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a place for loner teen hangout, making friends, or finding your soulmate memes. 14-19 only.
A new friendly server to find gaming buddies or someone special to date, or both and we can help depressed people too. All are welcomed <3
This is a fun NEW server with really cool people who are looking to make friends, or maybe more. We have good laughs and just enjoy being ourselves. Join us! 😊
This server is new to the public but I hope that this group can become a fun place to meet new people and hang out!

Some features:
Self roles
Interest text channels (channels that only people with a certain role can see)
Custom voice channels (your own voice channel but it must be bought)
And more!

Perm server link:
If you love porn, they you will love this. A new NSFW-ONLY Channel where you can assign roles, chill, chat, hook up, roleplay, rate member's nudies or post your favorite porn-related content (nudes, henati, ahegao, straight, tits, boobs, ass, butts, etc) including pictures, videos and GIFs while also discover.

Post your media and even talk about your favorite/wierd fetish. You can also chill, chat, date, share your nudies and sext. Do whatever you please but please don't break the rules! 18+ ONLY.

✅ We now have HENTAI and AHEGAO porn-sharing channels.
✅ Rate some good-quality nudies!
✅ Assign gender-roles so you can find members easy.
✅ Share your own porn-realted pictures, videos and GIFs.
✅ Talk about anything porn and adult related.
✅ Discover new porn for your fap locker.
✅ Date and hook-upin with members channel.
✅ Roleplay channel to live your wildest fantasy.
✅ Talk about your favorite fetishes and discover.
✅ Free to chat about anything you want.
✅ Nudes, nudes and more nudes.
✅ Chat and chill in our offtopic-chat channels.

Hope you see you there! Please remember this is a new channel, so it's great if you can contribute and always remember to be nice, be active, fap more and obey the rules.
💕💕 JOIN NOW! Social-Platform DATING Server! 💕💕
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to play?
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease
» P R O F I L E S - Quickly get into DMs!
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !

Ban Appeal:
Free chat to have fun in. Not many rules at the moment... So, have a good time here!
This is a place where you can meet new people, socialize and make new friends! This server is a great choice for single people, dating, memes, music and everything^^ This is a really friendly place and we would be really happy if you join our server ^*^
Welcome to a hangout/dating server between everyone that's above 16+. We really want to avoid some underage people so we'll not end up to jail. Everyone are welcome to this server as long they are above 16 or above years old.
We are a server that wants to help people and make new friends well that's what i want in my experience i just want everyone to be happy and want to help them accomplish things they want
Wanna meet other 13-17 year olds with the same interests as you? Join in! With our security and verification features there is no chance of paedophiles escaping our grips! This is a non judge zone, so be yourself and have fun <3!
🥀lifeless roses🥀 is a new community server. We are a place where you can be yourself, and meet new people. Our goal is to make sure our members have a fun time and interactive with each other! We want to keep growing and have a safe, fun, community!
Some things we have/offer are:
~Self assignable roles
~Fun bots
~Level up roles!
~LGBT+ friendly
~Friendly community
~Kind staff
Welcome to - Loners - !
We are a fun, community server!
Join chats and meet new people!
An NSFW chat for any needs!
This is a place where you can meet new people, socialize and make new friends! This server is a great choice for single people, dating, memes, music and everything^^ This is a really friendly place and we would be really happy if you join our server ^*^

----- San Andreas Life/Doj RP PS4 -----
⏩ Friday and Sataday RP´S⏪
⏩ Start at 6PM England Time⏪
⏩Nice Staff⏪
⏩Staff app are in working RN⏪
⏩First 10 people who join don´t need to fil out the app⏪
⏩If We Get More people The RPS are go to start being 24/7⏪
⏩You have to be 13 Years old to join the server⏪
⏩Sport cars are allowed⏪
⏩Unmarked are allowed⏪
⏩We accept anyone⏪
⏩We accept Dating on the server⏪
Come hangout and find new friends we all lit
We are a growing community of gamers and social rejects alike, come and join us to hang out and have fun!

> friendly helpful admins/mods
> numerous bots such as
> Nsfw/selfie tags (if that suits your fancy)
> game tags / voice channels

See you soon!

1. Once a man has set his eyes on a female and made the first move in the shape of a pickup line, a love decleration, a video or a music song to express his emotions, that man should be given time, room and space to finish execute his move without interruption from another man. If it's clear that it's going nowhere fast, then it's allowed to interrupt and steal his kill.
2. It is not allowed to spread lies and false rumors about another man, just to better your own standpoint and chances in regards to a specific female. In my school, that’s what me and my teacher calls some fucking bozo sucker shit.
3. It is allowed to lie about yourself though, for example the length of your penis, your hairline, how much you lift at the gym and if you have Versace glasses and bed sheets. Girls lie, so we can too.
4. If a female and a man on the server both declare their love towards each other, that female cannot be chased, approached in a sexual manner, UNLESS she has approached you and given you a hint that she’s bored of her man and would like you instead.
5. In love and war everything is allowed. Except for the breaking of the rules above.
We're a new server looking for members!
We're also hiring new staff members
We got NSFW chats Many VC's active XP bot and anti-spam!
Anti-Raid, E-Girls 1:1 ratio.
What are you waiting for?! JOIN!
- This is a pretty chill server
- Nice ppl
- CUties to date
- Movie Nights
- Cool owners
Hello! Welcome to our server , We have many fun things you can do heres some, Make new friends Level up to gain new roles Become mod (we are hiring)
Howdy E Girls & E Boys, This is Quest to find love(13-21), a place to find love or friends :), we got daily / weekly giveaways, Bots, Cute Emojis, Nitro Emojis, 300+ Members! and an Active Community & Friendly staff, safe space! Come join now and see for yourself and maybe you'll find that special someone😏
Come hang out with me and maybe find a gf or bf