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A small CG/L based server for anyone 13 and older. Completely SFW. 💜
30 minutes ago
ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, BDSM, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
We also welcome vanillas but you need to be respectful to the kinksters.

We are a 16+ SFW only server
1 hours ago
we are a safe place for anyone who is a little, a caregiver or just simply wants a place to feel welcome.
21 hours ago
Join Little Tots Nursery Hangout today and learn more about the earth, and life with our excellent teaching staff.
1 days ago
Pastel Dungeon of Desires is a BDSM server for everyone!

We are an SFW 18+ server with optional NSFW channels. We have a safe and easy verification process so we fill your Darkest Desires.

With roles and channels for all CGL, ABDL, Pet Play community members. This is a very friendly, drama free server. Our mod team is watching over the server to help keep it safe from all the creeps.

Darkest Regard,
The Dungeon Goddess
2 days ago
︵‿︵‿︵\ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/︵‿︵‿︵ 
︵‿︵‿︵((ฅ) (ฅ))︵‿︵‿︵
💖ABDL💖DDLG💖DDLB 💖MDLB💖MDLG💖CGL💖BDSM💖Pet play💖 and all related kinksters are welcome!
🍦 Even vanillas are welcome! As long as you respect the kinksters! We will never turn a new member down everybody is welcome!
Here are some of the things you can look forward to after joining our server🍦
»»————-♡ Channels ♡————-««
⭐Completely self assignable roles and so many to choose from!⭐
🍼Specific chat rooms for the little and baby roles for those who want to dig deep into their headspace🍼
💬A general chat for those everyday discussions💬
🔞A NSFW general chat for those more heated discussions🔞
🎮Video game discussion channel where you can share games and talk about games and not be disturbed by general chat etc.🎮
👌Meme and shitposting channel👌
📖Venting Channel📖
🖍️Activites such as coloring 🖍️ and a 📷 Selfie section and picture section!📷
👋Shops, Self promotion, and Educational Videos👋 🎤Music Sharing and Voice Chat🎤
📰Personal Ads Channel📰
🔞Verified Nsfw roles and chats rooms🔞
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰ ❣️Cool Events to Adventure with!❣️
❣️Events such as coloring contests, movie nights, occasional sleep overs and other various events as well as birthday celebrations are planned!❣️
2 days ago
An 16+ Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community that is brand new, looking to bring littles all into one place to share similar interests and ideas. All sexual orientations are welcome to join in the fun. Come roleplay or show us that pretty drawing or coloring page you did so we can hang it on the fridge.
3 days ago
Blankie Academy is a CGL discord focused on fun and meeting new friends in the community with a fun themed twist! Enjoy meeting others in the CGL community, RP rooms, and much more! We even have NSFW rooms with an 18+ verification check!
4 days ago
Padded Playpen is an ABDL server for littles and bigs! We have bets/dares, extensive customization options, giveaways, and even more to come in the future. Stop by and take a look! 18+
14 days ago
A Discord server to suit your 16+ Daddy, Mommy, Princess, and Princes needs! • SFW Only • This for all CGL and Pet Play Lovers • Stuffie Lovings
19 days ago
This is a server to interact with other members of the kink commnnity! join to become part of our growing community!
24 days ago
18+ only adult server. Mamma Rose is a professional mommy dom and this server is a place where she can stay connected with little ones even when not on the job. It's totally free and is full of fun things to do and see.
We currently have over 100 members and growing! 10-20 active members are on at a time and chat never moves too fast. Our role-players are some of the best too!
25 days ago
A Discord server to suit your 18+ Daddy, Mommy, Princess, and Princes needs! • SFW with optional NSFW • This for all CGL, ABDL, BDSM and Pet Play Lovers • Stuffie Lovings
34 days ago
A server for mommies, daddies and all little alike to hang out and roleplay or to meet with each other!

we accept all, even vanillas or those who are curious about our community.

come join us! and meet those who share the same interests as u!!
40 days ago
A safe house for DDLG/CGL lovers 💕Meet new people and make some friendships 😍
44 days ago
CG/L Roleplay

ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
This is a role-play server for CG/L

We are a 16+ server

- Custom Emoji’s
- Lots of self-assignable roles
- An assortment of SFW channels
- Friendly staff and community
47 days ago
18+ Discord community centered around the ageplay, CG/l, and petplay communities. We have "G" rated sections for purely innocent roleplayers, as well as "General" and "NSFW" sections for kinkier roleplayers. All parts of the server are "opt-in" using roles, meaning you only see the channels that pertain to the roles you choose for yourself. We support all walks of life, and offer support and provide safe spaces for those who need them. Friendly and supportive of all LGBTQ+ members, as well as all (legal) kinks.
47 days ago
Peach✦Box is an 18+ CG/L and DD/LG related server that is welcoming and caring! We celebrate birthdays, have a little space provided, plenty of NSFW rooms (accessible by a role) and so much more! Head over to Peach✦Box and help it grow!
56 days ago
Anyone that that is a abdl or a tbdl can join
77 days ago
This is an 18+ Adultbaby/diaperlover, Caregiver/little community group where you are welcome to be yourself, interact, or just lurk around in the shadows. Available and encouraged are member contributed resources and reviews, activity sheets for your little needs, health and fitness, advice, bot games, NSFW content, and whatever else your heart could desire.
77 days ago
18+ NSFW and SFW
This is a Safe Place, with SFW and optional NSFW Channels. While we focus on DDLG, ABDL, and Pet Play we welcome all kinks so drop in and check it out! We have weekly movie nights and game nights, with gaming and roleplay channels.
90 days ago
This server is for those 18+ located in Canada who are into the abdl scene. We are a small but mighty group of people. Come check us out!
This server connects to site and allows for talk among adult babies and diaper lovers. 18+ NSFW