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Lewd furry kingdom full of a few thousand friendly (but dramatic) little furries! Come join to find fwends, gamers, lewdies, and a super active group of dorks ~

*Must be 18+ to access the NSFW content.
Official NSFW Discord
⚡️lgbtq friendly
⚡️lots of porn
⚡️voice channels
⚡️self role assignment
We are an 18+ furry community that doesn't allow roleplay. We are a fully free community w/ no patreon or Kofi, and we regularly host server-events with members of our staff team, and offer lots of game tags to meet furries with similar interests.
This is a casual furry server/community. With that being said and in mind, please understand that we encourage free speech and that users on our server may speak their own mind so long as it is not intended as harassment. This is in place as a retreat or escape from the infringement and censorship of speech seen on a lot of other furry servers.
~~~~~~ Welcome To Chat ~~~~~~
🐾 Over 2000 members and still growing
🐾 Very nice 👌 VC moments
🐾 Game/Movie nights
🐾 MineCraft- Ip:
🐾 We accept anyone even normies/ weebs/ Bronies/ trolls/ Etc
🐾 Owner is very chad
🐾 Very Active Members
🐾 Nsfw Section
🐾 Open to change
A fun little server that I Lifly made for the yiff side of the furry fandom. OwO
This is a server that has lots of fun things to do and i lifly hope that you enjoy it.
Hello, this is a new hentai server you can share your hentai in all the NSFW channels. Whatever you want and find new people!

we got
♡ a general channel
♡ hentai channels [hentai, furry, neko, pokemon, etc]
♡ spam channels
♡ uncensored channel
♡ censored channel
and more, so join us to become a part of our awesome family!
hello i am furrmaster the owner

when i am not online thare is a 5 min w8 to talk bud when i am online its off

this discord is 18+
i made this discord.
that i like furrys thare are more channels that have furry bud they put every thing in one channel. in my server i made a channel for every thing for porn
en whe have rp

furry straight
furry lasbian
furry gay
furry bi
furry futa
just a chill sever,
just love nick wilde
a shit ton of yiff
House of Sin is a place for erotic furry roleplay. Of course, we are an 18+ only server. We have nearly a channel for everything you could want to do. A separate Extreme role keeps you separated from types of roleplay that might not be your thing. We are a welcoming community always happy to have new members to join the fun. NSFW is the main purpose of this server. Come join us to hang out with other furs, and to have a fun time.
Pokemon and Furry Discord Server!
This server is mainly NSFW. Recommend 17 years up cuz many furries that's into sexual stuff starts to seeking for a place where they belong with other adults with the same interest.
Our server is full of fun activity to keep you having fun and at least spend some time at that server per day.
We also have few bots that spamming NSFW content from Reddit and Pokemon spawning which is safe for work there so no need to worry about being spammed with NSFW content there at least.
We have fully active staff members and normal members almost 24/7 but can be quiet because not many chatting there so that's just sad. But we also have all kind of bot that will keep you have all kind of fun during your time staying in the server.
We also have a secure way to check every member who joins so we know what kind of member join the server as to check if they are in the right age and that they accept all the NSFW content but ofc we have SFW roles so you only see safe for work channels.
We do roleplay lot and we have few channels for that is pretty active but at the same time not because few are popular than other but ofc you can always request for more roleplay channels be texting the staff at DMs or suggest channel.
- We have 67 channels up and running right now.
- +130 members in the server + 20 BOTTO to have fun with
- Active members and staff
- Roleplay channel
- Gaming corner
- Pokemon catching
- NSFW Reddit spamBOTTO
- Nudes
- SFW corner
- Friendly members
- Music corner
-Event when something about to happen
- Server update 1-5 times a day (Role change, new bots, new channels and many more)
Looking for a server to hang out in with some fellow furries?
Come meet new people in Fluff Hub!
We're a new server that welcomes everyone!
We have a plenty of both sfw and nsfw channels!
With access to
-Roleplay Setup
-Artists that do commissions

Come yiff with us..
We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Scat Enthusiasts, a very, shiny, new, small server for those who love scat and other nasty fetishes!

We include:
-Friendly staff (We are somewhat recruiting!)
-Different types of scat content
-IRL scat content sharing
-Nude sharing
-And much more!

Join now if you are intrested!

(Yes, this server page has husky GIFs once you enter it, but please note that we do NOT promote zoophilia/bestiality of ANY KIND! It's obviously messed up.)
Fluffy Furs is new furry server for all kind of furries, people interested about furries, or just people who wants to chill and meet new friends and maybe roleplay. We are missing some channels and features, but they are coming!
Chill server with hentai, yiff, irl porn, etc. Hope to see you there!
Welcome to the frantic furries~! ;3

we are a new up and coming furry server and we are a very friendly and tolerant community to people of all shapes and sizes~!

So join if you want to~! UwU
We're a humble, little server that appeals to the bara majority of the furry fandom. However, we are welcoming of all kinds of furries, even if you aren't into big, burly fur dudes. Our server is roleplay-driven, but we also chat amongst each other. (This server is 16+, but our NSFW channels are 18+.)

Wanna know a bit about the server?

🎔 We are open to roleplayers of all experience levels! Whether you're just starting or are a seasoned roleplayer, we have just the channels for everyone!
🎔 Hangout channels, general server discussion, and cute animal pics are included on the server.
🎔 We plan on holding serverwide events every once in a while.
🎔 Self-assignable roles are available for all of our approved members!
🎔 You can promote your commissions for art and/or writing~
🎔 There are bots with social and fun commands for you to use~
🎔 Lookin' for the lewds? A role specially for yiff is available for those of age!
Do you like yiff / g/fur / s/fur / h/fur / furries? If yes, then perfect! This is just the server for you. We have multiple channels for everything, and we have a very welcoming community! Come on! Drop in! (A remake of YIFF! as the original owner won't be on DIscord a lot anymore and the server was set up poorly
Come and role play in many different categories! 18+ only! The server owner is looking for a pet! Nsfw content is allowed
Hello! Our server is small but it's just a bunch of dumb shit round here, we're accepting of all people! 💗 We have roleplay, NSFW categories 😈🤤, and more :p yall just gotta join! 💗
We have a wide variety of channels for almost anything you might want; Be it pr0n, roleplay, talk about cars with fellow petrolheads, discuss plans of world domination, sharing cute animals to temporarily cure depression, and more~
Obligatory meme channels, one SFW and one for the less appropriate ones...
There's our kind and responsive staff team who can deal with your issues and queries ASAP.

- Self assignable roles!
- Nsfw content (18+)
- Many channels for you to choose from
- Memes
- Bot fun
- Events, games, movie nights
- Art showcases!
- And music!
An adult furry channel that's geared towards the appreciation of furry art. It's more lascivious than most furry servers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
An NSFW Furry Server with over 3500 members. We have multiple themed yiff channels (catering to a wide variety of kinks, be they vanilla or exotic), as well as several channels for general discussion, socializing, roleplaying and voice-chatting. All are welcome, be they anthro, feral, human, or something in between!




Hello! Welcome to the Dark World, a magical place where you can play a hero of your own epic tale! It doesn't just has to be regular roleplay either, it can be an RPG-style roleplay or an erotic roleplay too! OCs and Fursonas are also welcome! So go ahead, enjoy your time here!

It's not like your choices matter anyway...