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Looking to make friends with other hypnokinksters & lose your mind for a bit? Our Friendly hypnokink server offers loop rooms to lull your brain. Join Darknosis and listen carefully as the dark voices take over your mind. :D

Note: We are a CNC hypnosis server with a role to opt-out if you prefer
NSFW server for littles and caregivers to meet :) 18+
Welcome to Scat Enthusiasts, a very, shiny, new, small server for those who love scat and other nasty fetishes!

We include:
-Friendly staff (We are somewhat recruiting!)
-Different types of scat content
-IRL scat content sharing
-Nude sharing
-And much more!

Join now if you are intrested!

(Yes, this server page has husky GIFs once you enter it, but please note that we do NOT promote zoophilia/bestiality of ANY KIND! It's obviously messed up.)
18-25 BDSM Fetish est le serveur officiel du forum 18-25 pour parler BDSM, Bondage, Fétichismes entre kheys ;)
Venez nous découvrir et découvrir vos fantasmes également !

Your hub for all things NSFW! A non-toxic community of people who share porn/hentai and chat. We have a WIDE variety of porn and a very active 6k+ community. Anyone is welcome to join!
Scandalous Desire's is a new and active 18+ FART FETISH BASED server with femboy/female gas content. We have an NSFW section for all fetish art and audios and a general chat where you can talk to other's and meet new people.

Plus we have all sorts of fun channels like


Everyone's totally welcome here as long as ya follow the rules and are friendly.
**Welcome to The Feet Palace.**

**Who are we**
We are a community based around people with a foot fetish we have models who show some of there work in there channel but the juicy stuff they sell.

**Why should I join**
You should join because we are a friendly community no one here is gonna bash you for being you plus if you don’t like the server you can always leave so why not check us out.

Here’s the link:

So come join and have some fun 😉
{**models and moderators wanted**}
This server is for people who are fans of vore who would like to relax, chat, and even rp. We also have other activities and fetish.
Fetish- Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more.
This is a art and viewer sever, you can post your own and chat about such subjects. Inflation, Expansion, transform, vore, hourglass, wild takes, cartoon etc 18+ only
We are an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a place where Hypnotists and subjects can connect with each other through live sessions and voice, be it group sessions, casual voice, public play, and other real-time or through private 1 on 1 hypnosis sessions. While erotic hypnosis doesn’t have to be the singular focus, this server is heavily fetish oriented, including power exchange through Dominant/submissive relationships and other elements of BDSM, as well as all manner of sexual activities, as well as casual chat and day to day community.
{CLICK} Hentai, whether rain or shine ー all year 'round ー Hentai 4 All w/themed categories: For women, Futanari Safari, Man Cave, Furry Forest & Vore por favor!
]|I{•------» 𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕛𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕠 «------•}I|[
Owner: Bloo Welcome to the server! I want to thank you for joining and being part of the community! We are a none judgmental community who try to have a little bit for everyone. We are open to all and do have some 18+ exclusives!
What we do have!
:underage: Multiple 18+ channels for those who wish to only be with adults! Some models are also 18+ so in order to see them you have to be verified!
:muscle: 500+ members!
:clap: Feet and hetai of all kinds!
:no_entry_sign: Anti spam systems!
:robot: Plenty of NSFW bots!
:couple: Beautiful models (Female) and Handsom models (Male) and more!
Self assigned roles! Go to the roles channel for the list of reactable roles.
:man_in_tuxedo: Friendly staff! Always looking to add more!
:100: Tons of custom emojis! Always adding more!
Welcome to The Kinkdom, a place where you can be yourself!

Wheter you have years of experience or just discovered what BDSM is, you're welcome here! We are a community with people of all ages, genders, orientations and preferences.

Do you want to know more about bondage or other kinks?
Do you want to share your just discovered feelings with others, or asking others how they experienced certain things?
Do you want to have fun with like-minded people in a safe environment?
Or do you just want to make new friends to talk to?

If so, you're at the right place.

Hope to see you soon in The Kinkdom!


*Various Roleplay Channels, both SFW and NSFW

*Off-Topic Channels: CodeKings(Programming & Tech), BoundByBooks(Reading & Writing)

*Voice and Music Channels

*Bots (Dyno, YAGPDB, Rythm)

*An active staff and warm community!

Coming soon:


*Kink-Specific Channels: Bondage, DDLG & CG/L, SM

*Weekend Activities (Movie Night, Music Night, Voice Parties, etc)

*More Channels

*Even More Emoji

*Change-Your-Own-Color Roles

*Our Very Own Discord Bot! [Including Server Social Network With Profile Creation] (In Development)
I was surprised a server like this hadn’t been made yet so I decided to give it a try and see what people thought about it
Tired of one-liners ruining your literate RP? Want to keep it low, but your partner is too describing? FetPlay is the place for you! FetPlay is a Fetish Roleplaying server that will depend on your writing type, AND your preferences! Be it Vore, Inflation, Weight gain, We have it all~! Also, you can post pictures here as well~! So, what are you waiting for? Start Roleplaying here!
Liked Craigslist Personals? Doublelist?
Live in the US and looking for hookups?

Join now to meet others from your area!

Covers all US states. NSFW pics allowed.
Looking for hookups, FWB, NSA sex?
Post ads, read ads, meet up and have fun!

* New Fetish pic/chat pages being added!

a wholesome server for furry and lewds lovers, danks memes join the server if you want an escape from reality
The official discord for the largest femdom hentai community!
If you like plaster and fiberglass casts this is your place
A safespace for every kinkster around the world

-Small community but tight
-Feel free to talk about all kinds of kinks
-All kinds of channels
-Roleplaying Channels