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What is the official cum™?
We are people from all over the world, we welcome everyone regardless of their character!

Why should you join?
Femboys n Egirls
Chill convos
Nsfw & Yiff
Welcome to Q's lewd center! (18+ only)
a porn server with yiff, clop, hentai, normal porn and everything categorized so you can find your specific kink or whatever you’re in the mood for. You can also meet new friends, role play and trade nudes. All are welcome. So enjoy! 💜💜💜
Welcome to gay feral! This is an 18+ Gay male only server! It is a feral yiff server
Enjoy your stay uwu

Welcome to the Freedom Charter Academy Roleplaying Server!

We are a server focused on the daily and nightly activities in and around our rather mediocre school. With our staff, teachers and students going about their lives and interacting with each other. Now there have been rumors going about some activities that most parents would get on barricades for, but surely... those can't be right, can they?...

To join this server you will have to submit a filled-out character template and be admitted by server staff. Characters may be of any kind of fantastical nature, as long as they don't press to "marry sue".
Please don't join this server if you don't intend to roleplay or submit a character.
Stuffed Gullets is a super active NSFW fat fur server dedicated to the roundest, voluptuous and bouncy bloated bellies. Its a server focused on Weight-Gain, Stuffing, and just good big bellies! If you want to check us out or just chill stop on by!
A server dedicated to sharkgirls and sharkboys. There are also channels for other yiff but it's mainly sharks. This isn't some server with lame, sensitive furries, so if you are going to start a fight, you better win it.
Heyo this is Mount Qah

We are a server mostly focused on scalies
But we welcome all parts of the fandom

We have what all that you expect from a server like this:

- channels for talks, art, venting, advertising and such
- level roles and cosmetic roles
- a lot of NSFW
- good raid protection
- occassional giveaways
- a whole bunch of weirdos

If you like scalies this is the place for you
So come pay us a visit
🤍Furry Frenzy is a furry community designed with fun, freedom, and a sprinkle of diversity. We try to keep an active and diverse community and see to the needs and likes of those involved in it. We're always very open to suggestions and would love you to give us some to help shape and improve the server. Come give us a try!🤍
A new server for furries to chat and to share/look at yiff and roleplay.

-Many Yiff Channels
Hey there and welcome to free fur all! A furry yiff/community server with freedom of speech and acceptance of all kinds of furries and people!

We have:
-Large and easily accessible NSFW(only need a react for nsfw role)
-Little and lightly moderated rules allowing for freedom without harassment
-Large and active staff
-Sona and art showoff
-Artist role and advertising channel to help with finding commisioners
-Mention role instead of everyone/here pings

Anyone is welcome to join!(18+)
Servers dedicado a compartilhamento de conteúdo NSFW furry e hentai.

O server em si é meio novo então ele ainda vai ter de crescer muito, somos abertos a todo tipo de pessoa
(LGBTs, furries, otakus, etc...) e não toleramos preconceitos com ninguém UwU

Temos mais de 25 chats para conteúdo NSFW separados por categorias, área de lazer, chats de rpg e erp, e com o
tempo teremos mais chats e outras coisas, tudo depende de você! OwO
We are a tight knit scalie and furry community that is looking to expand. Drop by and meet the staff and other interesting scalies who love rp. This server is about being yourself, so freedom of speech is a big thing here.

We have a whole role-
playing section, plugins, a rewarding level up system, naughty NSFW image channels of all scalie species and a place to showcase your art and OCs.

Update: We know host our own professional Minecraft Java server with plugins!

The aim of this server is to promote the importance and uniqueness of all scalie species. While all furries are welcomed, the server is scalie themed and the differentiation of this subcategory deserves the spotlight here. Events that will be added in the future will furthen that scope to spread.

Hope to see you there!
Hello! Welcome to "Peaceful Paws"! 😸💕
We're a fairly new, active, LGBTQ+ friendly, and loving community for both furs and non-furs! 🌈
What do we offer?

-🚓Verification and security to keep the server safe from raiders and trolls
-🎨 Art/Commissioning channels
-🎮 Gaming channel
-⚒️ Our own Minecraft Server!
-🎵 Music channels (Where you can talk about music and share music, as well as music VC channels too!)
-🎭 A roleplay request section
-📝 Fursona and self introduction channels
-🏃 Active staff willing to help you with anything you need
-🔞 NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP, must provide ID to gain access)
-😸 Fun bots like OWO bot and Furbot!

And we are always taking any and all suggestions too! ฅ(^•ﻌ•^)ฅ
Oh my, that's quite a snowstorm! Swiftly now, come inside for some warmth.
Here we are.. Furry Pokémon Mansion, a haven for Pokémon enthusiasts of any and all sort, furries, excessively aroused individuals, and people of all kinds just looking to chat with some friendly folks.
We consider ourselves to host a large number of offerings and accommodations, here is but a few you may expect:

-Sharing in the admiration of art, whether that art be NSFW, SFW, drawn by you, or found in some other manner.
-Partaking in discussions, and making new friends in doing so.
-A spectacle of bots, including Pokécord and Mewbot. We also have a lovely array of furry bots, lewd and otherwise.
-Roleplay and Erotic Roleplay with a character submission system and the optional Tupperbox bot.
-Furry and Scalie NSFW sections in addition to all of the organized Pokémon ones. If you are only into Pokémon, or perhaps just a standard furry, fret not.
-The entire mansion is split into a SFW common area, and an NSFW lewd area, accessible by an 18+ role. If you'd rather just relax with either chatting or Mewbot and not involve yourself with any sexual stuff, feel free to do so.
-Self-assignable roles with a variety of uses, all built around the theme of our mansion! An NSFW role? Surely not, we have a Bed Chambers Key role.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our lovely home. I do wish you'll enjoy your stay. Until we meet again~ -Sky
Welcome to the cum zone!

We're a group of furries who enjoy hanging out and sharing memes.
We have a plethora of roles to express yourself with and we will be adding custom colors themed for the holidays.
And let's be honest it's a furry server, we have yiff.
Welcome to Fur4all
╚═══════════════╝ a safe space for furrys and people of all kinds say and do what u want uwu❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍
┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐

fur4all is a server full of fun chill, semi toxic people looking for active members -A welcoming and accepting community We're always happy to welcome everyone in! Come join and you'll certainly make a few friends along the way.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍
-Roleplay channels________________________
•many channls to explore
•eboys n egirls
. free games
•self assignable roles
•we barely got rules just vibe

    └─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┘
🏳️‍🌈🐺Welcome to Furry Yiff Club!🐺🏳️‍🌈 This is an 18+ furry server with many fun things to do! We are a growing furry community.
Enjoy yiffing!

🔞 NSFW channels 🔞
✨ 1000+ members ✨
👑 Cool perks for nitro Boosters 👑
🐺Quality over Quantity 18+ Furry Server discord! Unlike other servers who give underage people an easy chance to enter, We ID and strive to go for quality and not quantity in members of the server, you know everyone here is actually 18+🦊
- We ID upon entering, easy to do with fast and nice staff.
- No raids
- No trolls
- Server and staff is super friendly

🍑Want a server that feels like home? Need a server to just kick back in and chill with other people after a long day? or maybe just want to look at some good yiff?, Want a server that is safe for 18+ people?, Well we verify at the gate to keep all of you safe. <3

💜Then Paw Off 18+ is fur you.💜

-Active Voice Chat, Staff always pop into VC and hang out too!.
-Large Erp section<3.
-Verification system(to ensure everyone is 18+).
-Like a color? then we probably have a role for that along with a ton of other roles to express yourself😉
-Dedicated Minecraft server for you to enjoy and have fun with us.
-We don't just partner with anyone, we partner with servers we know you and we can trust.
-We always listen to feedback and are always tweaking things to make it easier for you and more diverse.

Hope to see you soon😉
Hola Soy Mixi artista furry, me dedico a hacer contenido yiff (+18) de todo tipo, ven a disfrutar de mi arte y compartir el tuyo tambien, ¡asi conocerás a otros artistas y a gente con gustos y personalidades similares a los tuyos!
~ this is an 18+ server, meaning if you are under the age of 18, please do not join. ~
we are a small, tight-knit community of furs and non-furs alike, who love posting cuteness, memes, and images of furry fembois! we don't condone the posting of cub or feral here.
here are some of the things that make joining worth it. we have:
- 200 members
- femyiff channel with over 2000 images of furry fembois
- nudes channel filled with server members of all body types and ethnicities
- and if you're friendly, we're friendly! it's not a super active server but our regulars are very nice.
make sure to read the rules and verify your age with our moderators.
come in and enjoy your stay~
✯︎👢Firestone Yiff ✯︎👢⤵︎

⭐️Over 1k Members And Counting
⭐️Accepting Partnership Offers
🏔 No Verification For NSFW Section 🏔
🔥 Daily Gay Yiff Post 🔥
👍 We Support Yiff Artist (Art You Make!)
😎 Chill Staff And Owner 😎
🎲 Roleplay Request 🎲
🍆 Plenty Of Horny Gay Furries 🍆
🎊 Dating (18+ Only) 🎊

Horny?? Cum Today
This is a place for all the naughty furries out there, you can look at a variety of material or just hop into a general channel and just chat.
For those who do join, let's make this as nontoxic a place as possible(more about this in the rules) and just have some fun.
I am open to feedback, so if something is wrong feel free to tag or DM me.

-Gay, straight, and lesbian NSFW channels that only require a react role.
-A multitude of kink channels for you to enjoy.
-Furbot to grab the material for you.
-Art rooms
And more..