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Random Stuff is a server I made to get my friends in one place to have fun. I also wanted to make some new friends and so did some of the members. Everyone is friendly if your willing to be friendly back. Talk about anything you want from nsfw to sfw.
Just an EPIC server with EPIC gamers. Cant get any more EPIC than EPIC.
Theres also memes and nsfw, dont forget the essentials.
This server is to hanging out and chilling in chat or vc. We are a bit toxic so anyone who get's butthurt easily shouldn't join. Other than that welcome to xeno.
Join it or you're gay and we don't want that to happen now do we?
We are a chill server and dont mine toxicness we have text and voice channels for games like, Fortnite, Overwatch, Pubg, and even Rainbow Six come check us out!
We are a San Andreas,Bully-MP and MTA Faction we play other games too and chill in the server we sometimes fight over discord too
feel free to use any word :D welcome and have fun! unlock colors for reaching certain levels and so forth! join now
This is a Toxic Squad Offical Server Where You Can Use The Memz Chat And Upload Stuff And Ya!
An offensive server based around meme, shitposting and toxicity. Fucking join
Only join if your not offended very easily otherwise if you join and you get easily offended you will be banned from the server
Just your average server owned by two retards
raiding servers, toxic chat, NSFW, memes, leveling up to get roles, music bot which anyone can use.
Sometimes toxic sometimes genuine server, filled with cool people looking to talk about anything.
Toxic city is a place for Toxic people to come hang out and talk with no rules or any form of censorship.
Small, in development, toxic server mainly for shitposting, we are new so please join and perhaps even help out with development
Welcome to the most Toxic Community with just 2 members (please join, we are lonely)