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Standing in the heart of the Andraedan Empire, in its capital city of Arkaine, the Imperial Academy is the most prestigious educational institute in the entire realm. The children of the most powerful individuals in the empire come here, to learn how to control and wield their power, achieve their true potential and become valuable and upstanding members of society and loyal citizens of the empire.

There's mysteries to discover, (naughty student-teacher fun to have), friends and enemies to make, (tentacles to fuck), many interesting things to learn, and much more! If you're tired of school and want a source of escapism, we're not quite but somewhat the place for you! In addition to all that, we offer a friendly community and a multitude of activities, such as community nights; be it games, movies, or story times!
This is an ERP server we just made. Less confusing bio submission. No strict rules.
We are still new so yep we are grateful if anyone would help and give suggestions. Thank you
📖 Loads of Public RP Scenes & Tight Knit RP/ERP Community

🔍 Roles meant to narrow down your RP Preference

🔐 Publicly displayed "Private Rooms" so YOU can RP without INTERRUPTION with who YOU WANT to RP with :smiley:

📑 Character Submissions are reviewed to reduce godmodding & powergaming (not fun for serious RPers!)

💬 Various Out of Character channels for community interaction.

🏰 Medieval Fantasy universal lore + ERP = :smirk: :sweat_drops:

👀 Seeking active & careful Character Reviewers, as well as other Staff positions ------> Preferably from other timezones that are NOT NA (North America)

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

👉 Head on over ASAP and be a citizen of the ever growing EROTIC EMPIRE
Hi! This server is mainly for ERP/RP you don't have to though! We have normal chat channels! Have fuuun!~ <3
Welcome on the NSFW, Nude, Porn, Sex, Erotic, Hentai, Furry, BDSM server!
Discussion and viewing the charms of naked bodies.
Joint exchange of private photos and masturbation.
The cave of anal pleasures.
Wondering if weaybe invite some people from here to a space themed discord rp, erp included. ;D
Its in space so i guess all characters you can come up with would be accepted aslong as they're not edgelords!
Welcome to this interesting server where high fantasy meets the politics and overall ideas of Game of thrones, The witcher and Lord of the rings.
Want to be a monster hunter?
Maybe a Dovahkin like in Dungeons and dragons?
Want to try your hand at establishing a lordship and getting people to join under your banner. Then you can try your hand at all of these with the server. The staff are quite friendly and we are always tryna make some changes not always big but we are constantly trying to improve anything we can if its not already the best we can make it.
Come on and join us have a fun time~
We still are a work in progress but we have all you need to have some fun. Working combat system and staff to handle Gming and DMing!
This is an 18+ ERP Server. What separates us from the norm is that our server is mainly used for people who are looking for a private message partner for ERP. We also have a medieval fantasy roleplay that is being set up for people who prefer to RP on the server. Our staff also don't mind if you just pop in and talk about your favorite anime and manga. Come join and have a great experience~!
Looking for moderators and helpers.
This is a erp/rp server if you have a girl character feel free to join! And if a guy character I don't care! We welcome all genders and races have fun! <3
More info at TPP's Website:

The Pleasure Palace offers:
- NSFW Community driven games (Cards against Humanity, Truth or Dare, Smash or Pass)
- Numerous roles to express who you are
- NO AGE VERIFICATION (come in at your discretion ;) )
- Active growing community who love to ERP/RP
- Democratic #poll voting process for any new suggestions!
Despite the Fallout look, this has little to nothing to do with the actual canonical story of Fallout, made for fun and to have a good time, not for accuracy or a constrictive serious nature. Hello! This is a fan made Fallout server, (All rights to the name are owned by Bathesda) Sorry, anyway. Made for erotic play with anyone you chose as long as they agree, starting outside the(still under construction) Vault, you will begin as a simple waistlander and find yourself at the entrance of 96 one way or another, besides the erotic element, a series of jobs can be held by a dweller, along with social areas to chat and find new relationships.
Eqnax is a very active roleplay server that is heavily based on lore, it is a world of magic, powers and politics. More info In the server :).
Here is everyone welcome who like to be lewd ^^
Residence of Pleasure has an open spot for a new member!
We have new rooms, freshly planted flowers in the garden, and some comfortable places to spend time with other people.

The server just went public, so we are short on the members. But we aim to build strong and friendly roleplay community. If you are 18+ and have passion for roleplay, then what are you waiting for? JOIN!
This is where you can meet a lot of people and also express yourself through your kinks.
Welcome to RP Paradise! A fun and safe place for people who would like to roleplay. We have SFW and NSFW roleplay channels, as well as a general channel too. We also have a suggestions channel if you like to suggest a new channel for us.
Welcome to the Palazio Club! A small, ERP focused club dedicated to having fun and socializing! Come on down, have fun!