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Welcome to Little's Empire!
We are a 14+ server, with tons of DDLG, CG/L, and BDSM activities to offer for ALL AGES!
Owner(s): Jasi, Aurora (Rora), and Clairu
Things we offer:
Tons of text and voice channels for everyone to share thoughts, selfies, stories, etc.
Positivity channels to spread positivity and reminding you to take time for self care!
Places to share your drawings, coloring pages, sketches, etc!
Monthly contests, movie/karaoke nights, game sessions, etc.
Friendly and welcoming staff!
NSFW chats and bots
Drama free relationships and conversations!!
This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people!
Remember to be kind and have fun!
1 minutes ago
We're a discord server focused around CGL!! We are an active group of friends looking to expand and meet new people who are interested in CGL.

You need to be 16+ to join and there is also an 18+ section as well. Everyone is welcome!!

3 hours ago
This is a CGL server. Anyone is welcome, even Minors. This server is too be 100% SFW, no swearing, no bullying - Nothing.
11 hours ago
Cuddle Clouds is a small, but cozy server whose purpose is to provide a safe space and judgement - free zone, for caregivers and littles to meet. it is mostly based around the idea of the non-sexual aspects of CGL, DDLG,DDLB, MDLB, MDLG and ABDL, even though we do realise that sexual things will happen, which is understandable. The server is mainly here for people to feel comfortable, de-stress, listen to music, play mini-games and watch cute movies together :3
18 hours ago
Hello! Welcome to Kink Sanctuary! 💖

We are a new 16+ BDSM community, that focuses on making a drama free, and fun filled community for like minded individuals!

What do we offer?:
- Active and interactive staff
- Many bots with games and such, as well as a bot channel to spam them and such
- A selfies Channel
- NSFW for people who verify they are 18+
- and much more guaranteed as we grow as a community.
1 days ago
Heaven x Hell is a Heaven and Hell themed CG/L and BDSM safe space that offers a laidback community with VCs, media and vent channels, cute bots, and events such as movie nights! Feel free to join in, get to know people and make friends !~ We'd be happy to have you here.♡
1 days ago
An active and ever-growing server dedicated to the caregiver/little community of all types, where everyone is welcome! Great place to find a supportive community or learn more about CGL.

Great for:
-> Daddies
-> Mommies
-> Littles
-> Pets
-> Doms
-> Subs
-> Switches,
-> Anyone interested in learning more about the CGL community!

Other information
-> The server is friendly for all ages
-> Introductions are required to gain access to general channels
-> Age verification is required to gain access to NSFW channels
-> Music, leveling, economy, and games available
-> We are constantly trying to grow and improve!
1 days ago
ALP is simply the best DDLG, CGL, and ageplay community around. It's the official discord of and is simply the coolest place to hang out and discuss all things CGL and DDLG online. We host regular game and movie nights, D&D games, and we even have our own minecraft server!

Our awesome mod team watches over the server 24/7, keeping creeps and predators away while maintaining a comfortable "light touch" approach to moderation, where users don't need to feel like they're walking on eggshells at all times. Our server is shockingly low on drama and thirsty weirdos, and full of awesome people. Everyone is welcome in our server regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc.

Warmest Regards,
King Atticus

p.s. I look forward to meeting you!
2 days ago
Welcome to Hell's Den! a horror themed SFW 14+ BDSM and CGL server. Here in Hell's den we accept everyone regardless if they're involved in the BDSM and CGL lifestyle! We are a new server focused on welcoming vanilla, retired, and anyone who may be questioning--after all, we're all going to hell anyways. As long as you're over the age of 14 and aren't rude as f*ck we hope you have an awful time here < 3 !!!
2 days ago
A Discord server to suit your 16+ Daddy, Mommy, Princess, and Princes needs! • SFW Only • This for all CGL and Pet Play Lovers • Stuffie Lovings
2 days ago
Welcome to DDLG! Here, you can learn about and explore the CG/l kink with likeminded people along with 18+ NSFW content, gaming, art, self-promo, memes, and more. Hope to see you there!
3 days ago
Welcome to BDSM Haven, a place for people interested in the community to come and mingle. This server is 18+!
3 days ago
Welcome to the Dollhouse, we are a DDLG and CG/L community but, we are accepting of almost any kink. We have random game nights and can set up Movie Nights for those interested. So come on in, and see for yourself. This is a 16+ server. SNOW#2060
4 days ago
A loving caring community with game nights and fun. Over 600 members!!! Even Sexy Game Nights and Nudes ^-^
4 days ago
The Playground is an all ages CG/L server!
Here you can make new friends, roleplay, share art and images, play with bots, and more!
5 days ago
A Discord server to suit your 18+ ABDL needs! • SFW with optional NSFW • This for all CGL, ABDL, BDSM and Pet Play Lovers
6 days ago
A Discord server to suit your 18+ Daddy, Mommy, Princess, and Princes needs! • SFW with optional NSFW • This for all CGL, ABDL, BDSM and Pet Play Lovers • Stuffie Lovings
6 days ago
This is a server to interact with other members of the kink commnnity! join to become part of our growing community!
9 days ago
Hiya and welcome to The Little Hangout <3. We're a brand new server for the caregiver/little community. Don't be alarmed, we welcome everyone! 16+ for SFW channels, but 18+ for NSFW access. Come and be apart of our community. xoxo.
13 days ago
A safe house for DDLG/CGL lovers 💕Meet new people and make some friendships 😍
15 days ago
CG/L Roleplay

ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
This is a role-play server for CG/L

We are a 16+ server

- Custom Emoji’s
- Lots of self-assignable roles
- An assortment of SFW channels
- Friendly staff and community
18 days ago
Peach✦Box is an 18+ CG/L and DD/LG related server that is welcoming and caring! We celebrate birthdays, have a little space provided, plenty of NSFW rooms (accessible by a role) and so much more! Head over to Peach✦Box and help it grow!
27 days ago
This is a friendly DDLG and CG/L server to meet new people and make new friends with in our kink community
37 days ago
So we are a chill group we have a few rules, But besides that we can use some people I am starting out so it is also in the work of processing so it'll take time!.

This is a group where anyone is welcome there is from 13+ but no older than 30 But other than that its good :)

We are setting up a small group and need people to help us set up.. as well as join to help us grow l Anyone is welcomed nobody should be left out!
53 days ago