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A friendly community with a friendly server side staff and owner! a Role Play server that supports Erotic Role Play in both regular and Vore forms, don't take my word for it, come and check it out!
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hello and welcome to BDSM Palace!

What We Offer
► custom roles
► channels to fit all your needs
► a looking for channel if youre searching
► relaxed rules
► BDSM themes
► LGBT+ friendly
► welcoming to all experience levels
► custom made bot
► transparent suggestions channel

► 16 or older
► only 18+ can view nsfw content / post it, absolutely no nsfw content will be viewed by 16&17 year olds
► an open mindset, no kinkshaming is allowed here

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§ The Haven of Valhalla §

👑 The Haven of Valhalla or simply as we call it Valhalla is a massive erp and rp server with lore based, serious rp and casual channels for fun!

👑 Our server remains for mature audiences with hentai, porn and lewd bots and channels galore for all your lewd needs~

👑 All Kinks, likes and preferences are allowed here! Kink shaming of any kind is a prohibited act! All the way from one liners to multi paragraph roleplayers and writers are welcome to join!

👑 We take pride in our 4 level mod team! The server is constantly updated and monitored by our hand picked trustworthy staff to help maintain a sense of peace and authority in our channels~

👑 Specific lore based roleplay scenarios are a big thing here! Yet the best part is that non roleplayers and roleplayers are welcome to join, just to chill out in our music rooms or spend some time role-playing in our immersive channels!


What are you waiting for! Go ahead and click that join button to experience our fun community! See you there~!

Welcome to the Island. a female and Futanari only island where you can have fun, where nothing but bikinis or even go nude. A paradise to go to wherever you want, whenever you want, whatever you want. The perfect vacation get away.
In a far away island, a country full of strong, domiant amazon-like woman are waiting to pamper their special littles! The country of Regalia has existed for thousands of years and has a very quaint system of doing things. Instead of most other places that have either equality or have males rule, Reglia is a matriarchy. But still, all littles are pamperd and coddled by there mothers, so who's winning? (Answer: Both of them) Almost all women here are doms, though the country allows females to be claimed, provided everyone involved consents. Though there are no maledoms, unless a Mommydom allows it. (If you want that, check our partner.) The exact specficies of the country, such as rituals, will be updated over time, so stay tuned for Mommydom goodness!
A fun women only roleplay sever for wrestling. A place for jobbers, wrestlers, erotic wrestlers and dominatrix to come and slam each other around a ring. Wrestle in front of a crowd or in private as you meet new roleplay partners. Join now if interested!
We're a porn community consisting of more than 200 members and growing! Everybody who follows the rules is welcome! 🤠🍑🍆
This server is an Nsfw roleplay server focused in the fantasy world of Arxia. Really new and currently looking for members to join as well as staff!
Hey you! Yes I see you out there, flipping through every sub-par RP partner Omegle has to offer. You're tired off all these bots and asl zombies on omegle, aren't you? You just want to have lewd, quality roleplays, don't you? Lewd roleplays with actual good roleplayers? Well look no further! You see, for I have come to you with a solution! For only the price of a couple mouse clicks and a paragraph about yourself you can join: The Phoenix! This awesome discord server will suit your wildest dreams and lewd fantasies, with people differing between all shapes, sizes and sexualities. Come join us! [18+ only, ageplay is allowed.] (invite)

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Hey, What's up! promoting - Club DTF - An Adult 21+ RP chat group - chatroom/voice chat/screen-share movie nights & more.. If Interested an invite will follow.
◤══════════ ◥DTF◤══════════◥

Club DTF, If you're Down To Fuck!, Fuck with us!

- A sexy smooth user-friendly interface.
- DTF.Erotic_RP
- DTF.liveStream_TV
- DTF_Selfies
- DTF.Phonesex_VC
And more!
Welcome to your Erotic Escape~

Erotic Escape is a NSFW [18+] full of people eager to get off and get you off~! Plenty of RP, ERP, and anything else to fill your deepest desires!

Some things we offer:
♡ NSFW (of course~)
♡ A nice and open community
♡ Multiple fun roles
♡ Bots for your enjoyment
♡ Channels dedicated for sharing and enjoying hentai and porn of all kinds
♡ Channels dedicated to Gaming, Music, Art, ect.
♡ And most importantly... Doms, Subs, Switches, Traps, Fembois, and more!

So please, come find your own little Erotic Escape with us~!
The Mansion is a small server about a mansion filled with slaves to fulfill any lusty desires~ You can either enter in as a guest to have slaves follow any request, or if you're feeling really subby, even become a slave your self~ Magic beings are welcome here at anytime and we hope you enjoy all your carnal desires~
Welcome to the Star Wars Porn Discord!
This is not an official Star Wars Discord.

Here you can share Star Wars Porn with other users and send it on!
You can also find roleplay partners and share your interests.

Important Rules:
- Do not violate applicable laws (no child pornography etc.)
- Be Friendly
- Do not harass
- Respect others
- No spam

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Have fun :)
Welcome to the Koro Region, the perfect place to stop by if you want to bond more with your Pokemon! We allow Trainer and Pokemon relationships here, so things can get pretty.....lewd here, but of course if your not into that! You can always try to make your way to become the champion! We don't care if your a human trainer, or a furry one, anyone is welcome here! Pokemon can not sadly be trainers though. Legendary Pokemon pop up often, maybe you'll get lucky and catch one. And please be careful.....there are some people who might want to steal your Pokemon. But I'm sure it will be okay, you think you have what it takes!? We'll see you there, and stay lewd~
We are an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a place where Hypnotists and subjects can connect with each other through live sessions and voice, be it group sessions, casual voice, public play, and other real-time or through private 1 on 1 hypnosis sessions. While erotic hypnosis doesn’t have to be the singular focus, this server is heavily fetish oriented, including power exchange through Dominant/submissive relationships and other elements of BDSM, as well as all manner of sexual activities, as well as casual chat and day to day community.
This is a hentai server meant for all of your horny needs we have all types of hentai and are open to suggestions we have:
Anime porn
Doujins but it's not
More hentai
Even more hentai
And much more

No meio do Oceano Atlântico há uma ilha peculiar, uma ilha afetada por uma bactéria de efeito neurológico que tira totalmente a vergonha das pessoas, dizem que afeta até seres de outros planetas. Ela não machuca ou causa dano a elas, só os deixa muito excitados e desinibidos, por conta disso o governo da ilha liberou todo tipo de ato libidinoso na ilha, muitos vão até ela por esse motivo, outros são mandados para lá por já se comportarem dessa forma estando fora dela, qual é o seu motivo?
Welcome on the NSFW, Nude, Porn, Sex, Erotic, Hentai, Furry, BDSM server! Discussion and viewing the charms of naked bodies. Joint exchange of private photos and masturbation. The cave of anal pleasures.
The cozy home is a cozy lewd home
we do (erotic) hypnosis recordings(erotic) roleplay recordings
we've multiple roles to choose from so you don't get annoyed by stuff you don't want
we're a nice community so respect the rules and we get along fine
we're hoping you join <3
Im a sex slut, come use me like a sex object talk about me however you want blow off steam please be horny here, do whatever
Welcome to Corrupted Desires, a growing and expansive crossover erotic role-playing server. With no restrictions on what characters you can use, the possibilities are endless. You can fuck the girl or guy of your dreams, participate in an overarching narrative, or even just meet some people who share the same kinks as you.

We’re a very lax server, with the main purpose being to provide a place where no one is left out in expressing their deepest desires, and creating a supportive and welcoming community that embraces all kinds of sexuality. No matter how extreme or non-extreme your kinks are, you’ll have a place here, in the limitless world of Corrupted Desires.
F-Town is a setting where invaders from another world have been attacking a town, attempting to gain a foothold for the further invasion of Earth.

Locally three factions have appeared to repel their invasion. These are Magical Girls (and boys) who have gained powers thanks to magic that began entering the world when the Invaders opened portals to Earth. The Shinobi Academy, a secret organization that has supported Japan from the shadows for generations. Then finally there is the Defense Corps, an international task force created by various nations of Earth to stop the invasion.