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- Best Owners
- Active chat 24/7
- Active vc
- Easy to follow rules
-Self promo
- Memes and Memers

server invite fixed

t o x i c
Established by NPC in 2018
Don’t join if your feelings get hurt easily, there aren’t many rules to protect you.
💬Anonymous Confessions
⭐Self Assignable Roles
💵Self Promotions
🔊Voice Channels
👫1:1 Male to female ratio
🔥 Hot or not
Virgin? Social Anxiety? Depressed? Excellent! Dark humor, nsfw, toxic chats and to top it off, we have the best edgy emotes in town. Come check us out! You lowlife loser.
A new server for people to chill and find an e-girl. Low Moderation, feel free to join and talk about whatever, have fun. c:
You can say and send what you want whenever you want , just dont be a retard. Spamming is also allowed. Nsfw too.
If u have a server too we can be partners.

This server is about social rejects coming online to break all the rules they can't irl or they'll get their ass whooped by their parents. It's toxic, funny, always active and full of retarded individuals. Have general discussions about anything anime/gaming/news/memes/gay rp shit, we don't judge, so get in there and do what you want!
Barely any rules, we love toxcity. Not for the faint of heart.
Join if you want to, just fucking do it and stop acting like a pussy bitch. No we aren't ghetto black people and no we don't act black either, this is an all-white server. No just kidding, niggers allowed too. Just fucking join it and stop reading this message. This is fucking stupid, searching up "Toxic" in Disboard just to find a server where you can be an asshole. Seriously though, you're a fucking loser. Join already, you're wasting your time reading this instead of sending us grade-A edgy memes.


This art took me forever, respect it.
This is a remodeled server, formerly known as 'Lewdiverse', and has been converted to have a more social-based community while keeping certain successful aspects of the old server.
We’re a purge based server, join and have fun. Simple. Looking for staff and e girls btw.
join the nightclub today to see some real whack shit. we got the real deal, autism, good looking femoids, drug addicts, chads, beta males and thats just half of it. are u tired of some incel e-admin dicating what words u can say just to flex his e-peen? then the nightclub is the place for u, our admins are certified chads and have been training for this our whole lives who couldnt really care less about the autistic shit you post. few limits, good times, big bongs. so what are u waiting for? 😳😳😳
I mean idk what to write in here! It's obvious from the tags what kinda server it is! Also first person to join gets a mod that makes me a mod hah get rekt fuckers..alr like fr the first member to join gets a free admin or mod role plus if you help me out get more members you'd get a mod prolly near in the future! Cya ppl
Damn that was one cancerous description lmao
new place i made because i cant find an actually good late night server so i did a pro gamer move and made one myself
◇━━E-GIRLS +━━◇

➵ an e-girl paradise 🍒
➵ shit posting and bants 🤠
➵ active staff, vcs and members ☎️
➵ lgbt+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈

join for the tits, stay for the members.
hello let's get to it i made this scuff discord while really high like myself an i've always wanted to have my own little community who i can relate with that i've created weather it'll maybe for music depression or just someone to chill with an for the poor bless person who read all of this in your head i'm very autistic with my grammar an spelling oh an also like i said you'll have a very scuff owner thank you anyway
I made this server for no reason whatsoever, and you should fucking join it. once you join you can create channels and wreck shit if you want, but i might change it later so you better fuckin join now before its too late :dagger:

actual fucking info lol:
server is just for fun, you can game in the vc's if youd like, listen to music by yourself or with whoever joins.
it really doesnt have a purpose other than to exist, so if you are into that then come join, its pretty chill over here. though it can get a bit nsfw (nsfw is NOT allowed but there are still inappropriate tingz from time to time) so only join if youre a big boy :v
ok now fucking join ya dumb bitch lol

(edit) my only rule is NO nsfw content, that includes porn, hentai, and gore (unless its art). someone joined and posted a video of real people dead, clips of people getting run over, etc. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED AND COMPLETELY IMMORAL AND UNACCEPTABLE. thats all.
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