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Hypnokink? Come melt your mind and make friends at Discord’s best and most friendly server.

-*Lewd City, one of the lone marks of the country that one can share their fetishes without judgement. Making (economy) money just by being there, sharing what one loves, and talking to others, passing up this chance would be crazy!*-

Lewd city has a mix between roleplaying and porn. Separated and optional to do either. We have plenty to offer to anyone that wishes to join.

[Verification]: Automated anti raiding/nuking/trolling verification to get in the city for an enjoyable time.
[Various Kinks]: We have many to choose from, and requesting is almost instantly accepted.
[Nice Community]: Verification that block bots, our community is nice and supportive.
[No Kink shame]: We believe your fetish is welcome here. (Except pedophilia)
[Plenty of RP]: Enjoy roleplaying? We will even give you your own channel if active!
[Economy]: Make money posting, and use it in roleplaying channels, or rob someone :laughing:
[Active Staff]: We're very rarely away from our devices. We will respond to help quickly.
[PORN/HENTAI]: We have plenty of hentai and bots to help you get what gets *YOU* going.

So if any of this sounds like something you'd enjoy, give us a try!
Your hub for all things NSFW! | A non-toxic community of people who share porn/hentai and chat. | WIDE variety of porn and a 4K+ active community.
Are you ready for a community of like-minded kinksters? Just curious about what the lifestyle has to offer? Are you just a gamer who wants to hang with other kinky gamers? Join Ties That Bind, an 18+ server dedicated to being for its members and BY its members. ||Weekly events | Karaoke | Music bots | Contests | Discussion | Community||
This is a hentai/community server for people who are into scat and other hardcore fetishes!
We're an SFW/NSFW 15-21 server where you can meet people with the same interests. Please, still show respect. We're not a full on sex group, but people who enjoy talking about it (: Everyone is nice here, join and make new friends!

We are an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a place where Hypnotists and subjects can connect with each other through live sessions and voice, be it group sessions, casual voice, public play, and other real-time or through private 1 on 1 hypnosis sessions. While erotic hypnosis doesn’t have to be the singular focus, this server is heavily fetish oriented, including power exchange through Dominant/submissive relationships and other elements of BDSM, as well as all manner of sexual activities, as well as casual chat and day to day community.
A place for you to unleash your inner kinkiness. We're rather new, we'd appreciate some more members :)
Looking to make friends with other hypnokinksters & lose your mind for a bit? Our Friendly hypnokink server offers loop rooms to lull your brain. Join Dark Whispers and listen carefully as the quiet calm takes over your mind. :D

18+ only. Erotic Hypnosis, RACK and Con/NonCon kink & fetish server.
We are a nice and wholesome server that accepts anyone. We mostly have porn of all kinds, and i mean all. Weather you are into normal butts and boobs or the most hardcore of things you will feel welcome to talk about it by our accepting community. We have many channels and we have divided the porn categories into Common, Kinky and Fetish so you can easily browse or mute what you aren't into. Under those we got all kinds of channels for all your needs. We also have a helpful and friendly staff that is voted on by our users and not just chosen by me the owner.
This is an adult orientated server. 18+ Only.

We Welcome you to the Fetish Palace, this is a living community of fetish minded people. A place you may openly discuss kinks and fetishes, learn about BDSM relationships and just share in general interests.
BDSM / Fetish - France est le serveur francophone idéal pour parler BDSM, Bondage, Fétichismes, et bien plus encore ;)

Une bonne ambiance est présente ainsi que des membres de confiance !

Rejoignez-nous ! nous sommes déja + de 100 ;)
Brand New Foot Fetish / NSFW Server Come By and Enjoy Your Fetish With Us!
{CLICK} H4A is synonymous with community, understanding, and feeling good; and was founded with two noble purposes in mind: For one to lead, setting the steps for perverts to climb, and to then give them all the hentai they need to go about their days!
Welcome to Hell's Den! a horror themed SFW 16+ BDSM and CGL server. Here in Hell's den we accept everyone regardless if they're involved in the BDSM and CGL lifestyle! We are a new server focused on welcoming vanilla, retired, and anyone who may be questioning--after all, we're all going to hell anyways. As long as you're over the age of 16 and aren't rude as f*ck we hope you have an awful time here < 3 !!!
Join our small community of foot lovers and devotees! This server is run by an amputee foot model, and features some exclusive photos not found anywhere else(:
In this great, peaceful Land lies the Kingdom of Inflatopia, where the Balloon citizens thrive under the New King and fellow Royals who rule fair and justly. Here, you can expect lots of Inflation to be going on, 24/7! Well, most of the time anyways. We are Furry focused, too! Not your thing? What a shame! You might be missing out.
Conjoinment Themed roleplay server, simple as it sounds
A Server for all things Fusion, and Fusion related
A friendly Foot fetish Centered server i have been working on for a year or more. I created this so that people can come together with similar tastes in a friendly safe community!
A server dedicated to Foot-related Rule 34 content, with dedicated channels for fetishes, comics, yiff, and male feet. NOTE: No IRL porn allowed.
An rp server built for those looking for a wilder experience
Safe, supportive, & fun Erotic Hypnosis server connecting members via voice or group sessions, public play, Power Exchange, & other elements of BDSM. Activities can be affectionate, romantic, sensual, or sexual, with options for text, open trigger use, casual trance, role-playing, & more. Members can simply be who and what they are, free of judgement when expressing themselves.
We're a small but growing community of Dolcett enthusiasts, both in the artist and the corresponding Fetish.

Dolcett is primarily about the fantasy of cooking and eating people, mainly women.

We do not encourage real life violence in any way shape or form.