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Welcome to the Window Syl'! This server is dedicated to Roleplay as pokemon! Though our server is small, we strive to have a big, open, and welcoming community!
[Don't join just to leave a few hours later because of boredom.]
Hi, I'm looking for people to roleplay with.
To join, you:
-Must be female. No males or trolls.
-Must have an anime pfp.
-Must be semi-literate or above.
-Be active, caring, loving, and consistently in the mood for RP. Don't go offline for more than a day.
-Do not ghost and leave in the middle of rp.
-Human/neko form only.

Thank you and have a good day.
╰─➤ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ to Tainted Oaks. 💌

A lewd, 18+ roleplay server dedicated to a forest of fucking and adventures. We offer multiple opportunities for ERP/RP and other lewd activities as we continue to grow. A place where sexual needs come first, serving only ultimate pleasure. Come to our server and fuck till your hearts content~

Offerings for members~

- Warm and welcoming community.
- Tons of RP & OOC channels for everyone to enjoy.
- LGBTG+ friendly
- Tons of roles fo express yourself through.
- Adorable server layout.
- Hentai channels to dump your load into~
- Lots & lots of bots.
- Emotes!
- and SO MUCH more!

We want everyone to feel welcome here so don’t be shy! We are small, but growing quickly... We would be delighted to have you come stay for awhile~ 💌
We are a server that is built around mixing dungeons and dragons and eRP. It's a perfect place for beginners and experienced people at the same time.

We take inspiration from text adventure games in our city navigation system. It's a unique world that is ready for you to leave your mark on.

You can completely customize your characters and we encourage interaction between players.
Welcome to Camelot! A place that welcome any naughty and kinky person to indulge in their desire for ERP! A place where money talk big around here so gather the currency of this place is the key and to find the right partner to release some stress~

The major source of the server for slut and master to come together to have kinky fun~ No need for plot here beside throwing money to the girls and start making some rough love~

That's right! The server has currency which will be a key factor of paying for perks, prostitutes, and other things inside the shop! Getting money as easy by being active, ERP, or becoming a prostitute yourself~

✦》Active Community
I love to have an active community so everyone can have a partner to play or people to talk to among each other to forget the bad time. The rules will kick away any unwanted people to keep the server safe, secure and most importantly, fun! Lurker are welcome to stay but they are limited on what they can do here.

✦》Public ERP
The server strife for the Public ERP done in the server which will be the major factor of the server without much of a plot and let anyone jump in into the steamy action or adventure they wish to do with their partners! Lots of channel to ERP and ERP DM is welcome as well for people that only wish to look for a channel for that too!
This is a ERP server based around a medieval Kingdom, You can play as a knight, Wolf (pack member or a rogue),dragon, knight, Or a hunter, Please remember this is an erotic roleplaying. We welcome new members.
Welcome to Denfurd City, a city for all furries to cuddle and relax in without the burden of humans judging us! Visit the city and explore, meet plenty new friends and enjoy yourself in the many locations to offer. Our amazing staff team has worked very hard to ensure everyone has fun here, with bots like tupper and dyno present to make your experience more enjoyable. MEE6 is gone, don't worry. There is much to be done and friends to made in Denfurd City, so come take a visit today!

+18 Furry city erp server, alt identifier verification required for entry. Triggers may be present in roleplay experience.
Searching for a girl to be her daddy. If you're a male you'll be banned sos. I'm open for hanging out and chilling by chatting / ERP / playing games if available.

(The Dream World as a fabrication of reality. A dream. It exists as long as there are boys who wish it to exist. This is not just the people from your world, your dimension, your universe. No. This is any person. This world, this pocket of space and time exists as an escape)

Come join and escape
We have:
-ERP Channels
-RP Channels
-NSFW Content
-A safe and loving environment
The RP shrine is a calm, serene place to worship your god, goddess, gods and/or goddesses! You can RP or ERP here as well! The shrine is mainly here to be an escape from your troublesome life. The shrine is waiting for your arrival!
- `ʚ🌺જ ҉ •┄┄•✧Welcome Possibly Enrollee✧•┄┄• ҉ જ🌺ɞ´
︙ ︙ ︙ ︙ ︙ ︙ ︙
✧ ︙ ︙ ︙ ︙ ✧ We offer a very welcoming environment and loving community
♡ ︙ ︙ ︙ ♡ Bots Include: Tupperbox, Purity, Mee6
✧ ︙ ✧
♡ The story of how Sinfully Innocent Academy came to be was a fairly simple one. Dean Rose, was the founder and owner of the establishment. She had created the Academy to be a safe haven from all the prying eyes that shunned her for being too provocative or having too many sexual encounters even though she was of age and keeping safe. Well now she had her own place, and hopefully one where like minded people can become friends! Even if you think we arent your style, why not stop by and see if youll fit in!
Welcome to the island of your dreams, where beautiful white girls meet gorgeous black guys, a paradise for them to engage interracially to their heart desires, located on a beautiful tropical island, full of beaches, a nice resort and a city full of life, either if you want to live or just do a trip maybe with your partner, come on it and let your wildest desires take over.
A unique mmo rp style server unlike any other. Try it out!
Welcome to Catriona's Mansion, a place that transcends time and space, tottering on the edge of the void. Once you enter, you can't leave. Ghosts and spirits roam the halls of the house, seeking only to lewd the visiting guests until they go insane from pleasure.

First and foremost, we're a 18+ roleplay server focussed around bondage-related writing away from the stresses of life. We have a chill, friendly, and relaxed community. We have various channels for sharing your erotic fiction (i.e. smut) and pretty relaxed moderators. Character approval is quick, and once that's done you can hop on in.

👻ID Verification to keep underaged people and problems away
👻 Many roleplaying channels for different locations in the mansion. There's some lore and descriptions to back them up.
👻 Private roleplay channels for those looking not to be disturbed.
👻 Experience writers who will happily help you improve.
👻 A chill community, and friendly mods (we're recruiting!).
👻 100% LGBTQ+ friendly! 🏳️‍🌈
👻 Many roles to choose from, including ones for name colour so you can look nice and swanky.
👻 Fun bots to interact with, including a custom-made xp system based on post sizes rather than post count (to encourage more detailed rp).
👻 A work in progress economy.
Looking for a place to hang out with friends? We've got just the place! Join our server that focuses more on having fun with others and talking, we've even got a custom bot with a activity system set up, rewarding you and ranking you up the more active you are. Ofcourse, the 18+ in our name isn't just there for no reason. We're a social server with a bit of erp and hentai along the way for those who are interested ;) We hope to see you around!
Hello! Welcome to 𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨! We are a 18+ erp server.
♡We have and support all these things..♡
‒LBGTQ+. We would hate it if we had anyone join that didn't accept it.
‒All Ages Over 18. (Under 18 isn't acceptable.)
‒Other Channels But Roleplay Also.
‒A Role System!
‒Non-Human Ocs And Characters.

If you are willing to join, come on in! ♡ (Rules Below.)

(1)= No Racism. If you are found being racist, you will be permanently banned forever with no acceptions.
(2)= To Be Here You Must Be LBGTQ+ Friendly. If You Show Any Hate Against The LBGTQ+ Community, You Will Be Immidientally Kicked.
(3)= Cussing Is Okay, But I Ask You To Be Graceful About It And Avoid Using Words Like "Whore" "Slut" And Other Words Along. You May Use These
Types Of Words In Roleplay, But Not Out Of Roleplay Unless It Isnt Towards Anyone Else.
(4)= You Must Be Over 18. If Not, You Will Be Kicked.
Mioora is a great and magic-filled country divided between three nations the scholarly Mages, The honored Knights, and the wicked Monsters. The Mages are the scholars of the land. They seek to recover the old history of this country and find whatever secrets lie below. The tests and trials they perform on beasts and other humanoids are intended to help them boost their arcanic powers. Once they have gained control over the land they'll strip all knowledge from the lesser humanoids that cannot even perform the simplest spells and use them as livestock to perform their experiments on. The Knights are the defenders of Mioora . They believe in protecting the humanoids from the Mages and Monsters so they can have a safe haven to live in. The Knights use their old tomes given to them by the gods to enchant their armor and weapons so they may defend against what they believe to be the evils of Mioora. Vanquishing these evils from the lands they plan to restore Mioora to its former glory. The Monsters are nothing but magically infused humanoids that have taken on a different shape than their brethren and for that, they have been outcasted. Their land has been deprived of resources because of the Mages using their land as a testing facility and the Knights slaughtering the animals and beasts of their lands so now they have no food or water to go on. Their wicked nature is born of fear and anger towards those that would take what precious little they have left. Come and join us as we develop this world together. Help us decide who is really the evil lurking under the surface. Or is there more to discover?

❤️[Friendly community members]
💛[Countless Roles to choose from]
💚[Lewd] & [Game Bots]
💙[Emoji’s, free server partnering and so much More
The City awaits! Come join and explore, meeting new people and trying new things, where we accept everyone and are here for a good time
Welcome to the 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚍𝚘𝚖 𝚘𝚏 𝙺𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚊.
This is a new 18+ server looking for active members.
We are a master/slave type server that has a fantasy theme.

What we can offer:
Even though we are small... We have a very active friendly community.
Slave Merchant System.
A place that wont judge you on your kinks.
RP Events.
And some others...

A long time ago.. 2 Gods and 1 Goddess descended from heaven to the human world.. The 2 Gods were brothers and always fought over things as they fought each other, the Goddess Kratia began to build a kingdom after her self to build power... She selected a man among many to become the king of her great kingdom and It began. Soon after Lucius created a religion inside the kingdom of Kratia to build his own strength inside the mortal world.

Noctis became suspicious of both Kratia and Lucius thinking they were planning to kill him... He also created a religion that soon formed into a revolution against the Kingdom... They started to attack the main source of the kingdom's wealth Slavery...
This is a server for all of your femboy needs, with hot femboys, good food and amazing roleplay

Are you tired of the typical Multiverse servers continuously showing up out of nowhere with almost nothing unique that separates them from each other at all? And are you a horror fan?

Well if so then you, my friend are in the right place at the right time because here on The Horrorific Multiverse (Cheesy name am I right?) we offer you a unique multiverse experience for all horror fans alike!

That’s right, no more caped crusaders and anime boys running around saving the day all the time. Instead, we gladly offer you a multiverse server that only allows horror characters from all of your favorite movies, tv shows, and games! [ OC’s included :wink: ]
Here we offer:

• A safe and welcoming community for everyone to express their love for the horror genre.

• A character limit of 4 and we allow you to choose between some of your favorite slashers, survivors, monsters, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and more!

• Some very fun and exciting roleplays and events!

• Very helpful staff with experience that are always ready to help whenever needed!

• Multiple fun bots with the sole purpose of relieving your boredom!

• For our 18+ members we allow ERP (however we mainly focus on causal RP here so if you’re joining simply JUST for ERP just don’t even join lol)

I could honestly ramble on about all the good things about this server but we’d be here all week! Anyways, if any of this interests you please consider clicking that join button, I promise you won’t regret it!
Greetings! Masters and Mistresses, servants, and slaves!

Welcome one and all! To the hallowed halls of the Lewd Palace, where within your greatest fantasies or deepest desires can be brought to life, all within reason of course. No matter your fancy, kink, or taste there is something within for everyone. It matters not if you are a bratty little sub looking for a dom to buy you, tame you and then use you, Or perhaps you or a Dom in search of your very own little sub? Everyone is welcome to join our server and maybe even buy a slave of your choice, or perhaps you would like to even be a slave? Hmmm? (with the consent of parties involved of course)

One of the mainstays has been our slave system, where bidders get to Auction upon a new host of slaves weekly! However, that's not the only thing we offer, we also have regular Rp rooms for those who simply want to relax, take a breath and maybe converse with the other Palace Patrons. private rooms, A bar, A dining hall, playrooms for those being nice and punishment rooms for those being naughty!

Also not forget out ever-expansive staff team that is very understanding and more than willing to accept constructive criticism or general suggestions you may have. Also, we have recently added not one, but two custom bots, which are taken care of by the staff members respectively. With multiple events, prizes, and giveaways coming up very soon, why wait any longer? Come and join the experience today! Welcome to the Lewd Palace!
♡~This server is 18+~♡

♡~Welcome Welcome, all who enter, the mystical realm of Wonderlust.~♡

♡~Where your kinkiest fantasies come to light, and you share the realms sweetest 'delights'~♡

♡~Come join us in the wonderful world of ~Wonderlust~ where your lustful habits will be appreciated and enjoyed~♡
♡~Our trustworthy mods and very kind members with give you a huge welcome with open arms~♡

♡~So, make your decision, join us, or don't~ we all have something to gain, and nothing to lose~♡

♡~We hope to see you there~♡

~Mistress Alice and company~

[NOTE: Mods are having difficulty with roles, we are very sorry for the inconvenience]

We are Core System Programs. Be fitted with the newest updates, and the finest upgrades. Be the best version of yourself that you can be, always. From the core of our system, to yours.

Core System Programs, also known as CSP, is an erotic roleplaying community revolving around robotization, and hypnosis, where we transform you into your best self, that being your favorite characters from anime, games, manga, comics, and much more! We’re an active community where you can hang out, have fun, and interact with others with similar interests.

Becoming a bot involves a roleplay where you come in contact with our nanobots/nanites. Once in contact, you will be rewired from the inside out, remolded into your best self, a favorite character, or even a generic unit. That’s up to you. The rp process can be different depending on who updates you, and who you are, and what you want. It can also be mixed with hypnosis, and whatever else you’d like. That’s if you want to go the rp route that is. There’s a hypnosis route, or if you want to skip the processing all together, you can become a bot immediately.

You can also follow us on twitter here . The community on twitter is not as large, or as active, but another way we advertise ourselves, and show off the bots under our care to the public.

We hope you check us out, and enjoy your stay. You’re always welcome to join us here at Core System Programs whenever you’d like. We look forward to having you be a part of our community!