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Home of the lewd, adult 18+ laid-back community with friendly staff, warm atmosphere, and NSFW content. Share art, and make new friends. Friendly anime/furry.
Welcome to Furry Servers Listing, a service for the discord furry community. You can advertise your own server or browse others.
Pokemon and Furry Discord Server!
This server is mainly NSFW. Recommend 17 years up cuz many furries that's into sexual stuff starts to seeking for a place where they belong with other adults with the same interest.
Our server is full of fun activity to keep you having fun and at least spend some time at that server per day.
We also have few bots that spamming NSFW content from Reddit and Pokemon spawning which is safe for work there so no need to worry about being spammed with NSFW content there at least.
We have fully active staff members and normal members almost 24/7 but can be quiet because not many chatting there so that's just sad. But we also have all kind of bot that will keep you have all kind of fun during your time staying in the server.
We also have a secure way to check every member who joins so we know what kind of member join the server as to check if they are in the right age and that they accept all the NSFW content but ofc we have SFW roles so you only see safe for work channels.
We do roleplay lot and we have few channels for that is pretty active but at the same time not because few are popular than other but ofc you can always request for more roleplay channels be texting the staff at DMs or suggest channel.
- We have 67 channels up and running right now.
- +130 members in the server + 20 BOTTO to have fun with
- Active members and staff
- Roleplay channel
- Gaming corner
- Pokemon catching
- NSFW Reddit spamBOTTO
- Nudes
- SFW corner
- Friendly members
- Music corner
-Event when something about to happen
- Server update 1-5 times a day (Role change, new bots, new channels and many more)
Our main focus as a server is to be a hang out that welcomes anyone as a place you can explore your nsfw desires while also having a place to relax to chat.

[While have lots of Yiff channels for anyone's sexual needs, for those with a taste for just chatting, we have a sfw hang out for anyone to talk in.]

[For those that want to have a Roleplay based experience, we have lots of Roleplaying channels that range from Extreme kinks to something a Vanilla beach settings.]

[With an easy to use Role selection bot, our bots have a wide selection of uses going from simple entertainment to searching up yiff.]
Lewd furry kingdom full of a few thousand friendly (but dramatic) little furries! Come join to find fwends, gamers, lewdies, and a super active group of dorks ~

*Must be 18+ to access the NSFW content.
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the largest Furry Server on Discord with over 10k users!
Welcome to the Fur Hangout! We have many kinds of fun activities such as a lot of bots, Gaming, Dedicated Rp, Music, React Roles. And all the good stuff~

We have around 100 text channels, 250 roles, 16 channel categories, and around 10 voice channels. The Fur Hangout has around 23 bots and over 600 members! We have dedicated Rp categories, Media Channels, Music Channels, and everything else!~ We hope you join!
A friendly furry community!
Sfw, but also includes nsfw channels.
A Furry Fandom, everyone is accepted here. 🏳️‍🌈
Everything included in this server.
🐺-100+ Amazing and Friendly Members 🐾
🦊-Furry NSFW (NSFWFurry Role) 🐾
🐺-Yiff 🐾
🦊-Self Assignable Roles 🐾
🐺-ROBLOX Furry Stuff 🐾
🦊-Gaming 🐾
🐺-Furry Memes 🐾
🦊-Memes 🐾
🐺-Venting Chat 🐾
🦊-Roleplay 🐾
🐺-Custom Emjois 🐾
🦊-Furry Art 🐾
🐺-Commissions (Ask a Furry Artist In The Server) 🐾
🦊-Custom Name Color🌈🐾(Because you deserve it.)
🐺-And More! :3 🐾
Do you like friendly members and staff? Memes? Roleplay? What about a slight bit of naughty stuff? Perfect! This is the server for you!
Bored? Horny? Both? Don't worry, we're here for ya. Join a friendly Discord server with a variety of SFW and NSFW channels. You'll have fun here, I promise. ^~^
Welcome to FurZone! We are newly developed discord server for furrys and others alike! We have a little of everything, and everyone is Welcome!
No bullshit, no roleplay, no hugbox. Just chat with some furries.
An adult furry channel that's geared towards the appreciation of furry art. It's more lascivious than most furry servers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Hey there! This is furfag central, a furry server which supports free speech and is filled to the brim with memes!

We have a selection of various channels, from general talk, meme-dumps, roleplay, and even NSFW! (You'll have to solve an equation for it though.)

We also have something that could prove useful to those who want to look at Patreon-locked art! It's in one of the NSFW channels if you want to take a peek.

When you join, we'll have to approve you. Approval takes quite a few minutes, but don't worry about the wait. We will be sure to approve you in less than a day.

Just a chill community! Potheads, Furry, Weebs and Fags are welcome!~
A server where we have multiple channels to cater to all of your kinky needs. We have an informational channel if you want to learn about bdsm and roleplay channels for those that need more than pictures. This server is strictly 18+ and if we find out you are younger we will ban you.
:stopwatch: Constantly New Content
:busts_in_silhouette: Active Text & Voice Chats
:fox: Fun and Easy Roles
:crown: Great Moderators
:game_die: Games and Events
:sweat_smile: Venting/Support Channel
:calendar: Rotating Themed Image Channel
:writing_hand: Art and Commissions
:video_game: Gaming
A small growing sever full of nice people and porn. Come by some time and say hi, if you just want to lurk or post 1000 images then leave we will love you all the same. (This sever is for 18+ only if you are under 18 then please do not join)
A server for furries or really anyone looking to chill with some cool people. This server doesnt just have porn/yiff in it, its got many features, such as a music channel, an advertisement channel, art channels, general vcs, and many more, so come join! My insta is Furry.suiits if you want to check that out as well, its got some i n t e r e s t i n g things in it( fursuit butts & memes).
Taking a page out of our ancestor's books, we've created a furry server like no other! For every Nightclub, Resort, Beach, Coffee House, and even Brothel, we've created something to rival them all! An Ancient Imperial Roman Furry Porn Server!