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Welcome to your Erotic Escape~

Erotic Escape is a surprisingly wholesome NSFW [18+] community with a love for all things lewd~!

Some things we offer:
♡ NSFW (ID Verification Required)
♡ An open, judgment-free community
♡ Lewdology, the study of Lewd (free space to learn and ask questions)
♡ Active, helpful staff
♡ 69 Self assignable roles
♡ 94 Emotes
♡ Rewards-based leveling system
♡ Channels dedicated to sharing and enjoying hentai, porn, and personal nudes
♡ Channels dedicated to Gaming, Music, Art, ect.
♡ And most importantly... Doms, Subs, Switches, Brats, Fembois, and more!

We are currently looking for:
♡ PM [Partnership Managers]

So please, come find your own little Erotic Escape with us~!
Welcome to the island of pleasure!
Our warm community welcomes anyone into this island of dreams.
You have plenty of places to expore around and people to meet as you can even share a "private" time with them!
Welcome to the Slut House!
If you are looking for a place to have fun and have a good time, you’re on the right place, enjoy the things we got on the NSFW channels, enjoy chatting with others either on voice chat or on the text channels, we have erp places if you’re into public erping, we welcome you with open arms!
Welcome to the NSFW-Lounge! (+18)

You can apply as a seller and sell nudes.
You can send nudes or see other
You can have fun

See you soon..... 😘😏
We're a porn community consisting of more than 200 members and growing! Everybody who follows the rules is welcome! 🤠🍑🍆
Welcome to the Star Wars Porn Discord!
This is not an official Star Wars Discord.

Here you can share Star Wars Porn with other users and send it on!
You can also find roleplay partners and share your interests.

Important Rules:
- Do not violate applicable laws (no child pornography etc.)
- Be Friendly
- Do not harass
- Respect others
- No spam

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Have fun :)
Welcome to the Dexter's Mansion! We've so many things for you explore! We've got very nice members who ERP quite well. We've got a slave market (age verified), and lots of bots to earn money for the market, to catch Pokemon and to marry. There's channels for story posting, NSFW posts etc. We give many liberties and as long you are nice to people we don't have much other rules here. See you soon!
Friendly cyber wrestling server. Use yourself, or create a character to use as your fighter. We have profile area set up for you to post your story, stats, and pics of your fighter. You can fight in a public room, or fight in pvt and then post in a room if yo so choose.
The Mansion is a small server about a mansion filled with slaves to fulfill any lusty desires~ You can either enter in as a guest to have slaves follow any request, or if you're feeling really subby, even become a slave your self~ Magic beings are welcome here at anytime and we hope you enjoy all your carnal desires~
Welcome to the Dragon Ball ERP server! This rp is set in a time where Vegeta is a G.O.D. Please support the official Dragon Ball Company.
18+ Only.
2020 - Earth has been exploded and all JoJo characters teleported to one large city with everybody in it, Pucchi's Uni Reset has never happened.
Tinyla's mansion is a small server about a mansion filled with slaves to fulfill any lusty desires~ You can either enter in as a guest to have slaves follow any request, or if you're feeling really subby, even become a slave your self~! Its all up to you, the server is still being upgraded with bots and such but I already have a security team to keep slaves in check, and if you're feeling bored, I even got a fighting pit where you can settle out disagreements.
<3 Un simplu server de Erotic RP <3 E un server nou!
Te rog nu judeca!
18+ ... daca stii ca esti hater sau copil ... te rog nu intra!
we are a growing community of people we accept all kinks but are looking for mainly females as it is more or less like a harem we do accept males but not many hope to see you all here
New server in which I hope you'll find rp partners. Get in here and join us in this small den of lust and depravity
Must be 18+ or you'll get nuked.
Hy, looking for erp? Maybe even more?
Feel free to join a new ERP server.
Bring your friends too!
Bienvenidos a mi server!! uwu
aquí puedes hacer estas cosas:
🤤꧁pasar fotos nsfw 7u7꧂🤤
😘꧁yaoi y yuri꧂😘
Heyo, The names Karma. I'll make this quick.

This is a erotic, 16+ server. So you can join up if you'd like. Its fairly new aswell. Has DDLG aspects along with BDSM stuff, Ya know?

Hope you enjoy the server when you join, and please, leave a review, much appreciated.
*Daily NSFW pics
*Hentai, Furry, Gaming erotic
*Send your art creations + credits and get roles!
NSFW wallpapers
Tons of r18
pls join and post!
A place where you Can roleplay your heart out and not be judged for it.

Currently we are in need of more Doms, and single females.

Please consider joining! We need more people.
HENTAI TREASURE COVE shall hold the biggest collection of hentai in existence.

-Dedicated roles, channels and voice chats
-Bot-filled hentai channels (24/7)
-Bots that allow you to fulfill your hentai needs to your heart's content
-Loosely and friendly moderation

Our goal is to filfill everyone's desires, and shall not stop until we do so.

Welcome to Chaotic Seduction, a new erp server with an exclusive public degrading section.

This server has over 17 public erp rooms with visualisations of what they look like. And with each member, comes your own room where you vibe and do whatever the fuck you want.

This is a lgbtq+ friendly place, all are welcome and we would love to have you here in our server. I have just started but I am all the more interested in hearing what you have got to say.


This is an 18+ server, any minor that interacts with this server will be banned.
Welcome to kawaii's femdom pillow fort, a comfy femdom-oriented ERP server where the dommes have actual power over the subs (muting, deleting messages, etc.) It's hot. We have a friendly active community and lots of kinky people.
We're the best femdom server on discord. Yeah, I fucking said it. uwu