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Join for some juicy buns ;)
All ages welcomed!
-Self-Assignable Roles
-Friendly Staff
We got Playboi Carti in here.
If you join, Jesus Jamal Christ will bless you. If you an atheist, then Bill Nye the Science Guy got yo back.
Welcome to The Thottiest Thots,
Here you can find:
Cursed Images
NSFW content
New friends 🤪

We’re all very nice over here so how about you join and have some fun 😉
Hi, This is a toxic server, if you cannot handle the toxicity you may be banned, or you can leave, Mostly this is Nsfw, memes, fun. If you are not 16 its fine but there will be disturbing content, Please read rules or i will kick your flat ass from this server, so be aware please, enjoy thots!
Oh and if your not gonna be respectful to me gtfo you crusty ass hoe,

------<<!T H O T S 🍑💦>>----------


:sweat_drops: **Hello, @everyone. I would like to introduce to you a very smexy server.** Where you can be you & even, hang-out & much more in-relation. **You're probably asking yourself why should you join? Well, I'll tell you why for we have these:**

🍑 - Supportive/Helpful Staff.

🍑 - Simple Rules & Content.

🍑 - Overall, Good Channels.

🍑 - Nice Events & Other Fun Activities.

:gem: **And, MUCH MORE.** So, what are you waiting for? Want to get lit join today! (or really, whenever you can.)

:link:**Invite Links:**:link: (Back-up invite: )

growing with 700+ people <3
hella egirls join
reg community
we talk and stuff
nsfw is here but its mainly just an nsfw server
Aesthetic Thots is a new and upcoming safe place to meet new friends, thots, and gaming buddies.
Hello! This is like teen hangout and it's "but better" affiliates. It's got cool bots! NSFW channels! Hentai! And open ADMIN positions! We also have me! An e-thottie! Must be between 13-17 to join! Suggest some channels and bots to me when you get here! I'll stop using exclamations in the server I promise! (It's called the bank bc I intended to use it as my personal wank bank but changed my mind. Your welcome.)
New 18+ Anime Based Server. We meme, discuss anime, game and get lit with thots.
Hello! Welcome to Harem Heaven! This is a fairly new discord server that's a just a server to create a Harem. We have many chats for the game you might enjoy, NSFW, E-sexting, memes and other shit. Join, it'll be an experience.

Welcome to ♚♡☻Thots☻♡♚

This chat is mainly a chill based server where you can hang out and be a little thot;) It’s a new server where all are welcome!


✷ Friendly Staff✓
✷ Chill✓
✷ Memes✓
✷ Thots✓

All female owners, single and ready to mingle! Come chill with us. Porn channels, nudes, thots, we have it all!
you got a boyfriend i bet he doesn't kiss ya he gon find another girl and he wont miss ya he gon skrt then hit the dab like wiz khalifa
If you enjoy hell, consider joining this server. Sometimes raid servers. We also kill thots.
(there's the link again just in case the old one doesn't work anymore)

welcome to thot portal! it's a new server (I'll be adding more channels on the way!)

i'm looking for a few trustful admins (maybe 2-5)

1-Be nice and respectable!
2-No homophobic, racist, sexist slurs!
3-No self-promotions!
4-Don't ask for roles
5-Don't be a creep
6-The server is 12-18! If u are older/younger you are going to get banned!!
7-Don't start unnecessary drama keep it in dms!
8-Use the respective channels!
9-Don't spam!
10-Don't tag without a reason!
11-If there is a problem dm or ping a staff member!
12-Have a nice stay in the server!