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aye waddup welcome to Toxic trash, so basically this is a meme/toxic server that’s also got a naughty nsfw section for you naughty kids 😉, the server it’s self is pretty active mainly due to the owner constantly pinging everyone ÙwÚ jk he only does that when server dead af :3, we offer a variety of things like I said before a nsfw section, a fun stuff category that’s got counting, one word sentences, and a question of a day, and much more which you yourself will have to find out about :3, alrighty well I believe I covered the main parts of the server so if it sounds at all interesting to you go ahead and join! :)
Poochie-Poo is a fun and wholesome server with a tightly knit community, pretty much most things go here as long as you aren't doing illegal shit or breaking any of the other rules you can stay ig. We allow all "hateful" language and offensive content. This server was inspired by all the shitty cuckery servers currently flooding Discord. So if you're fed up with crybaby mods, into free speech and can handle a bit of banter and quality trolling, this is the place for you. We are newly made and would love to add new faces to our ranks.

●▬▬▬▬▬๑ WHAT WE OFFER ๑▬▬▬▬▬●
► Selfies
► Fap material
► Events including Games, Movie Nights and Dating/Roasting sessions.
► Frequent polls
► Music channels and suggestions
► 70+ Roles! Some self assignable, others earned via leveling up.
► Aesthetic Level up colors
► Smash or pass, roast me and social media advertisement
►Very active
►Fun members who can handle banter
► An active, well run Staff team
►A surplus of other channels for anyone and everyone to enjoy
► Multiple VCs
Welcome to The Looking Glass! We are a chill server.
You can discuss or play games with people.
Listen to music.
Anything your heart desires!
Random Stuff is a server I made to get my friends in one place to have fun. I also wanted to make some new friends and so did some of the members. Everyone is friendly if your willing to be friendly back. Talk about anything you want from nsfw to sfw.
Here at Venom, we're striving to be the most loose server with the most freedom. We allow toxicity and mods are extremely un-strict, but we don't allow anything overboard. We offer an active leveling system, more levels= more perms, Join today and earn your spot in the community.
This server is the perfect mix of edge and uwu egirl shits~
We got
🌈Thick and soft uwu egirls🌈
🔥Active chats🔥
🖤Custom reaction roles and colors🖤
💀Edge and aesthetics💀
💋Barely any rules AND MORE💋

Join 4 some e-coochie as well, if you join don't be inactive <3 .
Just an EPIC gaming server with EPIC gamers. Cant get any more EPIC than EPIC. Theres also memes and nsfw, dont forget the essentials.
This is where the cringy fortnite kids come also come to troll become why not :P
The Official Discord Server of Arc'jihat, The Toxic Fleet (TTF)! We are also known as The Trigger Legion, or TTL. The name suggests pretty much what is going on here, but if you dare and wish to procceed, read the #Introduction first when you join.
we’re here to defend every single eGirl on this planet and raid disgusting servers
This server is to hanging out and chilling in chat or vc. We are a bit toxic so anyone who get's butthurt easily shouldn't join. Other than that welcome to xeno.
Join & Invite
NO `>17`
`18<` 7777 33 66 3 66 88 3 33

We just do ~~what we want~~ and each other.
You can, too.
Are you tired of being a loser and playing with yourself? Are you extremely inappropriate in a funny way, but people get offended and don't want to be your friend? Are you suffering from any minor ailment or physical abnormality that you don't mind being laughed at? Join the Pudding Smugglers today! You'll either love us or hate us, but at least the feeling will be mutual! (The Pudding Smugglers are not liable for any feelings hurt, lives lost, or sanity breakage. If you experience any adverse effects as a result of joining, tell someone who cares.)

~ Bullet points ~

We are a growing community seeking like minded players.

NA, English speaking ( for the love of all things Zhule speak english )

Toxic nature are a welcomed delight

We worship Zhul, our great Lord and Eggplant ( ALL HAIL ZHULE! )

And most important -- We will supply the Anal Eggs for all your smuggling needs.
Our Server is about bring people together to meet and talk with one another! I want everyone to have a good time and have to freedom to do what they want. We got nsfw, Memes and Bots. As what you can read in the server name, The Toxic Chillzone, you can be toxic as you can be, just don't be a tryhard, butthurts aren't allowed so if you are, gtfo.
A new discord community for socializing, dating, and meeting new people!

-Selfies:selfie: -Partnerships:writing_hand:️ -Snap:ghost: -Insta:champagne_glass: -Memes:thumbsup:
:star_of_david: 1:1 Female to Male Ratio
:star_of_david: Chill Staff (Looking for more)
:star_of_david: Self Assignable Roles
:star_of_david: Many Channels
:star_of_david: Multiple Fun Bots
:star_of_david: Awesome Leveling System
:star_of_david: Many Emotes
:star_of_david: Fun Bot Commands

:star_of_david: See you soon :star_of_david:

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Join it or you're gay and we don't want that to happen now do we?
The Trailer Park welcomes all! (Except for government personal) Whether you're a memer, a chatter, a drug dealer, or a trouble starter! SO if any of that matches you, you'll have a swell time! So c'mon down and screw around. join yall toxic fraggots out there and READ THE RULEZ
raiding servers, toxic chat, NSFW, memes, leveling up to get roles, music bot which anyone can use.
We are a chill server and dont mine toxicness we have text and voice channels for games like, Fortnite, Overwatch, Pubg, and even Rainbow Six come check us out!
We are a San Andreas,Bully-MP and MTA Faction we play other games too and chill in the server we sometimes fight over discord too