/erp!
In a world dominated by carnivores and herbivores, how will you live your life? Herbivores constantly live in fear of Carnivores, even if those Carnivores wish to not harm the Herbivores. In a school called Cherryton High, everyone is at odds. Sure, you can be the all-loving wolf who has no problems with anyone or the rabbit that has no problems with Carnivores...but where is the fun in that?

This server is based on the anime and manga called Beastars, although you do not need to have read/watched it to have fun in this rp! Please, have fun!

-Items for sale

-Mature 18+ side to the server


-LGBTQ Friendly

-Open to Ideas

Right now the base plot will depend on the characters. Each chapter will be created by the players and how they interact with one another.

Come give us a chance!
Welcome to Arcana's Castle. A fantasy world where rifts into other realities drag creatures from all walks of life. You will find sentient beings from nearly any time and place, unfortunately the weave of magic interferes with technology so those from a more civilized time may need to learn new ways.

We're a roleplay server that focuses on character interaction and dynamic events triggered by the players. Larger scale events also occur, taking your character to various places within an entirely foreign world.
ERP is allowed within the castle, but outside we doubt you'll find the time.

Be aware that to make roleplay as enjoyable as possible there is a short creation period after accepting the rules before you have full access to the server.
Hello! This is the owner of the server speaking. This is a Date A Live roleplay server, where anything goes basically!
▬▬▬▬Things we have▬▬▬▬
☑+18 server that bans if not 18 or older
☑ NSFW Chats
☑ Fun and active community and staff
☑ Active ERP and RP chats
☑ Fun bots to play with!
☑ Open staff positions!
☑ bdsm centre to train slave for masters. You’ll ever know if there’s a spot open to be a patient or trainer.
☑ fettish channels just for you and me
☑ Active people in the server gain access to giveaways for games and other cool stuff
☑ VIP Roles for those who want to be verified and get benifits :Lewd:
✧・゚: ✧・゚:  Café Delights  :・゚✧:・゚✧
Welcome to Café Delights. This is the perfect place to chat, roleplay and make friends. We're a fun, active, social and welcoming community. Fulfill those fantasies you dream of, all new ideas are welcome!

Special Channels
☁️Memes, art, photgraphy and selfies
☁️Hidden NSFW 18+ channels
☁️Hidden RP/ERP channels
☁️Anime and manga
☁️Many fun bots and gaming
☁️Lotsa roles, colors and nicknames
☁️Music and vc
☁️Competitions and fun events
☁️Venting and emotional support

✧・゚: ✧・゚: We hope to see you soon UwU :・゚✧:・゚✧
Star Wars Role Play: Expanded Universe is an adult roleplaying server that strictly takes place in the expanded universe of Star Wars. It features a progressive rank system, economy, and organized roleplaying system that is undergoing development due to recently re-opening.
Welcome to one of the first DB RP And ERP Server! i'm proud to say that there's finally a dragon ball rp server people can find and enjoy! please feel free to join if you want to!
I’m a open person when it comes to kinks just don’t do anything with scat, vore, and anything gory like killing me or cutting off my limbs. Now then to rape me just do it in my DMs~
hey toi

bienvenue sur arcalone hentai

un serveur de partage d'image hentai est de rp qui a la chance de compter entre 400 est 500 membre a l'heur actuelle

le serveur propose:

~50 catégorie hentai (+10 guro)
-une zone rp/erp
-des salon vocaux
-une zone jeux vidéo
-des grade déblocable
-un concourt d'image chaque semaine
- est une communauté active est de bonne humeur ^^

alors n’hésite plus est rejoint nous ^^
! se serveur est fortement déconseiller au mineurs
(This server is for the more slightly advanced Roleplayers. If you are a beginer rper this might not be for you)

Welcome to hell! Unfortunately you got a special ticket to our world, well it aint all bad! Why not try it out! A place where sinners can do what they wish, chaos, trouble, and lust. Mashed to the world of the Circle we live in! Can you change the stars to your liking? Can you be an overlord who will dominate the area or be a simple sinner? What ever it is you will love this place..

We definetly not offer:
-Fun Bots
-Respectable Staff
-Chill Place to hangout
-Interesting Story you can affect through Roleplay
Have u wonder what it feel like being surrounded by maid and get to fuck them? Well fear not this sever is made for that, we are still growing so come and be apart of this awesome sever. Permanent link:
**This little Cathouse is 18+!!**

We have a ton cute & lewd emojis; A fantastic amount of audio quality; As well as a huge option for large filed image sharing for the **Entire server!**

Whether you've come here for a few drinks; to stay the night and snuggle; or even for some ~extra special~ company... That can all be provided by our wonderful 'house cats'~

All **Adult** visitors are welcome!

We offer a warm & welcoming community always waiting for new friends and partners!

We are an accepting and kinky server here to please You!
*We also have a hentai dump area for your naughty needs*

**We may be lewd an sexy but we also enjoy cuddles! We have some awesome Cuddle Experts *cough Sacrifices cough* just waiting for you!**

We also do Events & have a Store with some kinky prizes~

Although it is easy to join, you need to Select a few Roles AND Create a Bio for your character! A faceclaim, while not strictly needed, is recommended. This way not only our cats, but other patrons as well, will be able to rp with you in the most effective way!

*We can't wait to play with you!*

Built on ambitions of possibly being the best of its kind, Suitarou High School is a server that wishes to encourage activity and interactivity with its members.

We at Suitarou wish to create a friendly environment for all of our members so that they can roleplay at ease!
And while the server is made mostly for roleplay, we have plenty of non-roleplay channels too for whenever you just want to hang out and have fun. We have channels for anime, gaming, we're even looking to add new bots for in-chat games and such! We're accepting of anyone no matter what they come here for!

Do you want to be a student? Do you want to be a teacher? Do you want to have a part-time job outside of the school? Do you want to have a clean roleplay or a dirtier one?
All of those and more are supported here at Suitarou! Come and join!
Hiya!~ This is a message from Alexandrea, the creator of this wonderful server!~ We’re a work in progress community with a work in progress Ad!~ So please bear with me! Currently this server is small, but with your help, we can manage to make it grow and thrive!~

● We’re a friendly community with little limits on what kind of things you are allowed to include in your ERPs, and don’t worry! Because even if your “likes” aren’t allowed in our community, you can always ask for an ad in our request channels and take it to DMs! Just please make sure to put any of the less than well received kinks you’d like to include inside spoiler text, two of these “||” around the start and end of your sentence, so that people won’t be forced to read anything they may not like to hear! Despite the limits, we don’t tolerate any kink shaming, **however** kinky degradation is allowed if both parties are fine with it!~

● We strive to allow many forms of RP!~ While this server is **mainly** based around ERP, other RPs are totally and completely allowed!~ And we welcum many forms of RP out there!~

● Bots!~ We try to have fun little bots you can mess around with, but please use them in the dedicated channels!

● Organized!~ We are well organized with channels for many specific things, if you have any questions, there’s most likely a channel that will cover them, and if you can’t find any answers on your own, feel free to ask in our dedicated questions channel!~

Thank you for reading this advertisement, and I hope you join, and have lots of fun in District S, Dedicated ERP Server!~
This is a Amputation based rp server, we do not kink shame we only ask a few things, You must be 18 to join, and you must be ok with a tad bit to guro.

We all love these types of rps
combat guro
and so much, more just join and ask us

anyways have a great day, see you on the chopping block~
Inter dragon Ball Odyssey - welcome to dragon Ball Odyssey an amazing dragon Ball based roleplay server, imagine an alternate timeline that takes place 15 years after dragon Ball super and most of the Z fighters are either dead or retired, without any warriors the universe is being ripped apart will you stand up to become the next hero? Or will you rip the universe apart yourself -only you can choose

(What do we have to offer)
-great easy to use bots
-looking for staff
-easy-to-use systems
-fantastic lore
-really fun chill staff
-fun npc's
-great events and giveaways

(And that's only the tip of the iceberg please join today and start your adventure in universe 7)
Ninny R&D is an emoji server with a small community attached to it, sporting a large selection of erotic emojis, the source images for said emojis, hentai, people to hang out with and ERP.
Weve got a little bit of everything for anyone looking for lewd, so feel free to come on by, kick off your boots and stay a while.
A time of peace has come over the land of Dragon ball after the Defeat of Mira and Towa, this period of time being called the Great Age Of Peace by Mr. Satan himself. All the warriors know, however, that this peace time won't last forever...
Hi! This is a chill ERP server, our specific kinks here are: pregnant sex, impregnation, breeding, cum inflation and all sort of stuff, we will not kink shame you.
This will mainly be a Hookup place so you can met people with similar kinks and go on your private adventures.
You will be able to choose in either be a dom/bull: in charge of filling your sub with seed.
Or be a sub/preggo: to be breed ready to be impregnated as many times as your dom’s desires.
Or if you like both: a switch
Hi Hi~ Welcome to the Lewd Cruise this is a freshly new open ERP server that rewards you for ERPing and sometimes RPing within the server (or you can use private rooms that will act as DMs and you won't be disturbed by other people) and completing achievements to move up (Events give lots of achivements so be sure to check them out). Such as custom colors and custom roles and rooms and even discord nitro. The rules aren't as strict as some other servers we offer everyone a chance to redeem themselves and see if they like it or not, one thing you should know about this server is that we will always clean up the server and improve after every season. We allow males, females, futas, traps and even canon characters also we're openly minded to new ideas but one thing we do not allow is furries and furry porn.

Male to Female Ratio
1.5 - 1

More rooms and achievements will be available after every season, where will the cruise stop at first? How about you join and find out today~
Keeping crazy furs isolated from society.
Straitjacketed and nicely placed down in their padded cells, in their home for the undetermined duration.
Or ensuring they safely medicated..
Roleplaying and community server centered around asylum theme.
The ERP Partner Hub is your one-stop shop for getting someone to RP with.
Tired of big server ERP with a setting and tons of stupid rules? Or are you tired of just being lonely and crave another person's attention and erotic energy? Well in this server, you find a partner for ERPing and you're good.
One-on-one not your thing? I'm sure a few people with groups will come along and invite you to join their small band of horny degenerates.
Our server is designed to streamline your partner finding process and send you on your merry way to many fictional orgasms.
So join and get sinning, friendo. I'm sure many people are as desperate as you. I know I am :)