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-~-~ Wittle Wonderland -~-~
Hiya! We are a Sfw CG/L lifestyle community with optional NSFW categories(Strictly 18+) for those of ages 13 to 27!

--- We plan to a lovely and helpful community of all types with an emphasis on being a safe space for all Subs, Doms and pets with a rule set specifically aimed at protecting our members and to root out toxic members ! ---

--- We have plenty of roles and channels, become one of our wonderful kingdom and make new friends and experience a safe place to practice the Cg/l lifestyle ! °°°

--- What we have to offer ---
- Staff Positions -
- Lots of fun text chanels to mess around and enjoy yourself in!-
- Voice Chats -
-A Venting section where you can vent and get advice if you need it!-
- Fun Opt-in Preschool -
- Community Events such as Bedtime stories and Movie nights! -
- 80+ Assignable Roles and counting! -
- Color Roles (With a bot to select your very own special color!) -

--- We would love to have you in our community and we are excited to see how you are in a community full of friendly, caring people, We also are exited to see how you are what you bring to the server so give us a join and lets make this server a great server which everyone can enjoy!!---
A fun place where all little ones can play with each other and have fun.

We do have lots of fun commands, roles and even more fun things to come!

Be yourself and be a baby
We are a 16+ DDLG server with over 800 members... and all we need is you! We are drama free and accept all people! From straight to LGBT+ our community has a wide variety! Don't be afriad to stop in! There is also NSFW channels for over 18 members! We have fun bots and fun people! We have a variety of channels and events too! enjoy your stay! You may even earn a special role if you are lucky!
°°°••• Welcome to Fluffy Forest •••°°°

« This forest is a safe place for anybody in the DDLG and BDSM community between the ages of 16 and 25! »

« We strive to create a community that revolves around a sense of family and connection. We want to connect with every member and make sure there's enough fun to do so! »

We offer many things including:
» Over 100+ Assignable Roles
» VIP Memberships
» Server Events
» 70+ Color Roles
» Staff Applications
» Partnerships
» Voice Chats
» And MORE To Come!

« We can't wait to have you be a part of our server, helping it grow! We hope to see you soon in the treehouse! »
An abdl server for art, pictures and discussion. This is an 18+ SERVER. There are only sensible, logical rules and no bullshit.

We have a strong appreciation for content creation and the sharing of free and open content to the masses! We have an artist affiliate program, as well!
☆☆●▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬● ☆☆

ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ sᴘᴇᴄɪғʏ ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ ɪs ᴀ ɴsғᴡ
- ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ sᴛʀɪᴄᴋᴛʟʏ 18+ -

We only tolerate friendly behavior this is a non kink shane zone. Make sure to have fun and be respectable to staff or you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. Check the rules for more.

Stay wet-

Strictly 18+ Small server looking for littles and daddy's/mommy's to join and have some fun. A chill place to meet new people. Hope you like it =^-^= <3

Make friends and have fun we have bots and games we are brand new 2/1/19 we were made so please join and add to our group and share with friends our head Domme is really pretty and loves to share her lewds in group we ID so no jailbait is around ☺ we have kink in general always willing to add channels we also have a Harry Potter Nursery and other Harry Potter chats we have selfie areas and money
A Vanilla community, with a lean towards Littles, TBDL/ABDL, community. Very active and we welcome everyone. Stricly SFW, and Discord TOS Compliant. Why go anywhere else, when everything you need is in one place? Come check it out, and welcome home! Vanillas welcome too.
Little space server! We have bots, roleplay channels, and other fun things! We also have emojis! We do allow interaction from all communities, but we are 100% sfw. Everyone is welcome :)
🐾Come in in and make an Intro🐾
🌸Safe space for the Cg/L Community 🌸
🌸Pretty Color Roles🌸
🌸Friendly and Helpful Community 🌸
🌸Descriptive Roles🌸
🌸Open-Minded And Understanding Staff🌸
🌸16+ server🌸
🌸 Matchmaking channels 🌸
🌸Pokecord,RYTHM,mee6,Kawaii bot🌸

Ready to join a Magical Kingdom made of candy? Then join the Candy Kingdom!!!

Enjoy the cool rooms and awesome friends you can possibly meet!! We are a 16+ server!

-Self-assignable roles
-Traits tailored to you
-Many different chat rooms
-Friendly staff
-And much more

@everyone Join the Candy Kingdom today and have a sweet time!!
An 16+ Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/CGL community that is quite big, looking to bring lils all into one place to share similar interests and ideas. All sexual orientations are welcome to join in the fun. Come chat, role-play, act like a baby or show us that pretty drawing you did so we can hang it on the fridge. Daddies, Mommies, Caretakers all are welcome.
I was surprised a server like this hadn’t been made yet so I decided to give it a try and see what people thought about it
We are an 18+ Kink Server. We are an ABDL/CGL/Petplay/Kink/BDSM chat server for littles and Bigs! We have truth or dare, a Minecraft server, gaming and roleplay chats and more.
"The Little Corner" is an 18+ only, ageplay, petplay, and BDSM safezone. This server is NSFW, however, our main channels are SFW for those that just want to talk or have no interest in "kinky" activities. Our server is still incomplete, but if you wish to still check us out feel free.
The Padded Palace is a small group for abdls. We have channels for gaming music,sharing art, etc. We’d love it if you could stop by and say hello!
This is for abdl, and helping abdl's, please do not raid.
A place for all Kink Artists and Fans to share, critique, and talk about art, with other artists! We welcome all sorts of people who are into all sorts of things like: furry/abdl/cgl/bdsm/petplay and more! You can advertise commissions, ask for help or critique, and ask for requests. There will be events/challenges/contests and the likes for artists of all levels to have a-little fun!
A wonderful place to make friends with the whole family!

We love meeting new people and helping them with any/all questions they might have!

Note: Crinkly Advice is meant for people 13+ as per Discord's ToS.

A place for those in the ABDL and cgl community to express themselves and to interact with people who share the same interests as they do.

This is a kink community, so the server is 18+. If you are below the age of 18, you will be banned, no exceptions.

Whether you like baby stuff, wearing diapers, or diapering others, this is the place for you.
This server is a ABDL, MDLB, DDLG and other support communities who want to make a vast community a large group! Hope you join and have fun!
Hello, everyone and welcome to:
G L I T T E R C A M P!

Glitter Camp is a 18+ CG/L and BDSM community. Our server was created to provide everyone a place to express their interests with other like-minded individuals and for those interested in learning more to experience and learn about the CG/L and BDSM community in a safe place.

We have all of the following:

sparkles Daily activities: coloring book pages, crossword puzzles, and maze solvers -- as well as a submission chat so that you can show us your finished creations!
sparkles Weekly events: server-wide movie, karaoke and game nights. On occasion, given we have some voluntary readers, we even end our sessions with some bedtime stories!
sparkles After dark: our NSFW chats are only permitted for those +18. Verification and being mindful of the rules apply