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this is cat haven, were cats mysteriously appear. they chose to make the best out of their time, and you can guess the rest.
16 minutes ago
We're new, so join us and spread it to your friends
17 minutes ago
Ever wanted to soak in a hotspring surrounded by cherry blossoms and have a little fun~?
This server is for you if you want that.
We are still starting out and would Love to have new people join.
18 minutes ago
More info at TPP's Website:

The Pleasure Palace offers:
- NSFW Community driven games (Cards against Humanity, Truth or Dare, Smash or Pass)
- Numerous roles to express who you are
- NO AGE VERIFICATION (come in at your discretion ;) )
- Active growing community who love to ERP/RP
- Democratic #poll voting process for any new suggestions!
18 minutes ago
Come hang out, roleplay, have some sexy fun, or all of the above - and more.
24 minutes ago
Welcome to The Everlasting Brothel. Sign up to be a seducer! Roleplay with other naughty patrons!~
55 minutes ago
This is Fantasy Isles, an NSFW roleplay server with a fantasy medieval theme, but don't worry we're very flexible with our character requirements.
Partnership is open to every single server! Big or Small!
Our staff and members will greet you once you enter the server!
1 hours ago
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around roleplay.
Hentai art, music, memes or a "happy channel" can also be found on the server and are frequently used by everyone. Characters from all universes or OC's are accepeted on the server.
The community has grown together nicely but new faces are always welcome on the server and we would be happy to meet you.
1 hours ago
A typical RP server with ERP, bots and more.
1 hours ago
A regular Roleplay server,the server is done.
We appreciate new members!

1 hours ago
This is Enchantment & Corruption; an erotic roleplay server set in a Baroque/medieval-hybrid period fantasy genre world. The kingdom of Alafaire stands tall and formidable in a world of chaos. Beyond its walls is sheer wilderness and forest filled with both wonder and terrors abound. Distant kingdoms also exist... one deep below the mountains is the underground city of Elbaleth, home to demons, dwarves and dark elves. Another, lies the desert kingdom of Caladorn. And the frigid kingdom to the north, Ularfell, where bitter snowstorms surround it. The kingdoms have sworn to remain in unity during these troubled times. The source of the trouble comes from the evils beyond their kingdoms... unknown, yet clearly powerful. Brave the wilderness and discover evils that attempt to bring the world to utter ruin. Or perhaps, will you join those very evils and bring anarchy to civilization as we know it?
2 hours ago
Welcome to Promiscuous Sugardrop! Here you can engage in a variety of role-playing experiences, both non-sexual and sexual. We provide a variety of RP locations from cities to ancient tombs for everyone to utilize. Aside from (E)RP-related subjects, we have an active anime and gaming chat that's sure to grow along with the rest of the server in the coming future.
2 hours ago
You awaken on an alien world, naked and alone. There are others here. Will you die or will you survive?
2 hours ago
If you are that person who likes to converse about Anime, or Video Games, or possibly Hentai and Erotic Roleplay, then you have to join in the 'Lewd Headquarters'. This Server is made for the folk who are erotic and deserve some quality content when they arrive. What's stopping you from having some "Fun"? Get in here, and enjoy the worth while excitement.

We would really appreciate it if you all would stay a while.
2 hours ago
Spectrums, mysterious creatures that had one day appeared and started ravaging the city. When they appear, they make ripples in the world we call 'Distortions'. Military personel and equipment are not enough to defeat these monsters. The government has made a system called the 'Spectral Interference System' which installs circuits in people's body. These circuits utilize the energy made from this program called 'Lustation' which is obtained through sexual acts. From these distortions they appear and make havoc, our mission are to close these ripples and slay these Spectrums to prevent further damage... and then have some 'fun'.
3 hours ago
A fun social server with multiple NSFW, ERP and R34/RR34 channels!
3 hours ago
The Naughty Mansion is a Server run by Jenifer Collins that features ERP! 17+!
3 hours ago
The Hesperides Château is an 18+ RP server aiming to provide a quality experience. We have a setting specifically tailored for Slice-of-life and ERP, an otherworldly vacation resort where races from all over the multiverse are pulled into. This allows for very freeform character creation not limited by lore, encouraging creativity from our users (though we still keep an eye out for Mary Sues, of course)

If you're looking for action or plot-heavy RP, this is not really the best place to be. But otherwise, if you want to hang out and have fun in more ways than one with all sorts of characters, we hope to see you at the foyer!
4 hours ago
You are no normal human, you are what is known as a lust being, you have powers and the ability to use magic but these are both powered by sexual energy, an academy was created to help lust beings grow and evolve their powers through sexual conquest and acts of lust, this is that academy, now you are one of the few people that can help keep the lust beasts at bay

Welcome to lust academy
8 hours ago
When you wake up in the morning, do you feel like your needing something? Is there something missing from your daily life but can't figure out what it is? Well here it is, P.U.S.S.Y. is a great server filled to the brim with lot's of fun slippery games and things to do. Why sit there and play games when you can be here finding new friends to play games with. There is a lot of fun activities, such as:
-making some delicious cream pies
-making someone scream with joyful glee
-making a cave with two or more people
-taking a vacation from stress and spending it putting frosting on delicious treats

If this sounds fun to you this is a GREAT place for you to stay.

quick disclaimer, if you couldn't tell already this is an NSFW server, so only 18+. But anyways, BACK TO THE ADVERTISMENT.

This wonderful server has a lot of things for you to do not to mention people who want to do stuff with you.

These things include:
-NSFW drawings
-NSFW jokes
-Fun people to enjoy
-Music chats
-erp chats
-games like truth or dare
-and many many more to come
8 hours ago

This is a brand new Roleplay Hub Server based solely on the idea of being a full fledged community and having fun. I've seen too many RP servers go to shit because of poor management or dead chats and it's my time to show what a good RP community should look like.

Come RP, chat or hang out. We still need mods if you're feeling up to the task.

-Bots including music, a simple levelling system, self roles and pokecord.
-Welcoming community.
-Group RPs.
-Shitposting area.
-NSFW/ERP channels.

Also the server icon is a dumpster fire.
8 hours ago
This server is a roleplay server, character can be anything, as long as it's not overly op
11 hours ago
Trans-Sylvania is a place for everyone, but is specifically a safe haven for trans peoples! we have sfw and nsfw roles, so all ages are welcome.
14 hours ago