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Come, join us, islander! We are a kind, caring, tight-knit furry community. We've got chat, ERP, artwork, and more! Find a new home with us here on the isles!
7 minutes ago
a pretty small server where we just rp and hang so come on down and hang out to rp and watch rabbit with us?
15 minutes ago
Hi! This server is mainly for ERP/RP you don't have to though! We have normal chat channels! Have fuuun!~ <3
20 minutes ago
Come hang out, roleplay, have some sexy fun, or all of the above - and more.
21 minutes ago
The Hesperides Château is a literate 18+ roleplaying server centered around casual but well-written RP, specifically Slice-of-life and ERP. Our setting is an otherworldly vacation resort where races from all over the multiverse are pulled into, allowing for very freeform character creation not limited by lore.

If you're looking for action or plot-heavy RP, this is not really the best place to be. But otherwise, if you want to hang out and have fun in more ways than one with all sorts of characters, please swing by the Château!
22 minutes ago
A lawless erp, by joining you are agreeing to erp with any member that is online. It should go without saying 18+ only. And beware, if you don’t enjoy certain kinks you may not have a great time.
23 minutes ago
ARCADIA'S RP is a rp/erp. We focus on story building and character development, but we also allow erp. Arcadia's rp is a SciFi themed galaxy, we currently have a city in space named Arcadia and a tropical planet named Hauwei. We also have a Rebellion VS Government war going on.

Combat system.
Helpful staff and owner.
A bunch of Lore.
Three factions for people to join if they want.
We mostly allow any kind of characters to be made.

Come join us if you take RP serious, we are like one big family here, and we are always active.
30 minutes ago
A server about maids and butlers getting collared, fucked, and cummed in and out by masters and mistresses. This is all NSFW and it's very unique and special towards a category of BDSM! The staff are very active and always improving every day!
37 minutes ago
Hey people! This is the Luxuria's Realm. This is an erp server and with so hot contents 😏.
Please only Join if you're +18, if you join and you're not overage you will be banned.
So don't loose the opportunity to join this server and please yourself.~
56 minutes ago
Welcome to the Ardor District, a city of Lustful Fighters. A place where the humans and the supernatural coexist to create the city’s greatest. A place where things like lust powers and lustful traditions exist. Join the fun in the Ardor District! In this city, people strive to become the city’s best heroes, whether it’s by good or evil terms.
1 hours ago
The Emezin Empire is a friendly RP and ERP server looking to recruit new members to grow our community. Our goal is to create a fun and friendly server full of adventure and story. We aim to have a shared narrative between us all to create a vibrant world with a blend of magic and steampunk engineering. Welcoming to all RP and ERP members alike.
1 hours ago
Hallow High School is a present day rp allowing you to make a character who attends high school in a small town and has all the high school drama you need. we have channels available for those who wish to erp and are hidden for those who don't we're hiring staff so why not join and rp?
1 hours ago
Welcome to Centra World. Anything and everything that you wish to do is here. From Campaigns to ERP. There are common areas, ERP areas, and Campaign areas made upon request. We are mostly laid back Mods and welcome all no matter what they wish to do. We do have to ask that you act mature on our server. Thanks.
1 hours ago
Hello! This is Lucid Dream, a Roleplay or Hangout server!
We are currently looking for admins and moderators!
Once you join you will have access to colour roles, all of which you can choose by yourself!
Our Roleplay is also open ended, giving the roleplayers more freedom to do as they want! It's theme is Fantasy and is set in the current year!
Please join!
1 hours ago
This is my very first server! I just made it today so the member count is about 0. This is an Erp server with plenty of rooms and themes for you to mess around it and some ooc hangouts so you can get to know fellow members
1 hours ago
18+ Dungeons n Dragons inspired Homebrew Roleplaying server, with levels, archetypes, and a expanding world to explore!
1 hours ago
The Lewd Future is a growing ERP server that wants to welcome you with open arms! (Or legs~)
2 hours ago
Welcome to the nightmare of the great city of Yarnam! Beasts wander the streets and the land is in need of hunters, lest the city fall to the monstrosities that have come from the dark. Take to either side, we won't judge your blood addled mind. Fight your enemies, and kill or pacify them to do with what you want.

You'll be able to play as a beast or a hunter, and grow along either path to eventually become a great one!

Erp is allowed, but only in selected areas!

We are a growing community, Please be patient with us~
2 hours ago
Hello there! We're glad to have you as a customer here and Sakura Spa and Resort. Here at the Sakura Spa and Resort, we have many channels to spend your time. The clean-chat is where we have all general conversation, nsfw-chat is when that chat gets a bit sexy. Nsfw posting is for all the porn you wanna share, and meme-talk is well... for memes. And looking below general chat we have the refs! This is where you can read up on the maids and butlers serving you, and if you're active enough even post your own! Now what are the maids and butlers for you might ask? Well, simple go to the check-in lobby, request one, and they'll "see to your needs". Beyond that, we have other rooms for rping, such as the kitchen, pool, and others! There's more description on them in their own rooms, so check them out! Furthermore, we're always open to suggestions and will hear out complaints, which go in the respective channels. With all that said, we hope you have a great time here!
3 hours ago
Lux Noctis is a semi-ERP server. You need to be 18+ to access anything remotely NSFW however it isn't specifically 18+. We're a community and here for all!
3 hours ago
[Under construction: We need member who want guide other in rps and staff members!]
A hotel for all the wandering travelers of multiverse, looking for a nice place to stay! Make your reservation, order a drink while we assign a room for you! Feel free to talk with our guests. Have fun, visit our gardens, swim in our pools and, maybe, flirt with us and get a nice and "spicy" hookup! No need to be shy! We're here to be a friendly, supportive, and encouraging community.
3 hours ago
This server is just a nice and chill, fun lewdy server! All species, and such are allowed, especially age! Find a mate, master, pet, etc. RP/ERP. :3This server is just a nice and chill, fun lewdy server! All species, and such are allowed, especially age! Find a mate, master, pet, etc. RP/ERP. :3
3 hours ago
We're a lovely friendly ERP community with good staff and a variety of channels, and we're always looking for suggestions~
4 hours ago