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I am a Ebony goddess looking for a few paypigs I also sell nudes you will not be disappointed
Hello! Welcome to my Universe, we accept all new giants, giantesses, gods, goddesses, tinies, norms, and all of every shape and size! Come on in, this wonderful place is still a work in progress, so please bare with us. It shall be a wonderful place to stay and enjoy your favorite kinks and more!
A medieval fantasy kingdom ruled over by many varied goddesses. However a newly awoken goddess threatens to make all of them worship her titanic farting cheeks! Can anything stop the Goddess of Ass' ascent to the throne of all the realms?
Welcome to the Goddesses Domain, a vore discord that is up and coming with femdom and certain goddess worship. >;3

The discord is still under wraps but we are SO happy to have you around! Please stop by if you ever can.
The is a server for Shaktism or the sect of Hinduism which worships the divine mother. All are welcome to join!
Welcome to my server!

In here we include:
Different types of roles, accessible channels, and strict rules! There are quests avaliable as well.

Erp sessions are allowed in server
in the fictional world of House of Night, a small percentage of the world's teenagers are changed into vampires when adolescent hormones trigger a strand of what is otherwise junk DNA.The change from human to vampyre takes four years, during which time the adolescents, known as "fledglings," must attend one of the "House of Night" boarding schools.If a fledgling is not in constant proximity to adult vampyres, the fledgling will die; so the fledglings rarely leave the school. About one in ten fledglings die anyway, since their bodies cannot tolerate the Change. For those who survive, there's a big reward:"Vampires are like Superman. They’re super-gorgeous. They’re super-talented. They’re super-men."Vampyres are physically stronger than most adult humans, with accelerated reflexes, enhanced dexterity, life of more than five centuries, as well as heightened senses such as night vision
Welcome to Salem, traveler. Here you can live under four gods and become a warrior, a mercenary, a hunter or a king/queen and explore the would of Salem.
We have:
⚜️Active staff
⚜️Major plot events
⚜️NSFW content
⚜️Fun filed rp
⚜️And much, much more!

More details on the plot are provided in the server. You do not have to stay if you join. If link does not work, use the one below. We have all rights to remove you from server if you promote hate, spam, and inappropriate content in the wrong channels.
A server for genuine prayer and worship toward women.
(Toward old, existing goddesses or toward women in general)
Curious people are welcome.
The entry server for Giantess Kingdoms. The kingdom is a place of intense role play and story telling, along with an assortment of custom roles, character sheets, and commands for the smoothest role play experience possible. Not to mention all the lovely goddesses and giantesses who enjoy toying with small creatures!
A brand new vore rp chat that takes place inside the collosal goddess Kara, all are food for the goddess, but it's not a barren fleshy pit, there are thriving cities built up inside the goddess for all to live in
Welcome to Michelle's Universe, a RP server related to Giantesses, Goddesses and all kinks related to Size and Macro stuff. You can go from a tiny little slave to a Big Goddess. What will you do? Serve your Goddesses or become one and own everything?
Welcome to Suzi's realm. We welcome people from any size, from Atomic's - Immeasurable's.
A giantess and vore focused server taking place within the body of an immense goddess, explore her depths and try to live within June!

GODDESS TYR, an Ah My Goddess! discord server, welcomes everyone to come join and start talking to like-minded fans of a series about a human and a goddess, and the wish that started it all: "I want a goddess like you to be by my side forever!" Has sections for general chat, merch, series/movie discussions, etc.
The Goddess Realms are an infinite multiverse of worlds and dimensions ruled over by all powerful goddesses. The residents exist at the whims of the deities.
The twisted playground of The Mistress, become the toy of this sadistic domme and be used for her every lewd desire.
Hey there. Welcome to Giantess Safehaven. Where many role-players can role-play different scenario's in the giantess world. You can, begin role-playing in our hub station where you can be as dirty or clean depending how your role-play style is. Do not troll and do not disrespect any of the fellow staff members who run the server. Ask for what kinds of roles you would like, whether it would be giant, giantess, tiny. The staff will give you the appropriate roles as long as you ask.

All of the channels in the role-play hub consists of different genre's. So if you want to role-play in a medieval setting, their is one channel that's pre-made for you. If their are no channels that relate to your interest. You may ask a mod for it and she/he will do his or her best to create that for you. Thank you for and I hope you have a fun time in our server.
A Size server dedicated to individuals of all sizes owning planets that are shaped to their whim. People of all ages are welcomed to join with channels accommodating both "minors" and "adult" lovers of Macrophilia.
This server is a place where you can make a deity, and then roleplay and have them make their own effect on the world! Join to find out more!
Come join Goddess.☁️ a club themed server with the following:
•NSFW channel
•Bots (duh)
•Staff applications