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We’re new! Come on in!’ All are welcomed her

A supernatural roleplay all located within a castle situated in old Bavaria. The castle also acts as a school so you can roleplay as a student, teacher, or just a creature outcast from the human world that wishes to see you suffer. Includes both RP/ERP.
This is Xteria! This is a rp server where you can make your oc! You can also apply for the Staff Role if you wanted to! We are all nice here! So come and give it a try!
Kinktopia is a server dedicated to finding you roleplay partners. In this server you can not only role-play but play games, view nsfw images, communication with others, etc.
WELCOME TO HELLS HEAVEN! A little piece of Heaven inside a hellish domain.

Here, you’ll find multiple RP/ERP channels, a helpful and kickass staff team,

A friendly, perverted environment to kickback and escape reality in,

And a themed setting, with stuff being added daily. Come in, and I hope you enjoy your time in Hell. 🔥
Hello passerby! This server is all about Erotic Roleplay! For now. The main special thing of this server is the setting, and that is a faraway colony with Succubi and Xenomorphs and all that good stuff. If you like Transformation, or breeding -or just a good time (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), then this is a good place to look! We have a friendly community, our two members of staff are really active and will work like maids for your needs, and.... idk what else do people say to entice people? Cookies! Guaranteed! Digital ones, of course.
Welcome to Moirvale! A pokemon roleplay and erotic roleplay server. We have plenty of locations, interesting characters, and a well developed story. You can join to RP, ERP, or why not both? Join today to help our server grow!
A small community accepting to everyone!
This is a small not so busy place, please don't be shy and always stay friendly!
Here there is roleplay, fun bots, pokecord, tatsumaki for ranking and helpful people that are waiting for new friends!
We are a bla bla bla, look we got porn and we got nice staff and we are looking for new people to join and be freinds with and more. Join and get a free hug, free blowjob, whatever we can get you we will. Just join and look around!
In our little world, dominant masters seek out submissive slaves, nekos and kitsunes to adopt them and ask of them to fill out their desires and pleasures to their heart's content. Slaves are called to obey, unless specifically told not to be. This is the perfect place for you to ERP/RP your brains out, join us!
Make sure you're 16+ only.
Are you interested in Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them? Got a case of the Hungarian Horntails? Tired of practicing your engorgement charms alone? You're in luck, we've got the perverted prefects for you! We are a small 18+ HPRP server set in 2018/2019 Hogwarts. Active roleplaying, a main plot, Quidditch, classes, smut, story, dark and taboo themes. Join us!

You will be asked to verify your age.
You have to be 18+ for this server.

Welcome to My Lusty Academia!

My Lusty Academia is a E/RP For my hero academia fans but also for fans that just like a superhero setting. You can play Canon and OC characters and have fun in all sorts of areas like the school, dorms, city, villain hideout and more!
The server is perfect for group rps or rps that is are around superhero, supervillain roleplays.

The server has
-security against bots and toxic people to keep a friendly and relaxed environment.
-Many rp channels for different locations
-A media section for cute, lewd art posting.
-A nice and friendly community for chatting, discussions, role-playing
-Friendly admins and mods
-Many bots for fun
-Many fun emotes

We hope to see you soon on the server!~
You stumble towards a red door, bearing a neon light in the shape of a cocktail glass. Suddenly a large man exits and you approach curiously, showing them your form of ID. With a nod of approval you are guided through, the smell of booze and perfume tempting you further inside. You make your way to the luxurious bar, staring at the lustrous strippers entertaining the guests, before turning back to see a friendly face. "What can I get for you?" she smiles.

Midnight Bar 18+ Happily tempts you inside!~

This place welcomes everyone, no matter what kink or fantasy you desire~

We are offering:

~ A safe space
~ A chill zone for you to de-stress.
~ Bar themed ERP rooms, Casual and Experienced including free rooms!
~ Looking for ERP channel.
~ IRL porn, Hentai, Ecchi~
~ Unbelievabot custom replies themed on the bar~
~ React roles!
~ Roles that are awarded for activity!

Will add more as it grows!

*You have to do an introduction if you don't do one you'll be kicked after one day.*

Now get yourself inside. Let’s get this party going~

****We are not Loli/Shota/Cub friendly server.****
Enchanting Ropes is a fun and casual roleplay server based around bondage and other aspects of BDSM. If you're looking to erp, you can just jump on in! There's no waiting for mods to approve your character.

The roleplay itself is set in a fantasy pre-industrial city where crime runs rampant. Damoiselles and Damoiseaus are commonly captured by Kidnappers, while the few Constables enforce the law and punish in rather lewd ways - and sometimes have a little fun themselves along the way.

We have various channels for fiction, stories (i.e. smut), and lewds, and relaxed moderation. Even if you're not here to rp, and just want to be a little kinky, you're sure to have fun.

Some of our fun features include:
>Many roleplay channels for different locations.
>Casual roleplay channels for those just wanting something quick (or those looking to joke around).
>Private roleplay channels.
>Special channels for different bondage lewds.
>Experienced writers who will happily try to help you improve your ability.
>Fun bots, such as Pokécord and WaifuBot.
>A chill community.
>Lots of custom roles, including ones for your name colour.
>Pokemon and Waifu bots.

We cater to all sorts of characters, be it a normal maid, or a demon with superpowers. Or maybe you'd rather take on the role of a "dungeon master", and write all sorts of kinky encounters for others. If any of this sounds like fun, come by and give us a look. We're always growing and adding new little things, so why not come by while we're fresh!
This is a erp server join if you pan to be active thanks for face a ban
Dear Trainer,

You have been specially selected for an invitation to the Flying Bulbasaur resort, our tropical island paradise for people and Pokémon, to participate in our grand league. Feel free to pamper yourself and your Pokémon in our luxury facilities, prove your worth against other trainers in events, build your own team of pokemon and maybe even 'get to know' other trainers in our adult-only environment. If you think you have what it takes, come and prove that you are the very best!

(Strictly 18+)
Hihi, welcome to Brothel Sparkle! What is a brothel, you ask? It's basically a hotel where you can request for a nice whore, having a nice time. We are accepting new employees and customers here. Our goal is to get over 500 members by the end of the month, being active. And yes, making our guests feel happy.

If you have any questions, ask the leader, Crescent! She'll provide all the answers you'll need. Feel free to speak your mind for anything, my amazing friends.

Additionally, we encourage members to improve on their writing as well, practicing and honing their skills. Like stated earlier, there is a points system for our employees. The "sessions" they have with our guests, the more points they gain, earning more benefits. Every month, we tally them up and give them a prize for being active and wonderful to our brothel.

Remember, we are currently hiring new employees everyday, so come on down and apply for a job. We hope to see you there soon, my friends. Tah-tah!
╔═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╗
Welcome to E.W.E 🌺
╚═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╝

Welcome on the Erotic World [ERP] server
We are a growing community that’s mostly about roleplaying, gaming, anime and sharing hentai. Everyone is welcome here and we ask everyone to be friendly with one another so the experience is as pleasant as possible for all 🌺

ღೋ Are you looking for Erp and Rp server or NSFW server, well come join this server. Everybody is friendly and active.🌺ღೋ

ღೋ This is strictly 18+ server, don’t join if you not 18+ ღೋ

ღೋ E.W.E mean Erotic World Erp. Erotic World Erp. We doesn't have a lore, this is a open world Erp. Alot of member enjoy here in the sever. We have friendly staff and owner. You can do anything in this server. ღೋ
╔═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╗
🌺 Self assigned role
🌺 Hentai
🌺 Erp room
🌺 Many more coming soon.
🌺 Fun Bot
🌺 Event.
🌺 Template
🌺 Active members
🌺 Lounge
🌺 partnership
🌺 Friendly people
🌺 Private Room
🌺 Detail Erp/Rp
🌺 Meme
🌺 Event
🌺 Verification
🌺 18+ server
🌺 Non-toxic Server
🌺 Friendly staff members
╚═══════ ೋღ 🌺 s: ღೋ ═══════╝
Come join in and have fun in the city of dreams! Theres lots to see and do in the city, its built on dreams and corrupt businesses after all!

- Fun and safe roleplay/erp server
- Features erp channels, but erp is completely optional and is not the main focus of this server!
- Run by Mama Chi
- Roleplay as a human, android, alien or whatever the hell you can think of!
- A major wip due to the previous owner leaving, I plan on adding new things and possibly even new lore.

As the new owner of this server, I strive to create a roleplay with a story, factions and many other things. This server is open to suggestions and I would love to hear yours!
Hello and welcome to Neko‘s Paradise~!

We’re a friendly community focused on Owners and Pets with a unique collaring system~!

Of course we can also offer:

🐾 Public rp and erp channels

🐾 NSFW chats for approved members

🐾 Enough space for all your characters

🐾 Clear rules and an active staff team

🐾 And much more to discover

Everyone is welcomed and we’re always open for member suggestions and new ideas to make your stay more enjoyable :3

Cya around~

The Final war began,one that decided the fate of the two heavenly dragons and the three factions. Gods fell,Angel's shred tears of the damned,fallen ones laughed with agony and devil's died in sorrow. And then there they were. Issei Asmodeus and Vali Lucifer. The time had come to decide which one truly was the superior dragon. And as they clashed for one last time shaking the world so too would they lose their lived ones. The two dragons vanished and thus everything end it. Or did it? A new era was coming.New devils, angels and fallen angels rise to power as the gods they battled were vanished. But something awakens from the void and two new dragons awaken from their slumber for something has awakened from its void. And now only new heroes can stop it.

NSFW channels
Dxd roleplay and erotic roleplay is now on the run join in and join the fun !
18+ only NSFW New Friendly Server

We've got everything you want to keep you entertain! We are small but a growing community 💜 We offer several channels, fun bots to play around with, self-roles and much more. Join us today!

- 🌹 Simple Chat Layouts
- 🌹 Fun and Friendly Community
- 🌹 NSFW, SFW & HOOKUP Chats
- 🌹 RP & EPR Chats
- 🌹 Bot Games
- 🌹 Lgbtq+ Friendly
- 🌹 Nudes, Porn, Selfies
- 🌹 Ask Guys/Girls Questions Chat
- 🌹 Kinks, BDSM & More!
- 🌹 Random Server Events
Hello! Welcome to the Utopia of Roleplays!~
We are here to make your lustful dreams come true and have fun together in more ways then one~
Our server is very chill as we hope to make you feel welcomed, however please be at least 18+!

You'll enjoy the many things our server has to offer:

- All the NSFW Rooms and Picture Postings you would ever need!
- SFW rooms for those pure souls!
- An area to post your own original character for all to see and enjoy!
- A place for the spiciest memes and other media too!
- A staff that really does care about you and wants to help with your every need!
- All of these and so, so much more you'll have to see for yourself!

So please, do come on down to our Utopia. You won't regret it~
This is a brand new server with over a hundred seventy members (which doesn't show up on Disboard for some reason) for erotic roleplaying focused on gay male characters. We welcome players of any gender identity but the only characters allowed to be played here are cisgendered males. We've got channels for ooc chatter, music and film discussions, porn sharing, posting advertisements for RP, and writing character sheets/biographies. Come help us grow!
Join us all in the PMD: Black Iron! Must be 18 years or older.
See the wonders of beautiful maple fields, a city of iron, a coal mine, and the biggest one; a volcano!
Make friends in this erp server today!
And even become what Pokemon you wanted to be from the Mystery Dungeon series!
And most importantly, trying to have a good time while you chat, RP, ERP, and so on!
Join now to help our server grow!