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DiscordOfYourChoice 💕 ~
BDSM, CGL || 16+

We are a community of people who share a common interest in exploring the BDSM lifestyle. However, we do welcome anyone to join! We have a variety of fun activities and opt in channels, something for everyone!


What We Offer:
>Friendly Staff
>Weekly Activities (Games and Movies)
>Self-Assignable Roles
>Opt in Channels
>Fun Bots
>Creative Space To Share Art, Writing, Photography, etc.
>Support Channel - seek advice from other peers anonymously, positivity
>BDSM Classroom, a learning tool where members can discuss different aspects of the lifestyle
>Age gated NSFW channels
Pastel world is a sfw CGL and partly BDSM server! We have 120+ self assign roles, fun bots, games and this month awesome Halloween events!
Welcome to our FunHouse! Here we accept all sorts of littles and doms who are open to CGL, DDLG, ABDL, MDLB, MDLG, DDLB, and many more! This is a very new server, so bear with us and please give suggestions on what we should do with our server. Thanks!
A fun cgl server with a wide community with lots of new people you can meet and make friends with! People are just like you and not afraid to talk about anything!
Hihi if you are looking for a server with cute adorable friends and some entertaining bots then this server is for you!
We have roles all set up for you to choose from
-safe space for littles / regressors
And safe space for pet regressors
This is a non kink server ! So dont worry about ickyness!
We have movie nights , jam sessions and voice calls!
I hope to see you there!!!!
(New server so plesse dont judge lets get it up and make nee fwiends!!) ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
welcome to little babies. we're a new, 13+, cg/l server that's welcome to everyone! we have friendly members, lots of bots, and open staff positions! come and join the fun! ♡
14+ Discord server

> We have channels for everyone! Littles, Caregivers, even pets!
> We have dating channels! You may be able find your little or dom here!
> Collaring system so you can claim your dom/little!
> Slave system for 18+ members!
>NSFW section for 18+ verified members!
>Channels where you can share art, memes, and the like.

If that's what may interest you, and if you wanna come make some new friends and maybe even find a little/dom, come play with us!
🖤~ Welcome to Devil’s Den ~🖤

a new 14+ BDSM/Pet Play/CGL server still sort’ve in the making wanting to bring those in the BDSM world closer.

we have ~

❥an active and understanding staff willing to help with any issue you may have with or in the server.

❥frequent events including movie nights, karaoke, etc.

❥50+ self assignable roles.

❥text channels for memes, selfies, little space, relationship advice, gender dysphoria, etc.

❥we’re open to partner with any server!

we hope you join! we’re always looking for new members.
Welcome to Kinky Kingdom♡!
Owners: 1-800 not a loliღ#4430 & babygirl ♡#6969
We're an up and coming, 13+ CG/L server. We have friendly and active members, fun bots, media channels, and open staff positions!
Whimsyshire was created as a way to emphasize our favorite parts of BDSM -- the Caregiver/Little dynamic. Don't worry, though, as we encourage all BDSM relationships and dynamics as long as they are safe, legal, and consensual

What do we offer?

• Experienced Admins
• Self-assign roles
• Bots for games, roles & NSFW Images
• Original Content channels for users' nudes
• Verification process to ensure NSFW channels are 18+
• Misc channels for gaming, anime, hentai and much more
• Watersports, Knife Play, Con non-con channels and many more
• Anime & Hentai
• Gaming
`『❁ Welcome to Little Angels ❁ 』`

Little Angels is a server for littles, caregivers, mommies, daddies, and anyone part of the DDLG/CGL community. We welcome everyone. Your race, sexuality, and even your kinks will never be judged here. We welcome everyone.

What we offer:

❁ Over 50 different channels to play in!
❁ Channels for everyone - littles, daddies and mommies, pets, and more!
❁ Self-assignable roles, with some personality roles too!
❁ Frequent events, like movie night, karaoke, and Cards Against Humanity (which is always super duper fun)!
❁ Many different bots, some of which are really cute!
❁ A lot of different people to meet and become friends with!
❁ Dating channels, separated by age, as well as channels to post what you're looking for!
❁ Many different channels to share media, like drawings and memes!

If that's what may interest you, and if you wanna come make some new friends and maybe even find a little/dom, come play with us!

❁ Permanent Link:
Welcome to Hell's Den! a horror themed SFW 16+ BDSM and CGL server. Here in Hell's den we accept everyone regardless if they're involved in the BDSM and CGL lifestyle! We are a new server focused on welcoming vanilla, retired, and anyone who may be questioning--after all, we're all going to hell anyways. As long as you're over the age of 16 and aren't rude as f*ck we hope you have an awful time here < 3 !!!
Dragon Lair is a unique CG/L and roleplaying server! With a focus on CG/L and BSDM communities, we are also a dedicated monstergirl roleplay server! Custom races, tags, and roleplay channels! New to the community? Want to roleplay as a slime, dragon, ghost, or anything in between? This is the server for you! We are a brand new server, so all members will contribute to the development of this server! We also have NSFW channels for the lewdsters, gaming, memes, and anime! There's something for everyone :3 enter the Lair!
Welcome to Blood Moon, an up and coming 18+ BDSM community.

We're a tight knit group looking for like minded individuals to grow our community with.

We offer various normal channels like: (not verification needed)
+Roles (easy reactions)
+Introductions (simple yet kinda needed)
+General Chat
+Trivia and games

A NSFW section: (Verification Needed)
-NSFW General
- NSFW Media
-Advice/Ranting/Venting corner

A Kink Section: (Verification Required)
_BDSM General
_Little Space
_Pet Play

And a dedicated dating/relationship section (also for verified people).
Verification is recommended and very safe/easy to do, but optional (although you will be missing on most of the channels). Feel free to ask the admins or mods for questions!!! Their DM’s are always open, but be friendly and polite.
We hope you like it here and enjoy a close, friendly yet kinky community!!!

(Ps. If you're 17 or less, please don't join. We don't accept minors due to the somewhat explicit content of this server and the laws stated in the USA and Discord)
Welcome to Little's Empire!
We are a 14+ server, with tons of DDLG, CG/L, and BDSM activities to offer for ALL AGES!
Owner: Jasi
Co-Owner: Rora
Things we offer:
Tons of text and voice channels for everyone to share thoughts, selfies, stories, etc.
Positivity channels to spread positivity and reminding you to take time for self care!
Places to share your drawings, coloring pages, sketches, etc!
Monthly contests, movie/karaoke nights, game sessions, etc.
Friendly and welcoming staff!
NSFW chats and bots
Drama free relationships and conversations!!
This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people!
Remember to be kind and have fun!
BDSM server must be 15+ just chill and enjoy the many areas and events we have and feel comfortable about yourself and expressing the person you are in a safe place
this is a cgl & bdsm server, if you do not support these things, do not join. we are a cute new server looking for active members! all ages aloud .
This is a DDLG server for ages 13+. It's based on a cute teaparty, however there are lots more things as well. There's voice channels, dating channels, media channels, and more! So come play with us! ^.^ ❤ (It's a new server! Please try to make it as active as you can! Be patient, don't leave as soon as you join.)
A loving caring community with game nights and fun. Over 600 members!!! Even Sexy Game Nights and Nudes ^-^
Just a server for CG/L folks to socialize and make new friends! oh, and also to share some steamy stuff if that's more your style~
ALP is simply the best DDLG, CGL, and ageplay community around. It's the official discord of and is simply the coolest place to hang out and discuss all things CGL and DDLG online. We host regular game and movie nights, D&D games, and we even have our own minecraft server!

Our awesome mod team watches over the server 24/7, keeping creeps and predators away while maintaining a comfortable "light touch" approach to moderation, where users don't need to feel like they're walking on eggshells at all times. Our server is shockingly low on drama and thirsty weirdos, and full of awesome people. Everyone is welcome in our server regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc.

Warmest Regards,
King Atticus

p.s. I look forward to meeting you!
Welcome to Nebula's Nightclub, the cutest place on this side of the galaxy! We have many different fun things to do in our server, including mini-games, custom name colors, many roles, and virtual pets! Chat with people and maybe even meet you dom/sub! our server is 16+. No nsfw age restriction, an attentive staff, and lots of fun people.