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🅳🅴🆁🆁🅸🅲🅺 🅱🆁🅰🅽🅲🅷's OFFICIAL COMMUNITY Server, Goth, Metal, Cosplay, scarlxrd, HipHop, 4chan, soundcloud.
>Comfy server vibe
>Non abusive mods
>Minimal rules
>NSFW channels
>Feels / advice channel
>Welcoming and chill community
>Everybody's welcome
An active server where you can chill, shitpost (mostly), debate or VC.

Everyone can join: Assadists, Turks, Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra, Hezbollah, Kurds, Europeans, Socialists, Fascists etc.
"owner has autism and joining this server was a mistake"
18+ only. under 18s will be kicked.
come get bullied. chads lurk here.
The official server for self improvement generals. Discuss literature, fitness, personal finance, STEM, and anything non degenerate.
A small server that hopes to continuously grow into an environment with limited memes and shitposting. A place here those from all walks of life can come and be welcomed and understood. Some common interests include weird music, art and your usual share of anime and manga. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Over at Synthesis, we're looking to find new members, including you.

Synthesis is a server that believes everyone has spiritual potential, no matter what walk of life they come from. We're all-inclusive, welcoming everyone who'd like to join, regardless of your ideologies or beliefs. Everything goes as long as it's within the guidelines of Discord's Terms of Service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Admin or Mod, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

We are a community that has gone through several phases, changes, and schisms, yet through it all, we've come back together, realizing that "the real Occult tradition was the friends we made along the way".

For those who decide to join, we say:

Welcome to Synthesis, and enjoy your stay!
Tight community of dodo brains from all around the world. We dont have any gamer girls or gamer girl pee, dont ask. No porn or gore. Also invite is updated and working for the next 10 invites!
~Life is an overrated phenomenon~

Why do we argue? Life's so fragile, a successful virus clinging to a speck of mud, suspended in endless nothing.

Do not hang on to the one way train in this immense void, that repeats nothing but suffering on the loop.

-mentally ill like-minded people hangout.
-be mature.
-do not join if you are just an edgy-wannabe kid.

Join our void.
Formerly Thule, now back up and rebuilding

We mostly play games, hang out and shitpost, join for a close community
•Level 3
•Emoji packed
•2500+ members
We have active daily discussion and VC with few rules, not to mention e-girls, e-boys, OC, etc... Have nothing better to do? Come join.
A new community for Computer enthusiasts of all sorts, whether you craft your own hardware builds, write scripts, or get giddy in looking over specs.

Any and everyone is welcome, as long as you abide by Discord's ToS.
Welcome to Shut-in Network! A community with a 4chan origin for all the introverts, neets, shut-ins and all other internet dwellers out there who are looking for a place to relax and be themselves.

Server rules:
1. No users under 18 years old.
2. No spamming/flooding chat outside of #spam
- No ear rape, mic spam, or any other type of spam in voice chat.
- Dumping Images is allowed in topic channels if it's related to the topic and isn't overly disruptive.
3. Don't advertise your stuff, even in (mass) DMs.
- This includes: posting Discord Invites, Twitch streams, YouTube videos, etc.
4. Keep NSFW content in NSFW channels.
- Don't post illegal content or encourage others to post it.
5. No use of user bots or scripts to spam reactions, gain xp, bot currencies or anything else.‏‏
6. Follow channel specific rules, if there are any.
- These will either be in the pins or the channel header if there is rules specific to that channel.
7. Do not leak or spread other users personal info. (doxxing)
- This doesn't include reposting images or information they've posted to the server themselves.
- Don't threaten to share people's info.
8. No content that violates the Discord terms of service ( and
community guidelines (
9. Do not post anything that intentionally crashes discord on any client.
This server is geared towards NEETS (people who are shut-ins, have no job, etc.) getting together and shitposting / talking in vc / making friends. You don't necessarily have to be a NEET to join, but it is recommended. The rules are pretty relaxed, unless you do something extremely stupid. Enjoy!
no rules
far right politics
frequent voice chats
freedom of speech
russian and german chats
international server
18+ server Join us to talk, find a fellow shut in friend and just try to be nice and have a good time!