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this is a fun place for ABDL folks to socialize.
Welcome to Sugar Sweet CGL! Here we have a variety of channels and loads of fun in store!
🍩 18+ channels
🍩 Easy use of roles
🍩 A matchmaking Chat
🍩 Events and Movie Nights
🍩 Questions of The Day
🍩 Engaging Staff
🍩 Many channels
And more...
Come and join the fun! We'll be waiting!
Well moderated, friendly ABDL and babyfur community. New to ABDL? We'd love to have you. Tumblr artist? Connect with our server via our Artists Alley. 18+ only.
A small little space server run by two switches!
ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, BDSM, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
We also welcome vanillas but you need to be respectful to the kinksters.

We are a 16+ SFW only server
Blankie Academy is a CGL discord focused on fun and meeting new friends in the community with a fun themed twist! Enjoy meeting others in the CGL community, RP rooms, and much more!
💬 ₊✧─────₊˚. « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚₊─────. ∘₊✧ 🌸

poof! we are Paci Cafe ~

we are a cafe themed server based around ABDL, Age Regressors, and Age Players! We are growing, but we welcome everyone!

🍮 ∘₊✧─────₊˚. « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚₊─────. ∘₊✧ 🍰

So what are you waiting for? Join our server and see what we have to offer! •ᴗ•
An 16+ Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/DDLG community that is quite big, looking to bring lils all into one place to share similar interests and ideas. All sexual orientations are welcome to join in the fun. Come chat, role-play, act like a baby or show us that pretty drawing you did so we can hang it on the fridge. Daddies, Mommies, Caretakers all are welcome.
This is a DDLG/ABDL server. We have looking channels and are open to new suggestions. We're brand new and would love to have you join!
We're an 18+, LGBTQ+ community that caters to the CG/l and Petplay communities! We offer a variety of chatting areas for those interested in ageplay, petplay, ABDL, and any other kink. We encourage education, discussion, roleplay, and a supportive environment.
"The Little Corner" is an 18+ only, ageplay, petplay, and BDSM safezone. This server is NSFW, however, our main channels are SFW for those that just want to talk or have no interest in "kinky" activities. Our server is still incomplete, but if you wish to still check us out feel free.
A Discord server to suit your 16+ Daddy, Mommy, Princess, and Princes needs! • SFW Only • This for a Age Regression Server • Stuffie Lovings
Pastel Dungeon of Desires is a BDSM server for everyone!
Now with our own CG/L & AB/DL Minecraft Server.
We are an SFW 18+ server with optional NSFW channels. We have a safe and easy verification process so we fill your Darkest Desires.

With roles and channels for all CGL, ABDL, Pet Play community members. This is a very friendly, drama free server. Our mod team is watching over the server to help keep it safe from all the creeps.

Darkest Regard,
The Dungeon Goddess
Welcome to Sweet Daydreams! ♡

We are a 16+ server providing a safe haven where everyone can be themselves!
Sweet Daydreams is a fairly new server targeted at the DDLG community, and we are excited to welcome you all with open arms.
We are open to suggestions and willing to add to our server the things you all enjoy!

Here's a list of things you can expect from the sever:
♡ Kind, helpful interactive staff!
♡ Events for everyone, which means games, movies and art! Winners will get a special role of their choosing and a custom colour!
♡ A safe space for everyone to be themselves.
♡ Assignable roles
♡ We have a verified role for 18+ members!
♡ Question of the day!
♡ A channel for suggestions
CG/L Roleplay

ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
This is a role-play server for CG/L

We are a 16+ server

- Custom Emoji’s
- Lots of self-assignable roles
- An assortment of SFW channels
- Friendly staff and community
An 18+ server for people loving diapers and such. Here we discuss anime, video games, and such whether they are diaper stuff or not. We also have a channel decided for roleplayers so be sure to check us out when you have the chance.
Welcome to bunny palooza! This server has CGL related content. This server is 18+ only and SFW. This server helps and supports people with mental illnesses/disorders or developmental issues. We have memes, games, movie night, little gear and many more.
This is a brand new DDLG server to make friends and have fun! Come play with us! :3

Please be patient and let the server grow!
Glitter Camp is a cg/l and bdsm community. Our server was created as a safe space for people to express their interests in the community and for newer people of the community to learn safely.
We have weekly events, Fridays we alternate between movie and game nights and on Saturdays we have story nights where people volunteer to read story books. Glitter Camp has a well involved and a very active staff as well as regular promotions. Our server is 16+ but we are also in the midst of having a sister server that is 18+. Any and all are welcome, so come sit around the campfire at Glitter Camp ^-^
Welcome to our safe for everyone server. We love friends and we don't judge anyone! This is a little space server.
New and upcoming server for rp and discussion of abdl,ddlb,ddlg, furry, ECT

We support and don't judge

This is just a place for TBDL/ABDLs to hangout, chat, and even roleplay with people who are into the same things as them! Come sail with us and maybe make some freinds while your at it!