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Welcome to Cum Right Inn! A place where you can meet and chat with new fun people, post pics of all kinds and have discussions about all things gaming, music, and movies. And when you get verified, there are all kinds of NSFW channels for even more fun. Talk about kinks, share your favorite NSFW videos, pics, and gifs, look for partners and more. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask the Staff. We hope you enjoy your stay! MUST BE 18+
Welcome to SS. Yet another ERP server with the slight difference that we aim to have a friendly and active staff that doesn't expect to be treated as royalty. Come and meet our growing family and our friendly staff.

—We have several public ERP channels.

—Read other people's Kinkfessions, write your own or play a game of Truth or Dare.

—Places where you can post your own selfies, your art, and even the writings of which you are proud.

—Lots of hentai.

—Nice and friendly community.
A place for lewds, both RP and otherwise, along with a friendly community and channels for both sfw and nsfw content
Welcome, to The City Todoshi! a place where different species alike live in one natural habitat in the modern day.
.・゜-: ✧City and School RP!✧ :-゜・.

.・゜-: ✧NSFW✧ :-゜・.

.・゜-: ✧Dorms!✧ :-゜・.

.・゜-: ✧Voice Chats!✧ :-゜・.

.・゜-: ✧Polls!✧ :-゜・.

Well come on, want to join in with the fun? join The City Of Todoshi!
Enchanted Erotica is a niche group who love a little magic sprinkled in with their sex. Telekinetic women, superheroes, shapeshifters, cloners, ghosts, witches, warlocks, and gods are all things you will find here and more! While this server is dedicated to the works of author Jasmine VanCroft, you are free to share your own works as long as they are in the same genre. We love to post images of women who may or may not be magical as well (due to their amazing bodies and outrageous physiques). Our emphasis is on the written word, but we also love to find such things in images, gif, and video formats. Come join us! Share your works, discoveries, or see what we have to offer you!
Attention all you sickos, perverts, and weirdos! We want YOU to join Den of Sinners, a(nother god-damn) erotic roleplaying server on Discord! Den of Sinners is a filthy-minded little hideaway dedicated to those of us with extreme tastes in our roleplay! We want those of you with extreme kinks like BDSM, vore, snuff, and beyond! The wilder the kink, the more we want to hear about it. Our only limit is vanilla! (Seriously, littleplay cuddlekiddies: please stay home.)

Den of Sinners is a strictly 18+ community, do not join if you are under 18! If you are over 18, please join and help us create an excellently filthy community!
News: Looking for more preds to maintain our ratio! We’ve had an influx of prey recently.

Purposes: vore roleplay/socializing/gaming/other lewd activities.

Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. If you decide to join be sure to say hello to everyone!

Must be 18+ to join. You’ll find more information on our policies in #rules and #regulations once you join.

Standing in the heart of the Andraedan Empire, in its capital city of Arkaine, the Imperial Academy is the most prestigious educational institute in the entire realm. The children of the most powerful individuals in the empire come here, to learn how to control and wield their power, achieve their true potential and become valuable and upstanding members of society and loyal citizens of the empire.

There's mysteries to discover, (naughty student-teacher fun to have), friends and enemies to make, (tentacles to fuck), many interesting things to learn, and much more! If you're tired of school and want a source of escapism, we're not quite but somewhat the place for you! In addition to all that, we offer a friendly community and a multitude of activities, such as community nights; be it games, movies, or story times!
Anon's mansion is a small server about a mansion filled with slaves to fulfill any lusty desires~ You can either enter in as a guest to have slaves follow any request, or if you're feeling really subby, even become a slave your self~! Its all up to you, the server is still being upgraded with bots and such but I already have a security team to keep slaves in check, and if you're feeling bored, I even got a fighting pit where you can settle out disagreements.
====Come and join the horny Incubus’s lair where all the erotic and gay rps are held at, meet others and do some of the most erotic things ever with others, and maybe even get a chance to meet the Incubus himself DDC=====
Eternal Erotic is a new NSFW server with a diverse, unique plot. We encourage you to join us and give us a chance, we're sure to impress!

We're looking for...
< Men and Women 18+
< Semi Lit-Literate RP
< Horny/Wet People!

We have a decent little setup...

- A good hentai bot
- Plenty of spots to rp in
- Friendly administration
- Simple verification, unlike some servers

And that's a wrap! Again; we hope you give us a chance to make the best moments of your life eternal!
My Hunting Adventure Time is an adult game, visual novel game, and 18+ dating simulator game, where you can interact with many characters in the game freely, besides that you can work buying property and others. and many other features that will be developed.
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around smut/story driven roleplay.

We promote public public roleplay over direct message roleplay. We also offer special channels to verified users that include nudes as well as other things in future updates.

We hope you'll cum stay awhile and listen! Have a good day ^_^
Welcome to Kinkdom!
We are currently the largest dedicated ERP Discord server to date. This is an adult server, so you must be 18 years or older to join!

- We welcome all roleplay enthusiasts, regardless of your experience, gender, sexual orientation, and kinks!

- We allow 1-on-1 and group roleplay, public and private, story-driven and smut-driven, and anything in-between.

- Find new roleplay partners and create unlimited characters of any kind using our dedicated channels.

- Our three custom developed bots do plenty of important work on the server, and takes good care of our members.

- The server currency (gems) rewards your activity. As you roleplay, you will be able to afford higher ranks and other exciting services.

- We provide channels for roleplay in specific settings and locations. We also offer rented rooms using gems, allowing for public or private roleplay rooms of any size.

- We keep our server toxic-clean to ensure a safe and friendly environment.

More info can be found on our website:
Welcome on the NSFW, Nude, Porn, Sex, Erotic, Hentai, Furry, BDSM server! Discussion and viewing the charms of naked bodies. Joint exchange of private photos and masturbation. The cave of anal pleasures.
✿ ☆✿ ☆ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪᴛᴛʏ ᴄᴀꜰᴇ!✿ ☆✿ ☆
We have many things in store for you! All of us would be very happy for you to join us. This list shows everything that is inside our small little server~

✿ Organized channels and categories
✿ Simple rules
✿ Many different roles with plans for more!
✿ Partnerships
✿ Staff applications are accepted
✿ An FAQ channel
✿ A Moderation category... for the members!
✿ Simple character creation
✿ 4 different roleplaying categories (With more to come!)
✿ Music!
✿ 5 different voice channels (Along with a texting channel for people with no microphones)

We hope to see you in the server! Have a great day!

Love you my little kitties~
A storm ins brewing atop Olympus and for once it might not be Zeus having a tantrum. Take a peek into the daily drama and action of the gods and goddesses of Greek mythos.
You at least have to have the basic or beginner skills of roleplaying and must be also at least 13 years of age. Welcome!
A furry hypnosis server primarily created for the subreddit /r/hypnofur
Here in Miriad Town, it has many proud displays. The fountain, the mountains, but there is a small cafe tucked away at the corner of Miriad town that is rumoured to serve more than just food..

THIS CONTAINS ERP! If you don't want to see that, be warned, kind straner!
Answer to your mistress and I'll treat you well.
💜~ Just kidding, I won't. I know that you're worthless.
Racing, A simple form of dealing with problems. Each car having their own special effect and power, along with the Car owner having something to activate the power. These can be relics, keys, Chains, Rings but racing isn’t all that fun. Some people see it as ways to be a criminal, some do it for others souls. Some people have fun with the racing maybe you will huh.
This server has:
•A fun owner
•Tons of rp spaces
•Clear rules
•Oc free environment
•Staff that help a lot
So please come down and race a few times

Welcome to RP Paradise! A fun and safe place for people who would like to roleplay. We have SFW and NSFW roleplay channels, as well as a general channel too. We also have a suggestions channel if you like to suggest a new channel for us.