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Trap World is a community on Discord and on
We support everyone and everyone is welcome.
Trans friendly
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
- 1450+ Users
- Steam shop
- Twitter shilling to gain followers
- The most accepting users.
- Moderated (No one likes AFK mods)
Lewd furry kingdom full of a few thousand friendly (but dramatic) little furries! Come join to find fwends, gamers, lewdies, and a super active group of dorks ~

*Must be 18+ to access the NSFW content.
A server dedicated to traps and femboys. We have trap selfies, NSFW, and Cute Thigh Pics. The server is run by a trap.
A new trap/femboy community based server that allows jokes with bad words in them! Here you won't get banned for having an opinion or using a bad word.
club it is 18+ only and if you wandering what this is it is a exotic club which is a strip club that will be open every Saturday 10pm to 12am also if you are interested in exotic dancing join and message me are club could always use new dancers (if you want to learn must have full body tracking)

Is femboy friendly
Is trap friendly
Is LGBTQ+ friendly
[18+] Kööpa's Army is a pretty active and friendly Trap/Femboy/and trans server. We have a NSFW section for sharing nudes. We also have a general chat for meeting new people and other channels about:

>Video Games
>Heavy Metal/K-pop

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We also have a level up system and tons of cool emojis
A welcoming and loving community for femboys, traps, trans people and more! We have plenty to offer so join and have some fun!
The Cas.Co Furry Empire is a new land being forged by furries. Our community is small but but friendly and ever growing. We would love the pleasure of your company!

=====Notable things=====
-We have thick walls and dungeons to protect against trolls and raiders and require a check to get in.
-We card check for 18. So no surprise statutory!
-Our Tavern (VC) is pretty active with some lovely voices
-We have a active group of gamers who don't mind new faces
-Plenty of owo and a sprinkling of awoo
-Though we are not an RP server, RP is welcome and encouraged
-Active redlight district
-So far the Guards aren't d*cks (I'm not sure about the otter though)
-In fact our Guards are pretty chill so it's hard to get in trouble on accident
-The overlord is pretty cute
-We have a system of leveling and plenty of roles to adorn oneself in
-And we're continuously adding in new features based on feedback. So since we're still small, if there's something you don't like you may well be able to change it and mold the empire with wit and tact based on your sinister plans.

~Soulie and the Empire Court
Scandalous Desire's is a new and active 18+ fart fetish server with (mostly) femboy/female gas erotica. We have an NSFW section for all fetish art and audios and a general chat where you can talk to other's and meet new people.

Plus we have all sorts of fun channels like


Everyone's totally welcome here as long as ya follow the rules and are friendly.
This is a nsfw trap server! we could use all the help we can get with suggestions pertaining to the server's quality. Please join and help us become much greater! enjoy your stay!
(server is 18+)
A 18+ Community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
- 2,500+ members.
- 100 emojis.
- Dedicated emoji sever with 100 additional emojis.
- Weekly Community Events including Movie,Karaoke,Game.
- 20+ SFW channels.
- 10+ NSFW channels.
- Partnered Discord Servers.
- Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
- Deep community leveling system.
- Community currency and banking system.
- 42 Earnable roles.
- 42 Self-assignable roles.
Welcome to femboy love! A place for femboys and traps to be themselves! I’m here no one will judge you! Just be yourself! Have fun and hang out with other people who share the same interest!
Here at femboy city, we try our best to build a loving community for all. This is a second version of the first, as seeing that it got deleted. New and improved, with more features and fun to be had. If you want to help us grow our community, then join and we can have some fun. Very lewd by default. Music bot, levels, friendly people, etc. Come on by if you feel like it!
The biggest and best server for traps/fem-boys. Filled with cute traps and their admirers. come for the boypucci stay for the wholesome gay cuddles.
Hello passing by person,this is a server for any person that is a furry to talk and chat to anyone else who is,you may never know you may meet your best friend here, we are expecting of almost everyone unless your a raider or just really mean if you agree to join please know that we will make sure your not a raider and not allow you to talk in the whole server till someone allows you to
A small comfy rat-themed server for gay rodent lovers to hang out in. You have to be 18+ to enter the server, enjoy your stay! :)
An aesthetic edgy trap server ran by nice staff and is active.
We do events and its run by a youtuber.
Welcome to the Twink Division! Our server is used to look at cute guys (lewd and nude). If you're of-age, feel free to send pictures of yourself as well. If there's any suggestion made to the server that many seem to agree upon, it will be added to the server (categories, rules, etc). And as always, have fun, stay lewd!
Welcome to the Furries & Traps Discord server!

This server was made for the purpose of meeting new people with similar interests and most of all, having a good time.

Invite link:
A positive community for femboys, crossdressers, trans and admirers. Judgement free and focused on positivity. Includes both SFW chats and NSFW chats/lewds.

No hundreds of useless text channels spamming you.
No hundreds of useless bots.
Very well moderated community and friendly, neutral staff:)
For all Sissy, Femboys, Doms ,Daddys etc.
A server mainly for sissies and traps who wish to share NSFW content, relax and chat! We accept many kinks here so everyone is welcome! :)