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Fluffy Furs is new furry server for all kind of furries, people interested about furries, or just people who wants to chill and meet new friends and maybe roleplay. We are missing some channels and features, but they are coming!
A server welcome to those who enjoy roleplaying and all things furry. We welcome anyone interested with open arms to a tightly knit group of friends and family! (Even if you're not a furry and still want to join, we're happy to have you!) So drop on by and take a dip in the springs, won't you? Must be 18+ to join.
Just Hentai features:
-Many channels for hentai, furry, and real pics
-Channels for most fetishes
-No-bullshit environment (NO MINORS ALLOWED)
-Lewd profile pics are encouraged

1. You'll be kicked if you join without a profile pic.
2. You'll be kicked if you don't READ THE RULES!
Blues paradise is a NSFW furry community, here you can meet with others and share art, as well as anything furry related. We are also gamer also.
I made this server with the intention of trying to make a quality roleplay experience for people who want it. You need to take an 'entrance exam' of sorts, to prove that you know what you're doing. If you don't get accepted, or if it's taking awhile to get in, we still have general chatting servers you can hang around in.
-|- The Mud Pit -|-

A generic NSFW server with a twist. We are heavily based on furry and scat content, with a mix of IRL and drawn works. The server has many categories, (Drawn, Generator, IRL) for many types of fetishes, from vanilla to the plain weird.

You will be given your own Private channel too! Only you can access the channel, and you can post what you like, providing it doesn't go against discord guidelines.

We hope you have fun in the Mud Pit, and we hope to see you here soon.

-|- Privacy -|-

We care for your privacy, so we have a custom-made stealth logo, designed to blend in with discord's normal buttons. Drag the server to the bottom of your server list to put it into effect, it will keep prying eyes from knowing you belong to the server. How fun!

There is a role you can get, called 'Take Cover!', which will add a category and a flood of unused channels to keep the NSFW channels off of the screen, so you can easily scroll to the top of the server and become stealthy. The channels are named after songs, and there is no telling the server is NSFW when scrolled to the top with this role.

-|- Now get in, get on, and get muddy! -|-
Looking for a nice friendly community to have fun in every way, shape or form?
Come and join us in the dragons den, a place built by furries for furries to discuss, share arts (sfw or not ;3), role-play and more!
We have:
- Only member 18 and above!
- A nice staff team to help you if you ever need anything!
- A no kink shaming policy, so you can let out your most private kinks with us~
- An easy to use bot to set your roles up, to make it easier for people to know what kind of person you are

Don't be shy, come take a look, everyone is welcome in the dragons den !
Welcome to Fur Town, a tight-nit community of furries looking for a place to chill, relax, hangout, and do whatever else us furries do (wink wink). Come on in and hang with us, we swear we won't bite...much~
We are a a furry server we do have a nsfw section but you MUST provide ID to get access to them other than that we love new members and would prefer only furrys just to make a safe place for furrys
The Fur Tree
A new furry server hub for all your needs to find a community just for you! We are a growing friendly server that is heavily focused around chatting with fellow furries, sharing your hobbies and roleplay! We are always looking for ways to improve the server by listening to the community. We also offer NSFW content for those who wish to see!

We offer:
- A verification system to protect from raids (simply fill out an intro).
- An active and friendly staff team.
- SFW chat rooms and roleplay.
- Self assignable roles such as genders, sexuality, and relationship status.
- Media, art, music, gaming, and meme channels
- A rank system to show member activity
- Bots such as Rhythm, Tatsumaki, Sheri Blossom, and YAGPDB!
- 18+ NSFW channels (Dm staff for access, must be 18+ of age)
- And a friendly community to chat with.
We hope to see you there!
This is a casual furry server/community. With that being said and in mind, please understand that we encourage free speech and that users on our server may speak their own mind so long as it is not intended as harassment. This is in place as a retreat or escape from the infringement and censorship of speech seen on a lot of other furry servers.
~~~~~~ Welcome To Chat ~~~~~~
🐾 Over 3000 members and still growing
🐾 Very nice 👌 VC moments
🐾 Game/Movie nights
🐾 MineCraft- Ip:
🐾 We accept anyone even normies/ weebs/ Bronies/ trolls/ Etc
🐾 Owner is very chad
🐾 Very Active Members
🐾 Nsfw Section
🐾 Open to change
Lewd furry kingdom full of a few thousand friendly (but dramatic) little furries! Come join to find fwends, gamers, lewdies, and a super active group of dorks ~

*Must be 18+ to access the NSFW content.
come in and have some furry friendly fun
custom emojis
custom tags
and much more
We have a wide variety of channels for almost anything you might want; Be it pr0n, roleplay, talk about cars with fellow petrolheads, discuss plans of world domination, sharing cute animals to temporarily cure depression, and more~
Obligatory meme channels, one SFW and one for the less appropriate ones...
There's our kind and responsive staff team who can deal with your issues and queries ASAP.

- Self assignable roles!
- Nsfw content (18+)
- Many channels for you to choose from
- Memes
- Bot fun
- Events, games, movie nights
- Art showcases!
- And music!
Fluffy Furs

~We are mainly a NSFW Furry, MLP and an Anime Server
~There are plenty of NSFW Channels for you to explore
~Currently, we are sitting at 500 members and we are always seeking for more
~We offer a safe verification system
~We try to offer as much as possible for our members and will always look on improving that
🍉 Erotic Roleplay / Normal Roleplay
🍉RP World-Map
🍉Coffee Roles
🍉ERP/RP channels

🍻Incredibly Well Organised Channel Management and Server Layout

🍍 Post images in Main Chat !!
🍍 95% Promised resistance against Trolls !
🍍 99% Protection against raids !! TRUST ME IT WORKS
🍍 Every EXTREME FETISH / PORN is banned !!
We are an 18+ furry community that doesn't allow roleplay. We are a fully free community w/ no patreon or Kofi, and we regularly host server-events with members of our staff team, and offer lots of game tags to meet furries with similar interests.
An adult furry channel that's geared towards the appreciation of furry art. It's more lascivious than most furry servers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
A fun little server that I Lifly made for the yiff side of the furry fandom. OwO
A furry yiff server! Small but filled with goodness from the heart. (18+)
Come one, Come all to Fur forest! A friendly and newly birthed furry server.

And more!
We even have movie nights every so offten!
TheFurZone, one server for many furry activities!
We welcome new furry members.
We have voice chat channels, music channel and more!
This server also has few NSFW channels.
So if you’re a NSFW furry, this server might be a perfect place for you!
And also, if you’d like to RP as a furry and want to do with someone, we have channels for you to look for a RP mate!
So what are you waiting for?
Do please join us and enjoy!