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Hewwo! This is a server for LGBT guys to meet and chat! We accept everyone, and even have a few channels for fun ;)
Age restrictions: 16 to be on server, 18 to post nsfw pictures of yourself
Server for Traps/Femboys/Transgenders and people, who worship them
Includes NSFW content
Everyone is welcome here!
Enjoy your stay!
A discord full of trap/femboy fans. We have lots of channels dedicated to traps and also have tones of other hentai categories, we're also an active and growing community with a welcoming staff team.

Join Now For The Best Hentai/Trap Community On Discord!
Hiya there!

Head Pats is based in an alternate universe, where everything is just like it is in anime: overreactive, cute and borderline clumsy.

This community is small and cosy; no memes, swearing, unreasonable, immature or inappropriate behaviour.

◤━━━━━━━━━ RULES ━━━━━━━━━◥
- Use the intended channels, as they've been titled and described, correctly.

- Voice chat is for talking, no other noises or music.

- No praying on people, or coming in with the intention for NSFW content; or to DM people. This isn't a hookup server, if you are here you should have substance- if you happen to hook in with someone that's great but do not try to force it on.

- Be respectful to each other; no swearing, absolutely no hate speech or terms (racism, sexism and objectification, unnecessarily repeated targeting), including if it's a joke; no memes, no irresponsible or obnoxious names.

- Don't spam, link to hazardous or gore sites or grind levelling experience.

- If someone is sleeping and listening to music in the music channel, don't wake then up, that's pretty nasty- let the cutie-pie sleep.

- Passion channels, are to be taken seriously, make an effort if you want to post there, and don't discuss it in those channels; discuss in the 'chatting' or 'serious-and-academic' channels.

- The music bot can be used for music, do not play anything else.

- Respect everyone, within reason, be empathetic to the way they might feel and their opinions and preferences, no (passive) aggression.

- This isn't a meme or joke server; no memes, dark stuff, edgy humour, or things that would make people uncomfortable including profile pictures. This is a friendly and supportive, anime kind of environment so that stuff does not belong here.

- No speaking any other language other than English.

- There are prunes every now and then. Just talk a little, tell us about you, about your day and what's going on; don't be shy we're all friendly. If you find you've been kicked in a prune, and you are negative about it you may be banned.
We are a brand-new server trying to build a friendly community for adult (18+) trans/trap individuals to hangout and share experiences and make friends! Cis people are welcome to mingle too! Share your music, selfies, art, cool stuff! We have custom role colors and custom roles are available to active members. Build a community with us 💜. This is a free speech server as long as that speech isn't hateful so feel free to relax and be yourself 👯‍♀

Note: Intro channel is marked as NFSW, this is only to reiterate the entire server is 18+

-- Custom roles & colors
-- Server currency, earn server currency by being active!!
-- Server shop, redeem custom commands and perks
-- NSFW channels
-- Voice channel
-- Music channel
-- Selfie channel
-- Interactions (headpats, pouts, and hugs <3)
-- Non invasive bots!
-- Mewbot
-- Minigames
-- General chat channel
and lots more!
[18+] Kööpa's Army is a pretty active and friendly Trap/Femboy/and trans server. We have a NSFW section for sharing nudes. We also have a general chat for meeting new people and other channels about:

>Video Games
>Heavy Metal/K-pop

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We also have a level up system and tons of cool emojis
💖 WELCOME TO THE "Cute Traps & Fems'' SERVER 💖
😍 this server is made for the Cutie traps and femboys, and trans (like all those cuties) im not one myself tho 😍

⚠THIS SERVER IS 15+ to access ⚠
Introduction to Society Of Civilised Traps:
All ages are welcome!
Join this server if you are a trap/femboy/trans who wants to talk openly to others or if you absolutely love traps and are a civilised person who wishes to chat and make friends with traps or fellow trap enthusiasts!!!

This server is LGBT friendly and I welcome all to join who have a sincere appreciation for traps!!!

The traps this server appreciates can be either femboys or tgirls etc!!!
Hi I am AzureKnight its nice to meet all you fellow trap Lovers out there!!!

I created this server so that fellow traps and trap lovers such as myself XD can make some great friends and share advice on how to become like the traps we all know and love!!!

All members feel free to share your favourite trap images and content!!!
Feel free to share all your personal research and idea's on how to become more trap like whether were talking biologically or in terms of fasion!!!
+18 Community only / a clean server with a pretty cool and chill Community owo
The Cozy Box(🔞) is the Coziest little box around!
New to server Community we will work to be number 1!
We support everyone.
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
Once you join all you have to do is read the rules and make an introduction to gain acces to the rest of the server!
- Nicest users around
- Moderated (With care and fairness)
-Available for server channel suggestions and bots.
So come in Too Cozy box and get warm! <3
The biggest and best server for traps/fem-boys. Filled with cute traps and their admirers. come for the boypucci stay for the wholesome gay cuddles.
Welcome to In Her Lap! A gentle femdom community discord server. We're aiming to be a comfy server with a cozy atmosphere, so please don't join expecting political discourse. This server is 18+ only.
We're a personality driven community. It's meant for people of the GFD (Gentle femdom) to have a comfy place to socialize, discuss, and make connections.
A 18+ Community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
- The largest femboy server with over 5,500 members.
- 350 emojis, plus a dedicated emoji sever with 100 additional emojis.
- A private Minecraft server for community members.
- Weekly community oriented events such as Minecraft, Movie, Steam Game Night, Cards Against Humanity, and DnD night.
- Over 40 total SFW and NSFW channels.
- Custom mentionable roles available.
- Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
- Deep community leveling and ranking system.
- Community currency and banking system were you can buy items and roles with earned community currency.
- 45 Earnable roles.
- 50+ different Self-assignable roles to choose from.
Hiya!~ Come join dis server cuz we have games, a minecraft server and stuffs :3

❤︎ Gaming
❤︎ Traps
❤︎ Trans
❤︎ Femboys
❤︎ Selfies
❤︎ Lewds
❤︎ Minecraft
A new trap/femboy community based server that allows jokes with bad words in them! Here you won't get banned for having an opinion or using a bad word.
Trap World is a community on Discord and on
We support everyone and everyone is welcome.
Trans friendly
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
Once you join all you have to do is read the rules and make an introduction to gain acces to the rest of the server!
- Our own MC Server
- Can communicate with the people playing MC via discord minecraft channel.
- 150+ Emoji's (146 slots still open)
- 50MB upload limit without Nitro!
- 2200+ Users
- Steam shop Where you can buy free games with server currency!
- Our own little bots with many features.
- Our own currency
- You can get your custom role OwO
- Twitter shilling to gain followers
- The most accepting users.
- Moderated (No one likes AFK mods)
We're a femboy and LGBT centric hangout that welcomes everyone. Lots of discussion channels, voice chat, and a tiered nsfw section for our active users.