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A new cgl hangout space. Be stupid, go crazy, but stay within the limits of the law! We accept everyone 13+
welcome to kitty kingdom♡!
owner: Rose#2052
co-owner: babygirl ♡#7972
we're an up and coming, 13+ cg/l server. we have friendly and active members, fun bots, media channels, and open staff positions!
Welcome to another small CG/LRE server! Hoping to grow again! Join and make new friends or even find a cg! We strive to support a safe environment for all ddlg sections.
♡+:。.。Welcome to Foxy's Den~! 。.。:+♡
🍀 16+ server, 18+ verification to access NSFW~! 🍀
🍀 Self-assignable roles~! 🍀
🍀 Friendly helpful staff and community~! 🍀
🍀 Story nights~! 🍀
🍀 Game nights~! 🍀
🍀 Movie nights~! 🍀
🍀 Dating boards~! 🍀
🍀 Dungeons and dragons~! 🍀
🍀 Fun emotes that are regularly updated~! 🍀
🍀 Special birthday role and surprises~! 🍀
🍀 Places to roleplay~! 🍀
🍀 If you are interested click below to join~! 🍀
A lovely little CGL server, owned by two friends: Cyn and Luka! We have good mods, and a few bots, plus many channels and voice channels!

All sexualities, genders, religions, and people are welcome! Unless you're prejudiced, but after that are you really a person?

We're 13+, with NSFW only open to 18+.

All the littles and bigs and switches and subs and doms and whatever can all have a fun time with the Lucky Little CGL Server!

🧀 Cheesecake Cuties is all about embracing the cute, interesting and fun of CGL! Open to all interested in CGL!
🍰 16+ SFW CGL server
🧀 LOTS of roles and colors, plus weekly events and giveaways for milestones!!!
🍰 Optional channels including Art, Video Games, Selfies, Coloring Book, and so much more!!
🧀 We are a community full of loving and artsy people! Please join and help us grow!!
🍰 Hope to see you here! <3
Wir sind ein 13+ SFW Server für die deutsche CG/L Community!
Wir wollen aufklären und helfen, statt zu verurteilen und auszuschließen!
Wir bieten für 18+ verifizierte Mitglieder NSFW und Partnersuch Channels.

Unser Server:
✨24/7 erreichbares, freundliches Team
✨100 selbst annehmbare Rollen
✨50 Videospiel Rollen zur Verbesserten Spielersuche (in arbeit)
✨20 Farbrollen für die Individualität
✨News Channel (gratis Games etc.)
✨Themen Channels für z.B. Otakus, Gamer, Littles o. Caregivers, Memes etc.

Unsere Events:
✨Kinoabend am Samstag, bei dem jeder mit bestimmen kann!
✨Spielabende am Freutag, bei denen wir Browsergames spielen!
✨Events wie Wettbewerbe, Videospiel Tuniere, Karaokeabend, Gute Nacht Geschichten sind noch in Planung
The Bee Hive! A friendly discord server! An open and accepting community!
We are a CGL server with chill members looking for more. 1:1 female to male ratio.We are looking for new members to come and chat with.
♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

Welcome to ♡playhouse♡
Owner: レヴィ-Senpai#7964
Admin: Sparky#9160

We welcome everyone, it is a judgement free zone.

Playhouse is a CG/l | BDSM | Kink server to bring like minded people together

100+ members - age16+

•Confessions for guys and girls to confess secrets unique to their gender.
•Dominant, submissive, pet and little exclusive channels.
•A well organised staff team with a fair strike system.
•We will promote you when you go live on twitch.
•An index to help you easily navigate the server.
•Rules intended to keep members safe.
•Positivity and venting channels.
•Self Assign reaction bot.
•18+ Verified channel.
•Many bots.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡
~+~+ Strawbaby Kingdom +~+~
Welcome! This kingdom is a SFW DDLG lifestyle community for those of ages 16 and above!

°°° We plan to be a tight knit community, centered around the idea of family, with everyone having a safe place and an enjoyable sense of belonging! °°°

°°° With so many roles and chats and events coming soon, there's no shortage of fun as we want to only expand and grow, using new ideas to fuel new fun! °°°

°°° We Offer °°°
= Open Staff Positions =
= Voice Chats =
= Partnerships =
= Space-related Channels =
= Community Events =
= Assignable Roles =
= Color Roles =
= VIP Membership =

°°° We would love to have you and are excited to see what you could bring to the community, whatever that may be! Stay toasty! °°°
We are a new 13+ DDLG and CG/L server. Everyone is welcome to join our server, even Newbies! We provide a fun server where you can be comfortable and yourself. We accept everyone here!

♡ Self-Assignable Roles!
♡ NSFW Channels (accessible with certain roles) 
♡ Partnerships!
♡ Custom Emojis (coming soon)
♡ Events!
♡ Suggestion box
♡ Awesome variety of Bots
♡ Great Staff
♡ ...and More!

Join us to help us grow into an amazing server!
We hope you enjoy your stay at Safe Space ^^!
Are you searching desperately for someone to take care of you? Or you would love to take care of someone else? Search no more, because St. Janes Place has got you covered.

"Welcome to my outstanding DDLG/LOVE Hangout, I am very proud to say, that my server has grown to an outstanding number of 80 people with in the time span of a short month, and we continue to grow as a community. St. Janes is a very fun community. We host music nights, movie nights, My staff lineup is loving, and ready to protect you at all costs. Our community is welcoming, If you come in this server you will get so much love immediately. Its an amazing experience, and I would love if you became Part of it. I am Jane, and welcome to St. Janes Place.
.・゜゜・ Welcome to Bamboo Babies! ・゜゜・.
☽ We're a 15-24 server, very few exceptions are made.
☽ Self assignable roles with more to come!
☽ Friendly staff and active owner.
☽ We're small but we hope to grow more and more!
☽ Weekly events and possible school with assignments.

We hope you choose to join us on our adventure! Much love, princess jellyfish#7615 (owner).
Welcome to the Little Love Garden! We are a 13+ CGLRE Sub-Space Garden-themed server welcoming anyone of all shapes and sizes!

» › ❀ ‹ «
"What do we have to Offer?"

✰》- Absolutely no NSFW Content!

✰》- Many different Bots to play with!

✰》- Active and friendly community!*

✰》- Friendly Staff to support you!*

✰》- Events, QOTD and Other cool features!

✰》- Many Different Channels Including Art, Gaming, Aesthetic, Memes and much much more!
A server for those who want to learn about BDSM or simply meet others in the community. Verification is required upon joining for the safety of our members. The server is 16+ but all explicit pornographic content is locked under an 18+ role. The 18+ role requires age verification. All curious, beginner, and experienced kinksters are welcome. We are currently holding a contest for a cash prize!
🍰 ~ Welcome to Puppo’s Palace ~ 🍰

We’re a 15+ pastel themed server open to all those into BDSM, CGL, Pet-Play or even vanilla people. We offer:

☁️♡〡self-assignable roles
☁️♡〡color roles
☁️♡〡a kind, tight knit community
☁️♡〡fun events!
☁️♡〡a very open staff who doesn’t kink-shame, bully members, etc.
☁️♡〡channels for support and positivity, such as body positivity, gender dysphoria, vent, etc.
☁️♡〡40+ channels for anything you may want to talk about.

🎀 we hope you join! 🎀
Hello there! We want you to join space babies 💓 14+

It is a safe place for all of you to enjoy! We are simple with our rules and don't expect much. We are a still very new server so please excuse any issues that occur.

What we offer:
♡Self-assignable roles.
♡Interactive/fun Bots.
♡A friendly atmosphere.
♡Sfw Roleplay.
♡Movie nights & other events.
♡Multiple channels for images, links, and chatting!!
♡Private chats for either little space or dom space.
♡Active Staff members.

Tags: Cgl, Ddlg, Ddlb, Mdlg, Mdlb, Age regression, Pet play, Little space, age play.
We hope to see you join our server!~
—× Entwined Hearts;
a small, but lovely community for people over 18 years!

—× 💘 Caretaker & Little server, with some Pet Play and Master/Slave, Master/Servant dynamos.

—× 💘 Some cute emotes.~
—× 💘 Free joinable, or more private RP/ERP possibilities.~
—× 💘 Several different events are planned! (Things like song quiz, karaoke, writing prompts, artist contests.)
—× 💘 Vanity/Color role shop for active members! - For both individual and couples!!

—× 💘 An adoption system for Caregiver and Littles/Pets. - ~~In future maybe even a auction option for Master/Slave, Master/Servant things!~~
—× 💘 A family tree channel to keep track of your family members inside the server!

—× 💘 Various different Voice Chat types, even one for only females or males! A radio/music one is definitely there, but also a channel to fall asleep and wake up again (maybe with a good night story, or a lullaby? Who knows~). Even a general voice chat with a lesser bitrate for those with bad internet connection! ^.^

—× 💘 Really friendly staff and community, that’s open for any suggestions!
🐝~[A VIP Caregiver/little community]~🐝
For verifying adults age 18 and older.

Blanket Fort is a growing, caregiver/little focused community. We are a SAFE FOR WORK community with NSFW amenities. We are a close knit, non-toxic, ever updating community with active host and staff.

Our community offors great amenities:
🌻 VIP members of the week - Earn rep points for good behavior and awesome controbutions, earn yourself a special candy themed VIP role.
🌻 Events with prizes and giveaways.
🌻 Movie nights on
🌻 Music and voice channels.
🌻 Pokecord in the arcade.
🌻 Safe-for-work category for everything littlespace.
🌻 Not-safe-for-work category for lifestyle and dynamic discussions.
🌻 Special support and Event staff -Applications avaliable
🌻 Partnerships avaliable to qualifying verified members.
✧Welcome to FantasyDDLG! ✧

✧Currently we are looking for staff and partners!✧

✧FantasyDDLG is a 16+ DDLG and CGL discord server free of Drama and fighting, join now for a safe place to talk about DDLG or meet some little friends and relax!✧

✧Join now for!✧
✧Venting channel for reviving help✧
✧Gaming Nights✧
✧Movie Nights✧
✧Safe Toxic Free environment✧
✧Mature Experienced Staff✧
✧Lots of roles✧
✧A small but active community✧
✧No Drama!✧
✧Official Minecraft Server! (Coming Soon) ✧
♡CGL Playground♡ is a 100% SFW place for age regressors and caregivers!
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼ ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
♡🌷 Storytimes and a preschool for littles
♡🌷 Lots of fun bots
♡🌷 50+ Self-assignable roles
♡🌷 Welcoming, active, helpful staff and community
♡🌷 Organized text and voice channels to choose from
♡🌷 Places to share your art, selfies, find people to game with and more
♡🌷 Bot XP, get high in the ranks for a custom role
♡🌷 Must be 14+
♡🌷 Drama free
This is a server for 13+ people into cgl, ddlg, ddlb, mdlb,mdlg, etc. We accept anyone and everyone of all kinds, so please join. Everyone is like family here!