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Brand New Orgasm Denial Server with a Focus on Building RACK Community

What makes us different?
* A Community fostering respect, inclusion, and risk aware consensual kink
* Opt-in Fetish Channels (no one triggered, no one shamed)
* Tons of roles to choose from
* Focus on open sharing of sex-positive educational information (research, teach-ins, etc.)
* "Let the server decide" commands for edging, orgasms, and whacks!
* Many areas to share vanilla interests as well as kinky
* Hypnosis is welcome here!
* Community Minecraft Server
* Lovense Bot to control each other's toys (in development)
* Approachable, Active, and Transparent Admin and Moderation Team
Welcome back to Plex! We are now revamped and gotten to v2! If you're a slut that loves dick or pussy, then you came to the right place! If you're an costumer looking for a slut to use, you too came to the right place! We give you people that want a to enjoy themselves and having fun!
Currently looking for more girls! We an open community with no kink shaming! Come join us if you like pee!
This place is for all you people who love pee as a kink or fetish!
This server is a place for femdom, bdsm and related fetishes. Here you can meet doms and submissives to chat or to do something else (who knows?). The server is still small, so any suggestions and tips are welcome.

Hope you join and say hi. Thanks for reading!
Stuffed Gullets is a server dedicated to the roundest, voluptuous and bouncy bloated bellies. Its a server focused on Weight-Gain, Stuffing, and just good big bellies! If you want to check us out or just chill stop on by!
A friendly community with a friendly server side staff and owner! a Role Play server that supports Erotic Role Play in both regular and Vore forms, don't take my word for it, come and check it out!
WARNING: This server is 18+ ONLY. If you're underage you'll be banned until you turn 18.

This server is for people who are fans of vore who would just like to relax, chat around with each other, and even rp in our various rp rooms. We also have other activities and fetish other than vore available for your pleasure.

Fetish list: Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more. We wish for you to be active in the server but it’s ok if your shy. We make sure to make everyone feel welcome in our nice community to our best ability!

Now when you enter you will be asked some questions so that you can be verified into the server. Make sure to read the rules as well and have fun~!
The barn is a place to indulge in your fetishes and relax. We are a fairly new community and we love memes and porn. Feel free to join and have a great time.
Welcome to “Divine Soles”! We're an 18+ foot fetish server that offers a place for models, buyers, and foot lovers to come together and enjoy their love of all things fetish. We're an open, inclusive, and model-friendly server, welcoming to anyone and everyone looking to find a home!

What We Offer:
• Verified Models & Buyers Role
• Channels For Male, Female, & Non-Binary Models
• Self-Assignable Roles (Gender, Pronouns, Sexuality, Color Roles, etc)
• All Kinds Of NSFW Fetish Content
...and MORE!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!
We are an 18+ Consensual Non-Consent Hypnosis server focused on Community, Lasting Friendships, and Running Great Sessions!
This is a place to practice, preform, and be subjected to hypnosis.
All of us here would be happy to have you among us in our constantly growing coven of like-minded individuals.
Welcome to twilight sparkle library during quarantine so it was done renamed from spitfire server to now a place of open arms pony community that’s has a lot besides making friends here but it’s mostly for adult topics no kids allowed.
Welcome visitor~!

If you are looking for a new master or perhaps a pet to play with then this place is for you! Both pets and masters can do all sorts of kinky stuff here. ;3

If you join then make sure to read the server rules, make a character and select your roles. Most kinks are allowed here but the main focus is vore.

**(Alt accounts are not allowed here unless you get approved by the admins)**
┌─────── ∘°❉°∘ ───────┐
Miss Lilly's Feets of Fancy
└─────── °∘❉∘° ───────┘
"Not just another foot server - THE foot server"

ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴜs;;
We’re an 18+ foot fetish server that is very inclusive and friendly, so as long as you’re respectful towards others we will do the same. We got our start as a passion project between two like-minded owners, tired of the same foot servers that had little to offer for people like us. A few months and few hundred members later, we're happy to welcome you to our kinky corner of Discord

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴇ ᴘʀᴏᴠɪᴅᴇ;;

○ Active members & staff.
● 90+ models – male, female and non-binary.
○ Several self-assignable roles such as colour, gender, sexuality, other fetishes, etc.
● Safe space for trans and non-binary people.
○ SFW channels for art, selfies & memes
● "Verified buyers" role
○ A starboard channel
● Active voice chat channels.
○ Lots of feet.

We also do partnerships (only with fellow 18+ servers, though)!!


This is a small Pokemon fetish server primarily focused on burping~ Make sure to be nice and read the rules~ Stuffing and inflation is allowed but keep it tame, no popping~ Remember to read ALL of the rules, pick MULTIPLE roles and have a fun time everyone!
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚~ WELCOME TO BBB! ~˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚* ( Very new, some changes will happen.)


This is an 18+ only server themed around big cuties, BBW/M bodies, & chubbies! However, we welcome all NSFW enthusiasts! Like em' THICC? Big bouncy bosoms? Or even thin/dainty? Fine by us, we respect all of them!

This is a safe friendly server, don't be shy to join just to make friends.

An ERP server with a variety of kinks and styles. We also got the ICXB universe to settle in, along with extensions to that universe such as the High Harem.
18+ Welcome to Taken in Hand! We are a Male-Identifying Doms and Female-Identifying Sub server. Server Theme: Male Supremacy. We have very active voice channels, contests and more. Stop by and make some friends!
Feet Haven is the international community that provides with your desire for feet!
- Exclusive pictures from male, female and non-binary models 👣
- Friendly users to interact with and share quality content 👥
- 20+ roles to choose from, and more that can be earned ✅
- An abundance of channels that acquaint with more than just feet ❤️
- NSFW channels for the thirsty 💦
- French and Spanish areas for international communities
This server is for trading hentai and other porn. We respect all fetishes so no worry about people bullying you for it.
Want to safely learn about BDSM? meet other kinksters? this is the server for you. Adults only and age verification for the naughty naughty parts so come join!

Approachable mods
rooms for all kinds
no kink-shaming of legal safe kinks
Dom/Domme only room
Sub only room
porn channel
channel for asking about and learning about new kinks
Love the idea of hypnosis? Come join the Hypno Lounge!
A server about furry hypnosis. We've got art, and even IRL stuff!
Also has a NSFW section.
A foot-fetish community for sharing pictures, videos, and discussion topics about women's feet, soles, toes, arches, foot-worship, feet-smelling, trampling, & foot-domination. Must be 18+ to join & may only post female feet that are also 18+.

Models, producers, and regular members are all welcome! Ladies may sell their feet pics.

The Facebook & Twitter for the admin/owner is: @FeetCore
A femdom and hardcore BDSM server. Female doms are given extra permissions so they can suitably bully the subs.

Subs and switches of any gender, and female doms welcome!

18+ with trans-friendly verification before you can access nudes
Amateurs de BDSM et tout particulièrement de Bondage, nous offrons au sein de l'Empire du Baîllon un espace d'échange sélect et de partage sur les différentes pratiques de cet univers épanouissant.

Novices et expérimentés cohabitent en harmonie. L'expérience des uns démystifient les pratiques obscures, et la soif d'apprendre et la curiosité des autres entretiennent les débats. Différentes sections sont à la disposition des membres, permettant d'orienter les sujets (Salon NSFW, vocal, débat hebdomadaire...).
Laissez-vous tenter par le côté chocolat, dans un cadre gardé très safe par une modération active et à l'écoute.
Règlement à lire obligatoirement ! mot de passe caché à l'intérieur !